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Jews Challenge AIPAC

March 28th, 2017
Stephen Lendman AIPAC is Israel’s key US lobby organization, supporting its apartheid ruthlessness, its high crimes of war and against humanity - operating illegally as an unregistered foreign agent. Few congressional members dare confront it. Doing the… more »

Lies and Coverup of US War Crimes in Syria and Iraq

March 28th, 2017
Stephen Lendman Early in his administration, Trump is guilty of horrendous crimes of war and against humanity in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere - governing lawlessly like his predecessors, escalating aggression, not ending it. Delegating authority for… more »

Dick Cheney on Nonexistent Russian Act of War

March 28th, 2017
Stephen Lendman Cheney represents the worst of America’s dark side, guilty of genocidal high crimes against peace. Throughout his public life, he showed contempt for rule of law principles as a congressman, defense secretary and vice president. A… more »

9/11 Was a Saud-U.S. Operation at the Top. Terrorists Were Pawns in It. The Cover-Up.

March 28th, 2017
Eric Zuesse Evidence will be presented here that will explain, in a comprehensive and internally consistent way — and fully in accord with all of the existing evidence that has been published thus far — many key questions regarding 9/11. Also explained… more »

Pentagon Heads Toward Escalating Genocide in Yemen

March 28th, 2017
Stephen Lendman Yemen is Obama’s war, now Trump’s, complicit with Saudi terror-bombing, massacring civilians indiscriminately, causing vast destruction, human suffering and starvation. A previous article explained millions of Yemenis face slow, painful… more »

Orchestrated Protests in Russia

March 27th, 2017
Stephen Lendman They aim to weaken Putin’s overwhelming popularity - acts of futility, always failing. Yet they erupt sporadically, again on Sunday. More on this below. Over 80% of Russians want no one else leading them. He’ll likely run for reelection… more »

US Support Lets Global Terrorism Flourish

March 27th, 2017
Stephen Lendman America created ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups. It maintains support for the scourge it claims to oppose. Its so-called war on terrorism is a fabricated hoax. The way to defeat it isn’t by terror-bombing cities to… more »

Immigration: No Easy Answers

March 25th, 2017
James Petras Introduction The cross border flood of millions of immigrants provokes profound political divisions, violence and the rise of mass movements challenging the unity of the European Union (EU) and the survival of the dominant political parties… more »

The NYT Downplays Indiscriminate US Mass Slaughter of Civilians

March 25th, 2017
Stephen Lendman On Saturday, Turkey’s Anadolu (news) Agency cited Iraqi General Thaer Mosawi, saying over 22,000 Mosul residents were wounded since US-orchestrated combat operations began last October, based on hospital admissions - nearly 4,000 killed… more »

Millions in US War Theaters Face Starvation

March 25th, 2017
Stephen Lendman According to the ICRC, about 20 million people in Yemen and Somalia face starvation without vitally needed food aid, mostly not forthcoming, saying: “This is not business as usual.” Crisis conditions in both countries need to be… more »

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