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Time for Hillary Clinton to End Her Campaign

September 12th, 2016

Michael Collins

It's a beautiful day in New York.Hillary Clinton, 9/11/16

clintonvideoVideo of Hillary Clinton leaving a 9/11-memorial ceremony in New York City establishes a clear case to question her ability to continue running for president or to serve if elected.

As Clinton was leaving the 90-minute ceremony at ground zero in lower Manhattan, the candidate waved at a small crowd and headed to her van. Look at this video from Zednek Gazda. Clinton becomes unstable. Members of her retinue take her arms to support her. She collapses and is then lifted into the van.

Clinton went to her daughter’s nearby apartment for two hours, then emerged, and tried to put a good face on it. When reporters asked about her health and how she was feeling, Clinton simply blew off the questions. Her response was, “It’s a beautiful day in New York.” (CNN)

Review the video here and draw your own conclusions. The facts of the event, her freezing up and need to be propped up, are undeniable.

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9/11/2016 Breaking News: Nikola Tesla Testifies at NY Grand Jury on 9/11

September 11th, 2016

New York City Grand Jury Hands Down Indictment on 9/11
By Robert Singer

The Charges:

Plaintiff (The People of the United States) --vs-- Defendants (No CR 95-110 The Powers That Be (TPTB, a non-conspiracy acronym), Mike Rivero, a.k.a. John Wenckus) [1]

Violations: 18 USC Sec. 2332a; 18 USC Sec. 844(f); 18 USC Sec. 1114; 18 USC Sec. 1111;

This case centers on a Metaphysical Catechism (Test) of the Earth initiated (with out prior notice as required by Rule #25443) on September 11, 2001 at the electro-magnetic grid location 40° 42' 41.3852", -74° 0' 44.0064 (One World Trade Center). [2]


COUNT ONE (Conspiracy to use incendiary devices to create controlled-diameter holes in metallic targets)

The Grand Jury charges:

  1. On 9/6/2001 The Powers That Be (TPTB), the defendants herein, did knowingly, intentionally, willfully and maliciously conspire, combine and agree together and with others unknown to the Grand Jury to remove bomb-sniffing dogs from the World Trade Center I and II, while the defendants and their unknown agents placed AN-M14 thermite charged incendiary devices between the 92nd to 98th floors of the North Tower and between the 78th to 84th floors in the South Tower.

    The object of the conspiracy were as follows:
    - Kill and injure innocent people (1,434 in the North Tower, 589 in the South Tower).
    - Damage the property of Silverstein Properties, Inc. (Larry Silverstein suffered a net loss of 4 billion dollars). [3]
    - Generate confusion surrounding the impact holes in the towers to prevent the discovery of the test of the Earth (Count 2).

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Why Was My Article on 9/11 Re-Moved?

September 10th, 2016

There are so many of my articles that have been Re-Moved from the sites, the wayback machine and google that I had to investigate.

The 9/11 anniversary is tomorrow so I thought you might be interested in reading Case 4: The Most Important Issue in the History of the Univers answers the questions, 1) Why the invasion of Iraq was called off after the second tower collapsed? and 2) What the dip of the Earth’s magnetic field at the precise moment of the alleged first plane “impact” has to do with “what really happened on 9/11?” [Appendix Sandy Hook]

Proof that the following articles were in fact Re-Moved from the sites, the wayback machine and google can be found in the Appendix Cases below.

Looking at each case you realize a human was not involved. Any followup google search a human would have certainly performed would yield results that were overlooked because of a variation in the title or the author name.

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9/11: The Most Important Issue in the History of the Universe (Re-Covered)

September 10th, 2016

My goal in writing is to help wake up the huddled masses. To that end, the “Most Important Issue in the History of the Universe” is: The Story Behind the Story Behind the Story of how the World Trade Center I and II collapsed on September 11, 2001.

Why? Because if you don’t know how the twin towers collapsed, you can’t be sure you are waking up the masses from the right dream.


I’ll get right to the point, I have read the books and watched the documentaries on September 11 for three years and the 9/11 official story is:

Nineteen fanatical Arab hijackers, masterminded by an evil genius named Osama bin Laden, crash airplanes into steel skyscrapers because they “hate our freedom to consume”. Inexplicably the jet fuel, which is basically kerosene that burns at about 400c, took on the qualities of an explosive demolition agent, vaporizing 70 tons of aircraft into a puff of smoke and causing 110-story buildings to collapse into a pile of rubble.

Is such a stupid story that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld didn’t really expect you to believe it.

A jet fuel fire brought down two of the tallest buildings in the world: Improbable, to say the least. [1]

Millions believe a LIHOP (Let it Happen on Purpose) version thanks to Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911, because their brain tells them the U.S. government killed 3,000 American citizens to pass the Patriot Act, build up the military and invade Afghanistan and Iraq. [2]

Everyone else, after you point out the obvious (110 stories of steel and concrete collapsing at free fall speed), thinks about it for a New York Second and realizes the official story is ridiculous and couldn’t be true.

Then, they come to the false conclusion it was a MIHOP (Made it Happen on Purpose): Bush, Cheney, and the Neocons killed 3,000 Americans so they could pass the Patriot Act, build up the military and invade Afghanistan and Iraq, an inside job.

In other words, The Powers That Be (TPTB) expected us to believe the 9/11 Truth story: A rogue element of the US government used controlled demolition to bring down the twin towers.

Let me be clear, I agree the US government or some proxy did exploit the events of 9/11: Building 7, the Pentagon and Flight 77. [3]

The “Experts” on 9/11

Professor Steven “Cold Fusion” Jones lectures ad nauseam about the obvious, that 110 stories of steel and concrete do not collapse into a pile of rubble from a kerosene fire. Jones’ research, allegedly peer reviewed, has not proven the building collapsed from controlled demolition.

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Rebellion in the Suites: Tax Collectors and Businesspeople

September 9th, 2016

James Petras


Large-scale political and economic challenges are confronting the US multi-national corporate elite. Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Pfizer and scores of other multinational tax evaders are facing the triple threat of multi-billion dollar fines, the redistribution of their wealth and the possible reintroduction of equitable socio-economic programs, which could undermine their power. Washington-backed exporters and financiers, eager to impose free trade agreements on European and Asian business classes, have been faced with stiff resistance and outright rejection.

In Latin America, the Obama administration recently installed neo-liberal regimes in Argentina and Brazil, provoking massive opposition from small and medium sized firms driven into bankruptcy by their harsh policies.

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Bahraini Political Prisoner Nabeel Rajab Speaks Out

September 9th, 2016

Stephen Lendman

The US-supported despotic Bahraini regime repeatedly targeted Rajab and other human rights defenders for their redoubtable activism - murdering some, mass imprisoning others on trumped up charges no legitimate tribunal would uphold.

Rajab is unjustly detained under harsh conditions, facing longterm imprisonment on fabricated charges of spreading “false or malicious news, offending a foreign country (meaning Saudi Arabia for criticizing its genocidal war on Yemen), and offending a statutory body.”

He’s been confined in isolation for the past three months. Surprisingly he got New York Times op-ed space to express his views, writing from prison where he’s detained - “all because of my work as a human rights defender,” he explained, adding he’s not alone.

Around “4,000 political prisoners in Bahrain” languish in gulag hell, tortured and ill-treated “for daring to desire democracy,” said Rajab. Fellow redoubtable human rights defender Abdulhadi al-Khawaja was sentenced to life in prison in 2011 for daring to speak truth to power.

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Fabricated Claims About Russian Plot to Disrupt US Elections

September 9th, 2016

Stephen Lendman

Hillary is so irreparably tainted and unfit to serve, her key strategy is diverting attention from her wrongdoing two ways - viciously bashing Trump beyond customary campaign jousting and spreading misinformation and Big Lies about Russia, using media scoundrels as press agents to do her dirty work.

Neocon Washington Post editors and staff one-sidedly support her, one of many examples of how low US media scoundrels have sunk - transforming themselves into disgraceful laughing stocks.

The way to stay misinformed and brainwashed is by following their reports. WaPo’s latest anti-Russia harangue is claiming a potential covert plot to disrupt November elections.

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Philippine President Calls Obama a Son-of-a-Bitch

September 9th, 2016

Stephen Lendman

How refreshing, even from a hardline leader ruling with an iron fist. He’s gutsy to a fault.

In office around 10 weeks, Rodrigo Duterte certainly made his presence known, attracting less than favorable worldwide attention in the process.

He wants capital punishment enforced against what he calls “heinous” criminals, including drugs traffickers.

He urged Filipino citizens to voluntarily kill pushers and addicts. A national bloodbath may follow before his tenure expires. He’s compiling a “kill list” like Obama, operating as judge, jury and chief executioner - criticized by human rights groups for supporting extrajudicial assassinations.

He’s supported by America in his dispute with Beijing over portions of the South China Sea. He made no friends in Washington, saying the Obama administration and Britain “destroyed the Middle East…forc(ing) their way into Iraq and kill(ing) Saddam.”

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An Open Letter to the People of Brazil

September 8th, 2016

Robert J. Burrowes

As I read of the latest coup in Brazil, once again removing a democratically elected leader from power, my anger surged. Not again! However, as I see and read about the ongoing massive protests, as well as calls by prominent community leaders to mobilize in defense of your country's democracy, I feel great hope for Brazil. Having been a nonviolent activist for many years, I would like to support Brazilian activists to develop a nonviolent strategy that will increase your chances of success.

On 31 August 2016, the Brazilian elite executed a political coup to remove your democratically elected president Dilma Rousseff from office in a desperate attempt to halt corruption investigations in which they are clearly implicated. See 'Democracy Is Dead in Brazil' and 'The Real Reason Brazil's Democratically Elected Dilma Rousseff Was Impeached'

Behind the scenes, of course, the United States elite was heavily involved. With vast quantities of highly profitable fossil fuels, mineral and forest resources, as well as fresh water at stake, the US elite (and its allied elites) is not going to stand aside while Brazil and BRICS endeavour to create a more just world for at least some of its human inhabitants. See 'Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff: Brazil's Parliamentary Coup and the "Progressive Media"'

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Israel Planning Third Temple on Al-Aqsa Mosque Site?

September 8th, 2016

Stephen Lendman

It’s hard imagining Israel going this far, but who knows, given its longstanding persecution of Occupied Palestinians and its own Arab citizens - 20% of its population unwanted, treated like fifth column threats.

Al-Aqsa is sacred to Muslims worldwide, Islam’s third holiest site after Mecca's Sacred Mosque and the Mosque of the Prophet in Madina.

According to the International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC), “Israeli institutions and organizations are preparing to build the so-called ‘Third Temple’ in place of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and are waiting for a political decision to start, Israeli channels reported.”IMEMC said the scheme has “wide political and popular support.” Israeli television reported readiness to begin the project once an OK is gotten - expected to take three years to complete if undertaken.

An Israeli Channel 2 report last weekend said Women for the Temple are preparing materials needed to begin construction.

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