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October 20th, 2009

Allen L Roland

Many people do not have the courage to live their dreams but I most certainly do and it has made me the satisfied man I am today. However, becoming a Navy carrier pilot was only a prelude to my deepest dream ~ fully opening my heart and ultimately becoming a fragment of life's heart in the process:

Flying in the Navy was a dream come true. I used to draw pictures of airplanes as a child and when I became a Navy high Altitude all-weather Interceptor ~ flying off the Carrier in my F3H single place Demon ~ it was the ultimate thrill for I was, indeed, an Eagle flying beyond the speed of sound.

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Obama Backs Netanyahu's Position on 'Peace Negotiations'

October 20th, 2009

Kim Bullimore

With Obama's tacit blessing, Israel will continue to create "facts on the ground", ensuring that more and more Palestinian land is illegally annexed to Israel. Since 1993, when Israel agreed to begin peace negotiations with the Palestinians, Israel's continued settlement construction in the occupied West Bank has resulted in the illegal Israeli settler population doubling to approximately 300,000, while the number of settlers living in occupied East Jerusalem is estimated to be around 180,000.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed victory in the wake of US President Barak Obama's first speech to the United Nations General Assembly and the September 22 meeting in New York between Netanyahu, Obama and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. In his September 23 UN speech, Obama confirmed that Washington had retreated on its previous demand that Israel halt building new illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, stating that "the time has come to re-launch [peace] negotiations -- without preconditions".

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The First Enemy Is Within – Fourth Generation Warfare

October 20th, 2009

Zahir Ebrahim

Over the years I have read many publicly available Pentagon documents, going all the way back to what were earlier classified and later made available either through FOIA or natural declassification cycle.

Before I make my relevant point – let me cite an example.

When I learnt, from Chomsky initially, and subsequently reading the originals, of George Kennan's doctrine of outspending the Communists and that they would naturally collapse soon enough, that document is the 1948 Policy Planning PPS-23, I was taken aback. That PPS-23 had formed the underpinnings of what later became the Truman Doctrine that had held the world hostage for over 4 decades – at the brink of annihilation! Or so I, and almost everyone on planet earth have been led to believe. So, we, of the proverbial dissent-space, have all dutifully critiqued the “Military-Industrial Complex” of America and remained in awe of President Eisenhower's candid labeling of it; the very same President who also dutifully carried on the baton of the Cold War from President Truman, embarking on the largest 'peace-time' military and civil defense spending spree in the United States probably in its entire inglorious history of bloodshed up to that time.

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Norman Finkelstein, British MPs to discuss future of Palestinian Refugees

October 20th, 2009

The Palestine Return Center

As the preparations of The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) for the International Conference, UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees; continue, more interest from people is being showed. PRC has received tens of requests from people to join the conference. More importantly, the participation of Norman Finkelstein is evoking more people to attend the event.

The conference which is scheduled on the 16th of December 2009 would commemorate the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency UNRWA. It will include 4 sessions of discussions that focus on the recent conditions of refugees, the UNRWA work and the legal status of Palestinian Refugees under the International Law.

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Can the Democrats Avoid a Populist Health Care Rebellion?

October 19th, 2009

By Kevin Zeese Executive Director, ProsperityAgenda.US

The insurance industry is the major problem in health care and Americans know it, but the Democrats are on the verge of forcing Americans to buy insurance while failing to solve America’s health care crisis. It is a prescription for electoral, economic and health care disaster.

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The Rich Have Stolen The Economy

October 19th, 2009

Paul Craig Roberts

Bloomberg reports that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s closest aides earned millions of dollars a year working for Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and other Wall Street firms. Bloomberg reports that none of these aides faced Senate confirmation. Yet, they are overseeing the handout of hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer funds to their former employers.

The gifts of billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money provided the banks with an abundance of low cost capital that has boosted the banks’ profits, while the taxpayers who provided the capital are increasingly unemployed and homeless.

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Bringing Zionist war criminals to justice would be the next victory for humanity since Nuremberg trials

October 19th, 2009

Salim Nazzal

October 16, 2009 will be remembered by many as the day Palestinians finally saw some justice when the UN Human Rights Commission endorsed the Goldstone report which found Israel guilty of committing genocide against the Palestinians.

After 61 years of continuing injustices the world has finally made it clear that the time of Israel committing crimes against the Palestinians, without accountability, is over. Zionists can no longer fly in the face of international law by committing genocide with impunity.

The extent to which this genocide has been perpetrated in the towns and villages across Palestine is expressed well by journalist, Christopher Hedges when he says:

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IF Stone: An Iconic Radical Journalist

October 19th, 2009

by Stephen Lendman

Born Isador Feinstein in 1907, his brother Louis said he changed his name at age 30 because "he didn't want to turn a reader off who might be anti-Semetic, right away, to avoid anti-Semitism in his work." Most people called him Izzy, and when he died in 1989, biographer DD Guttenplan said "he had (so) transformed (himself) from America's premiere radical journalist into a respectable icon of his profession" that all four major television networks announced his passing. ABC's Peter Jennings called him "a journalist's journalist." The New York Times featured his death on its front page (usually reserved for the rich and powerful) in a Peter Flint obituary titled, "IF Stone, Iconoclast of Journalism, Is Dead at 81." A quintessential muckraker, he described him as "the independent, radical pamphleteer of American journalism hailed by his admirers for his scholarship, wit and lucidity" over a career spanning 67 years.

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Security, Reconciliation in Iraq Are Irreconcilable

October 19th, 2009

By Nicola Nasser

Insecurity in Iraq is in – built in the U.S. – conceived sectarian and “federal” constitution drafted after the U.S. – led invasion in 2003, in the political process engineered by the U.S. occupying power on sectarian and federal “constitutional” basis to create a secure pro – U.S. post – Saddam regime as well as in the sectarian polity born therefrom -- or more to the point brought in by the invading army -- and is still, seven years on, struggling to survive a possible U.S. military disengagement, and in a self – defeating contradictory and security oriented U.S. blueprints for Iraqi reconciliation as a prerequisite for securing the country at least as an ally of the United States, if not as a puppet regime.

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Israel in Canada: Promised lands

October 18th, 2009

Eric Walberg

Protests and counter-protests at the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition in Toronto;
a carob tree planted on the ruins of a Palestinian village in Canada Park;
Israeli Apartheid Week marked in universities across Canada. Enlarged
photos at:

On the occasion of filmmakers withdrawing last month from the Toronto Film Festival in protest of Israeli involvement in the event, a radical look at Israel's cultural and political connections in Canada

The Teflon cloak Israel has tried to wrap itself in since Operation Cast Lead, the invasion of Gaza in December 2008, looks as strong as ever in Canada. "Canada is so friendly that there was no need to convince or explain anything to anyone. We need allies like this in the international arena," gushed Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in July. Toronto's new Israeli consul, Amir Gissin, recently announced his Toronto staff would be expanded, despite the fact that Canada already has more Israeli diplomatic staff per capita than any other country in the world, due to "the city's large Israeli population" and the fact that Toronto is "an arena for Israel from a PR, cultural and commercial point of view". He also said it "reflects the importance of the Toronto Jewish community" in supporting Israel. Indeed, there are an estimated 100,000 Israelis who prefer the joys of living in Canada to facing the violence-charged daily life of Israel, and many Canadian Jews who opt for instant citizenship in Israel. Toronto Jews have been generous in their support of Israel since its founding.

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