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Israel Steals Palestinian Resources

March 16th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

Ethnic cleansing is official Israeli policy. So is stealing Palestinian land and resources. Fundamental rule of law principles don't matter.

What Israel wants it takes. It's longstanding policy. Martin Schulz is European Parliament president. He visited Israel.

On February 12, he addressed Knesset members. Outrage followed his remarks. Fascist Israeli MKs walked out in protest.

Days earlier he met a Palestinian youth. "Why can an Israeli use 70 cubic liters of water daily and a Palestinian only 17," he asked.

Schulz raised the issue in his remarks. He said he hadn't "checked the data. I'm asking you if this is correct."

Right-wing extremist MK Moti Yogev shouted at him while he was speaking. "Shame on you," he said. "You support someone who incites against Jews.

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Washington's Dirty War on Venezuela

March 16th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

Throughout his tenure, Obama plotted one lawless regime change scheme after another. How many are too many?

What new ones does he plan? How many more wars will he wage? How much more carnage will follow?

How much more death, destruction and unspeakable human misery? How much more violence and instability?

How much longer will nations for peace and security put up with US lawlessness? Resisting it is a global imperative. Saving humanity from the madness of imperial rampaging depends on it.

America tolerates no independent governments. It want pro-Western puppet ones replacing it. It wants ones it controls. It wants Washington rules enforced.

Post-911 wars alone ravaged one country after another. New conflicts are planned. Permanent war is longstanding US policy.

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Propaganda War on Russia Rages

March 16th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

Media scoundrels march in lockstep with imperial US policies. Truth is systematically suppressed. One-sided misreporting, commentaries and analysis substitute.

The New York Times is a longstanding lead instrument of US propaganda. On March 13, it headlined "Russian Troops Mass at Border with Ukraine," saying:

"...Russia massed troops and armored vehicles in at least three regions along Ukraine's eastern border on Thursday, alarming the interim Ukraine government about a possible invasion and significantly escalating tensions in the crisis between the Kremlin and the West."

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White House Crime Boss Powwow

March 15th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

On March 12, Ukraine's illegitimate putschist prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Obama met in the Oval Office.

A previous article said Yatsenyuk came to meet his new boss. He got marching orders. He learned more about Obama's plans to rape and pillage Ukraine. More on what they both said below.

Meanwhile, on March 5, House Res. 499 "Condemn(ed) the violation of Ukrainian sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity by military forces of the Russian Federation."

It called for removing all Russian military troops from Crimea except Black Sea Fleet forces operating in accordance with 1997 Friendship Treaty terms.

It permits up to 25,000 Russian forces. Around 16,000 are currently there. None operate illegally on Crimean territory. Claims otherwise are false.

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Israel Attacks Gaza - Again

March 15th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

Israel invents pretexts to attack. Other times, it provokes them lawlessly. Palestinians are wrongfully blamed for its crimes. Incidents happen repeatedly.

Islamic Jihad (IJ) responded to multiple Israeli killings. So did other Gazan resistance groups.

They included the National Resistance Brigades, Abu Mustafa Brigades, and Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade.

They called doing so "Breaking the Silence." Ihab al-Ghussein is Gaza-based Palestinian Authority Interior Ministry spokesman.

He called Israel "responsible for any escalation." He warned of "consequences."

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Obama, Brennan, Geithner, and Gates

March 14th, 2014

Michael Collins

We're six years into the Obama administration and nothing much has changed concerning the most fundamental challenges facing the citizens of the United States. Those challenges are:

  • Reviving and reforming an economy that is rigged for only the very wealthiest interests;
  • Ending the usurpation of individual rights by the national intelligence cabal; and
  • Freeing the nation and the world from the endless insertion of U.S. intelligence and military operations throughout the world.

We have the same lousy economy with the same greedy interests in charge of the same too big to fail institutions making sure that they alone prosper. Tax incentives and government supports are for the very few in the top 0.001%. It is all about Wall Street at the expense of working people and Main Street.

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NYT Editors Wage War on Truth

March 14th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

News fit to read isn't The Times long suit. Managed news misinformation substitutes for what readers most need to know.

Truth and full disclosure are verboten. Times editors are on the wrong side of history. They call imperial wars liberating ones.

Perpetual ones are glorified in the name of peace. Society's worst are honored. The best among us are vilified.

Warmakers win peace prizes. Doing the right thing is called wrongdoing. Daily events should scare everyone.

Today is the most perilous time in world history. Peace in our time no longer exists. US waged war on humanity replaced it.

Media scoundrels march in lockstep. Policies they support threaten everyone. They endorse a malevolent system. They support pure evil.

Malicious Russia bashing rages. Putin is public enemy number one. Challenging US imperial lawlessness responsibly isn't tolerated. Media scoundrels pillory him for doing so.

Times columnists, commentators and editors march in lockstep with other Putin bashers. Daily narratives reflect group think maliciousness.

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Meet Obama's New Ukrainian Friends

March 14th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

On February 27, 2014, they announced their so-called "Ukrainian government of people's trust."

It includes a rogue's gallery of societal misfits. Many are militant fascists. They're thugs. They're criminals.

They're illegitimate putschists. They're xenophobic, hate-mongering, ultranationalist anti-Semites. Combined they represent mob rule.

They make mafia bosses look saintly by comparison. They threaten world peace. They vowed to fight. They urge NATO intervention.

For the first time since WW II, overt fascists have real power. They hold major government posts.

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March 13th, 2014

Arun Shrivastava CMC

Prime Minister‟s approval of GM food and Environment Minister Moily‟s disregard for rules, illegally permitting open field trials of 120 food crops will destroy India at genetic level. In an election year Manmohan Singh is leaving behind a scorched India. A blind, deaf, dumb and bigoted Prime Minster said „the government should not succumb to unscientific prejudices against GE seeds and foods.‟ [1] Manmohan Singh said, „use of biotechnology has great potential to improve yields.‟ [2] Actually this unscientific, prejudiced and utterly spineless PM backed a failed technology. Behind his rise to infamy and many treasonous acts since 1991 is conspiring with the US Government and the European Globalists who desire to cull the global population to about 1 billion, not even sparing their own people. His desperate effort to release GMO food crops will turn India into a dead land with sterile population within a few decades.

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The De-Education of America

March 13th, 2014

By Dennis Nappi II

These students are suffering and they don’t realize why, which may very well be the anticipated outcome of this agenda: ignorance of the force working to repress the minds of our students.

America is facing a very real threat. The very future of this country is in jeopardy, and our ability to change our current course is being diminished by the day. We have a silent enemy who hides in the shadows and quietly dismantles everything we once stood for. The American dream has become a nightmare as this silent threat has broken down our best line of defense against it: education. Education offers a promise of change and a promise of a brighter future for our children. But that possibility is now being denied to our students, especially those in urban and poor districts.

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