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Human Rights in Venezuela v. America

July 6th, 2015

by Stephen Lendman

Both countries are polar opposites when it comes to respecting the rights of their people and others worldwide. They're constitutional worlds apart.

Venezuela enshrines human rights in its document - approved overwhelmingly in a December 1999 referendum.

It "establish(ed) a democratic, participatory and self-reliant, multiethnic and multicultural society in a just, federal and decentralized State that embodies the values of freedom, independence, peace, solidarity, the common good, the nation's territorial integrity, comity and the rule of law for this and future generations."

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Israel Falsely Claims Hamas Supports ISIS in Sinai

July 6th, 2015

by Stephen Lendman

Nothing Israeli officials say is credible. Accusing Hamas of supporting ISIS terrorists battling Egyptian forces in Sinai flies in the face of its efforts to rid Gaza of their presence.

General Yoav Mordechai is Israel's Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories. He lied saying "clear information (shows) Hamas is supporting the Wilayat Sinai, which belongs to Daesh (ISIS)."

He turned truth on its head saying it's supplying weapons, training, logistical support and treatment of its wounded in Gaza hospitals.

He claimed "proof" but revealed none. He accused two Hamas members of involvement - again, with nothing backing up his claims.

He ignored close Egyptian monitoring of Sinai/Gaza border areas to prevent free movement between the two areas except when allowed through the Rafah crossing.

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If ISIS Doesn’t Liberate Palestine… Who Will?

July 6th, 2015

Franklin Lamb

Ein el Helwe Palestinian camp, Lebanon.

This is one of the questions ricocheting between Palestinians in Syria and Lebanon, posed also by ISIS (Da’ish) operatives, as the hot summer months and plummeting quality of existence raise tensions in the refugee camps and social gatherings.

With its resilience, on-the-ground “achievements”, adaptability, global franchising, copy-cat knock-offs, chameleon-like adaptations, combinations and permutations, and slick honing of medium and message, ISIS is offering oppressed and desperate populations in this region both hope and fantasy for escaping their deepening misery. The dream is to escape abject poverty and indignity by any means necessary, and joining ISIS or other like-minded cash-flush groups, which seem to appear out of thin air these days, is the most promising way to do it.

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UN Declares Highest Humanitarian Emergency Level in Yemen

July 6th, 2015

by Stephen Lendman

Yemen is Obama's war - premeditated genocidal aggression against 26 million Yemenis using Saudi-led terror bombing and suffocating blockade to his dirty work.

The entire population is at risk. Official death and injury reports way understate reality. Casualties mount daily. Millions don't have enough food to eat. They can't get medical treatment for injuries and illnesses.

Yemen is being systematically destroyed - raped the way America treats one country after another in lunatic pursuit of unchallenged global dominance.

A holocaust is unfolding in plain sight, largely ignored by Western media. Yemen is 90% dependent on food imports. At the same time, Saudi terror bombing crippled its agriculture sector. Famine threatens the country. Millions of lives are at risk.

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US-Orchestrated Coup Attempt in Ecuador

July 6th, 2015

by Stephen Lendman

Washington wants all independent governments toppled - regime change by US-orchestrated color revolutions, coups or naked aggression.

Ecuador is in the eye of the storm. Obama's earlier 2010 attempt to forcibly unseat popular President Rafael Correa failed.

He's trying again. Ecuadorean democracy is being attacked. Since early June, US-orchestrated right-wing protests (mainly in Quito and Guayaquil) erupted. They continue at times violently to replace Correa with fascist rule.

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Hot Off The Press: How The Israeli Government Subverted The Solidarity Movement

July 5th, 2015

By Gilad Atzmon

Two days ago, some invaluable information surfaced relating to the treacherous role of Jewish liberals in derailing the BDS campaign. A Ynet article disclosing the Israeli strategy relating to the pro Palestinian campaign disclosed the close links between the Israeli Government and the Jewish ‘pro’ Palestinian organizations. It revealed the manner in which both have been acting in concert to subvert this humanitarian discourse.

According to the Ynet article, Eran Shayshon, Director of Policy and Strategy at the Reut Institute*, had a clear message to his Israeli Government - we need to recruit left-wing groups associated with BDS to control our opposition. The mission set by Shayshon and the Reut Institute was: “to divide and drive a wedge between the leaders of the BDS campaign.”

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Governor Jerry Brown Irreparably Harms The Children Of California By Signing Draconian Vaccine Law

July 5th, 2015

Posted by State of the Nation

A Governor Knows the Risks and Dangers Associated with Childhood Vaccination Programs Signs Vaccine Legislation in Spite of Serious Health Consequences for California’s Children Either by Impeachment or Recall: BROWN MUST GO

by Concerned Residents of California

Governor Jerry Brown signed a mandatory childhood vaccine bill this week which ought to elicit the outrage of every Californian. This draconian piece of legislation is as fascist and outrageous as it gets. Clearly, Brown is in the pockets of those Big Pharma corporations who stand to gain the most from pushing such dangerous vaccines on the largest population of children of any state in the nation.

As governor of the once great state of California, Brown has quick and easy access to the highest integrity scientific research that has demonstrated that vaccines are downright dangerous, as well as potentially lethal.[1] Childhood vaccination programs are especially fraught with medical risks and health consequences, some of which manifest as Autism and Asperger’s syndrome. There are many other serious health conditions and medical ailments associated with childhood vaccines[2] which Brown has been apprised of, yet he proceeded with signing this odious legislation.

Why does Jerry Brown deliberately jeopardize the health of the California’s children?
Truly, that is the 64 thousand dollar question! Knowing that so many parents throughout the state are vehemently opposed to having their children vaccinated, why did Brown approve this highly dubious measure? Mind you, the governor has literally put his reputation on the line by enthusiastically endorsing such a repugnant bill. For both hidden and duplicitous reasons, he has now brought the wrath of parents and outrage of other concerned citizens upon him.

What are those reasons?

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A Revolutionary Pope Calls for Rethinking the Outdated Criteria That Rule the World

July 5th, 2015

by Ellen Brown

Pope Francis’ revolutionary encyclical addresses not just climate change but the banking crisis. Interestingly, the solution to that crisis may have been modeled in the Middle Ages by Franciscan monks following the Saint from whom the Pope took his name.

Pope Francis has been called “the revolutionary Pope.” Before he became Pope Francis, he was a Jesuit Cardinal in Argentina named Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the son of a rail worker. Moments after his election, he made history by taking on the name Francis, after Saint Francis of Assisi, the leader of a rival order known to have shunned wealth to live in poverty. Pope Francis’ June 2015 encyclical is called “Praised Be,” a title based on an ancient song attributed to St. Francis. Most papal encyclicals are addressed only to Roman Catholics, but this one is addressed to the world. And while its main focus is considered to be climate change, its 184 pages cover much more than that. Among other sweeping reforms, it calls for a radical overhaul of the banking system. It states in Section IV:

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July 5th, 2015


Greece's Creditors Go for Blood June 25 (EIRNS)-It is clear that a decision has been made to go for blood to destroy the Greek government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. The issue is not the cuts, but the debt and Greece's relationship with the BRICS.

The Eurogroup meeting on June 24 of the euro area finance ministers began 25minutes after midnight and broke up 90 minutes later with the EU throwing Greece's proposals, which were all marked up in red ink, back into Tsipras's face, a point revealed particularly in the British press led by The Times.

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Greece: Ground Zero for Global Pillage

July 5th, 2015

by Stephen Lendman

Troika-waged financial war is systematically destroying Greece. It's being raped and pillaged to enrich bankers. Its people are being transformed into impoverished serfs - denied vital social services everyone deserves.

Its entire political system is corrupt. Democracy is absent where it originated. Instead of ending austerity as promised, SYRIZA piled on more, capitulating to Troika demands barely short of unconditional surrender likely coming.

Paying bankers matters more than serving all Greek citizens fairly and equitably. They're suffocating under austerity mandates no government should impose - everything for rich and privileged elites, crumbs for everyone else.

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