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Trump to Promote Improved US/Russian Relations if Elected President?

February 12th, 2016

Stephen Lendman

Hold the cheers. Trump didn’t get super-rich by being a good guy. Billionaires make money the old-fashioned way, devious methods unavailable to ordinary people, including small businesses, operating by the rules, honestly and fairly.

His views on most issues are extremist, way over-the-top - like wanting a wall built on the US/Mexican border and having its government pay for it, along with TRUMPeting against Muslim immigrants.

He’s bad for America, real bad, maybe not all bad. Unlike most, perhaps all other presidential aspirants, favoring virtually unlimited military spending at a time America’s enemies are only ones it invents, Trump criticized wasteful war-profiteering, saying:

“I hear stories, like they’re ordering missiles they don’t want because of politics, because of special interests…because” defense contractors are big campaign “contributor(s).”

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Panic Surges over U.S., European Economic, Banking Meltdown

February 11th, 2016


Feb. 8, 2016. Panic swept through Europe, and Wall Street, today as markets and bank shares plunged to new lows. "Growth Fears Stalk European and Wall Street Stock Indices," the City of London's daily Financial Times trumpeted, explaining that "worries about the darkening outlook for global growth spreading across global markets." Recession risks "are growing everywhere we look," said one UBS analyst. "Developed and emerging markets are struggling in tandem, leaving no obvious areas to look for growth."

All European markets plummeted sharply: Paris, down 3.2%; Germany's DAX, 3.30%, London's FTSE, 2.71%, Milan, 4.69%, and Athens, a whopping 7.8%. Greek banking shares also tanked, by 27.21% for Piraeus Bank, 17.65% for Alpha Bank, and 29.2% for Eurobank. This was the case throughout Europe, with HSBC-London dropping 2.7%, Germany's Commerzbank, 6.7%, and Deutsche Bank, 4.7%. No one escaped-BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, Barclays-all the big names. With good reason, ZeroHedge website referred it to a "European Bank Bloodbath...Not only is it time to panic, but the panic is 'contagion'-ing over the sovereign risk market. European banks are in free fall."

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Endless US War and Occupation of Afghanistan

February 11th, 2016

Stephen Lendman

Four weeks post 9/11, Washington launched naked aggression on Afghanistan, a country posing it no threat.

Planners had endless war and permanent occupation in mind - an imperial scheme planned months in advance, the 9/11 mother of all US false flags the phony pretext.

On October 28, 2007, candidate Obama lied, saying “I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do.”

He systematically violated every major promise made, continuing endless war on Afghanistan Bush began, maintaining permanent occupation - both leaders responsible for millions of deaths, vast destruction, unspeakable human misery, and a nation-state ravaged and destroyed, turned into nightmarish harshness for its people.

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Israel Censoring Bloggers

February 10th, 2016

Stephen Lendman

Israel is like other fascist police states, wanting criticisms of its ruthless policies suppressed.

Its new military censor, Col. Ariela Ben-Avraham, demanded bloggers and social media users submit their material for screening before posting.

Failure will be considered a crime. Regime critics risk prosecution, censorship now elevated to a higher level.

Israel wants control over pre-published material relating to its policies - vetted so anything it disapproves of gets trashed, the right of free expression abolished.

Blogger Yossi Gurvitz revealed Israel’s new policy. He was notified to submit written material before publishing, showing democracy is more farcical than already.

Until now, Israel’s military censor monitored Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites for material considered objectionable.

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Relentless Russia Bashing Continues

February 10th, 2016

Stephen Lendman

US-led Western managed news misinformation and Big Lies consistently drown out hard truths.

Russia intervened responsibly in Syria, waging real war on terrorism, polar opposite US phony war, supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups it pretends to oppose.

Moscow scrupulously observes international law. Claims about its aerial campaign killing civilians and using illegal weapons are Western-sponsored propaganda.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is part of the problem, not the solution to resolving US-orchestrated Middle East wars, Germany a reliable imperial ally.

Meeting with rogue Turkish officials in Ankara, she lied, irresponsibly blaming Russia for killing Syrian civilians, using “indiscriminate weapons,” citing no corroborating proof because there is none.

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Syrian Forces Winning the Strategically Important Battle of Aleppo

February 10th, 2016

Stephen Lendman

Winning the battle of Aleppo (Syria’s commercial hub before Obama launched naked aggression in 2011) is key to controlling the country’s northwest along with strategic areas bordering Turkey - severing key supply routes, providing ISIS and other terrorist groups with weapons, munitions and other aid.

Greatly helped by Russian air power, Syrian forces gained full control over the main supply route from Turkey.

The Aleppo-Gaziantep Highway runs north to the Turkish border. Syrian forces liberated Ratyan and Mayer in northern Aleppo. Fighting continues in other contested towns and villages.

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Erdogan in Ecuador

February 9th, 2016

Stephen Lendman
Erdogan in Ecuador

Why he was invited, Ecuadorian authorities will have to explain - a tyrannical leader enforcing police state harshness, supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups, waging war on his own Kurdish people, murdering them in cold blood.

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Ukraine: A US-Installed Nazi-Infested Failed State

February 8th, 2016

Stephen Lendman

In February 2014, Washington replaced Ukrainian democracy with fascism in Europe’s heartland - illegitimately installed officials waging war on their own people.

Fundamental human and civil rights were abolished. Police state viciousness replaced them. Regime critics risk prosecution, sentencing, imprisonment or assassination.

Two years after fascists seized power, conditions for ordinary Ukrainians are deplorable. According to Germany’s daily broadsheet Junge Welt, they’re “staggering.”

“Since the end of the Yanukovych era, the average income has decreased by 50%,” it reported - on top of 2015’s 44% inflation, nearly reducing purchasing power by half, making it impossible for most Ukrainians to get by.

They’re suffering hugely, deeply impoverished, denied fundamental social services, abolished or greatly reduced en route to eliminating them altogether.

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Obama’s War on Syria: A Potential Catastrophic Flashpoint

February 7th, 2016

Stephen Lendman

America’s rage for unchallenged global dominance risks the unthinkable. Bipartisan neocons infesting Washington let nothing interfere with their reckless agenda - pure evil by any standard, risking humanity’s survival.

Democrat Hillary Clinton is as ruthless, dangerous and over-the-top as the most extremist Republican, a war goddess ready to target humanity militarily, mindless of potential catastrophic consequences.

Longstanding bipartisan US policy calls for replacing all independent governments with Western-controlled puppet regimes, naked aggression Washington’s strategy of choice.

Endless wars rage, US aggression in Syria using ISIS and other takfiri terrorist groups the most serious because of Russia’s involvement, combating terrorism, wanting it kept from spreading to Central Asia and its own heartland - risking a possible superpower confrontation.

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The Super Bowl Promotes War

February 7th, 2016

David Swanson

Super Bowl 50 will be the first National Football League championship to happen since it was reported that much of the pro-military hoopla at football games, the honoring of troops and glorifying of wars that most people had assumed was voluntary or part of a marketing scheme for the NFL, has actually been a money-making scheme for the NFL. The U.S. military has been dumping millions of our dollars, part of a recruitment and advertising budget that's in the billions, into paying the NFL to publicly display love for soldiers and weaponry.

Of course, the NFL may in fact really truly love the military, just as it may love the singers it permits to sing at the Super Bowl halftime show, but it makes them pay for the privilege too. And why shouldn't the military pay the football league to hype its heroism? It pays damn near everybody else. At $2.8 billion a year on recruiting some 240,000 "volunteers," that's roughly $11,600 per recruit. That's not, of course, the trillion with a T kind of spending it takes to run the military for a year; that's just the spending to gently persuade each "volunteer" to join up. The biggest military "service" ad buyer in the sports world is the National Guard. The ads often depict humanitarian rescue missions. Recruiters often tell tall tales of "non-deployment" positions followed by free college. But it seems to me that the $11,600 would have gone a long way toward paying for a year in college! And, in fact, people who have that money for college are far less likely to be recruited.

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