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Ominous 2016 Election Sign

November 4th, 2016

By Robert Singer

There is something wrong with this election picture. Clinton's total amount of individual donations from U.S. cities was about $184.7 million.

Nothing in the news this morning, with less than 4 days until doomsday, suggests that the Clinton Campaign is spending bigly the last days of the campaign.

And there is nothing in the news that could sink the Trump ship.

This makes no sense, since even if you emptied all of the Trump Towers there wouldn't be enough room to store 1/2 of his political baggage. NBC's "Late Night" host Seth Meyers analyzed Americans' choice for president on Wednesday night: Voters similarly are unhappy with both candidates, with less than a week before Election Day some still are finding it hard to choose between Trump and Hillary Clinton. Speaking to those voters, Meyers wondered, on the one hand, do you pick someone who is under federal investigation for using a private email server. Or, Meyers said, do you pick someone who:

“Called Mexicans rapists
Claimed the president was born in Kenya
Proposed banning an entire religion from entering the U.S.
Mocked a disabled reporter
Said John McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was captured
Attacked the parents of a fallen war hero
Bragged about committing sexual assault
Was accused by 12 women of committing sexual assault
Said some of those women weren’t attractive enough for him to sexually assault
Said more countries should get nukes
Said he would force the military to commit war crimes
Said a judge was biased because his parents were Mexican
Said women should be punished for having abortions
Incited violence at his rallies
Called global warming a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese
Called for his opponent to be jailed
Declared bankruptcy six times
Bragged about not paying income taxes
Stiffed his contractors and employees
Lost a billion dollars in one year
Scammed customers with his fake university
Bought a 6-foot painting of himself with money from his fake foundation
Has a trial for fraud coming up in November
Insulted an opponent’s looks
Insulted an opponent’s wife’s looks
And, bragged about grabbing women by the pu**y.”

So either the Clinton organization is positive she is going to win by a landslide or Hillary is now helping Trump get elected.

I know not what course others may take, but as for me, if it's a choice between 1) a landslide for Clinton or 2) Trump is the latest puppet of the Globalists, I am getting ready for a presidential election state of emergency. Obama is going to declare martial law and he and Michelle won't be moving out of the White House.

Comey's Coup

October 31st, 2016


(Washington, DC)  FBI Director James Comey’s letter to Congress on new evidence in the Clinton email scandal represents interference in the presidential campaign commensurate to his failure to indict candidate Hillary Clinton for crimes greater than those committed by citizens that are now serving time. His actions are a paradigm for the dysfunctional and dangerous state of the political system in the United States. (Image)

Director Comey’s letter to Congress of October 28 about “emails that appear to be pertinent in the [Clinton] investigation” was a deliberate, premeditated action that will harm Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s chances in the presidential election. His letter may have an even greater impact on Democratic Party down-ballot candidates in Senate and House races and, as a result, influence the post election balance of power in Congress.

There is no question that Comey knew that his actions would have significant political impact just days before the election. The fact that he defied established procedures of the Justice Department and instructions from superiors shows the intentional nature of his acts.

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Russia and Syria Warn About US Shifting ISIS from Mosul to Battle Assad

October 31st, 2016

by Stephen Lendman

A previous article explained the so-called battle for Mosul is a hoax. It’s about shifting thousands of US-supported ISIS fighters to Syria, along with perhaps letting Turkish forces move in to control evacuated areas.

In Moscow, Russian and Syrian foreign ministers expressed concern. Sergey Lavrov said Moscow will “take measures to prevent terrorists moving from Mosul to Syria with their heavy arms, which, of course, will seriously worsen the situation in the Syrian republic.”

“We think that it is important not to let this happen…We cannot let the terrorist leave Mosul (for) Syria with the aim to re-direct their activity.”

Syrian Foreign Walid al-Muallem said the US-led “coalition has never fought Daesh. On the contrary, it is destroying the infrastructure of the Syrian economy, and recently destroyed a huge number of bridges on the Euphrates River…They want to move Daesh from Mosul into Raqqa.”

Assad close political and media advisor Bouthaina Shaaban explained Washington’s dirty scheme, ignored by media scoundrels, saying redeploying ISIS fighters from Mosul to Syria would represent a “huge danger to our sovereignty, to our country.”

“Russia and Syria are looking at this issue extremely seriously. We’re not going to sit and watch…The way they encircle Mosul shows they would like these terrorists to move into to Syria…”

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ABC Poll: 93% Say Hillary Clinton Should Be Criminally Prosecuted

October 25th, 2016



Today marked a sad day in Washington as crime boss Hillary Clinton has gotten away with murder again.

Unfortunately, no charges will be brought against Clinton for her passing of classified materials via her unsecured server, although 93% of Americans think Clinton should be prosecuted according to this ABC report:

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been under scrutiny for almost a year after it came to light that she used a private email server for her government and personal emails, rather than the State Department’s email system while serving as Secretary of State to President Obama. She recently met with the FBI about an investigation being conducted to decide whether or not to criminally prosecute her for her actions.

Clinton has said relying on a private server was a mistake but that other secretaries of state had also used a personal email address previously.

Our Long National Nightmare Is Just Beginning

October 23rd, 2016

by Stephen Lendman

In less than three weeks, get used to hearing about president-elect Hillary, she and husband Bill heading back to the White House in January for a third co-presidential term - by fair or foul means.

What’s coming should terrify everyone. She’ll largely be calling the shots this time, surrounded with likeminded neocons, war lords, recycled Wall Street crooks, and other assorted miscreants.

The most perilous time in world history is about to worsen with her as US president. Expect America’s war on humanity to escalate dramatically, perhaps striking US soil for the first time since war with Britain in 1812.

It involved land and naval battles, lasting over two-and-a-half years. British forces occupied Washington, setting public buildings ablaze, including the White House (then called the Presidential Mansion) and Capitol Hill.

It was skirmish-like compared to what’s coming if Hillary confronts Russia and China belligerently, risking possible nuclear war, turning cities like Washington to smoldering rubble if launched.

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Trump’s First 100 Days 8-Point Plan As President

October 16th, 2016

by Stephen Lendman

Trump and Clinton represent dirty business as usual. She’s far more ruthless and dangerous, world peace threatened under her leadership, an emotionally unstable war goddess/she devil.

Jill Stein is the only people’s candidate, a true anti-war progressive, supporting democratic governance of, by and for everyone equitably - entirely absent under duopoly rule, serving privileged interests exclusively.

Hillary is ruthlessly pro-war, pro-Wall Street, pro-corporate predation, anti-democratic, anti-rule of law principles, anti-labor, anti-fundamental freedoms.

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Time for Hillary Clinton to End Her Campaign

September 12th, 2016

Michael Collins

It's a beautiful day in New York.Hillary Clinton, 9/11/16

clintonvideoVideo of Hillary Clinton leaving a 9/11-memorial ceremony in New York City establishes a clear case to question her ability to continue running for president or to serve if elected.

As Clinton was leaving the 90-minute ceremony at ground zero in lower Manhattan, the candidate waved at a small crowd and headed to her van. Look at this video from Zednek Gazda. Clinton becomes unstable. Members of her retinue take her arms to support her. She collapses and is then lifted into the van.

Clinton went to her daughter’s nearby apartment for two hours, then emerged, and tried to put a good face on it. When reporters asked about her health and how she was feeling, Clinton simply blew off the questions. Her response was, “It’s a beautiful day in New York.” (CNN)

Review the video here and draw your own conclusions. The facts of the event, her freezing up and need to be propped up, are undeniable.

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9/11/2016 Breaking News: Nikola Tesla Testifies at NY Grand Jury on 9/11

September 11th, 2016

New York City Grand Jury Hands Down Indictment on 9/11
By Robert Singer

The Charges:

Plaintiff (The People of the United States) --vs-- Defendants (No CR 95-110 The Powers That Be (TPTB, a non-conspiracy acronym), Mike Rivero, a.k.a. John Wenckus) [1]

Violations: 18 USC Sec. 2332a; 18 USC Sec. 844(f); 18 USC Sec. 1114; 18 USC Sec. 1111;

This case centers on a Metaphysical Catechism (Test) of the Earth initiated (with out prior notice as required by Rule #25443) on September 11, 2001 at the electro-magnetic grid location 40° 42' 41.3852", -74° 0' 44.0064 (One World Trade Center). [2]


COUNT ONE (Conspiracy to use incendiary devices to create controlled-diameter holes in metallic targets)

The Grand Jury charges:

  1. On 9/6/2001 The Powers That Be (TPTB), the defendants herein, did knowingly, intentionally, willfully and maliciously conspire, combine and agree together and with others unknown to the Grand Jury to remove bomb-sniffing dogs from the World Trade Center I and II, while the defendants and their unknown agents placed AN-M14 thermite charged incendiary devices between the 92nd to 98th floors of the North Tower and between the 78th to 84th floors in the South Tower.

    The object of the conspiracy were as follows:
    - Kill and injure innocent people (1,434 in the North Tower, 589 in the South Tower).
    - Damage the property of Silverstein Properties, Inc. (Larry Silverstein suffered a net loss of 4 billion dollars). [3]
    - Generate confusion surrounding the impact holes in the towers to prevent the discovery of the test of the Earth (Count 2).

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Why Was My Article on 9/11 Re-Moved?

September 10th, 2016

There are so many of my articles that have been Re-Moved from the sites, the wayback machine and google that I had to investigate.

The 9/11 anniversary is tomorrow so I thought you might be interested in reading Case 4: The Most Important Issue in the History of the Univers answers the questions, 1) Why the invasion of Iraq was called off after the second tower collapsed? and 2) What the dip of the Earth’s magnetic field at the precise moment of the alleged first plane “impact” has to do with “what really happened on 9/11?” [Appendix Sandy Hook]

Proof that the following articles were in fact Re-Moved from the sites, the wayback machine and google can be found in the Appendix Cases below.

Looking at each case you realize a human was not involved. Any followup google search a human would have certainly performed would yield results that were overlooked because of a variation in the title or the author name.

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9/11: The Most Important Issue in the History of the Universe (Re-Covered)

September 10th, 2016

My goal in writing is to help wake up the huddled masses. To that end, the “Most Important Issue in the History of the Universe” is: The Story Behind the Story Behind the Story of how the World Trade Center I and II collapsed on September 11, 2001.

Why? Because if you don’t know how the twin towers collapsed, you can’t be sure you are waking up the masses from the right dream.


I’ll get right to the point, I have read the books and watched the documentaries on September 11 for three years and the 9/11 official story is:

Nineteen fanatical Arab hijackers, masterminded by an evil genius named Osama bin Laden, crash airplanes into steel skyscrapers because they “hate our freedom to consume”. Inexplicably the jet fuel, which is basically kerosene that burns at about 400c, took on the qualities of an explosive demolition agent, vaporizing 70 tons of aircraft into a puff of smoke and causing 110-story buildings to collapse into a pile of rubble.

Is such a stupid story that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld didn’t really expect you to believe it.

A jet fuel fire brought down two of the tallest buildings in the world: Improbable, to say the least. [1]

Millions believe a LIHOP (Let it Happen on Purpose) version thanks to Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911, because their brain tells them the U.S. government killed 3,000 American citizens to pass the Patriot Act, build up the military and invade Afghanistan and Iraq. [2]

Everyone else, after you point out the obvious (110 stories of steel and concrete collapsing at free fall speed), thinks about it for a New York Second and realizes the official story is ridiculous and couldn’t be true.

Then, they come to the false conclusion it was a MIHOP (Made it Happen on Purpose): Bush, Cheney, and the Neocons killed 3,000 Americans so they could pass the Patriot Act, build up the military and invade Afghanistan and Iraq, an inside job.

In other words, The Powers That Be (TPTB) expected us to believe the 9/11 Truth story: A rogue element of the US government used controlled demolition to bring down the twin towers.

Let me be clear, I agree the US government or some proxy did exploit the events of 9/11: Building 7, the Pentagon and Flight 77. [3]

The “Experts” on 9/11

Professor Steven “Cold Fusion” Jones lectures ad nauseam about the obvious, that 110 stories of steel and concrete do not collapse into a pile of rubble from a kerosene fire. Jones’ research, allegedly peer reviewed, has not proven the building collapsed from controlled demolition.

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