Permalink Ballots or Bullets: Democracy and World Power

James Petras


The principal reason why Washington engages in military wars, sanctions and clandestine operations to secure power abroad is because its chosen clients cannot and do not win free and open elections.

A brief survey of recent election outcomes testify to the electoral unattractiveness of Washington backed clients. The majority of democratic electorates rejects candidates and parties which back the US global agenda: neo-liberal economic policies; a highly militarized foreign policy; Israeli colonization and annexation of Palestine; the concentration of wealth in the financial sector; the military escalation against China and Russia. While the US policy attempts to re-impose the pillage and dominance of the 1990’s via recycled client regimes the democratic electorates want to move on toward less bellicose, more inclusive governments, which restore labor and welfare rights.

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Permalink America's Rogue Agenda

by Stephen Lendman

Cold-blooded ruthlessness defines US policy. Giving pure evil new meaning. Tyrannical. Merciless. Brutal. Barbaric. Lawless. Stopping at nothing to achieve imperial aims.

Instituting homeland police state state rule. Spurning fundamental rule of law of law principles. Mocking human and civil rights. Making democracy pure fantasy.

Sponsoring state terrorism. Intimidating, threatening, and otherwise pressuring other nations to comply with its will. Obey or else is policy.

Waging war on humanity. Targeting all sovereign independent states for regime change. Wanting pro-Western stooge governance replacing them.

Wanting control of world resources. Wanting ordinary people exploited as serfs. Waging wars without mercy to achieve aims.

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Permalink Rise up America, rise up! A letter to an American activist

By Mohammed Mesbahi

The time has come when America must rapidly transform its values through a more inclusive and spiritual vision, based upon a just sharing of the world’s resources. It is up to you, the youth of America, to lead the way by organising a non-stop demonstration in every state, until that nationwide wave of peaceful protest eventually catches on globally.

What has caused the United States of America, such a great nation, to sink to the depths of turmoil and confusion that it finds itself in today? A country that was founded upon the ideals of freedom, justice and democracy, but that has increasingly lost its way and degraded these noble concepts – to the extent that the Statue of Liberty should really bow her head and reassemble her broken shackles, and let go her flaming torch. Those shackles should represent the ugly and imprisoning idea of the American Dream as it manifests in a highly commercialised and divided society, with such dire repercussions for the rest of the world. An idea that breeds more and more division, fear and injustice, and that has led successive American governments to arrogantly domineer other nations. An idea that continues to debase the goodwill of ordinary Americans and push the entire country towards catastrophe, unless it dramatically changes course with all humility and a sense of urgency.

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Permalink Irresponsibly Targeting Russia

by Stephen Lendman

Russia is geopolitical enemy No. 1. Not for wrongdoing. Or posing an existential threat. Or acting irresponsibly in any way.

For defending its sovereign independence responsibly. Lawfully. Wanting other nations respecting it. Believing rule of law principles are inviolable.

For Vladimir Putin, Sergey Lavrov and other officials telling it like it is. Expressing important views candidly, forthrightly and unambiguously.

Polar opposite duplicitous Western politicians. Especially Obama. A caricature of a leader.

Arguably America's worst ever. A serial liar. A moral coward. A war criminal multiple times over. A shameless head of state. A deplorable one. A dangerous one. A lawless one. A ruthless one.

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Permalink Israel's War on Islam

by Stephen Lendman

Count the ways. Institutionalized racism is official Israeli policy. Arab lives are cheap. They don't matter. They're considered subhumans.

Gaza is the world's largest open-air prison. Lockdown harshness prevails. Militarized occupation remains ongoing. Forty-seven years and counting. Ruthless and then some.

Civil law governs Israelis. Military orders control virtually all aspects of Palestinians' lives. Depriving them of fundamental rights.

Persecuting, brutalizing and terrorizing them. Languishing thousands in Israel's gulag. Politically held lawlessly.

in one of the world's harshest prison systems. Cruel and barbaric by any standard.

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Permalink Russia not to drift into confrontation forced on it by international community — Putin

Putin :“Russia is not going to drift into confrontation that is being persistently forced on us.” “Our military doctrine is defensive. Its main objective is ensuring the country’s sovereignty, peace and calm for our citizens,” “We are open for an equal and respectful dialogue on all global and regional agenda issues.”

Permalink EU ready to call off anti-Russian sanctions if situation stabilizes in Ukraine — official

EU is interested in calling off sanctions, but a very positive reason - stabilization and de-escalation of the situation in eastern Ukraine - is required for that.

Permalink Ukrainian interior minister admits foreign mercenaries fight in eastern Ukraine

Some of the foreign mercenaries fighting on government forces' side are seeking to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

Permalink 194 Countries Agree to Regulate Synthetic Biology - Video

United Nation’s Convention on Biological Diversity: 194 countries to regulate synthetic biology technology, regulations need to be based on precaution and not harming the environment.” As more synthetically engineered products are being developed, many see a potentially dangerous impact on the environment.

Permalink War Resumes in Ukraine

Novorossian press agency: Ukrainian troops resumedheavy shelling of towns in former Luhansk and Donetsk Republics, two regions which joined together as a new nation Novorussia.

Permalink New, More Toxic Breed of Genetically Engineered Crops Gain Approval - ideo V

US Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently decided to deregulate Dow Chemical’s next-generation GE crops. These crops are resistant to glyphosate, toxins like 2,4-D, a component of Agent Orange, Dicamba, linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and cancers, disease.

Permalink VLADIMIR PUTIN: A former European leader told me, “What kind of democracy is it in the USA – you cannot even consider running in an elections if you don’t have a billion, or even several billion dollars!” What kind of democracy is that?

Constitution is designed in such a way that the number of electors voting for a given candidate may be greater, while the number of people they represent is smaller. Thus, the President can be elected by a minority of voters. Is this democracy? What is democracy? It is power of the people. Where is people’s power here? There is none.

Permalink Bypassing encryption: Italian firm ‘sells global spyware to police, govts’

The latest encryption measures adopted by Google and Apple to beef up users’ security seem futile in light of firms like Hacking Team, which are offering software that allows authorities to bypass encryptions on personal devices,

Permalink Hungary axes internet tax after mass protests

The Hungarian government has shelved a proposed tax on internet traffic after mass protests gripped Budapest. Earlier they suggested capping it, but this half-measure didn't appease the protesters.

Permalink Psychopaths to maintain order after massive nuke attack – Home Office docs

”Exercise Regenerate was devised to prepare Britain to cope with a massive nuclear attack. Previously secret files document proposals to keep order using psychopathic recruits. Claims that psychopaths would be “very good in crises” as “they have no feelings for others, nor moral code, and tend to be very intelligent and logical.

Permalink Pentagon claims “Russian aggression” against NATO

Obama administration and the Pentagon stoking up military tensions with Russia in the wake of the October 26 Ukrainian parliamentary elections, claiming that flights by small numbers of warplanes over international waters Wednesday constituted “political saber-rattling” and even “Russian aggression.”

Permalink St. Louis police stock up on riot gear ahead of grand jury decision on Brown killing

Police in the St. Louis, Missouri area are stocking up on riot gear in preparation for renewed protests next month in the event that a grand jury fails to indict Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown on August 9.

Permalink e “permeable” barrier between state and tech corporations

In two speeches this month, US National Security Agency (NSA) Director Admiral Mike Rogers called for a further integration between the NSA and major technology and communications companies.

Permalink Judge backs Stockton, California bankruptcy plan ending retiree health care payments

A federal bankruptcy judge on Thursday approved a restructuring plan for Stockton, California that will eliminate health care benefits for 2,400 retired city workers,imposes a regressive sales tax hike, slashes public services and spins off public assets to Wall Street bondholders.

Permalink New cartoon fuels US-Israel tensions, feeds 9/11 conspiracy theories

A new cartoon showing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was behind the 9/11 attacks has heightened recent tensions between the United States and Israel. Israeli artist Amos Biderman drew cartoon that shows Netanyahu was the pilot of an airplane that hit the World Trade Center in New York September 11, 2001.

Permalink Pentagon to US troops: Hide your identities to avoid ISIL attacks

The United States Department of Defense has advised American troops to hide their identities and change routines to avoid being targeted by the ISIL terrorist group. It stated that attacks could have no advanced warning, adding terrorists may use knives, guns or explosives to kill US troops.

Permalink Israeli soldiers clash with Palestinians in West Bank - Video

Clashes have erupted between Palestinians and Israeli forces in the West Bank following the shooting death of a Palestinian man suspected of attempting to kill an extremist Jewish rabbi.

Permalink UN: Foreign Fighters Joining Terror Groups On 'Unprecedented Scale'

A new United Nations report says the world is facing a challenge of foreign fighters in terror groups on an "unprecedented scale," with about 15,000 in Syria and Iraq alone. Fighters from more than 80 countries working with al-Qaida associates in Syria and Iraq "form the core of a new diaspora that may seed the threat for years to come,"


Permalink Israel recalls envoy to Sweden over Palestine recognition - Video

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman lashed out at Sweden for what he called the “miserable decision that strengthens the extremist elements and Palestinian rejectionism.

Permalink US Sends Planes Armed With Depleted Uranium to Middle East

The US Air Force says it is not halting its use of Depleted Uranium weapons, has recently sent them to the Middle East, and is prepared to use them. several nations, including Iraq, spoke to United Nations First Committee, against use of Depleted Uranium, support mitigating the damage in contaminated areas.

Permalink Defense Spending and Net Exports Spur Higher Than Expected Third Quarter Growth

GDP grew at a higher than expected 3.5 percent annual rate in the third quarter. The biggest factors in this growth: 16.0 percent increase in defense spending, 11.0 percent increase in the export of goods, 2.4 percent decrease in the import of goods.

Permalink Using the Holocaust to justify war on Assad

Since its creation after WWII, Israel and friends have been masters at manipulating emotions, endlessly invoking the memory of Hitler’s Germany as a pretext for starting further wars as in the recent Holocaust-themed propaganda against Syria’s government.

Permalink The Wrath of Draghi: First German Bank Hits Savers with Negative Interest Rate

Deutsche Skatbank, a division of VR-Bank Altenburger Land, which was founded in 1859; Retail and business customers with over €500,000 on deposit as of November 1 will earn a “negative interest rate” of 0.25%.they have to pay0.25% per annum to the bank for the privilege of handing the bank their money.

Permalink GMO Cholera Bacteria to Be Released in Australia, Canada, U.S.

The Australian Government Department of Health, Office of the Gene Technology Regulator, has received an application for a license from PaxVax to release their modified cholera bacteria on the population via vaccines

Permalink Russian lawmaker asks Nobel Committee to strip Obama of Peace Prize

A representative of the populist LDPR nationalist party claims in an official letter that the US President should be blamed for thousands of innocent people’s deaths and therefore cannot keep his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

Permalink Isolated computer to be hacked with only a cellphone at Denver cybersecurity conference

Security researchers at Ben Gurion University have found a way to infiltrate a closed network to lift data from an isolated computer using little more than a cellphone’s FM radio receiver.

Permalink UN demands Israel stop construction of settlements on West Bank

The UN Human Rights Committee urged Israel to stop the confiscation of lands, to withdraw Jewish settlers from the seized territories and take measures to prevent violence towards Palestinians, Reuters reported.

Permalink Germany urges UK to pay EU’s €2.1 tax bill

Germany calls on the European Union member states, including Britain, to conform to the European Commission’s demand for extra money as budget contribution.

Permalink Sweden Recognizes Palestinian State

Sweden's new government recognized a Palestinian state The European Union member became the third Western European nation, after Malta and Cyprus, to do so, reflecting growing international impatience with Israel's half-century control of the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza.


Permalink ‘I will go to court to attain my freedom’ – Maine nurse rejects quarantine over Ebola

The American nurse who is being quarantined against her will after returning from a mission in West Africa says she may sue officials in the state of Maine if they refuse to lift the restrictions they’ve imposed.

Permalink China votes in favor for ending U.S. embargo against Cuba

China voted in favor at UN General Assembly calling for ending embargo by United States against Cuba. United States and Israel voted against. Wang Min, China's deputy permanent representative to UN.: embargo and sanctions against Cuba "more unreasonable than ever before ; recovery of world economy weak, international community challenged by crises of food, energy and climate change.

Permalink Xi says Shanghai FTZ to be replicated 'as soon as possible'

China's president, Xi Jinping : The experience gained at the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone (Shanghai FTZ) can be copied to more places "as soon as possible." China plans to build several FTZs in suitable places other than Shanghai. Foreign trade in Shanghai FTZ $121.7 billion in its first year of operation.

Permalink Judge Refuses To Intervene In 40,000 Lost Voter Registrations In Georgia

When organizers checked their database against the state’s they noticed that nearly 50,000 of those registrations had vanished-the majority of them being people of color in Democratic-leaning regions.

Permalink Big Bankster Running for Governor of California

Neel Kashkari was head of the big bank bailout program (known as Tarp) which most Americans strongly opposed. The bailouts helped the big banks, but not America. Bailout money used to subsidize companies, allows bankers to receive fat bonuses, going to failing companies’ shareholders.

Permalink Palestine must recognize Jewish Israel for peace: Netanyahu - Video

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says no peace agreement will be achieved with the Palestinians unless they recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Claimed Israel has right to declare Jerusalem al-Quds as its capital. Defended Tel Aviv’s plan to build settler units on occupied Palestinian land.

Permalink Honeywell probed by US for F-35 Fighter China-made parts

The US Justice Department is investigating export and import procedures at Honeywell International Inc after the firm included Chinese parts in equipment it built for the F-35 fighter jet, Reuters reported. Obama administration ignored laws that prohibit certain Chinese-made parts on US weapons systems.

Permalink Hungary Rocked by Huge Protest over Controversial Internet Tax

Tens of thousands of Hungarians flocked to streets of the capital Budapest to protest government plans to tax the Internet despite assurances only Internet providers will be charged. Critics argue the move would hurt Hungary's digital economy; affect household consumers by raising Internet bills.

Permalink English and Spanish Speaking Robots to Fill Orders at Lowe's - Video

Retail home improvement chain, Lowe's, testing a bilingual robot to assist with order fulfillment. Four robots are being tested an Orchard Supply Hardware store owned by Lowe's Companies Inc. in San Jose, California.

Permalink Germany develops 'smart factories' to keep an edge: Germany is building completely automated "smart factories" that require no human workers.

Siemens AG plant produces automated machines to be used in other industrial factories, most units in this 100,000-plus square-foot factory able to fetch and assemble components without human input. Product on assembly line would tell "the machine what it needs" would immediately be put together.

Permalink Big Pharma seeks legal immunity for damages from experimental Ebola vaccines

Drug manufacturers that stand to profit immensely from the sale of Ebola vaccines say they require full legal immunity from any potential lawsuits that might arise when people are harmed by various adverse effects from these "emergency" drugs

Permalink Can Authorities Cut Off Utilities And Pose As Repairmen To Search A Home?

Federal case in Las Vegas now working its way through the courts question whether federal agents can disrupt service to a house then, masquerading as helpful technicians, gain entry to covertly search the premises in hopes of finding evidence that might later justify a search warrant.

Permalink Japan Reacts to Worsening Fukushima Disaster By … Reopening Nuclear Plant Next to Active Volcano Which Is About to Blow - Video

Japan to reopen a nuclear plant despite warnings of increased volcanic activity in the region from scientists. Japan’s Seismological Agency documented increase of activity in the Ioyama volcano, 40 miles from the power station. A month ago, there was an eruption at Mt. Ontake.

Permalink Netanyahu ‘chickenshit’ & ‘coward’: US officials go tough on Israeli PM

US-Israeli relations have sunk to new lows after Obama administration officials were cited calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “chickenshit” and “coward” engaging in political posturing, instead of efforts at Middle-Eastern de-escalation.

Permalink Lawsuit: US charities fund Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program

A new federal lawsuit in the United States seeks immediate release of a government report about how American charities contribute to Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program.

Permalink Apple Facing Lawsuit From Disgruntled Customers

Lawsuit: 2011 MacBook Pro called defective; from lead-free, less reliable silver and tin solder to connect Processor to logic board. Cracks under stress, failure of the computer. EU restricts lead solder in electronic equipment as hazardous. Apple replacement logic boards over $300 to replace.

Permalink After the US election, an escalation of the Mideast war 29 October 2014

Pentagon announced the death of 19-year-old Marine, first fatality the new US war in the Middle East. Washington’s military and intelligence apparatus, those in politics and the media demands stepped-up bombing, more US “boots on the ground” in Iraq and Syria.

Permalink Australia shuts door to Ebola-hit countries

Australia first Western country to impose a total entry ban on people from Ebola-stricken West African countries. Medical experts, UN agencies and African government leaders denounced the move as discriminatory and damaging for international efforts to combat the catastrophe.

Permalink Studies Find Chinese Herb Doubles Survival Rate of Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation

Chinese studies which conclude that astragalus has been used to treat cancer for thousands of years successfully. It contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, high levels of antioxidants, ability to boost a weakened immune system, boost heart health, liver functioning, and reduce diabetes.

Permalink Coca-Cola Ordered to Shut Down Plant in India for Draining Water & Rampant Polluting

Coca-Cola ordered to shut down operations in a city in India for using too much water, violating pollution laws. Villagers protest as their wells dry up, due to the Coke plant operating there. Coca Cola caught dumping pollution from their plants, trying to sell the toxic waste to farmers as ‘fertilizer.’

Permalink Monsanto’s GMO Soy Found in Baby Formula in Portland, Oregon

Center for Food Safety (CFS) has announced that genetic testing has confirmed the presence of soy that was genetically engineered by Monsanto for heavy pesticide exposure in infant formula now being sold in Portland, Oregon

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Permalink Scientists Discover Proof That Humanity Is Getting Dumber, Smaller And Weaker

Scientists have found that our bodies and our minds have both deteriorated significantly compared to our ancestors. In fact, just this week a very prominent professor at Cambridge University said that “our most highly trained athletes pale in comparison to these ancestors of ours”. The biggest reason for this, of course, is the degradation of the human genome. Groundbreaking research by Dr. John Sanford of Cornell University and others has shown that our genes contain tens of thousands of mistakes (mutations), and with each passing generation even more errors are added and passed on. So it should be no surprise that our ancestors were bigger, stronger, faster and smarter. The truth is that they had better genes.


Permalink Are you ready for nuclear war?

Pay close attention to Steven Starr’s article, “The Lethality of Nuclear Weapons.” Washington thinks nuclear war can be won and is planning for a first strike on Russia, and perhaps China, in order to prevent any challenge to Washington’s world hegemony. The plan is far advanced, and the implementation of the plan is underway. As I have reported previously, US strategic doctrine was changed and the role of nuclear missiles was elevated from a retaliatory role to an offensive first strike role. US anti-ballistic missile (ABM) bases have been established in Poland on Russia’s frontier, and other bases are planned. When completed Russia will be ringed with US missile bases. ‘US threatens China not to drop dollar’ | ‘West sees China economy as threat’


Permalink ANC says no to R1000 billion in fear for too many whites'

The ANC government has received a request from the U.S. was rejected to be part of a U.S. disaster management plan which South Africa $ 10 billion a year (about R100 billion) for ten years would receive. According to the plan would be temporary housing for millions of Americans in South Africa built if the Yellowstone super volcano in the country sooner or later would come to a head. Countries that the U.S. will participate noodlenigingsplan, Brazil, Argentina and Australia. A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Sipho Matwetwe, South Africa will not "part of the plan because there is a risk that millions of white Americans in an emergency situation to the country can be sent and we can national culture and identity threat". ►ALERT: Pentagon Moves Nuclear Missiles From Yellowstone Blast Zone


Permalink Canadian 10th Grader Discovers Radioactive Imported Seafood Long After Government Stopped Testing

Scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute were turned down after requesting minimal federal support by five agencies. There are no federal agencies conducting comprehensive, on-the-ground analyses of how much Fukushima radiation has made its way into the air and oceans of the U.S... the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) stopped testing imported foods in that manner the year after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.


Permalink David Stockman: 'The United States is broke — fiscally, morally, intellectually'

The Dow Jones and Standard & Poor’s 500 indexes reached record highs on Thursday, having completely erased the losses since the stock market’s last peak, in 2007. But instead of cheering, we should be very afraid. Over the last 13 years, the stock market has twice crashed and touched off a recession: American households lost $5 trillion in the 2000 dot-com bust and more than $7 trillion in the 2007 housing crash. Sooner or later — within a few years, I predict — this latest Wall Street bubble, inflated by an egregious flood of phony money from the Federal Reserve rather than real economic gains, will explode, too.



Permalink CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix

David Duke

This video reveals how the Zionist Matrix of Power controls Media, Politics and Banking and how each Part of this Tribalist matrix supports and protects each other!

The documentary shows how the media is biased for Zionist interests in Palestine and over the world.

A great segment exposes the bosses of CNN and thelong-time Zionist agent Wolf Blitzer who I exposed during an interview as not an unbiased newsman but a former agent for AIPAC!

This documentary video is the first public expose' that the same Zio who is the biggest stockholder of the mega Zio media corporation Time Warner, was the biggest stockholder also of Goldman Sachs at the time of the mortgage meltdown. It shows how the biggest economic theft in history, that by Goldman Sachs in the Mortgage meltdown, was covered up by Zio Government regulators, a Zio Prosecutor, Zio Federal Judge, and the Zio influence in media and government.

A great that video that shows clearly how some of the Jewish elite practices racism and tribalism to advance their supremacist agenda.

More information is at www.DavidDuke.com


Permalink Zionist Terror in Gaza - Free Gaza and Free the World

David Duke

In this most powerful expose yet on Zionist crimes in Palestine, Dr. David Duke exposes the horrific Zionist terror in Gaza and proves how Zionist influenced media around the world lies to us! Not only must we free Palestine, we must free the West and the whole world from Zionist Globalist tyranny!


Permalink Israel accused of war crimes (UK Parliament)


Highlights from a UK parliamentary debate in which MPs variously accused Israel of war crimes, disproportionate violence, ruining peace negotiations by building illegal settlements, running the worlds largest outdoor prison, collective punishment, and attacking water supplies, hospitals, supply centres and all manner of other civilian targets. I have edited out the contributions of Foreign Secretary, William Hague, because nearly all of them displayed a shameful lack of compassion for the sufferings of the Palestinian people (Hague is a prominent member of an organisation called the "Conservative Friends of Israel" and is well aware of the funding that involvement brings to his party and his own political campaigns) The debate took place on the 14th of July 2014


Permalink WTF! Bill Gates Depopulation Plans Caught On Camera MONSANTO, FOOD RIOTS, EUGENICS

11:11 TheGoldenAgeOfUs

Bill Gates on people that "have no benefit whatsoever". The troubling history of Bill Gates Sr "one of the grandfathers of eugenics still going strong today" in the US. ABC reports tens of thousands of women across the States from 1929 to 1974 forcibly sterilized. The Times notes Gates Jr has held a secret billionaire summit with Michael Bloomberg and George Soros to "curb overpopulation".

Why is Gates buying millions of dollars in shares of Monsanto and funding sterilization programs, Monsanto's response to our interview request, and what happens to scientists who cross the genetically modified cyclops.

Seek truth from facts with investigative reporter Anthony Gucciardi, How Goldman Sachs Created the Food Crisis author Frederick Kaufman, Genetic Roulette director Jeffrey Smith, and chairman of Nestle Peter Brabeck-Letmathe.

14 year old girl picks fight with bully TV host - and WINS!


Permalink Judge Jeanine Pirro - Opening Statement - Obama and CDC Fail on Ebola Containment


'Obama Seems To Want America Dead'

Obama is so damned transparent. He wants America dead. He worries more about African economy than our own. He really should go to Kenya with his he/she spouse and run for President there. He cares nothing about the well being of America. So, the flights and visas continue.

I had to laugh, a person whom I thought was honest and I could trust has turned the blind eye to stopping the flights. Michael Osterholm has gone over to Obama side. He was on the Fox news channel debating a Republican congressman and Michael Osterholm stated that we cannot stop people from those countries from coming into the US, as he put it they will fly to neighboring countries and come through the border.http://www.rense.com/general96/obseems.html

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  • Zionist Terror in Gaza - Free Gaza and Free the World

    In this most powerful expose yet on Zionist crimes in Palestine, Dr. David Duke exposes the horrific Zionist terror in Gaza and proves how Zionist influenced media around the world lies to us! Not only must we free Palestine, we must free the West and the whole world from Zionist Globalist tyranny! Contact Your Senators and ask them to stop supporting the mass murder of Palestinian men, women, and children by Israel.

  • UN Envoy Cries for Gaza Children

    If we sit silently and do nothing, say nothing the mass murdering will continue. Why should any single group of people be given the right to kill? When will humanity say: 'No more killing' to Israel? You could begin to change this situation by contacting your Senators and Congressmen and telling them that you want them to stop supporting Israel and stop supporting the killing and maiming of thousands of innocent Palestinian men, women, and children trapped in the Gaza Ghetto by Israel.

  • The Politics of Empire: The US, Israel and the Middle East by James Petras

    This book provides a unique conception of US empire building, linking overseas expansion with 1) the growth of a police state and declining living standards; 2) advanced technologically driven global spying on adversaries and allies with declining economic competitiveness and military defeats; 3) large scale, long term commitments of economic and military resources to wars in the Middle East to the detriment of major corporate interests, but for the benefit of a pariah state, Israel; and 4) the power of a foreign state (Israel) over US policy via its domestic pro-Zionist power configuration. The interplay of these four specific features of US empire building has no past or present precedent among imperial states. Because of Israeli-Zionist influence on US imperial policy, the main targets and objectives of imperial wars are located in the Middle East. The objectives of Israeli and Zionist- influenced US policy in the Middle East is to enhance Israeli regional power and the dispossession of the Palestinian people. The trillion dollar cost of US wars for Israel, however, has alienated the vast majority of US society and driven a wedge between the political elite backing new wars for Israel, and the public prioritizing of domestic economic welfare..

  • Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity by Stephen Lendman

    Stephen Lendman strikes at the heart of collusion between Wall Street and government to protect the super rich and the powerful while driving ordinary Americans into a Third World ditch with: Unaffordable health care, unrepayable student debt, bankrupt cities, money printing madness, trillion dollar tax havens, IMF financial terrorism, the austerity hoax, banksters’ market-rigging thievery and more. And the domestic police, media and legislative repression that is set up to keep it all in place. One morning, the people of Cypress awoke to find their bank accounts pilfered because of a declared "National economic emergency", Think it can't happen here? Congress, that bastion of lobbyists largesse, recently quietly passed legislation that will make that very kind of national robbery an easier theft to pull off. Read ‘Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity’, or be a victim of the next bankers heist.

  • Green is the New Red: An Insider's Account of a Social Movement Under Siege by Will Potter

    By reading this book you will learn exactly how and why the meme of "eco-terrorism" was schemed up and sold to the public by the government even though it twists the customary definition of terrorism well beyond reason. It's a tightly woven, 250-page narrative (not including its comprehensive bibliography, index and acknowledgements) that, along with analyzing the legislation and court cases, offers an inside look at some of the more daring actions carried out by environmental and animal rights activists. Potter also describes his own experience with the Green Scare, when in 2002 FBI agents sought to intimidate him for distributing leaflets in a Chicago suburb, near the home of an executive with March Inc., an insurance company for Huntington Life Sciences, the animal testing lab. FBI agents visited his home in Chicago and told him they'd put him on a "domestic terrorist list" if he didn't provide information about the people who were leafleting with him. Potter refused to provide the FBI agents with any information, but the encounter spooked him. And yet, it also opened his eyes to the close relationship between the state apparatus and corporations.
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