Permalink Ukrainian Junta Defeated - while the people face social and economic collapse

by Ophelia Murphy and Dylan Murphy

This is a city of the dead! For six days we haven’t eaten or drunk, we’ve been going crazy,” “This is genocide against the people, it’s just killing. Six days they’ve been killing us. My hands are shaking. The Ukrainians don’t let us through their side, you can’t escape there. We’re like prisoners to them, as if we’re to blame for something.”

Exodus from the city of Uglegorsk

The EU attempt to try and stave off military defeat for the Ukrainian Junta has failed ignominiously. The battle for the Debalcevo cauldron has reached its climax with the defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) at the hands of the Novorossian Armed Forces (NAF). According to information coming from militias of Novorossia the AFU losses are huge. As of 19 February the Junta has lost 1,200-1,500 men killed and over 500 have been taken as prisoners. To compound matters the Ukrainian army has abandoned most of its artillery and armour and large amounts of ammunition dealing a huge blow to the war mongers in Kiev and their masters in Washington. This latest military catastrophe for the Kiev Junta is explained away by the capitalist media as the consequence of Russia's continuing military incursion into Ukraine.

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Permalink Deconstructing John Kerry's Big Lies in London

by Stephen Lendman

An earlier article explained he disgraces the office he holds. He represents the worst of America's dark side.

He's a world-class thug. Pure evil best describes him. He deplores peace. He supports war. He's a longtime serial liar.

He and his British counterpart in crime Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond met in London. Discussions focused on joint war plans on humanity.

Kerry: Washington intends further steps "to counter violent extremism."

Fact: Permanent US-dominated NATO wars will continue against existing American adversaries and new ones.

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Permalink Kharkov False Flag?

by Stephen Lendman

US/Kiev dirty hands instigated numerous previoius false flags throughout months of war on Donbass. Ukraine's military downing MH17 was the most flagrant.

More recent ones included Volnovakha and Donetsk bus attacks, Mariupol's shelling, and attacks on schools, hospitals, residential neighborhoods and city streets.

Kharkov experienced bomb attacks last November and December. Each incident was called terrorism. Expect more of the same ahead anywhere across Ukraine.

Rogue states operate this way. Washington and Kiev partner in each other's crimes. Perhaps the worst they plan remain to be launched.

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Permalink Nazi Kiev Official Greeted in Ottawa and Washington

by Stephen Lendman

Kiev's national security and defense council secretary Andriy Parubiy was feted on visits to Ottawa and Washington.

He came seeking more heavy weapons and funding than already provided. He orchestrated February 2014 Maidan killings.

As security chief, he controlled access to weapons used. He took full advantage. He positioned snipers with automatic weapons in Kiev's Philharmonic Hall. They murdered around 100 protesters and police. President Viktor Yanukovych was wrongfully blamed. His ouster followed.

Things were scripted in Washington. The rest, as they say, is history. Plans are to Nazify Ukraine nationwide.

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Permalink With all due respect, the Sheikh of Azhar is wrong

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied East Jerusalem

The Rector of al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, has blamed the spread of extremist militant groups in parts of the Arab world on the misinterpretation of religious teachings. "The most striking reason, that I see, is the historical accumulation of extremist tendencies… that grew out of corrupt interpretations of some texts in the Holy Quran and Sunnah [Prophet Mohamed's teachings]," Ahmed el-Tayeb, was quoted as saying this week in anti-terrorism conference in Makkah.

El-Tayeb, Egypt's top cleric, represents the Egyptian government and is often expected to rubber stamp the decisions and policies of whatever government in power, regardless of whether these decisions and policies are compatible with the teachings of Islam.

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Permalink Washington fails to make up global anti-Russian coalition — Russia's foreign minister

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: "Washington failed to make up a global anti-Russian coalition." Support of the world community for Russia’s balanced policy is growing. Desire of the US to retain dominant positions the West has held for centuries," development has put new players on the arena, countries with rapidly growing economies.

Permalink Kurds mount offensive against ISIL, gain ground in northeast Syria

Kurdish fighters have advanced on a key town in northeastern Syria which is a stronghold of the ISIL Takfiri terrorists, left at least 175 militants dead. Kurdish forces say they have cut a main ISIL supply line from Iraq.

Permalink Kerry confirms proposed AUMF would allow for boots-on-the-ground in fight against the Islamic State

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed on Tuesday that the Obama administration is, in fact, seeking approval for the deployment of ground troops to participate in combat operations against Islamic State forces.

Permalink Hundreds of Farmers Block Roads in Protest of Monsanto’s GMO Crops - Video

Poland’s largest farmer uprising ever; convoys of tractors took to the roads to protest GMO infiltration and land grabs by biotech and Big Ag corporations. Farmers demands: Regulation of land grabs by Western companies. Legalization of direct sale of foods from farms to the people. BAN GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS!

Permalink Ukraine pays Gazprom $15mn for 24 hours worth of gas

Ukraine’s Naftogaz paid Gazprom $15 million for gas delivery. The prepayment covers one day's gas consumption and will be spent by Tuesday, Gazprom spokesperson Sergey Kupriyanov. Russian energy minister Alexander Novak had warned Kiev’s failure to pre-pay would mean a cut-off.

Permalink Medical pot proposal passes first test in conservative Utah

Utah lawmakers gave initial approval Thursday to a proposal that would allow residents of the conservative state who have chronic and debilitating diseases to consume edible medical marijuana.The legislation forbids the smoking of marijuana, but allows businesses to grow marijuana and sell pot-infused products such as brownies, candy and lozenges.


Permalink UAE Announces Record Military Acquisitions Amid Rising Security Concerns

The United Arab Emirates spent a record amount on weapons at the Middle East’s largest arms expo, signaling continued defense spending in a region where security is a rising concern. The UAE spent 18.33 billion dirhams ($5 billion) on deals signed with local and international arms dealers at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in the capital Abu Dhabi.

Permalink FCC votes for net neutrality, a ban on paid fast lanes, and Title II

Internet providers are now common carriers, and they're ready to sue. The Federal Communications Commission today voted to enforce net neutrality rules that prevent Internet providers—including cellular carriers—from blocking or throttling traffic or giving priority to Web services in exchange for payment.

Permalink Why is Congress Turning over Public Lands to Foreign Copper Mine Companies?

Nearly 2,500 acres of public lands in Arizona has been handed over to two foreign mining companies that plan to excavate $130 billion in copper from an area considered sacred to Native Americans, got permission to create the mine after Arizona’s two Republican senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, slipped a provision into the Defense Reauthorization.

Permalink Legal pot arrives in District of Columbia despite threats from Republicans

The U.S. capital joined Washington state, Alaska and Colorado in making marijuana lawful for recreational use, The law allows adults to possess up to 2 ounces (56 grams) of marijuana and to grow six plants, three of them mature. Sales are barred but transfers of up to 1 ounce (26 grams) is legal.

Permalink Call GM food something else to ease public fears, say MPs: Report says label is 'lightning rod' for fears of designer crops

The term ‘GM food’ should be abandoned, say politicians who are calling for an extraordinary rebranding exercise. MPs on the science and technology select committee has demanded a ‘reframing of the public conversation’ about genetically modified food, says the GM label has become a ‘lightning rod’ for fears about designer crops.

Permalink Pentagon provocation on Russia’s border

US armored vehicles flying American flags paraded Tuesday through the Estonian city of Narva, a few hundred yards from the Russian border. The provocative action, coming on the heels of the first anniversary of the US-orchestrated coup in Kiev, underscores the transformation of the entire region into a zone of military confrontation, with potentially catastrophic implications not only for Eastern Europe, but the entire planet.

Permalink Paul Larudee says American public fed up with Netanyahu policies

Paul Larudee; Free Palestine Movement Berkeley, California: support for Israel lobbies across the United States is declining because the American public is fed up with the arrogant and childish policies of the Israeli prime minister. Relations between Tel Aviv and Washington have already been deeply troubled, nobody will be pleased with Netanyahu’s speech except the Zionist lobbies and hard-line Republicans.

Permalink Russia Signs Military Deal With EU Member State

Russian navy ships will now have access to stop off at ports in Cyprus, while Moscow will continue to provide the Mediterranean country with debt relief, following an agreement by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades. The program of cooperation apply to Russian vessels involved in counter terrorism and anti piracy efforts.

Permalink Palestinian leader to visit Russia shortly — Palestinian Ambassador to Moscow

"The issue is being discussed with Russia’s leaders. The date of the visit is to be agreed through diplomatic channels. Some day in the first half of this year is a possibility."

Permalink India to negotiate free trade zone with Russia-led Customs Union

India is to start negotiating a free trade agreement with the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan within the next six months, Indian Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry Rajeev Kher.

Permalink Venezuela's Military Can Now Legally Use Firearms Against Demonstrators

Measure seeks “to avoid disorder, to support the legitimately constituted authority and to reject any aggression, facing it immediately and with the necessary means”. While some people supported the measure, opposition politicians, human rights activists and citizens condemned the announcement, especially through social networks.

Permalink Report: 100% of Corn in Frito-Lay SunChips is ‘Completely GMO’

: Frito-Lays SunChips have just tested positive for weed killer and GMO ingredients. The chips are marketed as a ‘healthy’ alternative to regular chips. Frito-Lay owned by Pepsi-Co one of the largest contributors to the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA), responsible for fighting GMO labeling.

Permalink Report: Saudi Arabia Would Lend Israel Air Space for Strike on Iran

"The Saudis have declared their readiness for the Israeli Air Force to overfly Saudi airspace en route to attack Iran if an attack is necessary, agreement comes with strings attached. Before Saudi Arabia will allow Israel to use its airspace Israel needs to demonstrate "some sign of progress" in ongoing peace talks on the issue of Palestinian statehood.

Permalink How Will Alaska’s Weed Law Affect Arrest Rates?

Alaska third state in the country to legalize recreational pot, still people in Alaskan prisons serving time for weed offenses. Alaska’s adult drug arrests: 23,000 a year. Alaska 13th in the nation for marijuana possession arrest rates.

Permalink Minimum Wage in Ukraine Now Lower than in Zambia and Ghana

After another fall in Ukrainian currency, the Hryvnia, minimum wage in Ukraine reached an all-time low: 1218 Hryvnia is now worth less than 43 US dollars. Bangladesh, Ghana and Zambia, people receive around 4 dollars more. African countries of Lesotho, Gambia and Chad, minimum wage as high as 51 dollars. Highest global minimum wage in Australia: 2700 dollars (a month).

Permalink Ukraine Lawmaker Explains Russian Is Just 'Northern Ukrainian' - Video

Rada Deputy Ivan Vinnik said that there is no such thing as a Russian language during the commemoration of the Heavenly Hundred.

Permalink Obama Administration Intensifies Criticism Of Israel's Netanyahu - Video

Secretary of State John Kerry sharply criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's "judgment" on talks with Iran on its nuclear program. Susan Rice, President Obama's national security adviser: House Speaker John Boehner's invitation to Israel's prime minister — and Netanyahu's acceptance of it — have "injected a degree of partisanship" that is "destructive to the fabric of the relationship" between Israel and the U.S.

Permalink The War On Preppers: Obama Bans Ammo For The Most Popular Rifles In America

Because he can’t get Congress to approve the things that he wants to do, Barack Obama has apparently decided to rule by decree for the rest of his time in the White House.


Permalink Netanyahu row with Obama administration deepens

A row between the US and Benjamin Netanyahu has deepened, with the Israeli leader accusing America and others of "giving up" on trying to stop Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.

Permalink US Supreme Court appears in favour of headscarf claim

A majority of US Supreme Court justices appear to be supportive of an argument that Abercrombie & Fitch discriminated against a Muslim teenager.

Permalink ISIS in America

DENVER – While the fight between the Islamic State and the forces arrayed against it rages in the Middle East, another brutal battle is brewing in the United States over who is winning the war. In the US these days, all issues – whatever and wherever – soon fall into the maw of the country's polarized domestic politics.

Permalink Angela Merkel’s Moment of Truth

In the last two weeks, Germany and its chancellor, Angela Merkel, were at the heart of efforts to achieve a diplomatic resolution to the two crises confronting Europe – in Ukraine and Greece.

Permalink This Billionaire Governor Taxed the Rich and Raised the Minimum Wage. Now, His State's Economy is One of the Best in the Country

Minnesota governor Mark Dayton inherited a$6.2 billion budget deficit and a 7 percent unemployment rate. agreed to raise Minnesota's minimum wage to $9.50 an hour by 2018, and passed a state lawguaranteeing equal pay for women. Between 2011 and 2015, Gov. Dayton added 172,000 new jobs, 5th-lowest unemployment rate in the country.

Permalink IL Governor Rauner Gets $750,000 Tax Break, Proposes Slashing Services to Middle Class and Poor: "...[H]e could easily become the national symbol of the trickle down economic theory that has failed to produce benefits for everyday Americans..."

Rauner, who made $61 million in 2013 - or $29,000 per hour. Cutting health care benefits for homecare workers. Slashing funding for the Department of Children and Family Services. Cutting Medicaid spending by1.5 billion - including735 million in cuts to hospitals serving Medicaid patients. Increasing childcare copays for working parents. Move state employees into pension plans with lower benefits.
Rauner claims his proposal is a "turnaround budget."

Permalink Baby formula contains 7.5 more arsenic than breast milk, sensationalist study by Dartmouth College says

Researchers at Dartmouth College found that urinary arsenic in bottle-fed babies was a lot higher than in babies, who receive natural milk from their mothers.

Permalink Thirty-seven percent of Americans live on the brink of financial disaster

US-based financial company Bankrate surveyed a thousand of adult residents of the United States. The research was conducted to identify the level of financial security of citizens. The results of the study were published on the website of the company.

Permalink The Guardian: Secret CIA prisons available for common Americans

The Guardian published an eye-opening report about the police of Chicago. According to the newspaper, Chicago police officers, as it turns out, detain Americans at "black sites." The sites are very similar to those the CIA uses worldwide for interrogation and torture of suspected terrorists.

Permalink Why Would the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Promote Issues that are Bad for the American People?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the largest supporter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This group represents large multinational corporations, many of which are registered as American, but a large percentage of their businesses and profits reside in foreign countries.

Permalink Ukraine Enters Hyperinflation: Currency Trading Halted, "Soon We Will Walk Around With Suitcases For Cash"

New gas dispute as Gazprom demands upfront payments; capital controls tightened, the $17.5bn IMF loan may not be enough; central bank governor faces prosecution as the economy craters. Although banks could still trade with each other, by mid-morning there were no registered trades at any rate, leaving the currency in limbo. The previous day, the central bank rate based on reported trades had fallen 11 percent against the dollar.

Permalink 5 Sure Signs the U.S. Economy is Finished

With the S&P 500 at all-time highs and Americans getting ready to spend more than $600 billion on Christmas, what’s not to love about the “New Economy?”

Permalink If the FCC’s ‘Net Neutrality’ Plan is So Great, Why Can’t Anyone See It?

In a vote tomorrow, the Federal Communications Commission is expected to reclassify the Internet as a public utility under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. Despite this change in the function of the web, no Congressional debate took place, no bills were introduced and no legislation was signed. Majority of Americans unaware that this is taking place, news networks are offering scant coverage.

Permalink Greece’s Syriza government proposes list of social cuts to European Union

Greek authorities will review and control spending in every area of government spending (e.g., education, defence, transport, local government, social benefits).” They will also “identify cost-saving measures through a thorough review of spending by every ministry.”

Permalink DHS intelligence report warns of Sovereign citizen uprising

A new intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security focuses on domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists. Some federal and local law enforcement groups view the domestic terror threat from sovereign citizen groups as equal to — and in some cases greater than — the threat from foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS, that garner more public attention.

Permalink Bad for Business: After NSA Hack China Stops Buying Major US Tech Brands

List of products for the Central Government Procurement Center (CGPC), which is approved by the Chinese Ministry of Finance, includes over 5,000 products, 2,000 added in the last two years,almost entirely from domestic companies. Foreign brands have fallen by a third, security-related products, by half. Two years ago, Cisco Systems had 60 items on the list, now has none. Other companies products excluded from the list are Intel’s security brand McAfee, Apple, and Citrix.

Permalink Ever more politicians in Europe see negative results of sanctions — Cyprus’s president

"I believe that our European counterparts have a growing feeling the measures against such a great country as Russia will merely entail Russia’s retaliation, and these countermeasures have negative results not only for Cyprus, but for a number of other EU countries, too,"

Permalink More sanctions on Russia if Minsk II fails: EU

"Additional sanctions remain on the table. We should be ready for any development — good or bad," European Council President Donald Tusk.

Permalink Yet More Scientists Blame Fluoride for Underactive Thyroid Issues, Depression, Weight Gain, and More

A new study out of the UK shows once again just how dangerous water fluoridation is. 98 percent of GP practices found that high rates of underactive thyroid were 30 percent more likely to show up in areas with, the greatest degree of water fluoridation.

Permalink Putin: Gas supplies to Europe could suffer in 3-4 days if Kiev doesn't pay

Putin: “Gazprom has been fully complying with its obligations under the Ukraine gas supply contract and will continue doing that.” “The advance payment for gas supply made by the Ukrainian side will be in place for another three to four days. If there is no further prepayment, Gazprom will suspend supplies under the contract and its supplement. Of course, this could create a certain problem for [gas] transit to Europe to our European partners.”

Permalink Feds Threaten D.C. Officials with Prison If they Go Through with Pot Legalization on Thursday

In a letter to D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser, two Republican congressmen Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), chair of the appropriations subcommittee that handles D.C.’s budget, warned not to move forward with legalization in the District, claiming that to do so would be a violation of federal law.

Permalink Nestle Drops Artificial Colors and Flavors – But Still Wants to Own the Water - Video r

Nestle said it would be removing ingredients such as GMO, Red 40, Yellow 5, and artificial vanillin from its chocolate in the U.S. According to the former CEO and now Chairman of the largest food product manufacturer in the world, corporations should own every drop of water on the planet — and you’re not getting any unless you pay up.

Permalink Nation Reacts as Chicago Police’s Secret Prison Confirms Fears Over NDAA

The Guardian has reported that Chicago Police are operating a secret detention facility that mirrors the CIA’s “black sites.” From violations of due process to torture, the revelations raise serious concerns about the deteriorating state of freedom and justice in the United States.


Permalink Police raid woman's birthday party after '21' balloon spins around in window and neighbours think she is a supporter of 'IS' -Islamic State

Sarah Ericsson had 21st birthday party at boyfriend's house last weekend. Passers-by thought they said 'IS' - an abbreviation for Islamic State group The police paid a visit to her boyfriend's house in Karlskrona on Monday Couple were asked to remove them.

Permalink Israel Gets Fire Sale Deal on F-35s

Israel will order another 14 F-35s for $110 million a piece, including logistical support, training, parts and maintenance, which appears to be a much better price than the U.S. itself has been able to manage. The 14 fighters will join an earlier order of 19 jets. An option to acquire 17 more has been secured, bringing the total to 50, which has been Israel’s goal in fielding two squadrons of 25 fighters each.

Permalink 75% of Air and Rain Samples Contain Monsanto’s Round Up

Round Up chemicals were prevalent, but so were 37 other toxic compounds – all present in both rain and air samples. Glyphosate was found in 86% of air samples, and 77% of rain samples.

Past News


Permalink Buying Marijuana in North Korea Sure Sounds Easy

For all the freedoms that North Korea lacks, it has one that most Western countries don't: Apparently, you can legally buy and smoke marijuana, doesn't have restrictions, such as for medical use only. marijuana in North Korea is not very strong, bags full roughly £0.50 each. In North Korea, the drug is apparently enjoyed by the country's working class for its medicinal effects and is also seen as a way to unwind and relax. Richter writes about how, with the help of a North Korean intelligence officer, he was about to get into a food market, which locals shop at but visitors are not allowed to see.


Permalink "There's just too much money in it": the war on drugs' profitable attacks on communities of color

Over the July 4th weekend, 82 people were shot in Chicago, including a 16 year-old boy shot by police. Fourteen people were killed. In late May in Tampa Bay, Florida, police shot dead a 29 year-old man in his own home over $2 worth of pot. Acting in accordance with the insane logic of the war on drugs, that alleged drug sale led to a militaristic raid on the young man’s home, which ended in his untimely, violent death. Meanwhile, some of the nation’s most powerful companies—pharmaceutical firms that manufacture opiates like OxyContin and Vicodin—are funding efforts to prohibit the legalization of marijuana. From a must-read investigative report by The Nation’s Lee Fang: [The Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America (CADCA)] and the other groups leading the fight against relaxing marijuana laws, including the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids (formerly the Partnership for a Drug-Free America), derive a significant portion of their budget from opioid manufacturers and other pharmaceutical companies.


Permalink The Horrific Stories of CIA-Sponsored Torture That Aren’t In the Senate Report.»

Much of what we know about this practice of outsourcing torture is from the harrowing accounts of its victims and survivors who have bravely come forward to tell their stories. One of them is Ahmed Agiza, an Egyptian citizen who lived with his wife and young family in Sweden, where they were seeking refugee status. In December 2001, Ahmed and a friend were apprehended by Swedish police, who turned them over to the CIA. In what was reportedly the Bush administration's first rendition operation, Ahmed and his friend were sent to Egypt, where they were, interrogated, and mercilessly tortured.


Permalink 50 Years Later, The Tragedy of Nuclear Tests in Nevada

"Fallout on Las Vegas and vicinity following this morning's detonation was very low and without any effects on health," the newspaper explained. "On Your Guard: Reds Launch 'Scare Drive' Against U.S. Atomic Tests." The article warned: "A big Communist 'fear' campaign to force Washington to stop all American atomic hydrogen bomb tests erupted this past week." It was a popular theme among prominent commentators like syndicated columnist David Lawrence, whose wisdom appeared in the Washington Post and other leading newspapers. "The truth is," he wrote in spring 1955, "there isn't the slightest proof of any kind that the 'fallout' as a result of tests in Nevada has ever affected any human being anywhere outside the testing ground itself." By then, children and others living in downwind areas were beginning to develop leukemia. As time passed, people in affected areas suffered extraordinarily high rates of cancer and thyroid ills. Functioning in tandem, the news media and the federal government continued to deny that nuclear testing was a health hazard.


Permalink ‘Dynasty of Death’ (Part 2)

Kennedy intended to stop the Vietnam War and all future wars waged for profit by America. He intended to regain control of the American people's government and their country by cutting off the military industrial complex and Federal Reserve banking system's money supply. Kennedy launched his brilliant attack using the Constitution, which states "Congress shall have the Power to Coin Money and Regulate the Value." Kennedy stopped the Federal Reserve banking system from printing money and lending it to the government at interest by signing Executive Order 11,110 on June 4, 1963. The order called for the issuance of $4,292,893,815,000 (4.3 trillion) in United States Notes through the U.S. treasury rather than the Federal Reserve banking system. He also signed a bill backing the one and two-dollar bills with gold which added strength to the new government issued currency. Kennedy's comptroller James J. Saxon, encouraged broader investment and lending powers for banks that were not part of the Federal Reserve system. He also encouraged these non-Fed banks to deal directly with and underwrite state and local financial institutions. By taking the capital investments away from the Federal Reserve banks, Kennedy would break them up and destroy them. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who alone had dared to stand against the military industrial complex and the Federal Reserve banking system, was murdered in Dallas, Texas at 12:30 p.m. CST on November 22, 1963, in a bloody "coup d'état". On that day America ceased to be a democracy of, by, and for the people. From that day forward the leaders of the American government have only been the willing puppets of corporations and an international banking cartel that profits from war.



Permalink National Geographic -Marijuana Cannabis Research Studies - Full HD Documentary

National Geographic Documentary

In this myth shattering, information packed documentary, learn from physicians and leading researchers about medicinal cannabis and its demonstrated effects on human health.

This game-changing movie presents the most comprehensive synopsis to date of the real science surrounding the world's most controversial plant.

Topics include: * What the consensus is from over 1500 scientific and medical trials * What conditions have been proven to benefit from medical marijuana * Marijuana and cancer, Its historical use as medicine dating back over 5300 years * Methods of delivery and their different advantages * Government sponsored studies intended to show Marijuana having negative effects that yielded the exact opposite results * Common myths about negative effects of Marijuana and what the research really says about these topics.


Permalink "Donbass under fire: Separatists"


People surviving, living, fighting in Donetsk


Permalink Is Ukraine a Proxy Western-Russia War? U.S. Weighs Arming Kiev as Violence Soars


The United Nations has raised the death toll from fighting in eastern Ukraine to more than 5,300 people since last April following the ouster of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych one year ago this month. Another 1.5 million people have been displaced. As fighting intensifies, the Obama administration is now considering directly arming Ukrainian forces against Russian-backed rebels. Washington already supplies nonlethal military equipment to Ukraine, but top officials are reportedly leaning toward sending arms, from rifles to anti-tank weapons. The role of the U.S. and European allies in Ukraine has prompted former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to accuse the West of dragging Russia into a new Cold War. We are joined by Stephen Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian studies and politics at New York University and Princeton University.


Permalink 'Tiny audience’: Victoria Nuland downplays RT's threat to US media, rejects proposal to ban channel

There's no need to shut down RT in the US – that's the message coming from Victoria Nuland, assistant secretary at the US State Department. RT's Gayane Chichakyan reports. READ MORE: http://on.rt.com/f5ta9l

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  • Zionist Terror in Gaza - Free Gaza and Free the World

    In this most powerful expose yet on Zionist crimes in Palestine, Dr. David Duke exposes the horrific Zionist terror in Gaza and proves how Zionist influenced media around the world lies to us! Not only must we free Palestine, we must free the West and the whole world from Zionist Globalist tyranny! Contact Your Senators and ask them to stop supporting the mass murder of Palestinian men, women, and children by Israel.

  • Internet For The Wealthy On The Way Unless We Stop It

    In what the New York Times describes as “a net neutrality turnaround” the Obama administration’s new FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is proposing rules that will create an Internet for the wealthy. The new plan to create a pay to play Internet came to light in the Wall Street Journal. Under the plan wealthy corporations will be able to purchase faster service, while those that cannot do so will have slower service. Rather than an open Internet for all the US will be moving to a class-based Internet. Now Wheeler is set to propose what the industry has wanted, an end to net neutrality, that will allow them to charge us more for service and create financial barriers that will prevent new services from challenging their domination of the Internet. As a result, more money will be funneled from working Americans to wealthy telecom giants. If you want an open Internet, We can stop this – but we must act now.

  • Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks World War III by Stephen Lendman

    Sephen Lendman called the Ukraine conflict “the most significant post-WW II geopolitical crisis.” He warned that “escalating it risks global conflict.” Viewed from the perspective of 22 highly-credentialed analysts who have contributed to this anthology, Obama's pivot is global, in pursuit of unchallenged worldwide dominance, leading to multiple direct and proxy wars. According to Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Treasury Secretary under President Reagan, Washington does not only set the world on a path of war but also endangers world peace by its recklessness. The US administration – with the consent of its NATO partners – expanded the Alliance into Eastern Europe, placed anti-ballistic missiles at the Russian border in Poland and withdrew from the ABM treaty. Beyond that, the West unleashed a propaganda war, blaming Putin for the entire crisis. But so far, the Russian government has not had to do anything...

  • THE 2001 ANTHRAX DECEPTION The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy by Graeme MacQueen

    With The 2001 Anthrax Deception, Professor Graeme MacQueen, founding Director of the Center for Peace Studies at McMaster University, calls us back to a careful reconsideration of the anthrax attacks. The criminal anthrax attacks were conducted by a group of conspirators deep within the U.S. government who are linked to, or identical with, the 9/11 perpetrators. Their purpose was to redefine the Cold War into the Global War on Terror and in doing so weaken civil liberties in the United States and attack other nations. Anyone concerned about the truth behind 9/11 and the anthrax attacks should read this profoundly important book. It is filled with tight argumentation backed by solid evidence, and even the speculative parts ring true.

  • The Politics of Empire: The US, Israel and the Middle East by James Petras

    This book provides a unique conception of US empire building, linking overseas expansion with 1) the growth of a police state and declining living standards; 2) advanced technologically driven global spying on adversaries and allies with declining economic competitiveness and military defeats; 3) large scale, long term commitments of economic and military resources to wars in the Middle East to the detriment of major corporate interests, but for the benefit of a pariah state, Israel; and 4) the power of a foreign state (Israel) over US policy via its domestic pro-Zionist power configuration. The interplay of these four specific features of US empire building has no past or present precedent among imperial states. Because of Israeli-Zionist influence on US imperial policy, the main targets and objectives of imperial wars are located in the Middle East. The objectives of Israeli and Zionist- influenced US policy in the Middle East is to enhance Israeli regional power and the dispossession of the Palestinian people. The trillion dollar cost of US wars for Israel, however, has alienated the vast majority of US society and driven a wedge between the political elite backing new wars for Israel, and the public prioritizing of domestic economic welfare...
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