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There is no difference between today and tomorrow

December 31st, 2014
Michael Collins   (12/31, Washington,DC) New Years is actually more of a con than Christmas. The real meaning of Christmas, the celebration of the birth of the prince of peace, is overwhelmed by the festival of retail madness required to support so many… more »

Ukraine Nuke Plant Problems of Grave Concern

December 31st, 2014
George Eliason Posted with the authors permission by Michael Collins There is no end to the problems created by the United States installed coup government in Ukraine. Now, we have a nuclear safety issue with huge downside potential.… more »

Putin Decides to Donate 50,000 Tons of Russia’s Coal Daily to Ukraine for Heat

December 31st, 2014
Eric Zuesse On Saturday, December 27th, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided that though Ukraine cannot now pay for coal and will soon go bankrupt, so that any ‘sale’ of coal to Ukraine will be a donation, Russia will nonetheless supply 50,000 tons… more »

Putin's Approval Rating v. Obama's

December 30th, 2014
by Stephen Lendman Putin is the world's leading geopolitical leader. Obama is a world-class thug. It shows in their approval ratings. Despite Russia's economic woes, Putin's remains extraordinarily high. A recent Levada Center poll has him at 85%. Most… more »
Tags: obama, putin

Renaming Afghan War, Renaming Murder

December 30th, 2014
By David Swanson The U.S.-led NATO war on Afghanistan has lasted so long they've decided to rename it, declare the old war over, and announce a brand new war they're just sure you're going to love. The war thus far has lasted as long as U.S.… more »

West/Russia Rapprochement?

December 30th, 2014
by Stephen Lendman Not a chance. For sure no time soon. Despite EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on Sunday saying: "I often speak to (John) Kerry and there is complete unity in views on the Ukrainian crisis, and similar views exist in other… more »
Tags: russia

Palestine: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

December 30th, 2014
by Stephen Lendman Imagine a people struggling on their own to survive. Under longstanding brutalizing occupation. Ruthless by any standard. Denied representation by their democratically elected government. Besieged in Gaza. Attacked at Israel's… more »
Tags: palestine

Ukraine’s War ‘is a prelude to World War III’ Says Former Ukrainian U.S. Ambassador

December 29th, 2014
Eric Zuesse “This [U.S-Russian conflict that’s being carried out in Ukraine] is a prelude to World War III. A lot of people know this.” So says Yuri Shcherbak, who was Ukraine’s Ambassador in Washington during 1994-1998. Dr. Shcherbak was one of… more »

Follow-Up Open Letter to New York Times Editors

December 29th, 2014
by Stephen Lendman A January 2013 open letter to New York Times editors was this writer's most widely ever read article. Touching a raw nerve. Showing increasing numbers of people fed up with managed news misinformation rubbish. Wanting what Times and… more »

America's War on Palestine

December 29th, 2014
by Stephen Lendman America one-sidedly supports Israel. Both countries partner in each other's crimes. United against Palestinian statehood. Determined to keep 4.5 million Palestinians subjugated. Hostages on their own land in their own country. Under… more »
Tags: palestine

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