Permalink America's War on Everything It Claims to Stand For

by Stephen Lendman

What kind of nation scorns basic precepts free societies cherish? Mocks them. Operates extrajudicially. Polar opposite what it claims to support. Rewarding its wicked. Most reprehensible. Punishing its best, brightest, most honorable and deserving of praise.

What nation has far and away the world's worst human and civil rights record over a longer duration? Affecting the greatest number of people.

Which one bears more full responsibility for multiple global genocides? At home and abroad.

Which cares only for its rich, well-born and privileged? No others. Which more systematically wants its middle class eliminated? Its working population exploited as serfs.

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Permalink Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News Portrays Ukraine’s ‘Far Right’ as ‘Heroes’

Eric Zuesse

On January 22nd, Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News (Murdoch founded it, his son James headed it for a while, and their 21st Century Fox owns a controlling stake”“ in it) telecast a puff-piece for Ukraine’s right-wing extremists, several times calling them “heroes” to “patriotic” Ukrainians. This segment of their documentary series “Ross Kemp: Extreme World,” was titled “Ukraine: The Rise of The Right.” In it, Ukraine’s “far right” are described as being patriots who are protecting all of Ukraine from a Russian invasion, and who are therefore being increasingly admired by Ukrainians. It says: “The ultras [ultra-rightists] are actually patriotic young people who are ready to fight — not only on the Maidan, but also at the war for our land. … These men — seen now by many as heroes — are fighting for the Azov Battalion in Mariupol, Maryinka and Iliovaisk.”

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Permalink Mariupol Shelling: Kiev's Latest False Flag?

by Stephen Lendman

Previous Kiev false flag attacks suggest Saturday's Mariupol shelling perhaps its latest. It remains to be seen what further evidence discloses.

Throughout months of fighting, Kiev sought to blame Donbas self-defense forces for its crimes of war and against humanity.

Including gruesome atrocities. Use of cluster bombs, chemical and other illegal weapons. Downing MH17.

Systematic shelling of residential and other non-military areas. Recent Volnovakha and Donetsk bus attacks. Willfully murdering civilian men, women and children.

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Permalink A Personal Note On Jewish Statistics

Link: http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/2015/1/19/a-personal-note-on-jewish-statistics

By Gilad Atzmon

The British political establishment is in a state of panic. A poll revealed last week that “a quarter of Jews in Britain have considered leaving the country in the last two years and well over half (58%) feel they have no long term future in Europe.” This could be a potential disaster for British political parties. Eighty per cent of the Tories are members of the pro Israeli lobby, The Conservative Friends Of Israel (CFI), and a similar percentage of Labour and Libdem MPs have vowed their allegiance to Israel through their respective Jewish Lobby groups. The Jews are clearly a vital source of funding for British politicians. In fact, it has become hard to imagine what British politics would look like without Jewish Lobby’s money. Though the vast majority of British MPs are friends of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, it has not been established how many of our MPs are friendly with Manchester and Hartlepool.

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Permalink Lunatics Run the Washington Asylum

by Stephen Lendman

Never in world history has one nation threatened humanity's survival like America. Wars without end rage.

Against invented enemies. New ones follow with disturbing regularity. Peace is pure fantasy.

Obama wants congressional authorization for unconstrained war. Ignoring international law. Claiming it's to fight IS. One of his many Big Lies.

A companion article suggests Pentagon officials now direct Kiev's war on Donbas. Besides supplying its military with heavy weapons and munitions covertly.

So-called joint US/Ukrainian training operations may be prelude to direct American intervention. With Pentagon forces on the front lines. Waging war close to Russia's border. One major false flag away from potential US/Russian conflict.

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Permalink Charlie Hebdo, A Free Press, And Social Security

America is now a closed-mind country. Minds are closed by ideological agendas, by narrow private interests, and by the view that only conspiracy kooks dissent from official explanations. Dissent and protest are gradually being criminalized. The government does not succeed all at once, but gradually step by step. Before too long we will have to believe the most fantastic stories or be arrested. That is the path that government and ideologues have us on.

Permalink Edward Snowden: Apple iPhone with Secret iFeature Allows Government to Spy on You

Edward Snowden, former contractor for the National Security Agency who leaked thousands of pages of previously classified NSA intelligence documents: Apple's iPhone has "special software" that authorities can activate remotely to be able to gather information about the user. Apple said the company has never been involved with the NSA in the creation of backdoor software for any of the company's products.

Permalink Inches away from death: Mariupol shelling caught on dashcam - Video

The deadly shelling of the city of Mariupol in south-eastern Ukraine has been caught on a car dashcam, with the terrified driver barely escaping with his life after a car in front him was blown to pieces. 30 people killed, 100 injured when the port city, which has remained relatively insulated from violence throughout majority of the Ukrainian conflict, was bombarded Saturday.

Permalink Germany halts arms exports to Saudi Arabia citing regional instability – report

Germany has stopped arms exports to one of its biggest buyers, Saudi Arabia. The instability in the region led Chancellor Angela Merkel and her ministers to take the decision.

Permalink State Dept. Says RT Not in Same Category of US Concerns as Terrorist Groups

News media outlet Russia Today (RT) and terrorist organizations Islamic State (IS) and Boko Haram should not be labelled together as the main challenges that the United States faces; Department of State (DoS) spokesperson Jen Psaki.

Permalink Lawmaker Says Syriza’s Potential Victory Disturbing Sign for EU

The victory of the Greek left-wing opposition party Syriza in parliamentary elections would become a "disturbing sign" for Europe, while it would open new opportunities for developing Greece-Russia ties; deputy chief of economic policy, innovation and entrepreneurship committee with Russia's State Duma told RIA Novosti on Sunday.

Permalink CENTCOM Says US-Led Coalition Launched 26 Airstrikes in One Day Against IS

The international US-led coalition against the Islamic State (IS) has launched 26 airstrikes against the militants' positions in Syria and Iraq in one day, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) said Saturday.

Permalink German Economists Reportedly Call for Free Trade Zone With Russia

President of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations in Germany Eckhard Cordes told NDR (North German Broadcasting) Radio that a free trade zone with the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) would make sense "from the political and economic perspective".

Permalink Google Ban in Crimea Prompts Companies to Switch to Russian Services

Google's announcement that the company's services would no longer be accessible in Crimea after January 31in accordance with US sanctions has prompted local business owners to switch to alternatives, including the popular Russian internet company and search engine Yandex.

Permalink Bundesbank President Says ECB Monetary Policy 'Grave Decision'

The president of the German central bank, Jens Weidmann, has expressed his disagreement with the ECB's decision to implement quantitative easing. "Bond-buying by the government is not a normal instrument of monetary policy," when carried out in a monetary union like the Eurozone, "is connected with particular drawbacks and risks.

Permalink Israel’s President Turns Down Invitation to Meet With Obama

sraeli President Reuven Rivlin declined the invitation of the White House to meet with US President Barack Obama during his upcoming visit to the United States, Haaretz reported Monday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also does not plan to meet Obama during his visit to the United States in March.

Permalink ECB will buy 10% of Spain’s public debt

The asset-buying program will also help homeowners with their mortgage payments with the Euribor rate expected to drop further from this week’s 0.28% as a result of lenders’ increased liquidity. With a home ownership rate of nearly 80% and close to 90% of mortgages set at variable rates that depend on the Euribor, Spain stands to gain more than any other eurozone country from this reduction.

Permalink New painkiller found in coffee – stronger than morphine

Coffee contains a protein that has an effect similar to morphine, specialists at the University of Brasilia and Brazilian agriculture research company Embrapa have discovered. Moreover, the new substance’s effect lasts longer.

Permalink Nearly 140,000 Floridians have spoken out against genetically modified mosquito proposal

The company, Oxitec, is hoping to release male mosquitoes that have been modified to produce offspring that won't "survive to adulthood." The genetically modified mosquitoes will instinctually seek out wild female mosquitoes, and their offspring that won't survive will lower the total population in an effort to fight the often lethal dengue virus, which is spread by mosquitoes.

Permalink Hungary Commits to GMO-Free Farming

Hungary has made a move against Big Biotech. In an attempt to make the entire European Union free from GMO crops, Hungary will initiate a joint alliance of European Union member states rejecting the use of GMOs in farming.

Permalink GMO Pigs Coming Soon with Help of USDA and Biotech

USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and a unnamed corporation plans to address the ‘boar taint problem’ which causes a pig’s meat to smell of male reproductive organs that can make their meat ill-fit for market by altering a pig’s genome.

Permalink Senators: More US special ops troops may be needed in Yemen

Two influential senators are calling on President Barack Obama to send more U.S. ground troops to hotspots around the Middle East. The suggestion by Republican John McCain and Democrat Dianne Feinstein is a direct challenge to the president, who has said he doesn't want to increase U.S. military presence in Yemen despite the deteriorating security condition in that country.

Permalink Rebels launch 'intense' attacks on Ukraine government troops: Kiev military

Pro-Russian rebels launched new attacks against Ukrainian government positions on Sunday, the Kiev army said, as Western countries threatened more sanctions against Moscow for backing a new separatist offensive.

Permalink New Senate Environment Chair Gets His Gavel, Goes On Rant Arguing Climate Science Is A Hoax

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK). In the morning, he officially took the gavel as chairman of the Senate’s Environment Committee. In the afternoon, he took the Senate floor for a long speech about how human-caused climate change is fake.


Permalink This Battery Has Lasted 175 Years and No One Knows How - Video

A bell that has been ringing, nonstop, for at least 175 years at Oxford University. It's powered by a single battery that was installed in 1840. Researchers would love to know what the battery is made of, but they are afraid that opening the bell would ruin an experiment to see how long it will last.

Permalink De-Dollarization Complete: Iran Abandons US Dollar In Foreign Trade

Iran, according to Tasnim news agency, has almost entirely eliminated USDollars from its reserves and is no longer using dollars in foreign trade.

Permalink Attack on Mariupol Begins; 7,000-8,000 Ukrainian Forces Nearly Encircled in Northern Cauldron; US Sends Army Trainers

Donetsk People's Republic) president Alexander Zakharchenko: "There will no longer be any attempts to speak about a ceasefire from our side. We will now see how Kiev reacts. Kiev doesn’t currently understand that we can advance in three directions simultaneously". Kiev announced a 4th wave build-up of 50,000-100,000 troops.

Permalink "Cheerful" Dutch Financier Becomes 4th ABN Amro Banker Suicide

Following the deaths of 36 bankers last year, 2015 has got off to an inauspicious start with the reported suicide of Chris Van Eeghen - the 4th ABN Amro banker suicide in the last few years.

Permalink Scientists Attempt to Create Kill Switch for Genetically Modified Bacteria

As genetically-modified microbes take on ever more tasks – from creating new pharmaceuticals to turning out clean fuel sources – researchers have searched for a way to biologically isolate them from their wild counterparts, so that if they were ever accidentally released, they wouldn’t be able to survive.

Permalink 400 TSA agents have been arrested for theft of passenger items while not one terrorist has been caught.

A TSA agent convicted of stealing more than $800,000 worth of goods from travelers said this type of theft is “commonplace” among airport security. Almost 400 TSA officers have been fired for stealing from passengers since 2003, used X-ray scanners to locate the most valuable items to snatch. “I could tell whether it was cameras or laptops or portable cameras or whatever kind of electronic was in the bag.”

Permalink Brazil's most populous region facing worst drought in 80 years

Brazilian Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira: country's three most populous states are experiencing their worst drought since 1930. The drought is also having an impact on energy supplies, with reduced generation from hydroelectric dams.

Permalink Iran Joins Growing List of Countries to Ditch Dollar in Foreign Trade

Iran no longer uses the US dollar in foreign trade transactions, replacing it with other currencies including Chinese yuan, euro, Turkish lira, Russian ruble and South Korean won; deputy governor at Iranian Central Bank told the Tasnim News Agency.

Permalink Vegetable Compound 100% Effective in ‘Preventing Cancer from Spreading’

a compound in brown mustard called allyl isothiocyanate (AITC) was 100% effective at keeping cancer from spreading to muscles’ cells from the bladder, and bladder cancer growth within the organ was reduced by 34% in a recently conducted experiment.

Permalink After Yemeni regime’s collapse, calls mount for US military escalation across Middle East and Africa

One day after Yemeni President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi announced his resignation amidst the occupation of his government’s central facilities and his private residence by Houthi militants, a chorus of voices from the US political establishment and punditry are calling for expanded US and NATO military operations across the Middle East and Africa.

Permalink Rapper Tiny Doo facing long prison sentence over lyrics

Song lyrics that glorify violence are hardly uncommon. But a prosecutor in California says one rapper's violent lyrics go beyond creative license to conspiracy. San Diego-based rapper Tiny Doo has already spent eight months in prison, and faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted under a little-known California statute that makes it illegal to benefit from gang activities.

Permalink How the CIA made Google

United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information. Seed-funded by the NSA and CIA, Google was merely the first.

Permalink The Davos oligarchs are right to fear the world they’ve made

The billionaires and corporate oligarchs meeting in Davos this week are getting worried about inequality. 80 individuals now have the same net wealth as 3.5 billion people – half the entire global population. 1% will have pocketed more than the other 99% put together.

Permalink The US Military Is Building Gangs of Autonomous Flying War Bots

Drones cheaper tooperate than regular fighter jets. An armed MQ-9 Reaper drone runs about $14 million, compared to $180 million or more for an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Drones that DARPA is envisioning would not be firing on human targets without approval from another human. What are those rules when it comes to robots?


Permalink Medvedev Says Producers, Retailers Should Get Used to Lower Profits

Retailers and producers should “curb their economic appetite” and drop their level of profit on products; Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Permalink US Admits That Innocent Man Was Tortured in Guantanamo for Five Years

The United States has admitted that an Australian man detained in Guantanamo for "material support for terrorism" is innocent; Reuters.

Permalink China: “Violent Government Thugs” Beaten To Death By Angry Crowds After They Killed A Man Documenting Their Brutality

4 Chengguan, the most hated police-inspectors in China, beaten to death by angry people in Wenzhou City, after they killed a man with a hammer trying to take pictures of their violence towards a woman, a street vendor.

Permalink Breaking: Florida City Unanimously Passes GMO Labeling Bill

The city of Margate is the first in Florida to unanimously pass a bill that would require the labeling of food containing genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), follows a trend of other Florida cities proposing similar bills.

Permalink Vladimir Putin to Visit Hungary in February

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold talks on “bilateral politics, economic relations, energy security and the armed conflict in Ukraine.” Hungarian exports to Russia have fallen 13 percent since the introduction of sanctions.


Permalink Kiev forces deliver 23 attack on Luhansk republic over 24 hours — militia

Ukrainian security forces have launched 23 attacks on localties in the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic used multiple rocket launchers. eight killed, twenty injured in the shelling attacks.

Permalink Ukraine forces lose control of Donetsk airport

The Ukrainian army says its troops have lost control of the main terminal of the Donetsk airport, which has been the scene of fierce clashes between pro-Russia fighters and Kiev’s forces in recent weeks. The loss of the airport’s main terminal is viewed as a major blow to Ukrainian forces.

Permalink At least 9 killed in eastern Ukraine rush hour shelling amid conflicting arrest reports (VIDEO)

At least nine people were killed and up to 20 injured in a shelling in Donetsk on Thursday morning. In the wake of the attack, conflicting reports emerged over the arrests of what local authorities call a 'covert group. A trolleybus was also hit, Conflicting reports, may have been up to 13 deaths.

Permalink Gov’t: Sea urchins with insides empty, bare skeletons, and black lesions in Hawaii — Birds dying of unusual cancers, rarely seen in wildlife (PHOTOS)

Affected urchins have dull flattened spines (droopy urchins), or gradual to complete loss of spines (outside skeleton bare). Some are found empty with some tissue and spine remaining on their surface. a critically endangered Rota crow died from liver cancer, unusual in that cancer is rare in wildlife in general.

Permalink Lebanese parties express solidarity with Hezbollah

The Lebanese political parties expressed solidarity with Hezbollah. The Future Movement, which is Hezbollah’s political rival, condemned the attack, stressed that potential retaliatory moves by the resistance group should not be launched from Lebanese territory.

Permalink Venezuela president reveals plans to boost economy

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has unveiled plans aimed at pulling the oil-rich South American country out of recession. In an annual address to the legislature, he said the government is set to increase wages and pensions 15 percent, deliver 400,000 new homes for the poor and increase grants for students. Accused opposition groups of sabotaging the economy.

Permalink Donetsk trolleybus explosion blows Ukraine peace negotiations apart

Barely had the ink dried on another diplomatic attempt to bring peace to eastern Ukraine than a bloody explosion ripped through a trolleybus in Donetsk, killing 13 people. Major shrapnel damage to a nearby building, and a separate impact nearby where a tram had been hit.

Permalink ‘We didn’t even really know who we were firing at’ – former US drone operator - Video

Former US drone sensor operator Brandon Bryant admits he “couldn’t stand” himself for his participation in the country’s drone program for six years – firing on targets whose identities often went unconfirmed.

Permalink Obama will not meet Israeli PM Netanyahu during U.S. visit

The decision by Obama, whose relationship with Netanyahu has often been tense, might be interpreted as a snub because leaders from Israel, a staunch U.S. ally, are almost always afforded talks with the American president on trips to Washington. Netanyahu has accused Obama of making too many concessions to Iran for too little.

Permalink Bill Gates wants to tackle mobile banking, but not with bitcoin - Video

Already, in developing countries people are storing money digitally on their phones and using their phones to make purchases, as if they were debit cards. By 2030, 2 billion people who don’t have a bank account will be storing money and making payment with their phones. By then, mobile money providers will be offering the full range of financial services, from interest-bearing savings accounts to credit to insurance.”

Permalink Asset Ownership and Our System of Deepening Debt-Serfdom

Debt-serfs must borrow money to buy essentials while wealthy borrow to invest in productive assets, goods and services must be paid with highly profitable debt. Need to borrow to pay for essentials evident in student loans, vehicles and housing. Result is a system in which majority of productive assets are owned by the few who have the means to exploit the many.

Permalink Powerful New York politician arrested on bribery charges

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who bent state government to his will for more than 20 years as one of New York's most powerful and canny politicians, arrested on charges of taking nearly $4 million in payoffs and kickbacks, taken into custody by FBI on federal conspiracy and bribery charges that carry up to 100 years in prison.

Past News


Permalink "There's just too much money in it": the war on drugs' profitable attacks on communities of color

Over the July 4th weekend, 82 people were shot in Chicago, including a 16 year-old boy shot by police. Fourteen people were killed. In late May in Tampa Bay, Florida, police shot dead a 29 year-old man in his own home over $2 worth of pot. Acting in accordance with the insane logic of the war on drugs, that alleged drug sale led to a militaristic raid on the young man’s home, which ended in his untimely, violent death.
Meanwhile, some of the nation’s most powerful companies—pharmaceutical firms that manufacture opiates like OxyContin and Vicodin—are funding efforts to prohibit the legalization of marijuana. From a must-read investigative report by The Nation’s Lee Fang: [The Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America (CADCA)] and the other groups leading the fight against relaxing marijuana laws, including the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids (formerly the Partnership for a Drug-Free America), derive a significant portion of their budget from opioid manufacturers and other pharmaceutical companies.


Permalink The Horrific Stories of CIA-Sponsored Torture That Aren’t In the Senate Report.»

Much of what we know about this practice of outsourcing torture is from the harrowing accounts of its victims and survivors who have bravely come forward to tell their stories. One of them is Ahmed Agiza, an Egyptian citizen who lived with his wife and young family in Sweden, where they were seeking refugee status. In December 2001, Ahmed and a friend were apprehended by Swedish police, who turned them over to the CIA. In what was reportedly the Bush administration's first rendition operation, Ahmed and his friend were sent to Egypt, where they were, interrogated, and mercilessly tortured.


Permalink 50 Years Later, The Tragedy of Nuclear Tests in Nevada

"Fallout on Las Vegas and vicinity following this morning's detonation was very low and without any effects on health," the newspaper explained. "On Your Guard: Reds Launch 'Scare Drive' Against U.S. Atomic Tests." The article warned: "A big Communist 'fear' campaign to force Washington to stop all American atomic hydrogen bomb tests erupted this past week." It was a popular theme among prominent commentators like syndicated columnist David Lawrence, whose wisdom appeared in the Washington Post and other leading newspapers. "The truth is," he wrote in spring 1955, "there isn't the slightest proof of any kind that the 'fallout' as a result of tests in Nevada has ever affected any human being anywhere outside the testing ground itself." By then, children and others living in downwind areas were beginning to develop leukemia. As time passed, people in affected areas suffered extraordinarily high rates of cancer and thyroid ills. Functioning in tandem, the news media and the federal government continued to deny that nuclear testing was a health hazard.


Permalink ‘Dynasty of Death’ (Part 2)

Kennedy intended to stop the Vietnam War and all future wars waged for profit by America. He intended to regain control of the American people's government and their country by cutting off the military industrial complex and Federal Reserve banking system's money supply. Kennedy launched his brilliant attack using the Constitution, which states "Congress shall have the Power to Coin Money and Regulate the Value." Kennedy stopped the Federal Reserve banking system from printing money and lending it to the government at interest by signing Executive Order 11,110 on June 4, 1963. The order called for the issuance of $4,292,893,815,000 (4.3 trillion) in United States Notes through the U.S. treasury rather than the Federal Reserve banking system. He also signed a bill backing the one and two-dollar bills with gold which added strength to the new government issued currency. Kennedy's comptroller James J. Saxon, encouraged broader investment and lending powers for banks that were not part of the Federal Reserve system. He also encouraged these non-Fed banks to deal directly with and underwrite state and local financial institutions. By taking the capital investments away from the Federal Reserve banks, Kennedy would break them up and destroy them. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who alone had dared to stand against the military industrial complex and the Federal Reserve banking system, was murdered in Dallas, Texas at 12:30 p.m. CST on November 22, 1963, in a bloody "coup d'état". On that day America ceased to be a democracy of, by, and for the people. From that day forward the leaders of the American government have only been the willing puppets of corporations and an international banking cartel that profits from war.


Permalink Scientists Discover Proof That Humanity Is Getting Dumber, Smaller And Weaker

Scientists have found that our bodies and our minds have both deteriorated significantly compared to our ancestors. In fact, just this week a very prominent professor at Cambridge University said that “our most highly trained athletes pale in comparison to these ancestors of ours”. The biggest reason for this, of course, is the degradation of the human genome. Groundbreaking research by Dr. John Sanford of Cornell University and others has shown that our genes contain tens of thousands of mistakes (mutations), and with each passing generation even more errors are added and passed on. So it should be no surprise that our ancestors were bigger, stronger, faster and smarter. The truth is that they had better genes.



Permalink Paul Craig Roberts-US Government Most Corrupt on Earth

Greg Hunter

On the teetering economy and possible economic collapse, former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, “We know something serious is wrong. The only provision of Dodd-Frank that has any teeth is the provision that says if the big banks are going to be casinos and gamble on derivatives, they cannot do that in the depository institution where depositors have their accounts. They have to farm it out into subsidiaries. So, if the subsidiaries get into trouble, the subsidiaries have no access to depositor’s money. This is the only real reform part of Dodd-Frank. Citigroup got put into the recent spending bill, the repeal of this, so banks can gamble on derivatives, and taxpayers and depositors are on the hook for the losses. Why would you do that unless you had a lot of derivatives trouble. It could easily be the oil derivatives. . . . The banks can gamble all they want and they are covered by the FDIC, which has no money. . . . This gives the banks access to depositor’s money. . . . This is sick, and it shows the United States government is the most corrupt government on earth, far more corrupt than Russia or China.”


Permalink Uncut Chronicles: Gaza-Israel War. Deadly July 2014


The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) began their current operation against Hamas after three teens were kidnapped and killed. The military op has already claimed over 1,500 civilian lives in Gaza. The fragile humanitarian ceasefires end within minutes of creation pushing the region into further bloodshed.

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  • Zionist Terror in Gaza - Free Gaza and Free the World

    In this most powerful expose yet on Zionist crimes in Palestine, Dr. David Duke exposes the horrific Zionist terror in Gaza and proves how Zionist influenced media around the world lies to us! Not only must we free Palestine, we must free the West and the whole world from Zionist Globalist tyranny! Contact Your Senators and ask them to stop supporting the mass murder of Palestinian men, women, and children by Israel.

  • UN Envoy Cries for Gaza Children

    If we sit silently and do nothing, say nothing the mass murdering will continue. Why should any single group of people be given the right to kill? When will humanity say: 'No more killing' to Israel? You could begin to change this situation by contacting your Senators and Congressmen and telling them that you want them to stop supporting Israel and stop supporting the killing and maiming of thousands of innocent Palestinian men, women, and children trapped in the Gaza Ghetto by Israel.

  • Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks World War III by Stephen Lendman

    Sephen Lendman called the Ukraine conflict “the most significant post-WW II geopolitical crisis.” He warned that “escalating it risks global conflict.” Viewed from the perspective of 22 highly-credentialed analysts who have contributed to this anthology, Obama's pivot is global, in pursuit of unchallenged worldwide dominance, leading to multiple direct and proxy wars. According to Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Treasury Secretary under President Reagan, Washington does not only set the world on a path of war but also endangers world peace by its recklessness. The US administration – with the consent of its NATO partners – expanded the Alliance into Eastern Europe, placed anti-ballistic missiles at the Russian border in Poland and withdrew from the ABM treaty. Beyond that, the West unleashed a propaganda war, blaming Putin for the entire crisis. But so far, the Russian government has not had to do anything...

  • THE 2001 ANTHRAX DECEPTION The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy by Graeme MacQueen

    With The 2001 Anthrax Deception, Professor Graeme MacQueen, founding Director of the Center for Peace Studies at McMaster University, calls us back to a careful reconsideration of the anthrax attacks. The criminal anthrax attacks were conducted by a group of conspirators deep within the U.S. government who are linked to, or identical with, the 9/11 perpetrators. Their purpose was to redefine the Cold War into the Global War on Terror and in doing so weaken civil liberties in the United States and attack other nations. Anyone concerned about the truth behind 9/11 and the anthrax attacks should read this profoundly important book. It is filled with tight argumentation backed by solid evidence, and even the speculative parts ring true.

  • The Politics of Empire: The US, Israel and the Middle East by James Petras

    This book provides a unique conception of US empire building, linking overseas expansion with 1) the growth of a police state and declining living standards; 2) advanced technologically driven global spying on adversaries and allies with declining economic competitiveness and military defeats; 3) large scale, long term commitments of economic and military resources to wars in the Middle East to the detriment of major corporate interests, but for the benefit of a pariah state, Israel; and 4) the power of a foreign state (Israel) over US policy via its domestic pro-Zionist power configuration. The interplay of these four specific features of US empire building has no past or present precedent among imperial states. Because of Israeli-Zionist influence on US imperial policy, the main targets and objectives of imperial wars are located in the Middle East. The objectives of Israeli and Zionist- influenced US policy in the Middle East is to enhance Israeli regional power and the dispossession of the Palestinian people. The trillion dollar cost of US wars for Israel, however, has alienated the vast majority of US society and driven a wedge between the political elite backing new wars for Israel, and the public prioritizing of domestic economic welfare...
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