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International Monetary Fund’s Rogues Gallery Crooks, Rapists and Swindlers

December 31st, 2015
James Petras Introduction The IMF is the leading international monetary agency whose public purpose is to maintain the stability of the global financial system through loans linked to proposals designed to enhance economic recovery and growth. In fact,… more »

Christmas, the system and I

December 31st, 2015
Mohammed Mesbahi You and I constitute the very system that we blame for the world’s problems, which is starkly illustrated at Christmas when we rob our fragile earth on the high streets in the name of Jesus. What better way to celebrate the birth of… more »

Turkey Concealed Its Oil Smuggling Complicit with ISIS

December 31st, 2015
by Stephen Lendman Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin accused Washington and Turkey of failing to inform the Security Council about ISIS trafficking in stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil. It’s required under SC Res. 2199, unanimously passed in February 2015,… more »

Turkish Whistleblower Faces Possible Treason Charge

December 31st, 2015
by Stephen Lendman Just societies would praise Turkish Republican People’s Party (CHP) opposition member Eren Erdem as a national hero. Turkey under Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a fascist police state, one of the world’s vilest. James Petras nailed him cold,… more »

A Crisis Worse than ISIS? Bail-Ins Begin

December 30th, 2015
by Ellen Brown While the mainstream media focus on ISIS extremists, a threat that has gone virtually unreported is that your life savings could be wiped out in a massive derivatives collapse. Bank bail-ins have begun in Europe, and the infrastructure is… more »

Chavismo Against GM Seed Contamination

December 30th, 2015
by Stephen Lendman Genetically modified (GM) foods and ingredients are hazardous to human health. In America alone, virtually all processed foods contain them. Consumers don’t know what they’re eating because Congress prohibited labeling. The danger is… more »

Bizarre Kerry Claim About US Not Seeking Regime Change in Syria

December 29th, 2015
by Stephen Lendman Kerry made the comment during his Tuesday Moscow visit - at Washington’s request. Both countries are unable to square the circle on their differing views on Syria, despite their diplomatic rhetoric suggesting otherwise. Two major… more »

Turkey Dumping Refugees It Was Bribed to Accept

December 29th, 2015
by Stephen Lendman Turkey is a valued NATO member, a close US ally - a fascist police led by the Erdogan crime family, directly involved in Obama’s regional wars of aggression. It was caught red-handed smuggling heavy and other weapons to ISIS and other… more »

US Extends Anti-Russian Sanctions

December 28th, 2015
by Stephen Lendman Analysts believing recent G20 sideline talks between Putin and Obama, followed by Kerry meeting Lavrov and Russia’s president in Moscow changed anything better think again. Washington’s longstanding anti-Russian agenda remains… more »

Turkey’s Erdogan: Slave Trader

December 28th, 2015
by Stephen Lendman Erdogan is an international criminal. His illicit activities are wide-ranging, perhaps involved in virtually all major internal illegal activities - including waging war on regional Kurds and complicity with ISIS. Writing for the… more »

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