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The Great Israeli Iron Dome Hoax

August 17th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

Call it a billion dollar + scam. Add another congressionally funded $225 million tax dollars. Expect millions more on request.

In April 2002, noted MIT physicist Theodore Postol headlined his Technology Review article "Why Missile Defense Won't Work."

The notion is more hoax than possibility. His reasoning was detailed and technical. What's supposed to work doesn't as claimed

Hitting and destroying a missile with another one isn't possible. It may never be other than occasional lucky exceptions. Claims otherwise are fabricated to maintain funding and deceive populations into believing they're safe.

According to Postol, "(t)his should be of profound concern to every US citizen" and every Israeli one.

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Can Hezbollah Prevent DAASH (IS) From Pulling Lebanon into its Caliphate? Jihadists in Lebanon

August 17th, 2014


Bedawi Palestinian camp, North Lebanon

The answer to that question is—perhaps. But for a number of reasons, some suggested below, it’s not a happy picture, and it won’t be a walk in the park.

The recent “victories” by DAASH (IS, or Islamic State) in Syria and Iraq have not taken long to begin reverberating through the ground in Lebanon. A gauntlet of sorts stands before this country, one that it must negotiate successfully if it is to avoid an all-out war, dismemberment or its substantial subjection to elements of extreme Islam.

One ISIS leader, Abu Sayyaf al-Ansari, recently announced the expansion of the IS to include Lebanon, declaring, “Our war will no longer be confined to Syria and Iraq. Soon, Lebanon will ignite.” Meanwhile, Lebanon’s branch of al-Nusra Front posted on its Twitter feed its fourth official statement to date, entitled “Urgent appeal to Sunnis in Lebanon.” The statement reads in part:

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The New York Times War on Truth

August 16th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

The NYT is America's leading establishment publication. It represents wealth, power and privilege. It largely scorns populist interests.

It functions as a quasi-official ministry of propaganda. It offers a daily diet of managed news misinformation.

Its front page has global reach. It's the most valued media space anywhere. Times editors use it irresponsibly.

It bears repeating what previous articles stressed. All the news they claim fit to print isn't fit to read.

A January 2013 open letter to NYT editors was this writer's most widely ever read article by far. It touched the right nerve at the right time.

It accused Times editors of suppressing truth, substituting lies, distortions and deception, supporting wrong over right, and betraying their readers in the process.

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Barely Reported, Then Totally Ignored: The EU’s Obsequiousness to Obama's Nazism Regarding Ukraine

August 16th, 2014

Eric Zuesse

On 7 February 2014, Oriental Review posted "What about apologizing to Ukraine, Mrs. Nuland?" including a link to the recordings of two successive phone-conversations, uploaded to the Internet the day before, one (up through 04:10) with Obama's Victoria Nuland telling the U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine whom to appoint ("Yats") to run the Ukrainian Government after the coup (which would occur two weeks later) and including her subsequently famous line, "F--k the EU," because the EU's leaders wouldn't like to be publicly associated with such boldly nazi (i.e., racist-fascist) people as Obama's representative was now choosing to run that country; and the other (after 04:10 and spoken in German) between Helga Maria Schmid the EU's Political Director (also titled the Deputy Director of the EU's Diplomatic Corps), and Jan Tombinsky the EU's Ambassador to Ukraine; and this portion of the tape being translated into English at that Oriental Review link, in the printed transcript they were providing of the entire tape.

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Why It’s Essential for All Democrats to Email Now to their Democratic Representative in the House, to Salvage the Democratic Party, and the Nation

August 16th, 2014

Eric Zuesse

My email, below, to my Democratic Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives, presents the case, in my words (of course, you should personalize yours, for yourself):

Dear Congressman --- :

Please see this and click on its sources, most of which are videos, and all of which I (a national award-winning investigative journalist) have checked out and found to contain nothing that is at all bogus or even just dubious.

My political hero is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who opposed fascists both within the United States and abroad, and who especially opposed racist fascists, otherwise known as nazis (after the original, German, anti-Semitic, version of them). (Mussolini's fascism, which he called "corporationism," wasn't of the specifically nazi, or "racist," type.)

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MH17, Gaza and the Genius of Western Propaganda

August 15th, 2014

By Mathew Maavak

Not a month goes by without the West invoking yet another affront to humanity, another crime against humanity, another wave of sanctions, or yet another UN Security Council resolution. This is what North Korea would be like if it is ever armed with social media.

Occasionally, we were treated to a new Weapons of Mass Destruction allegation with the proof lying not just in the pudding or in yellow cakes attested by Collin Powell at the UN, but in the delectable offerings of Twitter and Facebook as well. Reality is being defined by the bold, new ethos of “I imagined it and made it up and therefore it must be true” and the number of “likes” you have pre-emptively readied on Facebook before a counter-narrative i.e. “hard evidence” emerges.

Are we witnessing a new era in Weapons of Mass Information (WMI)? I just made that term up and so can you. This phenomenon is known as Hope and Change.

Yesterday’s Hitler is today’s nearly-forgotten dictator in Damascus. Chemical weapons charges appeared and magically disappeared. Why should it matter? If you don’t like a Linkedin update on your thread, just click “delete.”

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Five Hospital Ships Needed to Save Gaza’s Children

August 15th, 2014

Wavell Palestinian camp, Baalbec, Lebanon

The statistics are just beginning to be analyzed—by UN agencies and a myriad of NGO’s whose mandates include salvaging young lives from the nearly incalculable ravages of the five-week (and counting) Zionist aggression upon Gaza. It is of course the third aggression in six years against the 1.8 million Palestinians, sardine-canned into what is increasingly referred to as history’s largest open air prison, but the outcome this time is looking particularly cruel and grim.

As the Netanyahu regime announced (on 8/10/14) that its attacks on Gaza would continue, increasing numbers of obscene calls—for Israel to “finish the job” and “go all the way” etc.—are floating in the Zionist state’s malodorous public echo-chamber, emanating from such figures as the Knesset’s deputy speaker, who advocates driving Palestinians into the Sinai desert and resettling Gaza with Jews.

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The Dinosaur from the Sixties

August 15th, 2014

Phillip Farruggio

What kind of country do we now inhabit? Where I live, a small city of 60,000, there is absolutely nothing reminiscent of the world I once knew. This town is one of boxstores, strip malls, third rate mass transit (duh, like hardly any), and subdivisions where few even know one another, let alone socialize that much. Even the suburbia of my youth offered more than this… yet they tell us we have evolved in this 21st century whereupon Wal-Mart has become the new city market!

I’m a dinosaur from the village of Avenue U in the city of Brooklyn (called borough despite its population of nearly three million). Got that? Now I realize this doesn’t make sense to anyone who never lived in such a place. A village in such an urban environment? What gives? You see, we dinosaurs roamed around in a much more viable and practical place than you do now in this Amerika in the Age of Empire.

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Jewish Nazism is reality not fiction

August 14th, 2014

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Palestine

I realize that the title of this article might offend and provoke many people, especially those adhering to the Judaic faith.

I do know that Jews, like everyone else, are not carbon copies of each other. There are many conscientious Jews who believe in fairness and basic human equality regardless of color, race and faith, and strongly reject racism and chauvinism in any form.

These people I salute for their rectitude, humanity and morality. They are our natural partners for peace and a better tomorrow for our children and their children.

But there are numerous other Jews who don't believe in human equality and justice for all. Indeed, there are many Jews, e.g. followers of the hateful Chabad sect, who don't even ascribe full humanity to people who are not members of the Jewish faith.

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Blocking Russian Humanitarian Aid

August 14th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

Russia is going all-out to deliver vitally needed humanitarian aid to beleaguered Southeastern Ukrainians.

In collusion with Washington, Kiev so far blocked it. Reasons given ring hollow.

Obama officials and their illegitimate fascist allies want war without mercy continued. They want pain and suffering increased.

They want freedom fighting democrats crushed. They want state terror intensified.

They want desperate Ukrainian civilians denied food, clean water, medicines, medical supplies, and power generators, as well as other vitally needed items to survive Kiev's lawless aggression.

Putschist prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Ukraine can accept humanitarian aid solely from the Red Cross.

He lied claiming Kiev is "delivering first necessity items to all the liberated areas."

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