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Police State France

January 10th, 2015

by Stephen Lendman

Washington took full advantage of 9/11. Sweeping police state laws followed. They remain in place.

Including the USA Patriot Act. Eviscerating fundamental Bill of Rights freedoms. The Homeland Security Act. Establishing a national Gestapo for the first time.

Various other measures targeting personal freedoms. Including unilateral executive judge, jury and executioner authority.

Rule of law protections no longer apply. Perhaps tougher laws will follow Wednesday's Paris killings.

UK police state laws are some of the continent's toughest. Including its 2005 Prevention of Terrorism Act. Eviscerating longstanding legal protections.

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Donbas Humanitarian Crisis

January 10th, 2015

by Stephen Lendman

US-supported Kiev putschists want Donbas residents starved to death.

On Christmas eve, Amnesty International (AI) headlined "Eastern Ukraine: Humanitarian disaster as food aid blocked."

More on AI's report below. Russia is Donbas' lifeline. Donetsk Oblast has about 4.4 million people. Lugansk Oblast around 2.2 million.

According to UN figures, around 5.2 million Ukrainians live in conflict zones. About 1.4 million are especially vulnerable. Requiring ongoing humanitarian assistance. Especially in winter.

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The 300 Million-Immigrant Factor Facing America

January 10th, 2015

By Frosty Wooldridge

With immigration’s continued onslaught prompted by the 1965 Immigration Reform Act jammed through Congress without debate, we added 100 million people to America from 1965 to 2007. We jumped from 194 million people to 300,000,000 (million) in 40 years by 2007. That same bill guarantees our country another 100 million immigrants within three decades, that’s 30 years.

Yet, our U.S. Senate mob and corporate puppets, supposedly representing our best interests as citizens, passed S744 amnesty bill last April, 2013. Not only does that bill give amnesty to 20 and possibly 30 million alien migrants, it increases our legal immigration onslaught from 1.1 to 2.0 million immigrants annually.

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How Obama Lied About Obamacare

January 10th, 2015

Eric Zuesse

When U.S. Senator Barack Obama was campaigning for the Presidency in 2007 and 2008, he promised that on healthcare, his plan would be making health insurance universal.""

This means he was promising that 100% of Americans would have health-insurance, once Obamacare (the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”) is up and running.

The first open enrollment period under Obamacare lasted from October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014; and, so, there have now been a full 15 months, during which period, it’s been up and running: Americans have been buying health insurance under the Act for 15 months now.

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Paris Killings: Terrorism or False Flag?

January 9th, 2015

by Stephen Lendman

Things aren't always as they seem. When incidents like this happen, take nothing at face value.

Be wary. Be suspicious. Deception often substitutes for reality. More on this below.

On Wednesday, three heavily armed masked men attacked the Paris-based satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. Known for lampooning Islam, other religions and political figures.

The incident took place in broad daylight. Killing 12. Wounding eight others. MSM reports didn't surprise. Headlines screamed "terrorism."

BBC was typical. "Unprecedented terrorism," it said. "France has never seen terror like this." New York Times editors said the "massacre…motivated by hate." Calling what happened "terrorism."

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This Species is Amusing Itself to Death (The Diagnosis for the Future Inhabitants of our Dying Planet)

January 9th, 2015

By Gary G. Kohls, MD

“And when they found our shadows (grouped 'round the TV sets), they ran down every lead; they repeated every test; they checked out all the data in their lists. And then the alien anthropologists admitted they were still perplexed, but on eliminating every other reason for our sad demise they logged the only explanation left: This species has amused itself to death.” -- Roger Waters

“Apathy and indifference are nurtured in the modern age as most peoples’ free time is frittered away with worthless trivia like ball games, computer games, movies and soaps, and fiddling with their mobile phones. These distractions might be fun, but after most of them you’ve learnt nothing of any value, and remain ignorant, malleable and suggestible, which is just how the elites want you.” -- Clive Maund

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Amidst A Religious War in Europe Or Is It Just another False Flag Operation?

January 9th, 2015

By Gilad Atzmon

The massacre in France was a devastating crime against freedom and the right to laugh.

But was it really executed by a bunch of lunatic irrational Muslims who to decided to kill mercilessly because their prophet was mocked?

French people should be asking what led members of their society to commit such cold blood murders against their fellow citizens.

France should ask itself why it has been dropping bombs on Muslims. Who enthusiastically advocated these ‘interventionist’ wars? What was the role of Bernard-Henri Lévy, the prime advocate of the war against Libya for instance?

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Waging War on Islam

January 9th, 2015

by Stephen Lendman

It's the wrong time to be Muslim in America. It's post-9/11 target of choice. Allied with Britain, France and other rogue NATO partners.

Israel against Palestine. Media scoundrels in lockstep. Regurgitating official pronouncements. Accepting them like gospel. With no due diligence checking. No disputing official accounts. No questioning their veracity.

Muslims accused of terrorism are automatically guilty. Case closed. Evidence when absent is invented. Accusations alone suffice.

Western vilification of Islam is longstanding, vicious and unjustifiable. The late Edward Said explained how Western sources misinterpret East/West relations.

Describing the colonizers and colonized. "(T)he familiar (Europe, West, us) and the strange (the Orient, East, them)."

Samuel Huntington's "clash of civilizations." A superior West confronting a belligerent, hostile, inferior Muslim world. High-mindedness v. gun-toting terrorists. Good v. evil.

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The Guardian Finally Starts to Report the Truth about Ukraine’s War

January 9th, 2015

Eric Zuesse

On January 7th, Britain’s Guardian, which used to be a fine newspaper but isn’t now, started what will necessarily be a long road back to reality, after nearly a year of their intermittent inattention and Western propaganda on Ukraine — — finally realistically reporting the war there as being what it is and always was: an attempt by the post-coup Ukrainian Government to destroy the area in Ukraine where the residents had voted 90% for the Ukrainian President who was overthrown in the February 2014 coup.

Oleg Orlov headlined “Ukraine's Forgotten City Destroyed by War,” and he described a city in ruins from the intensive bombings during July and August.

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Global Crises: Mankind Needs Peace not Terrorism

January 8th, 2015

Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.

Today’s cold blooded massacre of French journalists of satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” in Paris underlines the imperative of critical thought towards understanding the global affairs. Emerging crises are not being understood rationally and consequently large segments of humanity are in chains. Leaders around the world are quick to condemn the cruelty of the few against many innocents caught in the firing. But the same leaders fail to take initiatives to use dialogue and peaceful resolution of current one-sided aggressive wars. No matter where on planet, the daily killings of the innocents in France, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, The US or elsewhere, it demands fair and objective-oriented analysis to come to grip with the prevalent facts of human affairs. The global humanity longs for peace, not for terrorism. But many egoistic leaders deliberately override the facts to pursue strategic agendas to run down the mankind under false pretexts of Islamic terrorism.

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