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"I Won the 2016 Election and Saved $34 Million," Donald J. Trump

November 9th, 2016

I am writing a post election President Trump birth announcement, but I wanted to go on the record now that the polls are closed.

The 2016 Election Scorecard (3 out of four predictions correct = 75%)

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton wins, almost by a landslide. [Wrong]
Donald J. Trump will not challenge the results. [Right]
The 2016 Election, unlike most other elections in the past, was not rigged.[Right]

2016 was NOT a Time for Some Campaignin' [Right]


According to the Washington Post, there was only a cash bar at the Trump’s party, with mixed drinks and wine at $13, and beer between $10-11. Also at the event, Apprentice star and Trump surrogate Omarosa Manigault reportedly told journalists that the businessman wrote an acceptance and concession speech, reported the Post.

The $34 Million Bigly Winner

You will recall that Donald promised to give his campaign $100 million. On the Friday, before the news broke of the Comey F.B.I. investigation being reopened, he was forced to wire his campaign $10 million. [3]

Major GOP donors gave up on Trump weeks ago, they are spending in an attempt to save the GOP down-ballot wave. Donald had about $16 million on hand and is $2 million in debt, according to filings to the Federal Election Commission through October 19. As of October 28th he had given a total of $66,108,073.64 in cash and in-kind contributions.

The Friday morning wire was a desperate act because in the month of October he only put $31,000 into his campaign and that was in "in-kind" spending, i.e., staff salaries and rent.

Do the math he is short $34 million to keep his campaign donation promise.

Notice that he is violating one of the fundamental pillars of his platform. The Trump pledge to self-fund is the thing that he claims sets him the political establishment, including of course Hillary, whom he claims is getting money from the special interests.

November , 6:09 AM and 8:42 AM

November 6 before Comey made his announcement clearing the way for a Clinton win on Tuesday, I received two emails from Donald, one at 6:09 AM the other at 8:42 AM below:


When we do, we're going to get to work immediately laying the groundwork to Make America Great Again. You're going to have a real voice again in Washington.

Join with an EMERGENCY contribution today to help us put more ads on the air and get out the vote for Trump-Pence!


I recently unveiled my “Contract with the American Voter” – my plan for my first 100 days in office to end the rigged system, revitalize our economy and protect our country and our people. I've included details below.

I will bring honesty and accountability to Washington, so we can get big things done and hold those who've ripped us off accountable. But I need your help!

Believe me, the career politicians and their cronies didn't think it could ever happen...and they are scared.

They will do anything to defeat me on Tuesday – and that's why I need you on my campaign team!

So JOIN TEAM TRUMP today with an emergency contribution. Help me win this historic race and get to work for you in the White House! [4]

[End of Emails received November 6]

What is important about these emails is that it is obvious that Donald is reneging on his promise to self-fund his campaign. At 6:09 AM this morning, thanks to Mr. Comey, he was allegedly winning the race .

So just two days before the election why isn't he wiring $34 million into his campaign?

Donald cheats the undocumented workers that built his towers and scams the low-income students who enrolled in Trump University, he didn't think he would win, so why waste $34 million? That makes no cents. [5]

Click here to read about what's going on Inside Donald Trump’s Last Stand: An Anxious Nominee Seeks Assurance.

An interesting analysis of Trump's narcissism, disagreeableness and grandiosity, The Mind of Trump, was published June 2016 at the Atlantic Monthly.

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