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9/11 Foreknowledge Caught on Computers that Measure Global Mind

February 27th, 2012

By Rady Ananda

Activist Post: Fascinating research into a “global mind” picked up startling data in the days and hours before the 9/11 attacks, indicating widespread foreknowledge.

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) uses electromagnetically-shielded computers located throughout the world that generate random numbers. In its 13-year history, these computers show statistically significant deviations during global events that affect humans.

What GCP found on 9/11 shows foreknowledge for nearly 16 hours before the first plane struck. This data lends support to the proposition that several hundred people around the world had time-specific information about the attacks.

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Santorum Hearing Voices

February 27th, 2012

By Michael Collins

(Washington, DC) Senator Rick Santorum knows something many of us do not. Satan is waging war on the United States. This is no scruffy terrorist group carrying explosives in their underwear or shoes. It is Satan himself, also known as the Devil, Mephistopheles, the Beast, etc. (Image one, two)

How does the senator know so much about this attack?

Santorum hears voices.

Four years ago, he admitted just that:

"Satan is attacking the great institutions of America, using those voices of pride, vanity, and sensuality as the root to attack all of the strong plants that has (sic) deeply rooted in the American tradition," Senator Rick Santorum from The Daily Beast

That's a very strong statement. Some wonder if the senator is barking-at-the-moon mad. Santorum is undeterred. Campaigning in Arizona, he asserted his right to speak out about "good and evil." He referenced former President Ronald Reagan as one political leader who shared this view. Santorum also shares Reagan's strongly held conviction that trees cause pollution.

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#34 9/11 Truth? - Article Not Found

February 26th, 2012

AtheistsYou are probably here because you read #34 9/11 Truth? by John Roth yesterday at OpEdNews and can’t figure out why today when you click on the link, OpEdNews returns

Article Not Found
Sometimes, authors delete their articles after publishing them.
To see if the article was renamed or re-published, please click here.

Continue reading if you want to find out why #34 9/11 Truth?, an article that yesterday at 6:30 pm was ranked as the #2 Most Popular Content on the site, is “Not Found” today.

Otherwise click here to read #34 9/11 Truth? [1]

#34 9/11 Truth? was originally written for the CIA controlled website Dailykos. DailyKos is owned and operated by Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and in one of those coincidences that don’t happen very often, was born September 11, 1971. And speaking of 9/11 and 'Conspiracy Theories' in general, they are forbidden at DailyKos, 911 Truthers are Dummies (renamed 34 9/11 Truth?) was successful at getting around The FAQ (rules and guidelines for posting diaries) [2]:

DailyKos accepts that the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by agents of Al-Qaeda. It is forbidden to write diaries that:

  • refer to claims that American, British, Israeli, or any government assisted in the attacks
  • refer to claims that the airplanes that crashed into the WTC and Pentagon were not the cause of the damage to those buildings or their subsequent collapse. Yes, this does include 'controlled demolition' of WTC 7.

911 Truthers are Dummies and #34 9/11 Truth? discredit both the official and the 9/11-truth story, setting up the reader to consider my story behind the story behind the story of why the twin towers collapsed and largely turned to dust.

I’ll get right to the point, I have read the books and watched the documentaries on September 11 for three years and the 9/11 official story:

Nineteen fanatical Arab hijackers, masterminded by an evil genius named Osama bin Laden, crash airplanes into steel skyscrapers because they “hate our freedom to consume” and inexplicably on 9/11 jet fuel, which is basically kerosene that burns at about 400c, took on the qualities of an explosive demolition agent, vaporizing 70 tons of aircraft into a puff of smoke and causing 110-story buildings to collapse into a pile of rubble.

The official story is so stupid Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld didn’t expect you to believe it.

There is absolutely no evidence, hypothesis or theory that can prove that a controlled demolition using thermite, “Israel’s Super-Thermite” or nano-thermite, is responsible for the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11. [8] “A picture is worth a 1000 words,” therefore I submit 3,000 words in three pictures:

Hiroshima North Tower Controlled Demolition of a Hotel

Click here to read the story behind the story behind the story of why the twin towers collapsed and largely turned to dust.

#34 9/11 Truth? at Opednews got the attention of James Fetzer, a suspected disinformation agent, however there is no tin foil hat 9/11 conspiracy at work here.

The article was deleted because Rob Kall realized it was written by me, Robert Singer.

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2012 Sitting On The 'Dark Rift'

February 26th, 2012

Raymond Ponzini

On 'Coast To Coast', George Knapp, interviewed Brent Miller who offers a comprehensive description of what could take place by December 21, 2012. Brent Miller is a scientist and the holder of over thirty U.S. patents. He is the founder of the 'Horizon Project', a group of leading scientists, researchers, physicists, astrophysicists, linguistic experts, and geologists from around the world who have been studying the coming 2012 event. Brent and his colleagues have dire warnings for humanity concerning earth's alignment with the 'dark rift'.

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a·the·ist n.

February 25th, 2012

By Robert Singer


One who disbelieves or denies the existence of God or gods. [1]

An a·the·ist is really One who doesn’t believe in, Yahweh, Allah or Jehovah (monotheism).

Atheists characterize themselves as non-believers in order to put the burden of proof on theists, the believers. [2]

Atheists worship Darwin because they claim his theory proves that life began in a primordial soup because some birds (i.e. finches) had long curved beaks so they could get fat eating tiny bugs on the Galapagos Islands. [Appendix A]

The believers are reluctant to bring up the Smoking Darwin gun because it makes God look bad. Darwin came up with his “theory” because he could not reconcile the existence of death [including the cruel death of his ten-year-old daughter Annie] and disease with the character of a loving God.

Believers should be arguing the existence of God with Intelligent Design (ID).

ID is based on the perceived evidence of order, purpose, and design in nature.

Teleology: study of causes says the existence of God is intuitive and makes a prima facie case for an intelligent designer. Though modern science rejects creationism, which holds that the human race can be traced to a talking snake and a spare human rib, Kent Hovind stresses it requires even more faith to believe in evolution. [Plato and Aristotle]

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Romney's Auto Bail-out Billionaires - Top funders made billions from US Treasury

February 24th, 2012

by: Greg Palast

Paulson made $1.5 Billion on auto-bailout and 3.7 Billion
on foreclosures.

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney called the federal government's 2009 bail-out of the auto industry, "nothing more than crony capitalism, Obama style... a reward for his big donors to his campaign." In fact, the biggest rewards - a windfall of more than two billion dollars care of US taxpayers -- went to Romney's two top contributors.

John Paulson of Paulson & Co and Paul Singer of Elliott International, known on Wall Street as "vulture" investors, have each written checks for one million dollars to Restore Our Future, the Super PAC supporting Romney's candidacy.

Gov. Romney last week asserted that the Obama Administration's support for General Motors was a, "payoff for the auto workers union." However, union workers in GM's former auto parts division, Delphi, the unit taken over by Romney's funders, did not fare so well. The speculators eliminated every single union job from the parts factories once manned by 25,200 UAW members.

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Interfaith coalition urges politicians to stop playing the religion card

February 23rd, 2012

Mary Shaw

If you've been following the 2012 presidential campaign season at all, you're probably aware that religion is playing a big part in it. Combine a widespread distrust of Mitt Romney's Mormonism with Rick Santorum's rabid Catholicism and the still-ongoing whisperings about President Obama's true religious leanings, and it sometimes seems as though the campaign is more about religion than it is about unemployment and the economy.

This is, of course, despite the fact that Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution states that "no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."

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