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Breaking News: Nikola Tesla Testifies at NY Grand Jury on 9/11

September 10th, 2010

New York City Grand Jury Hands Down Indictment on 9/11
By Robert Singer

The Charges:

Plaintiff (The People of the United States) --vs-- Defendants (No CR 95-110 The Powers That Be (TPTB, a non-conspiracy acronym), Mike Rivero, a.k.a. John Wenckus) [1]

Violations: 18 USC Sec. 2332a; 18 USC Sec. 844(f); 18 USC Sec. 1114; 18 USC Sec. 1111;

This case centers on a Metaphysical Catechism (Test) of the Earth initiated (with out prior notice as required by Rule #25443) on September 11, 2001 at the electro-magnetic grid location 40° 42' 41.3852", -74° 0' 44.0064 (One World Trade Center). [2]


COUNT ONE (Conspiracy to use incendiary devices to create controlled-diameter holes in metallic targets)

The Grand Jury charges:

  1. On 9/6/2001 The Powers That Be (TPTB), the defendants herein, did knowingly, intentionally, willfully and maliciously conspire, combine and agree together and with others unknown to the Grand Jury to remove bomb-sniffing dogs from the World Trade Center I and II, while the defendants and their unknown agents placed AN-M14 thermite charged incendiary devices between the 92nd to 98th floors of the North Tower and between the 78th to 84th floors in the South Tower.

    The object of the conspiracy were as follows:
    - Kill and injure innocent people (1,434 in the North Tower, 589 in the South Tower).
    - Damage the property of Silverstein Properties, Inc. (Larry Silverstein suffered a net loss of 4 billion dollars). [3]
    - Generate confusion surrounding the impact holes in the towers to prevent the discovery of the test of the Earth (Count 2).

    At 8:46 AM on September 11, 2001, TPTB caused the thermite-charged incendiary device to explode creating an impact hole that extended from the 92nd to 98th floors of the North Tower.
    At 9:03 AM on September 11, 2001, TPTB caused the thermite-charged incendiary device to explode creating an impact hole that extended from the 78th to 84th floors at South Tower.

    COUNT TWO (Conspiracy to conduct a Metaphysical Catechism (Test) of the Earth)

  2. On 9/11/2001 TPTB, the defendants herein, did knowingly, intentionally, willfully and maliciously conspire, combine and agree together and with others unknown to the Grand Jury to conduct a Metaphysical Catechism (Test) of the Earth that resulting in the deaths of 2,023 persons.
  3. The Powers That Be (TPTB), armed with the lost knowledge from the ancient world Atlantis, in a metaphysical struggle with the Earth are using humans to weaken the earth with environmental damage and pollution. The Question of Questions

    “Environmental Damage and Pollution Are the Goal and Not the Unintended Consequence of Our Consumer (shopping) Society.” Dem Bones is Connected To De Debt Bone

    It was the object of the conspiracy to determine if the earth was sufficiently weakened, so TPTB could take over and begin the transition to a One World Government and New World Order on 9/12. If you are not a familiar with the works of F.W. Engdahl and the reality of a New World Order conspiracy, visit the CIA controlled Globalresearch.ca website. [4]

    The Manner and Means Used By the Conspirators to Further the Objects of the Conspiracy

    Among the manner and means used by the defendants to further the objects of the conspiracy were the following:

    COUNT THREE (The Conspiracy to use Computer-Generated Video Graphics (CGI fakery) to add an impediment to the discovery of the Metaphysical Test of the Earth).

  4. On 9/11/2001 TPTB, the defendants herein, did knowingly, intentionally, willfully and maliciously conspire, combine and agree together and with Mike Rivero, a.k.a. John Wenckus, and others unknown to the Grand Jury, to use fake and/or doctored TV images to create the illusion of real plane crashes at the WTC.

It was the objective of the conspiracy to create an almost impenetrable barrier to the discovery of the Metaphysical Catechism (Test).

All in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1114, 1111 and 2(a)&(b); and Title 28, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 64.2(h). Vincent Bugliosi, United States Attorney

[Prosecutor Note: Normally I (Vincent Bugliosi) won’t take a conspiracy theory case especially one that is Metaphysical (Sartre didn't understand the word metaphysical). I spent the last eight years writing "Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy" where I poked fun of the JFK conspiracy theories. I agreed to prosecute this case because I read The Key to the Secret of the Universe, Part 2 by Robert Singer.

{The following transcript is truth disguised as fiction, because truth is stranger than fiction.}

All the information herein, is taken from real events that can be verified by the numerous exhibits and hyperlinks.

"Any resemblance to real people is purely intentional."

CIA agent Mike Rivero, did not agree to cooperate with the grand jury and therefore we were required to invent his testimony based on the facts and the evidence that can be verified by the exhibits and hyperlinks.

All other witnesses that appeared before the grand jury did so by their own volition.

Opening statement (by Vincent Bugliosi)

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for agreeing to be on this panel.

Before we begin, let me say this: our staff spent the last nine years researching and investigating the official story of September 11 and have come to the conclusion that

Nineteen fanatical Arab hijackers, masterminded by an evil genius named Osama bin Laden, crashed airplanes into steel skyscrapers because they “hate our freedom to go shopping.” Inexplicably, the jet fuel, which is basically kerosene that burns at about 400c, took on the qualities of an explosive demolition agent, vaporizing 70 tons of aircraft into a puff of smoke and causing 110-story buildings to collapse into a pile of rubble.

That story is so preposterous that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Neocons didn’t expect you to believe it.

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Neocons expected you to believe 9/11 Truth: A rogue element of the US government that needed a New Pearl Harbor, used controlled demolition to destroy the Twin Towers.

Without getting into the details I agree that Bush played the part of being stupid really well, but do you actually think he would put his plans on the Project for A New America website? [5]

If you are not already aware, ALL of the media is controlled

9/11 Truth is a cesspit. There is not a shadow of a doubt that the 9/11 “Truth” was planned simultaneously with 9/11 itself. That is why you have so many conflicting stories, points of view, arguments and discussions, etc. The Trolls were pre-ordained and planned. So were the major websites (e.g., 911Truth.org, Infowars). “It is a known fact that any grouping of five or more will be infiltrated.” - Veronica Chapman, Truther

Alex Jones is the "Minister of Truth" over a flock of "Truthers", whose church is the "9/11 Truth Movement." Pastor Jones is none other than a member of Project Mockingbird, Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and alternative Media Gatekeeper for the Vatican: Alex Jones Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor CIA Disinformation Agent. [6]
Then, I suggest you request time to re-read the materials in the Exhibit 7. [7]

That being said, the story behind “the story behind the story” of how the World Trade Center I and II collapsed on September 11, 2001 is The Most Important issue in the History of the Universe.

Count 2: Conspiracy to use incendiary devices to create controlled-diameter holes in metallic targets

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, thermite was used on 9/11, but only to create the impact holes in the Twin Towers where the alleged planes flew into the North and South Towers.

There is absolutely no evidence, hypothesis or theory that can prove that a controlled demolition using thermite, “Israel’s Super-Thermite” or nano-thermite, is responsible for the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11. [8]

“A picture is worth a 1000 words,” therefore I submit 3,000 words in three pictures:

A=Controlled Demolition of a hotel, B=North Tower, C=Hiroshima.

TPTB and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin knew that “The Best Way To Control The Opposition Is To Lead It Ourselves."

Steven Jones, the “expert” for the 9/11 Truth movement, is a professor of physics with no expertise whatsoever in material science. Dr. Jones was asked to leave the university when he embarrassed the physics department at Brigham Young by going public with his “best hypothesis” about the collapse of the Twin Towers.

Jones writes that demolitions of WTC 1, 2 and 7 are the same, however:

WTC 7 was a bottom-up a gravity-assisted collapse with a small debris field, while WTC 1 and 2 were primarily top-down, virtually unassisted by gravity and showered debris in a wide radius as their frames essentially "peeled" outward. FEMA: WTC Study, Ch. 5 (05/02)

Jones’ research, never peer reviewed, does not prove the building collapsed from controlled demolition. A peer review of Steven E. Jones' 9/11 Research (The Trouble with Jones)

Inexplicably, Steven Jones was allowed to advance his hypothesis in front of millions on MSNBC.
“What I'm doing, Tucker (Carlson), is presenting evidence, but it's a hypothesis to be tested. That's a big difference from a conclusion, and so I just wanted to clarify that.”
Exhibit 9 has all of the information required to thoroughly discredit any theory of controlled demolition from Dr. Steven “Cold Fusion” Jones. [9]

To repeat COUNT 2
September 11 was a Metaphysical Catechism to determine if the Earth was sufficiently weakened so TPTB could begin the transition to a One World Government and New World Order.
The Earth, despite decades of unprecedented environmental damage and pollution, still had sufficient energy to resist the takeover and, in resisting, was the source of the energy that caused the Twin Towers to collapse and turn largely into dust.

What are the indications that we know the Earth passed the test?

We have a signed affidavit from an officer in the U.S. Navy:

I was an officer on the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) deployed in the Persian Gulf. On September 10th, our ship was chopped (turned around) in the Straits of Hormuz, went to Battle Condition II, and prepared to invade Iraq. The order to stand down came 5 hours after the 2nd tower collapsed. [10]

The USS Carl Vinson was in the Persian Gulf with orders to invade Iraq. Logic would dictate the invasion would go forward when the buildings collapsed and not be called off. [11]

The invasion of Iraq (the cradle of civilization) was called off because TPTB understood the earth still had sufficient energy to resist and that energy caused the towers’ collapse.

And if you need more proof the test passed, what did George W. Bush tell us do on 9/12? Answer: “Go Shopping.”

“Environmental Damage and Pollution are the Goal and Not the Unintended Consequence of Our Consumer (shopping) Society.” The Question of Questions

We will hear testimony from Dr. Judy Wood, the only scientist who has completed a forensic study of the photographic evidence from the WTC area before, on and after 9/11. The evidence she has compiled shows the effects related to experiments done by John Hutchinson and Nikola Tesla.

She will be followed by Mike Rivero and finally we will hear from Nikola Tesla via an interplanetary communication device.

Call the first witness.

Testimony of Mike Rivero

Bugliosi: Good morning Mr. Rivero, please tell the jury what you did before launching your website www.whatreallyhappened.com for the CIA, and whether you are also known as John Wenckus? CNN Removes Picture of John J. Wenckus

Rivero: Yes, I went by the name of John Wenckus when I worked for NASA.

Bugliosi: You have admitted your part in the conspiracy to produce the faked plane impacts with the World Trade Center using CNN Video Fakery/Cartoon CGI.

What technical expertise qualified you for the task?

Rivero: I spent 25 years as a photo imaging expert analyst for NASA. During that time, I consulted in Hollywood on Sci-Fi projects and created the special effects for Star Trek, Stargate and the ABC hit miniseries "Lost."

Bugliosi: Please summarize for the Jury CGI Video Fakery and the no-plane issue.

Rivero: The objective of the faked airplane crashes was to prevent discovery of the Metaphysical Catechism (Test).

TPTB suffer from OCD when it comes to their metaphysical struggle with the Earth; they don’t leave anything to chance. A real and present danger existed. What if the Earth prevailed (which it did on 9/11), and the profane (middle class) found out about the conspiracy to use humans to weaken the Earth with environmental damage by living in a consumer society?

Then people would stop shopping, watch The Story of Stuff and then go out and form sustainable living communities like Portland City Repair. If that happened in 2001 the TPTB would have been defeated long before October 29, 2008. The Power of Community, Why was I born? Why are we here?

The test designers built into the test a “gotcha.”

Bugliosi: Explain.

Rivero: They knew a scientist, like Dr. Judy Wood, would come forward and debunk Steven Jones. Dr. Wood has presented a compelling case for the collapse that explains the 1,400 cars that were toasted in inexplicable patterns and the dip of the Earth's magnetic field at the precise moment of the supposed first plane "impact." Furthermore, she calls attention to the presence of Hurricane Erin off the coast of New York on 9/11.

The test was designed to ensure that no one would listen to Dr. Wood.

Bugliosi: How was that accomplished?

Rivero: They used computer-generated video graphics to fake the plane crashes into the North and South towers, a.k.a. the no-plane theory.

Bugliosi: I’m having trouble. What do no-planes have to do with the no-controlled demolition of the Twin Towers?

Rivero: Actually, everything and nothing.

We knew that investigators would quickly realize the physical impossibility of jumbo jets, being largely aluminum, penetrating the steel frames of the towers.

Look at this image of the second impact, taken from a news helicopter which shows a video composite of a Boeing 767 accidentally appearing from behind a layer mask.

We knew that even an amateur researcher would figure out that digital compositing was used to depict the plane crashes in the news reports and subsequent amateur videos, so then we “had” them.

Bugliosi: I am not sure the jury is following your logic.

Rivero: Everyone on the team realized a legitimate investigator or truth seeker has integrity and a duty to report everything they discover, even if it has no relevance or importance to the events under investigation.

When the investigators reported on the impossibility of a Theory of Controlled Demolition, they would also report that no planes were flown into the Twin Towers. [12]

Look at this statement from Morgan Reynolds:

"There were no planes, there were no hijackers. I know, I know, I'm out of the mainstream, but that's the way it is. How could two large wide-bodied aluminum jetliners penetrate massive steel towers and disappear with no deceleration visible, no plane wreckage visible in gashes and none knocked to the ground below the impact zone?”

Reynolds knows he is out of the mainstream and he knows the issue is irrelevant to his discovery that controlled demolition could never explain the collapse of the Twin Towers.

But once he put his no-plane (foot) in his mouth, it became the hyper-straw man by which ALL of his theories could be attacked. [13]

The crackpot theories like "no-planes, pods, energy weapons, holograms," etc., were all looked at by many of us many years ago; we found there to be no truth to any of them and deemed them disinfo.

The WTC demolitions are proven and the official 9/11 airliner tales are proven hogwash. This article, the beneficiary of work by many other investigators, proves it. I await the replies of Hoffman and other apologists to reestablish the official, albeit impossible, airliner stories. I expect little more than obfuscation. What really happened? I do not know. What is clear is that the government is lying about the four reported Big Boeing crashes.

I don't like these theories because they require a level of technology in excess of what's needed to do the job. Global Hawk + nanothermite = Job Done.

The no-planers actually create the disinfo they peddle, so they're otherwise known as disinfo artists. Several of them have grievances with the 9/11 Truth movement, so that is the likely reason they create the disinfo and try to pass it off as "9/11 Truth" to make the movement look bad.

“The 9/11 Truth Movement served the dual purpose of vectoring genuine truth seekers to dead ends and branding those who questioned authority and the true nature of reality (the Theory of Controlled Demolition) as insane.”

The Truthers, who saw “there was no break in the building wall between the port engine and fuselage when the 757 allegedly hit the North Tower,” were threatened with violence and banned from conspiracy theory websites.

Everyone else in the “Truth” community kept quiet and accepted Professor James Fetzer’s explanation:

“It’s Tactical. Even if they (the advocates of No Plane Theory) are right, it hurts the movement. Many feel that there is so much evidence of government complicity beyond the issue of big passenger jets that diverting attention to the one thing most people believe that they "saw" is not to our tactical and strategic advantage.”

Bugliosi: Whoa, that’s a lot to take in.

Rivero: Yes, but, if you think about it, you have to appreciate the lengths TPTB were willing to go to keep anyone from finding out about the metaphysical struggle. My favorite ad hominem attack:

What it boils down to is that not a single legitimate research organization in the 9/11 Truth movement supports any of these crackpot disinfo theories. Not scholars, pilots, architects and engineers, lawyers, firefigters, 9/11 bloggers, Loose Change, you name it. Nobody supports these fringe theories. [all “illegitimate” organizations run by the CIA]

Bugliosi: Call the next witness:

Bugliosi: Good afternoon Dr. Wood. Thank you for taking time to testify at these proceedings.

Wood: You are welcome.

Bugliosi: Dr. Wood, please inform the jury about your science background and explain your theory of the collapse of the Twin Towers.

Wood: I am a former professor of mechanical engineering, with expertise in material science. My research concludes the buildings were destroyed using some type of “field effect technology,” related to what has become known as the Hutchison Effect and the presence of Hurricane Erin. [14]

Bugliosi: Dr. Wood, you raise important questions about the so-called collapse and the dip of the Earth's magnetic field at the precise moment of the supposed first plane "impact."

Can we safely assume you are aware of the Radiant Energy research by Nikola Tesla in the Late 19th Century?

Wood: Of course, who isn’t?

Bugliosi: Tesla, as you may or may not know, had a metaphysical view of the Earth when he and Rudolf Steiner affirmed that the “ether” was composed of four fractions which he described as, 1) the Light Ether, 2) the Warmth Ether, 3) the Chemical Ether and 4) the Life Ether, a combination of the first three. Tesla Physics

The energy from the Tunguska Event, an explosion in 1908 was 1,000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima atomic bomb and destroyed over 1,000 miles of a very remote and sparsely inhabited region of central Siberia.

Bugliosi: As you have referenced Tesla in your own research, would you agree Radiant Energy (from the ether) could explain the collapse of the Twin Towers?

Wood: I can’t be sure. I didn’t investigate Tesla’s theory; however, when John Hutchison tried to reproduce some of Tesla's experiments, he reported that sometimes objects would move or be affected up to 1 or 2 blocks away from his apartment.

Bugliosi: I would like to read a statement to the jury from your associate Andrew Johnson:

"I, Andrew Johnson do no know exactly how the energy used to destroy the WTC manifested itself, but the buildings are no longer there, so the energy source did, indeed, manifest itself.

One question that has arisen is what the energy source for the destruction of the WTC actually was. Once the evidence is studied, it can be clearly seen that it is not gravity, kerosene or plane crashes. It is also not thermite, RDX or even conventional nuclear explosives.

Dr Judy Wood's study shows that the characteristics of the Hutchison Effect, originally demonstrated with increasing degrees of reliability from the early 80's to the present day, are a precise match for the evidence found after and during in the destruction of the WTC.

One of the primary indicators is the huge energy change which occurred, where at least 85% of the buildings turned to dust in approximately 20 seconds, and which was accompanied by a tiny change in ambient temperature. Asymptomatic of the energy generated in an explosion.

That is, we did not see people who were right in the dust cloud being burned alive. (This simple observation is often overlooked.)

So, what is the source of the "Hutchison Energy?" I, myself, do not precisely know, but it appears that the interference effects involved in Hutchison's experiments unlock some other energy source - which may be described as Zero Point Energy, Vacuum Energy or, who knows, possibly even Orgone Energy (discovered by Wilhelm Reich)."

[End of Andrew Johnson statement]

Bugliosi: Is this an accurate assessment of your research?

Wood: Yes.

Bugliosi: Dr. Wood, what is your conclusion on how the Twin Towers were turned largely into dust?

Wood: We believe the evidence is consistent with the use of directed energy weapons that go well beyond the capabilities of conventional explosives. The only energy that can explain the dip in the earth’s magnetic surface is “…something which had a long-range effect, not limited to the region around the World Trade Center.”

Bugliosi: Dr. Wood, you have yet to address what would be the motive of the U.S. government to have tested/used an energy directed weapon on 9/11?

Wood: My research does not try to determine what the source of this energy is - whether it is within matter itself or whether it is, perhaps, a part of the "Radiant Energy" which Tesla discovered.

What is clear is that the experiments that John Hutchison has been doing do not seem to be identical to any that are recorded as having being done by Tesla, though John Hutchison has used Tesla coils as an electrostatic source in some of his past experiments.

Some might say the 9/11 perpetrators knew of a way to exploit "Earth energy" or "universal energy" as part of a weapons system - and that this formed part of a "larger exercise." The source of the energy is open to debate - as is the motive behind why this type of weapon was used on that site at that time.

My position is that use of the weapon was a demonstration of "free energy" technology - and that we (or some group of people) have a choice as to how we use this energy source.

I am a scientist and don’t speculate as to why they did it. I am convinced they did use an energy weapon on 9/11 to bring down the Twin Towers. [14]

Bugliosi: Dr. Wood, thank you for your testimony. We will now contact our next witness, Nikola Tesla via an interplanetary communication device using a magnifying transmitting tower, designed in 1901, by the witness himself at the Wardenclyffe laboratory in Shoreham, Long Island. Nikola, can you hear us?

Tesla: Yes, you are coming in loud and clear.

Bugliosi: Mr. Tesla did you know that you are now among the 100 most famous people to have lived in the last 1,000 years? Tesla Memorial Society of New York

Tesla: I am humbled to say the least.

Bugliosi: Mr. Tesla, TPTB have been charged with One World Government and New World Order conspiracy. Are you familiar with the defendants?

Tesla: J. Pierpont Morgan was a founding “Power That Be” member and his connection to The House of Rothschild (the power behind TPTB) is the Skull and Bones Society through the Davison Family. He gave me the money to build the Wardenclyffe laboratory.

Bugliosi: Did Morgan’s decision to withdraw the funding for Wardenclyffe have anything to do with the quote often attributed to the famous financier?

"If anyone can draw on the power, where do we put the meter?"

Tesla: No, that was another misattributed quote that TPTB made sure found its way into our filtered history.

Bugliosi: What do you mean?

Tesla: The “Let them eat cake” phrase, misattributed to Marie Antoinette, was to give the middle class (former serfs and slaves) living the American Dream (a nightmare for the planet) the impression that the revolution began as a public uprising over lack of food and government representation and not by cells of French Masonry and the German Illuminati (The House of Rothschild, TPTB). Liberté, Enlightenté, Entitleté

“If one desires to point to a major world event proven to have been inspired by secret society machinations [of the Illuminati], one need to look no further than the French Revolution, which devastated that nation between 1787 and 1799.” The Masonic book A Ritual and Illustrations of Freemasonry by Nesta H. Webster.

Tesla: The "where do we put the meter" phrase is to perpetuate the myth that everything that is wrong in America is about someone getting rich while we are getting swindled.

One of the more absurd notions that found its way into the history books and the writings of economic experts, is that, somehow, J.P. Morgan and TPTB (swindlers and scoundrels of history) were made wealthier accumulating the monopoly money they printed.

Bugliosi: What, that isn’t true?

Tesla: Vince, according to one source in the late 1800s, when the planet was still in ecological balance, "it was estimated TPTB controlled almost half the wealth of the world” The Power Of The Rothschilds By Fritz Springmeier, The History of the House of Rothschild by Andrew Hitchcock

That would be real wealth: raw materials, commodities, copper, iron ore, petroleum, lead, silver and gold and the coal reserves of the U.S.

Vince, how much do you think they are worth today?

Bugliosi: I am not sure but I hear they have a lot of money.

Tesla: And that’s my point: wealth isn’t fiat currency (monopoly money), wealth is raw materials, commodities, iron ore, petroleum, lead, copper, silver, gold and don’t forget the coal reserves used to generate 54% of the electricity in the U.S. for the last 100 years.

So Vince, the $500 trillion dollar question is, what happened to their real wealth, where is it now?

Bugliosi: Now I see where you are going; their real wealth was burned up as in consumed, by the middle class so former members of the Third Estate (serfs and slaves) could have houses, cars, RVs, TVs and DVDs and leave the lights on because their goal all along was to “make electricity so cheap that only the rich will be able to burn candles."

Tesla: Yep, and now we get to the best part of this mental monopoly money masturbation exercise. Let’s say J.P. was clueless and didn’t understand he was exchanging his real wealth for the monopoly money his central banks were printing “out of thin air.”

We would have to assume he had some obsessive compulsive desire to be the robber baron that accumulated the most monopoly money in history.

Vince, are you following?

Bugliosi: Yes.

Tesla: All right, then, how do you reconcile Edison’s statement, “electricity so cheap” with the J.P.’s quote, "If anyone can draw on the power, where do we put the meter?"

Bugliosi: Now you have lost me again.

Tesla: Sorry, I realize all this is new but it’s really quite simple: you are aware that the “Public” Utilities Commission regulates privately owned electric utilities “allegedly” to provide safe, adequate, reliable service at fair, reasonable rates.

Bugliosi: Yes, but now I realize that “fair and reasonable” should be replaced with “to provide electricity, so cheap that we will use it irresponsibly.”

Tesla: Vince, you catch on fast. Look, there are only six possibilities why J.P. Morgan and the swindlers and scoundrels downward-manipulate the costs, that is, they manipulated the price of electricity lower, not higher as you would expect, so the mining industry can still make a profit when your utility bill is $50/month. Silver, But No Silver Lining,

  1. The energy markets are too complex to understand.
  2. Politics bumping into economics: Consumers don’t like price fluctuations and, thus, the pressure is on politicians to keep stringent price caps.
  3. Corporations don’t rule the Congress, the Senate and of course the Pubic Utility Commissions. Mark Twain was talking about 1890 when he said: "We have the best government that money can buy." Everything changed for the people in the 20th century.
  4. Lobbyists hired by the coal mining industry for the first and only time in legislative history failed to influence public policy to make a profit.
  5. Shelby Foote, notable historian of the Civil War was wrong when he said, government “of and by and for the people” perished from the Earth when our beloved President Lincoln slaughtered 620,000 Americans to end our right of self-determination.
  6. J.P. Morgan and the coal industry didn’t realize the average utility bill over the last 100 years (less than $50.00/month) would still be considered cheap if it was 3% higher ($51.50/month). Can you calculate how much extra monopoly money those scoundrels would have today if your electricity bill was 3% higher? (75,000,000 Households x 12 months x $1.50 x 50 years = )

Vince, I think you would agree that none of the above makes any sense.

The cost of electricity is downward-manipulated to diminish its value to the user and increase demand. Can you guess why? The Myth of "Free" Enterprise Economic System

Bugliosi: Electricity generated from coal-fired plants is the dirtiest source of energy and contributes to smog, soot, acid rain, global warming, toxic air emissions and, of course, is instrumental in TPTB’s strategy to weaken the Earth.

Nikola, you are a genius and deserve to be one of the 100 most famous people to have lived in the last 1,000 years and you are a man with a broad vision of the cosmos and the role that the ether (or aether) plays in the manifestations of all electrical phenomena.

Furthermore, you have confirmed our allegation that TPTB wanted to weaken the Earth.

Can you confirm if a Metaphysical Catechism would result in the creation of an abrupt disruption in the equilibrium of the ether fractions (Light, Warmth and Chemical Ethers) using one-way, high-magnitude pulses of short duration could explain the collapse of the Twin Towers?

Tesla: Yes it would and I might add the Towers would turn the largely to dust.

Bugliosi: Could you describe in layman’s terms what were the details of the Metaphysical Catechism (Test) for the jury?

Yes, but first we must verify The Basic Archetypal Background:

“The events of 9/11 are immensely complex, beyond words really, with so many causes, consequences, and dimensions. But the planetary archetypal situation was dramatically clear. In the last few weeks the planetary alignment that represents the heaviest—the darkest, most weighty, mortally serious, historically grave—of all archetypal combinations, the Saturn-Pluto alignment, reached exactitude, an opposition.

The first two weeks of this month in particular were critical, as the Sun and Full Moon moved into a rare and extraordinarily precise grand cross (two oppositions--Saturn with Pluto, Sun with Moon--both 90 degree square to each other).” Click here to read ”Notes on World Trade Center attack September 11, 2001” by Richard Tarnas

As you can see the day was immensely significant metaphysically and astrologically.

Bugliosi: No kidding.

Tesla: The easiest way to understand a Metaphysical Catechism is to imagine an Arm Wrestling match, considered by many to be the ultimate test of strength, between TPTB and the Earth with the legs of the Arm Wrestling table the North and South Tower.

Arm Wrestling is a battle of leverage, and the strategies and techniques depend on the location and time of the Arm Wrestling match.

On 9/11, TPTB failed to demonstrate good sportsmanship when they violated rules from the American Metaphysical Armsport Association: Rules, Conducts and Manners manual.

Rule #15032 – failure to give notice.
Rule #25443 – participants must mutually agree on the location of the match.

TPTB are known for using the Sidemore strategy:

"I never, ever, ever go to the inside on a bigger guy. The reason is that if I cannot take him down immediately then he can probably throw his weight into the match and pin me in a heartbeat. To me a quick surge of backpressure is the only way to go. Finger attacks are the way to go. " - Mark Sidemore

8:46 a.m. - Arm Wrestling initiated by TPTB, in violation of rule #15032, at the electro-magnetic grid location 40° 42' 41.3852", -74° 0' 44.0064 (One World Trade Center).

The TPTB began with a surge in backpressure. The Sidemore technique had a high probability of success because the powerful electromagnetic frequencies from the micro cities would interfere with the Earth’s energy. The intention was to further weaken an Earth (suffering from decades of environmental damage and pollution) which possessed greater strength than TPTB.

Although the Sidemore attack failed, TPTB knew that the Earth would not throw her weight into the match and pin TPTB.

Why? Because the energy required in a toproll maneuver would result in the collapse of the North and South Tower Arm Wrestling table legs, killing all 17,400 occupants in an unusually horrible and agonizing death.

The Earth would never do such an abominable thing to innocent bystanders (Click here to read why TPTB killed 70 million people to ensure the Jews arrived in Haifa not in 1946, or 1950 but in 1948).

Instead the Earth was limited to a quick surge of backpressure, releasing enough energy to keep from being pinned and prolonging the match until the Towers could be safely evacuated.

A toproll from TPTB locked the Earth in a death grip followed by 73 minutes of surges from side to side, counting on the micro cities’ powerful electrical systems to drain the Earth’s energy. During that time the earth perspired, which explains the presence of Hurricane Erin off the coast of New York.

9:59:04 a.m. Exhausted from the interference from the electricity and the protracted back and forth pivots, the Earth’s grip was slipping, the arm and hand were in the losing position, as they were below two-thirds of the way to the pin pad.

Because nearly everyone was safely evacuated from the South Tower, the Earth summoned all of her strength and an enormous surge of energy came forth. She was able to execute an outside toproll maneuver and the match was saved. The energy expended for the maneuver caused the Arm Wrestling table leg of the South Tower to collapse.

The match continued an additional 29 minutes while 90% of the occupants were safely evacuated from the North Tower.

10:28:31 a.m. The Earth executed a toproll followed by the press. The match was over. The Earth was declared the winner and the Arm Wrestling table leg of the North Tower collapsed. Five hours later the invasion of the cradle of civilization was called off because TPTB were defeated.

And if you need more proof TPTB accepted defeat, what did George W. Bush tell us do on 9/12? Answer: “Go Shopping.”

“Environmental Damage and Pollution are the Goal and Not the Unintended Consequence of Our Consumer (shopping) Society.” Liberté, Enlightenté, Entitleté

Click here for Exhibits and Footnotes.

Robert Singer writes about Secrets, Sentient Creatures and The Federal Reserve at The Peoples Voice and The Market Oracle (http://twitter.com/rds2301)

If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you; but if you really make them think, they'll hate you."-- Don Marquis

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