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“Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall“…Pathological Narcissism as the Sparkplug of Armageddon

September 26th, 2009

Mark Glenn

Famous is thy beauty majesty, but behold, a lovely maid I see…Rags cannot hide her gentle grace…Alas, she is more fair than thee…” –The Magic Mirror in Walt Disney’s Snow White

We have to assume–given the incalculable suffering presently taking place–that had He (the Almighty) to do over again He would probably leave out all the “I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee” nonsense and get right down to business with the “thou shalts” and “thou shalt nots“.

After all, He is considered a wise and merciful creator, is He not? Not just wise and merciful, but the shrewdest of all investors as well, and what has His (supposed) aggrandizement of this tiny microbe of “chosen people” profited Him and His business interests?

Well, if we are to go by the “official records”–meaning the Bible–ever since these people pushed and elbowed their way into 1st place ahead of their contemporaries it has been nothing short of disastrous, both then and now. War, exploitation, deception, greed, envy, assassination, genocide, despoilment, enslavement–all these and more–the same bitter fruits our forefathers dealt with yesterday that we are dealing with today. The only real difference between then and now is that 4,000 years ago the Chosenites had neither nuclear weapons nor control of the world’s economy as they do today.

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Fox News Fans Flames of Hatred - National Backlash Developing

September 26th, 2009

Allen L Roland

In Psychology, Sigmund Freud defined hate as an ego state that wishes to destroy the source of its unhappiness ~ which is precisely what the Republican far right fringe subculture is doing . While Fox News fans these flames a national backlash is rapidly developing:

Quite simply, darkness is the absence of light and hate is the absence of love and compassion. Nothing can grow in total darkness and nothing can grow in total hatred. Hatred eventually destroys all who are consumed by it in their own eventual dark lonely prison of self hatred or denial.

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Kirks, Kennedys - NEPOTISM, ENTRENCHMENT USA - BREAKDOWN - Living dead in the USA

September 26th, 2009

By Carolyn Bennett

The Democrats and influential Kennedys and associates declaring a state of emergency have succeeded in shoving a totally unqualified man into the U.S. Senate.

The New York Times is reporting that Paul G. Kirk assumes deceased Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy¡¯s Senate seat because Kennedy¡¯s widow and his sons wanted Kirk to have the Senate seat.

Though Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is said to have considered qualified people with proven records of government service (former Massachusetts governor and 1988 presidential nominee Michael S. Dukakis and former lieutenant governor Evelyn Murphy) for the Senate seat, he ended up declaring a state emergency (upheld by the court) to shove Paul Kirk into the Senate.

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America's Teacher

September 26th, 2009

Naomi Klein

On September 17, in the midst of the publicity blitz for his cinematic takedown of the capitalist order, Moore talked with Nation columnist Naomi Klein by phone about the film, the roots of our economic crisis and the promise and peril of the present political moment. To listen to a podcast of the full conversation, click here. Following is an edited transcript of their conversation. -The Editors

400 years from now: "Look at these people back then. They thought they were free. They called themselves a democracy, but they spent ten hours of every day in a totalitarian situation and they allowed the richest 1 percent to have more financial wealth than the bottom 95 percent combined."

Naomi Klein: So, the film is wonderful. Congratulations. It is, as many people have already heard, an unapologetic call for a revolt against capitalist madness. But the week it premiered, a very different kind of revolt was in the news: the so-called tea parties, seemingly a passionate defense of capitalism and against social programs.

Meanwhile, we are not seeing too many signs of the hordes storming Wall Street. Personally, I'm hoping that your film is going to be the wake-up call and the catalyst for all of that changing. But I'm just wondering how you're coping with this odd turn of events, these revolts for capitalism led by Glenn Beck.

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The Torture Memos: The Case Against the Lawyers

September 25th, 2009

David Cole

1. On Monday, August 24, as President Obama began his vacation on Martha's Vineyard, his administration released a previously classified 2004 report by the CIA's inspector general that strongly criticized the techniques employed to interrogate "high-value" al-Qaeda suspects at the CIA's secret prisons.[1] The report revealed that CIA agents and contractors, in addition to using such "authorized" and previously reported tactics as waterboarding, wall-slamming, forced nudity, stress positions, and extended sleep deprivation, also employed a variety of "unauthorized, improvised, inhumane and undocumented" methods. These included threatening suspects with a revolver and a power drill; repeatedly applying pressure to a detainee's carotid artery until he began to pass out; staging a mock execution; threatening to sexually abuse a suspect's mother; and warning a detainee that if another attack occurred in the United States, "We're going to kill your children."

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The Recession is Over! Now get off your lazy asses and spend some MONEY, dammit!

September 25th, 2009

by Daniel Patrick Welch

These recessions are getting shorter and shorter. If you delay admitting it's happening until the shit really hits the fan, then claim it's all better while the shit is still spraying all over you, eventually it will become a complete non-event, like the ho-hum 'discouraged workers' who keep pushing those jobless claims down. Good going, guys! Way to take one for the statistical team!

The other intriguing development about the "modern" recovery is that it miraculously continues to be a "recovery" without some previously indispensable component. Under Clinton and Bush, we were introduced to the "jobless" recovery. Now, with foreclosures yet to peak and record upside down mortgages still to blow, we are apparently being fed the "homeless recovery." See? With each recovery, we can begin to see past those boring necessities that clouded our vision in the past. With joblessness and homelessness becoming old hat, I can't wait for what's next--maybe a foodless recovery or an airless recover--for future administrations to bestow on us.

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Khalid Amayreh Interview: "the mental landscape of every Palestinian man, woman and child is overwhelmed with the Israeli nightmare"

September 25th, 2009

By Mary Rizzo

Mary Rizzo, Khalid Amayreh, Palestinian family in Gaza

Those who seek information about Palestine often tend to be attracted to particular writers and journalists for the special insights and gifts that seem to be uniquely their own. “The Middle East Crisis” is an issue having a profound, complex and multi-faceted dimension of interpretation, that for however long there has been a crisis (and worse), and despite the great abundance of written material available, more than we can ever realistically confront, the reader is driven to seek the voices that can analyse any aspect of the situation clearly. There really are far fewer with this talent than one would expect. The characteristic of this type of writer is that there is a distinctive voice or style, and more than that, there is a strong sense that the coherent and authentic ethics of this person are part of the message. It is not just reporting facts and intelligent analysis, but creating within us a consciousness of the moral situation that underlies the events. Khalid Amayreh is one such “source”. He is a very prolific author, and he is often able to correctly analyse the event of the day and place it into its overall context. This makes his work almost a diary of Palestinian events. However, as useful as it would be if he limited himself to reporting, Khalid Amayreh is far more important as a writer. He is concerned with the human condition and knows that the reader should not be left only with a cold reportage, because that would be telling only half of the story, and the less important half at that. His voice is the one speaking to the human heart, to the reader who sees the oppression that Palestinians are living under, and is mystified at they are no nearer to the end of their suffering. Khalid does not talk about “indiscriminate masses”, his work is almost a passion play, where there are names, identities, human stories behind all of the events narrated. In this interview for Palestine Think Tank, he touches on many issues in his intimitable way.

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Police State Raids Against Immigrants

September 25th, 2009

by Stephen Lendman

In 2003, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) established its largest investigative and enforcement branch - the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement arm (ICE) "as a law enforcement agency for the post-9/11 era, to integrate enforcement authorities against criminal and terrorist activities, including the fights against human trafficking and smuggling violent transnational gangs and sexual predators on children (who are) criminal (and) terrorist" threats to the nation.

Along with Muslims, Latinos are its prime targets, often using militarized unconstitutional tactics against vulnerable, defenseless people. Post-9/11, the Bush administration initiated them, and they continue under Obama.

On May 23, 2007, as a senator, Obama said:

"The time to fix our broken immigration system is now. We need stronger enforcement on the border and at the workplace."

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A challenge to the aspiring reformers of the Journalism Profession

September 25th, 2009

Zahir Ebrahim

To what extent do some or many of the following points reflect the state of the press today? In reading the following excerpt from the well known 100 year old document – deemed to be a forgery by many, and blueprint for world conquest by many more – and assuming it merely be an anonymous work of profound literature, of entertaining fiction, or a frightening discourse in political science, its diabolical prescience to reflect what has come to pass in the worldwide press today is incredibly shocking. As in Machiavelli's The Prince, the diabolical mechanisms proposed therein to manufacture and control public opinion to serve the interests of a despotic oligarchy bears close study.

The very word “freedom” has been circumscribed in this despotic system from what is deemed “unalienable”, to what is ordained “legal”. And it becomes pertinent to ask the question: Is that state of affairs reflected in the tortuous reality of today? As the text asserts: “all freedom will thus be in our hands, since the laws will abolish or create only that which is desirable for us according to the aforesaid program.”

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Obama Folds a Royal Flush: Israel Wins, Palestine Suffers

September 25th, 2009

Alan Sabrosky

Obama needs to be seen as more than a crashing disappointment.

One rarely sees someone sit at a card table holding a Royal Flush with most of the game’s chips in front of him, and fold his hand. But that is precisely what Obama did with Netanyahu on the settlements issue, which was absolutely a litmus test of what he would do to Israel to force a solution, and of what the Palestinians could expect from him.

The answer in both instances is “nothing.” So the Israelis have no reason whatsoever to give more than lip service to anything Obama says or wants in the future, and the Palestinians have no reason whatsoever to trust him to help them improve their lot, much less protect them from periodic Israeli depredations.

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