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Pictures of Mini Nukes at PakAlert Prove 9-11 was a Metaphysical Catechism (Test)

September 26th, 2010

By Robert Singer

The PakAlert Press, and other popular 9/11 conspiracy websites controlled by the CIA, and known for promoting the controlled demolition theory of the Twin Towers, i.e., an Inside Job, as 9/18/2010 has the following headline: [1]

Pictures Prove Mini Nukes Caused 9-11 Devastation
Posted on PakAlert on September 18, 2010 // 8 Comments
(http://www.pakalertpress.com/2010/09/18/pictures-prove-mini-nukes-caused-9-11-devastation/) and Proven 9-11 Nukes = US Government Involvement

These recent articles at PakAlert CONTRADICT their previous position that 9/11 was an Israeli Inside Job (Israeli connection, 9/11, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD!!) and they now proclaim loudly:

This understanding means we cannot blame the highly unconventional Ground Zero devastation on thermite/thermate/super thermate and “controlled demolition” any more than we can blame it on “jet fuel” or “box cutters.”

Even a child can see there is something wrong with these pictures.

A=Controlled Demolition of a hotel, B=North Tower, C=Hiroshima.

However, before getting on the mini-nuke/Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) bridge-to-nowhere, ask yourself this question:

If PakAlert is suddenly promoting the mini-nuke/Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) story featuring Judy Wood (previously marginalized and isolated from the 9/11 Truth Movement and considered a Kook [2]), there can only be two possibilities:

Option 1. Mini Nukes and Judy Wood are the truth. The CIA now, after years of promoting 9/11 Truth (mis/disinformation) admit:

  • Alex Jones is the "Minister of Truth" over a flock of "Truthers," whose church is the "9/11 Truth Movement." Pastor Jones is none other than a member of Project Mockingbird, Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and alternative Media Gatekeeper for the Vatican: Alex Jones Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor CIA Disinformation Agent.
  • "9/11 'Truth' was planned simultaneously with 9/11 itself. That is why you have so many conflicting stories, points of view, arguments and discussions, etc. The Trolls were pre-ordained and planned. So were the major websites (e.g., 911Truth.org, Infowars). “It is a known fact that any grouping of five or more will be infiltrated.” - Veronica Chapman, Truther

And on September 18, 2010, The Powers That Be (TPTB, a non-conspiracy acronym [3]) had a change of heart (or maybe grew a conscience) and directed their agents, in this case PakAlert and the CIA, to tell the common man the "truth" about what really happened: that is, it was mini-nuke/Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) instead of controlled demolition that cause the Twin Towers to collapse on 9/11. Unlikely. Click here to read a 9-point refutation of the idea that nuclear devices were used to destroy the WTC buildings.

All you can say about a theory of Mini-nukes and Space Beam weapons is that it is a possible explanation, but that doesn't mean it's true. In fact, the recent disclosure from the CIA-controlled sites, who replaced an impossible explanation of the collapse with a plausible explanation, should alert everyone the Mini-nukes and the Space Beam weapon story (for WTC 1 & 2) cannot be true.

Dr. Judy Wood's research confirms a DEW was used to make the impact holes in the Twin Towers and to demolish WTC 7 (without making a sound) but a DEW explanation cannot explain the collapse of the Twin Towers because:

WTC 7 was a bottom-up a gravity-assisted collapse with a small debris field, while WTC 1 and 2 were primarily top-down, virtually unassisted by gravity and showered debris in a wide radius as their frames essentially "peeled" outward. FEMA: WTC Study, Ch. 5 (05/02) [4]

Option 2. The mini-nukes/DEW is the new story behind the story, behind the story of how the World Trade Center I and II collapsed (highly probable).

In other words:

  • The unproven theory of controlled demolition was the story behind a jet fuel (kerosene) fire.
  • The mini-nuke/DEW is the story behind the theory of controlled demolition.
  • The Metaphysical Catechism (Test) is the story behind the mini-nuke/DEW. [Appendix A]

And finally the mini-nuke/DEW disclosure really doesn't change anything: it's still an Inside Job, now it's an Inside mini-nuke/DEW Job. [5]

The limited disclosure of a new mini-nuke/DEW explanation from a CIA controlled site is a tacit admission that 9/11 was a Metaphysical Catechism (Test) of the Earth. [Appendix B]

I have been writing about 9/11 since December of 2008.

On September 10, 2010, I released a satirical piece of truth, masking as fiction: Breaking News: Nikola Tesla Testifies at NY Grand Jury on 9/11.

Breaking News, for the first time, gives the layman a metaphysical explanation of the collapse of the Twin Towers.

Metaphysics - "the philosophical study of that which cannot be perceived with the five physical human senses." meaning beyond or after, and "Physics"; the science (or study) of matter and energy.

A Metaphysical Catechism (Test) was a test of the Earth’s energy on 9/11.

The article appeared on a number of high-traffic websites.

On September 18, 2010 when PakAlert claimed that the Pictures Proved Mini Nukes Caused 9-11 Devastation, TPTB confirmed that I have been right for the past two years. [6]

Read an excerpt from Breaking News: Nikola Tesla Testifies at NY Grand Jury on 9/11 below or click the embedded link to read the full article.

FYI: September 18, 2010, forty days after the two articles, Matt Simmons “Apparently” Drowned At His Home Sunday Night and The Maxine Waters Investigation: What is Iran Doing in this Picture? were released, the articles are still the 2nd and 7th Most Read articles at The Peoples Voice. [7]

Sky, the webmaster at The Peoples Voice, updates the Most Read articles every three days. Sky investigated where the traffic was coming from and found that the majority of hits came from Washington DC.

[Start of excerpt from Breaking News]

Bugliosi: Could you describe in layman’s terms what were the details of the Metaphysical Catechism (Test) for the jury?

Yes, but first we must verify The Basic Archetypal Background:

“The events of 9/11 are immensely complex, beyond words really, with so many causes, consequences, and dimensions. But the planetary archetypal situation was dramatically clear. In the last few weeks the planetary alignment that represents the heaviest—the darkest, most weighty, mortally serious, historically grave—of all archetypal combinations, the Saturn-Pluto alignment, reached exactitude, an opposition.

The first two weeks of this month in particular were critical, as the Sun and Full Moon moved into a rare and extraordinarily precise grand cross (two oppositions--Saturn with Pluto, Sun with Moon--both 90 degree square to each other).” Click here to read ”Notes on World Trade Center attack September 11, 2001” by Richard Tarnas

As you can see the day was immensely significant metaphysically and astrologically.

Bugliosi: No kidding.

Tesla: The easiest way to understand a Metaphysical Catechism is to imagine an Arm Wrestling match, considered by many to be the ultimate test of strength, between TPTB and the Earth with the legs of the Arm Wrestling table the North and South Tower.

Arm Wrestling is a battle of leverage, and the strategies and techniques depend on the location and time of the Arm Wrestling match.

On 9/11, TPTB failed to demonstrate good sportsmanship when they violated rules from the American Metaphysical Armsport Association: Rules, Conducts and Manners manual.

Rule #15032 – failure to give notice.
Rule #25443 – participants must mutually agree on the location of the match.

TPTB are known for using the Sidemore strategy:

"I never, ever, ever go to the inside on a bigger guy. The reason is that if I cannot take him down immediately then he can probably throw his weight into the match and pin me in a heartbeat. To me a quick surge of backpressure is the only way to go. Finger attacks are the way to go. " - Mark Sidemore

8:46 a.m. - Arm Wrestling initiated by TPTB, in violation of rule #15032, at the electro-magnetic grid location 40° 42' 41.3852", -74° 0' 44.0064 (One World Trade Center).

The TPTB began with a surge in backpressure. The Sidemore technique had a high probability of success because the powerful electromagnetic frequencies from the micro cities would interfere with the Earth’s energy. The intention was to further weaken an Earth (suffering from decades of environmental damage and pollution) which possessed greater strength than TPTB.

Although the Sidemore attack failed, TPTB knew that the Earth would not throw her weight into the match and pin TPTB.

Why? Because the energy required in a toproll maneuver would result in the collapse of the North and South Tower Arm Wrestling table legs, killing all 17,400 occupants in an unusually horrible and agonizing death.

The Earth would never do such an abominable thing to innocent bystanders (Click here to read why TPTB killed 70 million people to ensure the Jews arrived in Haifa not in 1946, or 1950 but in 1948).

Instead the Earth was limited to a quick surge of backpressure, releasing enough energy to keep from being pinned and prolonging the match until the Towers could be safely evacuated.

A toproll from TPTB locked the Earth in a death grip followed by 73 minutes of surges from side to side, counting on the micro cities’ powerful electrical systems to drain the Earth’s energy. During that time the earth perspired, which explains the presence of Hurricane Erin off the coast of New York.

9:59:04 a.m. Exhausted from the interference from the electricity and the protracted back and forth pivots, the Earth’s grip was slipping, the arm and hand were in the losing position, as they were below two-thirds of the way to the pin pad.

Because nearly everyone was safely evacuated from the South Tower, the Earth summoned all of her strength and an enormous surge of energy came forth. She was able to execute an outside toproll maneuver and the match was saved. The energy expended for the maneuver caused the Arm Wrestling table leg of the South Tower to collapse.

The match continued an additional 29 minutes while 90% of the occupants were safely evacuated from the North Tower.

10:28:31 a.m. The Earth executed a toproll followed by the press. The match was over. The Earth was declared the winner and the Arm Wrestling table leg of the North Tower collapsed. Five hours later the invasion of the cradle of civilization was called off because TPTB were defeated.

And if you need more proof TPTB accepted defeat, what did George W. Bush tell us do on 9/12? Answer: “Go Shopping.”

“Environmental Damage and Pollution are the Goal and Not the Unintended Consequence of Our Consumer (shopping) Society.” Liberté, Enlightenté, Entitleté [End of Excerpt Breaking News: Nikola Tesla Testifies at NY Grand Jury on 9/11]


The following is the recent chronology leading up to the decision by PakAlert (TPTB) to promote mini-nukes and DEWs instead of the absurd, unproven theory of controlled demolition by Steven Jones.

March 15, 2010 Australian 9/11 Truth Movement posts
Dr. Steven Jones, Dr. Judy Wood, 9/11; Free Energy
by PookztA, who joined the forum just ten days earlier. [See Appendix C]

March 23, 2010 The non-conspiracy website Examiner.com posted Scientist: Directed energy weapons turned World Trade Center into nanoparticles on 9/11

Dr. Judy Wood, a former assistant professor at Clemson University, has developed compelling evidence that a directed energy weapon turned the physical matter of the World Trade Center towers into nanoparticles through the process of molecular dissociation. Dr. Wood demonstrates clear evidence that cannot be accounted for by the official 9/11 Commission explanation or alternative theory of military planes, cruise missiles, or other projectiles hitting the World Trade Center buildings, or a controlled demolition caused solely by "advanced explosive nano-thermitic composite material found in the World Trade Center dust," or solely by 4th generation mini-nukes. Examiner.com is the inside source for everything local.

August 4, 2010 911 Truthers are Dummies at DailyKos – A sophist essay using subtly deceptive reasoning and/or argumentation to discredit the theory of controlled demolition, was successful at getting around what is considered a forbidden topic at Daily Kos, that is 9/11 was an Inside Job:

From the Daily Kos FAQ:

Daily Kos accepts that the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by agents of Al-Qaeda. It is forbidden to write diaries that:
• refer to claims that American, British, Israeli, or any government assisted in the attacks
• refer to claims that the airplanes that crashed into the WTC and Pentagon were not the cause of the damage to those buildings or their subsequent collapse. Yes, this does include 'controlled demolition' of WTC 7.

August 9, 2010 Matt Simmons “Apparently” Drowned At His Home Sunday Night
August 9, 2010 The Maxine Waters Investigation: What is Iran Doing in this Picture?
August 17, 2010 Mini-Nukes Were Used on 9-11 at henrymakow.com [8]
August 26, 2010 9/11 Truth Finally Arrives at Daily Kos - A discussion of 911 Truthers are Dummies
September 11, 2010 Breaking News: Nikola Tesla Testifies at NY Grand Jury on 9/11 - a satirical look at the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Breaking News included for the first time, a metaphysical explanation of the collapse of the Twin Towers for the layman.

On September 18, 2010, when PakAlert Press published Pictures Prove Mini Nukes Caused 9-11 Devastation, TPTB confirmed 9/11 was a Metaphysical Catechism (Test).

Robert Singer writes about Secrets, Sentient Creatures and The Federal Reserve at The Peoples Voice and The Market Oracle (http://twitter.com/rds2301)

"When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Sherlock Holmes

[1] August 17, 2010 - Mini-Nukes Were Used on 9-11 first appears on henrymakow.com (formerly savethemales.ca, Click here to read about my adventure with Henry Makow). [8]

Other CIA-sponsored and monitored sites, have the mini-nuke/DEW story as well:
http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/38618-pictures-prove-mini-nukes-caused-9-11-devastation- (Click here to read about my adventure with David Vaughan Icke).

More about PakAlert in Appendix E

[2] In the last thirty days, researchers Andrew Johnson (checktheevidence.com) and Judy Wood (drjudywood.com) have seen a 4 – 5 fold increase traffic at their websites. Richard Hall’s “ball analysis” film of the NBC live/replay 2nd impact footage may account for the interest in their research of Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs).

Judy Wood and her DEW theory were considered looney by the 9/11 Truth community, for example:

  • The crackpot theories like "no-planes, pods, energy weapons, holograms," etc., were all looked at by many of us many years ago; we found there to be no truth to any of them and deemed them disinfo.
  • The WTC demolitions are proven and the official 9/11 airliner tales are proven hogwash. This article, the beneficiary of work by many other investigators, proves it. I await the replies of Hoffman and other apologists to reestablish the official, albeit impossible, airliner stories. I expect little more than obfuscation. What really happened? I do not know. What is clear is that the government is lying about the four reported Big Boeing crashes.
  • I don't like these theories because they require a level of technology in excess of what's needed to do the job. Global Hawk + nanothermite = Job Done.
  • The no-planers actually create the disinfo they peddle, so they're otherwise known as disinfo artists. Several of them have grievances with the 9/11 Truth movement, so that is the likely reason they create the disinfo and try to pass it off as "9/11 Truth" to make the movement look bad.
  • What it boils down to is that not a single legitimate research organization in the 9/11 Truth movement supports any of these crackpot disinfo theories. Not scholars, pilots, architects and engineers, lawyers, firefigters, 9/11 bloggers, Loose Change, you name it. Nobody supports these fringe theories.

“The 9/11 Truth Movement served the dual purpose of vectoring genuine truth seekers to dead ends and branding those who questioned authority and the true nature of reality (the Theory of Controlled Demolition) as insane.” The Secret Team" and "JFK", L Fletcher Prouty

[3] G. William Domhoff, a Research Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz first coined the non-conspiracy acronym TPTB. He received his Ph.D. at the University of Miami. He has been teaching at the University of California, Santa Cruz, since 1965. Four of his books are among the top 50 best sellers in sociology for the years 1950 to 1995: Who Rules America? (1967); The Higher Circles (1970); Who Rules America Now? (1983); and the non-"conspiracy" critique and theory of the U.S. power structure, The Powers That Be (TPTB) in 1979.

[4] In the past, the Truthers who did their homework thought the whole mini-nuke/DEW line itself was COINTEL.

"They claimed Alex Jones was behind the “space beam” line (he was not) and it was used to berate anyone questioning the authorized (official) "safe" Jones’ controlled demolition theory of the collapse of the Twin Towers.

People hear ‘space beam’ and shrug it off because it sounds too sci-fi and Star Wars. So there's a reason Alex Jones says that, because he doesn't want people going there and instead wants them getting behind government operatives like Stephen Jones, who is a total fraud.” [Condensed from a forum post by MDJ]

The last paragraph will be rewritten to read:

People hear ‘metaphysical’ and shrug it off because it sounds too ethereal and cannot be perceived by the five physical human senses.

So there's a reason TPTB (and PakAlert) says that, because they don’t want people going there and instead wants them getting behind government operatives who now promote Judy Wood (who is not a government operative) and is not a fraud, but when asked what would be the motive of the U.S. government to have tested/used an energy directed weapon on 9/11 answers:

"I do not try to determine what the source of this energy is - whether it is within matter itself or whether it is, perhaps, a part of the "Radiant Energy" which Tesla discovered.

I am a scientist and don’t speculate as to why they did it. I am convinced they did use an energy weapon on 9/11 to bring down the Twin Towers."

But we have a choice. And this choice is real. Live happily ever after or destroy the planet. This is why I have been pursuing the issues of 9/11. These issues are central to it all. 9/11 was a demonstration of free energy technology. It can be used for good, but we need to make that choice and help others to as well. www.drjudywood.com

See Appendix D for more about the use of DEWs on 9/11.

[5] And finally the mini-nuke/DEW disclosure really doesn't change anything: it's still an Inside Job, now it's an Inside mini-nuke/DEW Job.
"Of course the Danish Nobel prize winner found traces of nano-thermite, which btw did not exist when the WTC towers went up, this "nano-technology", so no "planned demolition" with nanothermite was possible, and no past convetional method of planned demolition vaporizes anything, it is quite that simple. He found traces of nanothermite, because it is classic misdirection from the usual suspects: use more than one method, more than one set of perps. hell, if bringing the towers down was the main objective, then they could have said Islamic terrorists have taken the WTC towers hostage with NUKES!

But as usual, more than one set of perps, more than one set of ulterior motives...it is quite that simple! They NEEDED to stage melting steel and place evidence that misdirects away from nukes. They NEEDED to ram guided drones into the towers, maybe Boeing refueling tanker jets remote guided from wherever they guide the drones over Afghanistan and Pakistan, to whip up fear, hatred, hostility, and acceptance of restricted freedom.... it REALLY is quite that simple! Comments for "Mini-Nukes Were Used on 9-11"

[6] I have been writing about 9/11 since December of 2008.

[7] As of September 25, 2010 the #10 Most Popular Content in the last sixty days (by page views) at OpedNews is The Maxine Waters Investigation: What is Iran Doing in this Picture? (released 8/9/2010).

The popularity of the article at TPV and OpedNews is undoubtedly related to World War 3 Came And Went - Citibank And Goldman Sachs Open Branches In Iran.

[8] Henry Makow Ph.D. is featured at Rense.com

[9] Jonathan, knowthelies.com was the first to publish an article questioning the 9/11 Truth movement and the theory of controlled demolition. Although, the site is not well known to the general public, high-traffic sites go there to find interesting and thought provoking articles. 9/11, What's Wrong With This Picture? was picked up by three controlled sites Bellringer's Fourwinds10, Mike Rivero's whatreallyhappened and the original PakAlert Wordpress site because they missed the subtlety and thought it was another Inside Job story.

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