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Question 4. Why was Building 7, that wasn’t hit by a plane, demolished in what appeared to be a Las Vegas Hotel demolition type collapse 8 hours after the second tower collapsed

September 5th, 2014

By Elizabeth Young
911 is without a doubt the most written about, analyzed and discussed conspiracy in the history of mankind. Yes, even the official story, that 19 fanatical Arab hijackers, masterminded by an evil genius named Osama bin Laden, crashed airplanes into important buildings in the N.E. sector in the United States because they “hate our freedoms,” is a conspiracy between Osama Bin Laden (who isn’t even wanted by the FBI [1q]) and the Arab terrorists, who the U.S. government claims hijacked planes and crashed them in to important buildings in the N.E. sector in the United States.

“Conspiracy” is a REAL word for a REAL act that has existed in human societies in all cultures throughout human history. If conspiracies did not exist, we would not have a word for it. The problem that we face today is that the US Government has arrogated to itself a singular role as a political pontificate that believes that it and its agents in the Justice Department, alone, constitute the only “person” (corporate person) on this Earth who is allowed to use the word “conspiracy” as it employs the charge of “conspiracy” every week in trials to put both guilty and innocent people in jail while deriding and discrediting all others who employ the word as “conspiracy theorists.” (Paris Flammonde) [2q]

There are inside, outside and even outside-inside stories (conspiracy theories) about what really happened on 911.

Test your knowledge of the September 11, 2001 stories and see if you can spot the Terrorist Job (the story), The Inside Job/Global Domination (the story behind the story), The Exotic Weapon story (another story behind the story) or The Metaphysical story (the story behind the story behind the story behind the story!).

Question 4. Why was Building 7, that wasn’t hit by a plane, demolished in what appeared to be a Las Vegas Hotel demolition type collapse, 8 hours after the second tower collapsed?

Option 1 - Assumes 9/11 was a MIHOP (Made it Happen on Purpose) and therefore there would be no terrorist explanation.

Option 2 - Two reasons: 1) The Neocons were acting on behalf of the Corporations being investigated by the SEC and wanted to destroy the files stored at WTC 7 (People are still trying to figure out why the Neocons had to destroy a 47 story building to get rid of 10,000 documents) and 2) It was a huge case of reverse insurance fraud on the part of Larry Silverstein. [3b]

Option 3 - Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz were too busy with more important things on the morning of 9/11 and missed the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) demonstration. The military agreed to a second demonstration 8 hours later.

Option 4 - Building 7 was a dual smoking Russian Doll “look-the-other way, cover up.” At first, Building 7 was a “controlled-demolition-smoking-gun,” as promoted by Steven Jones on the MSNBC Tucker Carlson show:

[From the Carlson Interview in 2005]

JONES: “What I’m doing, Tucker (Carlson), is presenting evidence, but it’s a hypothesis to be tested. That’s a big difference from a conclusion, and so I just wanted to clarify that. But to sum up, I have looked at the official reports by FEMA, and so on… regarding the collapse of-yes, of these buildings. … I’d like to look at the collapse of building 7, that was not even hit by a jet.

CARLSON: The two towers [he does not mention WTC 7]: the explanation has been that the fire inside was so intense that it weakened the structural steel and that each floor collapsed down upon the next in a pancake fashion, and they imploded in on themselves. That’s essentially, I think, what people think.

JONES: I would like to do a little experiment with you, Tucker, if I could. I sent out a video clip of the collapse of Building 7, because most people haven’t actually seen that one, and that’s the crux of the argument.

CARLSON: Can you sum up very quickly the argument for us? You believe there were explosives in the buildings planted by someone, detonated?

JONES: Well, yes, it’s a hypothesis to be tested… There are two hypotheses here. One is fire and damage caused all three buildings to collapse. The other is that explosives in the buildings may have caused the collapse. And so, then we analyze and see which fits the data better, and I’ve done that in my 25-page paper.

CARLSON: I want to read you a quote from the “Deseret Morning News,” a paper in Utah, from you. I’m quoting now. “It is quite plausible that explosives were pre-planted in all three buildings and set off after the two plane crashes, which are actually a diversion tactic. Muslims are probably not to blame for bringing down the World Trade Center buildings after all.” That’s, I would think, pretty offensive to a lot of the people listening. Do you have any evidence for that?

JONES: I really want to do this experiment with you.

CARLSON: We don’t have a lot of time for experiments, Professor. But if you could just … give us one thing to hold onto. How you make these claims, or appear to make these claims …

JONES: Tucker, sure, sure. Let’s start with the collapse of Building 7. Can you roll the video clip that I sent to you?

CARLSON: OK. I am not sure if we can, but that is the World Trade Center. It’s smaller than the other two; it was not hit by a plane. Of course, it collapsed.

JONES: Right. It’s 47 stories, twenty-four steel columns in the center, trusses, and asymmetrically supported. Now, I can’t see what you’re seeing. Are we rolling that? Just the building

CARLSON: No. We just see the building. And just so our viewers know, the explanation that I think is conventional is that there was a large tank of diesel fuel stored in the lower level of that, which caught fire, and the resulting fire collapsed the building.

JONES: Well, that’s basically it, yes, but as we read in the FEMA report, it says here, and I put this in my paper, of course. “The best hypothesis which is the only one they looked at, fire, has only a low probability of occurrence. Further investigation analyses are needed to resolve this issue and I agree with that.”

But they admit there’s only a low probability, and if you look at the collapse, you see what I have studied is the fall time, the symmetry, the fact that it first dips in the middle. That’s called the kink, which is very characteristic, of course, of controlled demolition.

CARLSON: Professor, I am sorry that we are out of time …

JONES: Whoa, one other thing I want to mention: molten metal in the basements of all three buildings, and yet all scientists now reasonably agree that the fires were not sufficiently hot to melt the steel, so what is this molten metal? It’s direct evidence for the use of high-temperature explosives, such as thermite, which produces molten iron as an end product. People will read the paper, then I talk about the molten metal, the symmetry of the collapse, and the weakness and inadequacies of the fire hypothesis.

JONES: Thank you, Tucker [End of Interview]

MSNBC airs the smoking gun bomb-shell from Jones, i.e., “The best hypothesis for WTC 7, which is the only one they looked at, fire, has only a low probability of occurrence.”

The viewer, after seeing the kink [when WTC 7 collapsed], the symmetry and remembering the collapse of the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, comes to the inescapable conclusion that the Neocons used Thermite/thermate/super thermate to demolish WTC 7 and by association WTC 1 and WTC 2.

When The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released its report on the collapse of World Trade 7 in 2005, investigators looked specifically at the possibility of explosives and wrote:

“Hypothetical blast events did not play a role in the collapse of WTC 7 and investigators “found no evidence whose explanation required invocation of a blast event. Moreover, the smallest charge capable of initiating column failure would have resulted in a sound level of 130 dB [decibels] to 140 dB at a distance of at least half a mile. Witnesses did not report hearing such a loud noise, nor is one audible on recordings of the collapse.”

The Controlled Demolition theory/cover up worked for 8+ years but then TPTB got nervous. Someone was looking into an alternate (Metaphysical) explanation, and therefore out came the DEW/mini-nuke smoking gun.

But nota bene, there is an important difference between the two Smoking Guns. Smoking Gun #1, the theory of controlled demolition is false for all three buildings, but a theory of a DEW, Smoking Gun #2, is true for WTC 7 but false for WTC 1 and WTC 2.

Dr. Judy Wood’s research confirms a DEW was used to make the impact holes in the Twin Towers and also to demolish WTC 7 (without making a sound), but a DEW explanation cannot explain the collapse of the WTC 1 and WTC 2 because:

WTC 7 was a bottom-up gravity-assisted collapse with a small debris field, while WTC 1 and WTC 2 were primarily top-down, virtually unassisted by gravity and showered debris in a wide radius as their frames essentially “peeled” outward. FEMA: WTC Study, Ch. 5 (05/02)

Look at Figures 87, 88 and 89. The WTC 1 and WTC 2 rubble pile was far too small to account for the mass, unlike that of WTC 7.

And finally in order to believe a DEW was responsible for all three collapses, you would have to believe the DEW had an option to simulate EITHER a Las Vegas Hotel OR an atomic explosion/geothermal collapse.

The DEW or a mini-nuke Smoking Gun #2 story, works just as well if not better, than, the controlled demolition story, because a DEW was in fact used on 9/11 to make the impact holes in the Twin Towers and to demolish WTC 7 (without making a sound).

Click here to read why a Directed Electromagnetic Energy Weapons Theory (DEW) of the WTC 1 and 2 cannot be true. Click here to read why a theory that radiant energy projectiles falling through core shafts of the WTC 1 and 2 cannot be true. [9q]

The recent disclosure from the CIA controlled sites of a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) and mini-nuke story for WTC 1, WTC 2 and WTC 7, can have only two explanations:

Explanation 1. DEWs/mini nukes and/or Judy Wood are the truth. The CIA now, after years of promoting 9/11 Truth (controlled demolition mis/disinformation), admit:

A. Alex Jones, Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor CIA Disinformation Agent, is the “Minister of Truth” over a flock of “Truthers,” whose church is the “9/11 Truth Movement.” Pastor Jones is a member of Project Mockingbird, Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and alternative Media Gatekeeper for the Vatican.

B. 9/11 ‘Truth" was planned simultaneously with 9/11 itself. That is why you have so many conflicting stories, points of view, arguments and discussions, etc. The trolls were pre-ordained and planned. So were all the major websites (e.g., 911Truth.org, Infowars and Rense.com (Participation in Overinformation, Misinformation as Disinformation, or Who is Jeff Rense?). “It is a known fact that any grouping of five or more will be infiltrated.” – Veronica Chapman, Truther [6b]

And on September 18, 2010, the CIA and The Powers That Be (TPTB, a non-conspiracy acronym [3q]) had a change of heart (or maybe grew a conscience) and directed their agent, in this case PakAlert, to tell the common man the “truth” about what really happened: that is, it was mini-nuke/DEW instead of controlled demolition that caused the Twin Towers to collapse and turn largely to dust (the building materials did not hit the ground in solid form) on 9/11. Unlikely. Click here to read a 9-point refutation of the idea that nuclear devices were used to destroy the WTC buildings.

Explanation 2. The DEWs/mini nukes is the new story behind the story, behind the story of how the Twin Towers collapsed and turned largely to dust.

In other words:

  • The unproven theory of controlled demolition was the story behind a jet fuel (kerosene) fire.
  • DEW is the story behind the theory of controlled demolition.
  • The Metaphysical Catechism (Test) is the story behind the DEW. [Appendix A]

And finally the DEW, or a mini-nuke disclosure ,really doesn’t change anything: it’s still an Inside Job: now it’s an Inside DEW/mini-nuke Job. [10q]

The limited disclosure of a DEW explanation from a CIA-controlled site is a tacit admission that 9/11 was a Metaphysical Catechism (Test) of the Earth. [Appendix B]

Did you know that Pictures of Mini Nukes at PakAlert Prove 9-11 was a Metaphysical Catechism (Test)?

Did you know that Pictures of Mini Nukes at PakAlert Prove 9-11 was a Metaphysical Catechism (Test)?

Question 1 for 9/11 Smarties: What really happened on September 11, 2001?

Question 2 for 9/11 Smarties: Where did the energy come from on September 11, 2001?

Question 3 for 9/11 Smarties: Why was The 2001 Invasion of Iraq called off on September 11, 2001?

Question 4. Why was Building 7, that wasn’t hit by a plane, demolished in what appeared to be a Las Vegas Hotel demolition type collapse 8 hours after the second tower collapsed

Question 5 for 9/11 Smarties: What are Hurricane Erin and the "dip" in the Earth’s magnetic field doing in the 9/11 Picture?

Question 6 for 9/11 Smarties: How could two large wide-bodied aluminum jetliners crash into two large high-strength, low-alloy steel towers and then disappear inside the buildings?

Question 7 for 9/11 Smarties: What is the significance of the planetary archetypal situation on September 11, 2001?

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