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No recognition of the evil State

March 16th, 2009

Khalid Amayreh

“Bushama” and “Bush-lite,” are some of the epithets being used by many ordinary people around the world in reference to the Obama administration.

And while it may be somewhat premature to pass a final judgment on George Bush’s successor in the White House, the signs from Washington are not encouraging.

Obama has already surrounded himself with a large number of Israel Firsters from Rahm Emanuel to Dennis Ross. He has also shown signs of surrendering rather miserably to congressional pressure, especially on matters pertaining to Israel. The latest “Freeman affair” is surely a worrying example.

Congress, as we all know, is a Jewish, or more correctly, Israeli occupied territory, and many senators and congressmen and women prefer to be more responsible and more loyal to AIPAC than to their own constituencies. The reasons for this shameful subservience to organized Jewish power have to do with two main factors: financial enslavement to Jewish money and the lack or absence of moral credentials on the part of the bulk of American politicians, especially at the national level.

AIPAC, the wicked American-Israeli Public Affair Committee, is dedicated to exploiting America and its immense resources to the fullest for Israel’s sake. Indeed, the satanic organization’s raison d'être is essentially to bribe, blackmail and if necessary intimidate American politicians and officials to support Israel, absolutely and unconditionally.

See, for example, how that notorious, Alan Dershowitz, is intimidating American academics and institutions that dare question Israeli terrorism. In short, main-street America is either enslaved or terrorized by the Zionist monster.

The matter is crystal clear and no amount of prevarication and verbal juggling can obfuscate the facts.


The latest messages from Washington indicate that the Obama administration will follow, more or less, the same policies that the former ignoramus of the White House adopted toward the Palestinian issue.

According to reports from the American capital, the US will not deal with a Palestinian government comprising Hamas and other organizations unwilling to surrender to Israeli blackmail, especially an unconditional recognition of the legitimacy of the evil state.

Moreover, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a close friend of the Jewish Lobby, reportedly warned the increasingly weak Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas against building a partnership with Hamas.

Clinton reportedly warned that the $900 million pledged to the PA earlier this month would be withdrawn if the prospective Palestinian government of national unity didn’t recognize Israel.

No recognition of a Nazi state

Eyes that see not, ears that hear not

Well, Mrs. Clinton, in this case keep your money; we don’t need it. Or you may if you wish give it to the new Judeo-Nazi government in Israel to build more colonies in occupied Palestine.

Madam Secretary of State, you must realize that neither Hamas nor any other dignified Palestinian group, shall willingly and sincerely recognize the criminal state called Israel. This is a matter of religion, pure and simple.

Needless to say, an entity that can only be sustained through the perpetration of crimes, nearly on a daily basis, is not worth maintaining, let alone recognizing.

In any case, Palestinians, especially the dignified amongst them who I believe constitute the majority, are not going to commit moral suicide, so that they may be recognized as “rehabilitated” by America. Indeed, if our legitimacy as a people depends on recognizing the murderous Israel and subsequently obtaining from America a certificate of good conduct, we will then prefer to remain “terrorist.”!!!

This is because evil must never be accepted as legitimate, and Israel is an intrinsically evil entity.

Israel has always been and will always be a crime against humanity. The occupation of Palestine by Zionism was an act of rape and will always be an act of rape. It doesn’t matter that Israel is recognized by many states as “legitimate.” Wrong doesn’t become right if and when 51% of the people say it is. A theft is a theft, and a thief doesn’t become saint if he or she is not caught or punished. Nor does the stolen property become a “rightful possession of the thief” after the passage of 42 or 61 years.

Maybe someone would argue that realism requires taking a pragmatic approach and that Israel is a geopolitical reality and that the Palestinians ought to recognize Israel for their own sake.

Well, it is true that Israel is a reality. But it is an evil, satanic reality just as Nazi Germany was an evil reality. What else can be said of a state that rains White Phosphorus bombs and other missiles of death on innocent civilians sleeping in their homes in Gaza?

A state that slaughters en mass and incinerates and maims thousands of innocent people from high altitudes and then claims that the crimes were carried out by mistake is a Nazi state that has no right to exist.

How could you, Madam Secretary, shake hands with these vile criminals who are responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent people?

What kind of Christian are you? What kind of human are you? True Christians (and true human beings) are not supposed to walk in the path of evil. You are not only walking in the path of evil; you are actually doing it, promoting it, and encouraging it.

Are you an evil lady, Madam Secretary? I am asking the question because a good human-being wouldn’t tell hideous war criminals “we will always stand behind you.”

For sure, shortly you shall meet your maker and He will hold you accountable for your hypocrisy, depravity of thinking and evil conduct. So, let your conscience wake up before it is too late.

Madam Secretary, it is increasingly clear that the manifestly unjust policies you are adopting towards the Palestinian people, long oppressed and tormented by a cruel entity that has effectively morphed America from a Wilsonian country into a Hitlerian empire, are corroding America from within and accelerating its demise.

The current economic mega-crisis facing the United States and much of the world has undoubtedly everything to do with Israel and America’s enduring embrace of Israeli Nazism. God has peculiar ways of settling scores with evildoers.

Wasn’t it Israel that caused 1.5 billion Muslims to hate America? Wasn’t it Israel that made America a bad name all over the globe? Wasn’t it Israel that got America involved in endless wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and many other countries? Wasn’t it Israel that cajoled or bullied America to carry out the so-called “war on terror” which is actually a war on the enemies of Israeli Nazism?

It is these wars that eventually destroyed your economy, Madam Secretary, but you don’t have the guts to face America’s real enemies, the very self-worshipers who are willing rather enthusiastically to sacrifice the last American soldier and last American dollar to serve Israeli interests.

In the Quran, Islam’s holy scriptures, there is a verse about a certain type of evildoers who “won’t believe until they see and feel the harsh punishment.” Maybe, Madam Secretary, this applies to you and the rest of the American political class who have eyes that see not, ears that hear not, nor do they understand.

To Arab despots

And now, a few words to Arab tyrants from Bahrain to Morocco who are trying to tell us that our enemy is Iran not Israel.

History will not be kind to you

Well, when will you ever understand? Are you drunk? Are you stupid? Are you blind? Can’t you realize that your disgraceful embrace of the false American Qiblah (1) is causing irreparable damage to the cause of Sunni Islam. Don’t your advisors and intelligence apparatuses and think tanks tell you that your continued whoring subservience to the American hubal (2) will make more and more Muslims and Arabs shun “the corrupt religion of the Sultan” in favor of truly dignified symbols of resistance, such as Hamas, Hizbullah and Iran.

Yes, Iran may not be perfect and some of its policies are problematic and even reprehensible. But Iran at least respects itself and is proudly able to say “No” to America and Israel. But you, who claim to be the true followers of Muhammed (peace be upon him), continue to vie among yourselves to please and appease your American masters who themselves are enslaved by Zionism. So, in a certain sense, you are more than just slaves. You are actually slaves of slaves. As such, it may be futile to expect any good from you.

So try, for your own interests, to display a modicum of personal and national dignity vis-à-vis the US and the West.

Have you lost all semblance of national pride? Is clinging to power so paramount that you are willing to sacrifice anything and everything for it?

Surely, history will not be kind to you. History can’t be kind to people who don’t respect themselves and their peoples and countries. A leader, let alone an unelected leader, who doesn’t respect his own people, will not be respected, neither by friend nor by foe.

Do people relate kindly to the memory of Abu Rughal (3) or Shawar (4), or Ibn al Alkami (5), or Abu Abdullah al Sagheer? (6)

Surely, you won’t be viewed any better when you meet your ineluctable fate.

1. Qibla is the direction toward which Muslims turn their faces during prayer (Makkah).

2. Hubal or Hobal is the great pagan idol image at the Ka’aba prior to the advent of Islam. The idol was destroyed by the Prophet Muhammed upon his victorious return to Makkah in the year 8 A.H. or 630 A.D.

3. Abu Rughal (Righal) is the pre-Islamic traitor who guided the forces of Abraha al Ashram, the Abyssinian King of Yemen to Makkah to destroy the Kaaba. According to Islamic traditions, the army of al-Ashram was eventually destroyed through divine intervention.

4. Ibn al Alkami collaborated with the armies of Hulago to destroy the Abbasid Caliphate in Baghdad.

5. Shawar was the Chief advisor and minister of the last Fatimide dynasty caliph in Egypt who collaborated with the armies of the Franks against the forces of Saladin.

6. Abu Abdullah al Sagheer is the last Arab ruler of Cordova. When his kingdom was finally conquered by the Iberian forces of King Ferdinand and Isabella, his mother told him “weep like women a lost kingdom that you didn’t keep like true men”.

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