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US Senate passes the Patriot Act for Food, S510, by a vote of 73 to 25

November 30th, 2010

By Rady Ananda

Today, the US Senate passed the Patriot Act for Food, S510, by a vote of 73 to 25. We can expect to watch the raids on natural foods increase, and we can expect continued malicious prosecution of growers, like the 2-acre gardener in Georgia.

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November 30th, 2010

by Mary Pitt

This was a dominant theme by some of the Republicans who appeared on the weekend "news" talk shows as they advocated early adjournment by the current Congressmen. Their argument? These people have already faced the voters and lost so they should just fold their tents and quietly go home, leaving the nation unattended and its citizens without even a fiscal budget until the Republicans can be sworn in and "take the helm."

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Massive Fraud in Haiti's Sham Elections

November 30th, 2010

by Stephen Lendman

On November 28, Haiti held first round legislative and presidential elections, a previous article explaining that democracy was off the ballot, accessed through the following link:

The entire process was rigged, 15 parties excluded, including by far the most popular, Aristide's Fanmi Lavalas. Under the most dire conditions, it was a cruel joke, not even equivalent to what Edward Herman called "demonstration elections" in his 1980 book by that title, sham ones assuring installation of US-friendly candidates, elections in name only.

On November 28, it was worse, so bad, in fact, that world headlines explained it. For example, New York Times writers Damien Cave and Randol Archibold headlined, "Haitian Candidates Call to Void Election," saying:

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Smells Like Genocide...

November 30th, 2010


November 30th, 2010


It is an "attack on the international community," said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in reference to the release of 250.000 secret cables by Wikileaks.

Clinton is correct, this is indeed a long overdue, necessary attack on an ‘international community’ of war mongers and war criminals.

The leaked cables reveal a very gloomy picture of the state of our world current affairs : It unveils a clear dichotomy between the people of the world and our conflict driven political leadership.

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The New York Times Again Censoring WikiLeaks

November 30th, 2010

by Stephen Lendman

On November 28, WikiLeaks began releasing over 250,000 leaked State Department and US Embassy cables (many designated "secret"), dating from 1966 through end of February 2010. Their content ranges from embarrassing to important revelations about US spying on allies and the UN, ignoring corruption and human rights abuses in "client states," corporate lobbying, backroom dealmaking, disparagements of foreign leaders, and overall revealing a much different America than its public persona. Most of all, it offers more proof of a sham democracy, a lawless imperial state rampaging globally though little, if anything, of a smoking gun nature was disclosed.

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November 29th, 2010

By Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D.

Immanuel Kant, the 18th century German philosopher had envisioned “Perpetual Peace”, the doctrine that gave war riddled Europeans much needed hope and optimism for peace making and conflict management. C.E.M. Joad (Guide to Modern Wickedness), enlists divergent facets of evil thinking and minds that governed the Europeans to kill each other during and preceding the two World Wars. After prolonged history of barbarity, Europeans seem to be thinking rationally and soul searching for fighting against themselves and are at relative peace within the corridors of the EU. Whereas, some of the American political strategists are making headways for “Perpetual War and Perpetual Peace” to manifest the ambitious imperialism in another major global conflict to wipe out the whole of the humanity. The Western nations under NATO waging the bogus “War on Terrorism” use the mass media as a weapon to misinform and deceive the public of a possible threat to their life and security. The corporate run news media shield the leadership animosity to perpetuate wars for economic and political goals. NATO re-invented a new role to be an active belligerent institution in Afghanistan after its failed history to engage the former USSR on any real front of the major ideological conflicts. Bush and now President Obama claim they were invited to Afghanistan. Lies know no bound in contemporary political wickedness. There exists a wide gulf between the aspirations of the masses in the Western nations and thinking of the type of leaders they have in the ruling elite. People want peace and do not support the war mongering of the few against other human beings in the Muslim world.

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Fascism American-Style: How to Hold Them Accountable

November 29th, 2010

By Robert Bows

“Of course we will have fascism in America but we will call it democracy!”--Huey Long

“Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way it kills them.” --Jean-Paul Sartre

“Fascism ought to more properly be called corporatism since it is the merger of state and corporate power.” -- Benito Mussolini

The masters of the electronic voting machines have spoken

Preliminary analysis of exit polls (for senatorial and gubernatorial races) reported immediately after voting ended compared with the announced vote results show a statistically significant shift in favor of Republican candidates, the odds of which are about a million to one.[1]

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Science fiction is the most powerful and imaginative mode of writing: Adam Roberts

November 29th, 2010

Interview by Kourosh Ziabari

Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts is a British academician, literary critic and science fiction writer. He has a degree in English from the University of Aberdeen and a PhD from the Cambridge University on Robert Browning and the Classics. He has been nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award of the best science fiction novel in 2001, 2007 and 2010. Roberts has published 11 novels of which the most prominent ones are Salt (2000), Stone (2002), The Snow (2004), Gradisil (2006) and Swiftly: A Novel (2008).

Roberts' "Palgrave History of Science Fiction" has been translated into Chinese. Several reviews of his books have appeared on international newspapers and media outlets.

Adam joined me in an exclusive interview to discuss his career as a science fiction author, his interest in history and its interrelationship with science fiction literature and the path of success in science fiction genre.

Kourosh Ziabari: You are a professor of nineteenth-century English literature. How do you reconcile this with being a science fiction author? How did you manage to connect your academic career as a literature professor with your personal interest of writing science fiction?

Adam Roberts: People are sometimes surprised by these two things, but I’ve never seen them as separate or opposed. The nineteenth-century is when science fiction really takes off: not only Wells and Verne although of course them, but a wealth of fiction that sought to come to terms with the impact of rapidly increasing industrialization and mechanization of life, the withering of the old certainties.  It’s also a time of formal literary experimentation; the dramatic monologue, a new ambitiousness and scale in fiction, a pervasive intellectualism. All of this informs my own writing.

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Haiti's Sham Elections: Solidifying Imperial Control

November 29th, 2010

By Stephen Lendman

On November 28, first round legislative and presidential elections will be held. As a previous article explained, democracy will be absent because the nation's most popular party, Aristide's Fanmi Lavalas, and 14 others are excluded, the system rigged to install Washington's favorites.

In a September 8, Miami Herald op-ed, Ira Kurzban, an immigration and employment law expert as well as Aristide's former legal counsel headlined, "Unfair and undemocratic," saying:

"Imagine if (America's) Federal Election Commission disqualified the Democratic and Republican parties from the 2012 presidential election and declared that only candidates of minor parties could run."

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