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Tillerson Threatens North Korea

April 30th, 2017
Stephen Lendman America favors bullying over responsible diplomatic outreach, lying over truth-telling, dominance over mutual cooperation, war over peace. Addressing Security Council members on Friday, Secretary of State Tillerson turned truth on its… more »

China and Russia Prioritize Korean Peninsula Denuclearization, Peace and Stability

April 30th, 2017
Stephen Lendman During Friday’s Security Council session on North Korea, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed views far different from his US counterpart. He stressed peace and stability through outreach, diplomacy and dialogue toward the goal of… more »

Fake News About Russia Sending Weapons to Taliban

April 30th, 2017
Stephen Lendman It would be fitting justice if the report was true. Taliban roots go back to CIA-recruited, armed and supported Mujahideen fighters against Afghanistan’s Soviet occupiers in the 1980s. Ronald Reagan called them “the moral equivalent of… more »

Shift in Trump Policy on North Korea

April 28th, 2017
Stephen Lendman Following heavy-handed threats, saber-rattling, and Wednesday’s administration meeting with all Senate members, a joint statementrk by Defense Secretary Mattis, Director of National Intelligence Coates and Secretary of State Tillerson… more »

Russia Condemns Israeli Aggression and Al-Qaeda-Linked White Helmets

April 28th, 2017
Stephen Lendman Commenting on Israel’s overnight aggression near the Damascus international airport, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said: “Moscow condemns acts of aggression against Syria and regards them as impermissible and… more »

Israeli Aggression on Syria

April 28th, 2017
Stephen Lendman Israel partners with US regime change plans - wanting Assad ousted, pro-Western puppet governance replacing Syrian sovereign independence. A life-and-death struggle continues. Russia’s position remains firm. It’s committed to combat and… more »

Mad-Dog Mattis Going Rabid

April 28th, 2017
Eric Zuesse On Monday, April 25th, the AP headlined, "US general in Afghanistan suggests Russia arming the Taliban” and reported that U.S. Pentagon chief James “Mad Dog” Mattis was accusing Russia of violating the sovereignty of unnamed nation(s) and… more »

Much Rides on Outcome of French Election

April 28th, 2017
Stephen Lendmanl, Establishment favorite Emmanuel Macron is heavily favored to win. He supports continuity, dirty business as usual. French aristocracy love him. Its power elites back him against Le Pen, wanting national sovereignty regained from… more »

Trump Reneges on Abandoning NAFTA

April 28th, 2017
Stephen Lendman On Wednesday, the White House said Trump will renegotiate what he once called “one of the worst deals ever.” Twenty years after its 1994 enactment, Global Trade Watch director Lori Wallach said she “remember(ed) crying” on the day NAFTA… more »

POLL: Americans Support Military-Industrial Complex Above All Else

April 28th, 2017
Eric Zuesse A new Morning Consult/POLITICO survey, published on 26 April, indicates that most American voters support the military-industrial complex more than they support any other recipient of U.S. federal government spending. The military-industrial… more »

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