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Are US-Israel intelligence agencies blocking Palestinian civil rights to weaken Hezbollah?

August 9th, 2010

Part X of a series on securing Civil Rights for Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Franklin Lamb

Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp, Beirut

The State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research (NIR) is part of the U.S. Intelligence Community’s panoply of 16 agencies, which comprise the US Intelligence Community (IC). According to Congressional sources consulted below, NIR and Israel have been working longer hours than most members of Lebanon’s Parliament, carefully analyzing the language of the main draft proposals concerning elementary civil rights for Palestinian Refugees. The proposals are currently scheduled for an August 17, 2010 Parliamentary vote and the US-Israel plan is to allow nothing to be enacted into law that would actually benefit Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees.

Why would failing to pass internationally mandated civil rights for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon benefit Israel and why is US-Israeli pressure being applied to some anti-Hezbollah Lebanese MP’s in the run up to this month Parliamentary vote? The short answer is that some in the US Intelligence Community, including the NIR, as well as members of Congress in the service of Israel, believe that Hezbollah would get credit internationally if Lebanon’s Parliament fulfills its international obligations towards her refugees. Thus granting Palestinians full employment and home ownership rights just as any other refugee or foreigner in Lebanon receives not “fit” with US-Israeli plans for Hezbollah and the region.

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The spate of floods and fires around the globe: manifestations of runaway climate change

August 9th, 2010

Dr Andrew Glikson
Earth and paleo-climate science

2010 is shaping up as the warmest in the instrumental record, as recorded by the National Climate Data Centre (NCDC – the worlds largest active archive of weather data), NASA Goddard Institute of Space Science (GISS), Hadley-Met/Climate Research Unit, Remote Sensing Satellite survey (RSS) and Microwave Sounding Unit (MSU), and as shown by the plot (Figure 1) below ,

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Another murder victim's family opposes death penalty

August 9th, 2010

Mary Shaw

A Philadelphia suburban district attorney has announced that he will not seek the death penalty against a woman and her lover for the June murder of the woman's husband, Kevin Mengel.

Chester County DA Joe Carroll said the case does not meet the conditions required to pursue the death penalty.

Carroll also noted that the victim's parents did not want the death penalty for their son's murderers. And that is why I am writing this.

Whenever I write or speak about my opposition to the death penalty, I invariably hear from death penalty proponents who argue that killing the killer serves the best interests of the victim's family, giving them closure. But not all families are thirsty for revenge. This Chester County case is one example of that. So are the cases of the many family members who form the organization Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation (MVFR). Founded in 1976, MVFR actively works for abolition of the death penalty in all states that still use it.

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We Need a New Language to Provide a Vision for a New Economy

August 8th, 2010

By Kevin Zeese

The Late Tony Judt’s Last Book Focuses on Ending Concentrated Wealth and Creating an Economy That Works for All

I was saddened to read of historian Tony Judt’s death at too early an age. He was the type of historian we need to hear more from. He confronted the myths on which governments and their people build lives, myths that need to be confronted so the people can be uplifted and their necessities met “not one in which we tell pleasant lies about ourselves.”

I recently read Tony Judt's last book, Ill Fare’s the Land. His important premise was that we need to develop a new language that builds on the success of social democracy programs (in the U.S. those would be New Deal and Great Society programs) combined with putting forward a new vision for an economy that works for more than the top .5%. His views re-enforced the work we are developing at ProsperityAgenda.US – describing and advocating for a new economy in language that people can understand – post-capitalism, post-socialism, a new democratic economy.

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Israel Prohibiting the Right to Demonstrate

August 8th, 2010

by Stephen Lendman

The 1907 Hague Convention's Article 43 and Fourth Geneva's Article 64 require that occupied territory penal laws stay in force, applicable to both occupier and occupied. However, since 1967, Israel issued over 2,500 Military Orders, controlling daily life solely for Palestinians, not settlers, the military commander having final authority over institutionalized discrimination, suppressing democratic freedoms, including free expression and right to gather peacefully to protest.

Under Israel's 1967 Military Order No. 101 ("Order Regarding Prohibition of Incitement and Hostile Propaganda Actions" as amended), gatherings of more than 10 Palestinians are prohibited without advance IDF notice, including names of participants, those in violation subject to 10 years imprisonment, a heavy fine, or both. The order implies that Palestinians have no legal right to demonstrate, express views freely, or engage in nonviolent peaceful protests.

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The Unrivaled Legacy of Avicenna

August 8th, 2010

Kourosh Ziabari

Historically, Iran has been a land of prominent, influential figures in science, letters, arts and literature whose impact on the global civilization will remain in place forever.

Throughout its ancient history, Iran has introduced numerous people to the world who have been among the most impressive, notable and valuable figures in their own field of expertise.

Although the European nations usually boast of being the foremost pioneers and harbingers in various fields of science and arts, they know well that they owe to the Persians the achievement of many peaks and breakthroughs which they introduce as being theirs. Persians have been traditionally skilful and dexterous in different branches of astronomy, mathematics, physics, medicine, psychiatry, architecture, philosophy, theology and literature and the unparalleled names of Ferdowsi, Rumi, Rhazes, Rudaki, Biruni, Al-Farabi, Al-Khawrizmi and Avicenna attest to the fact that Iran has been perpetually a land of science, knowledge and conscience in which cleverness grows and talent develops.

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The Maxine Waters Investigation: What is Iran Doing in this Picture?

August 7th, 2010

By Katherine Smith PhD

The timing of an investigation by the House Ethics Committee, which on August 2, 2010 formally brought a case against Congresswoman Maxine Waters, one of America’s most enduring liberal and fierce Anti War politicians, and the WikiLeaks of tens of thousands of Army documents related to the war in Afghanistan may be connected.

Speculation by bloggers, including John Young of, and an expose at The Intel Hub that the WikiLeaks is part of a disinformation operation, and that the documents themselves could even be fake, should put every left leaning American on Yellow alert.

Fox News wasted no time exploiting the WikiLeaks documents to further vilify Iran, pointing out that the documents indicate the U.S. belief that Iran is arming the Taliban insurgency. This adds another layer to Fox's steady stream of propaganda that has flowed over the years advocating for an attack on the country, and stands as a reason why some believe the leak was staged. WikiLeaks documents-- disinformation or not-- are being used for anti-Iran propaganda, OpEdNews

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Bradley Manning: An American Hero

August 7th, 2010

by Stephen Lendman

Manning, of course, is the courageous Army intelligence analyst turned whistleblower, who admitted leaking:

-- "260,000 classified United States diplomatic cables and video of a (US) airstrike in Afghanistan that killed 97 civilians last year," and

-- an "explosive (39 minute) video of an American helicopter attack in Baghdad that left 12 people dead, including two employees of the Reuters news agency" - "collateral murder" he felt obligated to expose.

It got him in trouble. On June 7, the military in Iraq arrested him, saying:

"The Department of Defense takes the management of classified information very seriously because it affects our national security, the lives of our soldiers, and our operations abroad."

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Beware Julian Assange and Wikileaks - Darlings Of The Mainstream Media

August 7th, 2010

Joe Quinn

Mainstream Media darling - Julian Assange

A friend recently asked me what I thought of the wikileaks business. The person said that they were still a little idealistic, and perhapst there are still some "good guys" out there who can really make a difference. I wondered, in terms of the wikileaks documents, precisely what kind of change could be hoped for? After all, we are talking about documents that describe US military activity in Afghanistan, in all their gory and criminal details. I presumed then that the difference that so many are hoping that the wikileaks documents (and their purveyor, Julian Assange) will make, is nothing less than the halting of the American Empire's unholy crusade across the Middle East and S.E. Asia. Now that would be nice!

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August Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Mayhem

August 7th, 2010

by Keith Johnson

July may have gone out with a whimper, but August may very well come in with a BANG!

The eighth month on the Gregorian calendar has a notoriously violent past. World War I kicked in to high gear on August 4, 1914 when Great Britain declared war on Germany (after they refused to withdraw from Belgium). World War II went up in smoke on August 9th, 1945 when the U.S. dropped its 2nd nuclear bomb—on the people of Japan—at Nagasaki. Will August 10th, 2010 go down in history as the beginning of World War III?

Indulge me.

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