Permalink Jeffrey Goldberg And The Israeli Defeat

By Gilad Atzmon

As one of the first to predict an immanent Israeli defeat in this round of violence, I was delighted to read this morning that Zionist mouthpiece Jeffrey Goldberg admits that Israel has lost the war. “Why Is Israel Losing a War It's Winning?” asks Goldberg. The Jewish State is a regional super power, its lobbies dominate Western politics, it is technologically superior, so what could have gone wrong?

Jeffrey Goldberg, a veteran Israeli concentration camp guard produces a few uniquely amusing arguments that deserve our attention.

    He writes, “In a fight between a state actor and a non-state actor, the non-state actor can win merely by surviving.”

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Permalink Ukraine Firing Ballistic Missiles - Obama-Kerry Say Nothing

Michael Collins

Two reports from CNN on July 29, 2014 described the use of surface-to-surface ballistic missiles by the Ukraine government against east Ukraine resistance forces. Versions of the ballistic missile, the SS21 Scarab Tochka, have a range between 70, 120, and 185 kilometers with accuracy of 160, 95, and 70 meters respectively. The SS21 has a warhead that can carry fragmentation, chemical, and nuclear weapons. (Image)

This represents a significant escalation of weaponry by the Kiev government in its attack against both resistance forces and its own people in the area of two major cities, Donetsk and Lugansk (total population around 1.5 million people). If the SS21's are used against these two cities, injuries and deaths among civilians and damage to the city will increase alarmingly.

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Permalink The New York Times's Dangerous Lies About Ukraine and Russia

Eric Zuesse

(PREFACE: Right before this went to press, Britain's Guardian headlined "Moscow May Walk Out of Nuclear Treaty," and Washingtonsblog bannered "Senior U.S. Intelligence Officers: Obama Should Release Ukraine Evidence." The latter newsflash is a memo to the President signed today by 9 senior retired U.S. intelligence professionals who gently lay out the evidence that President Obama has been lying about the evidence regarding the shoot-down of the Malaysian airliner, and telling him that unless his Administration comes clean on that matter very soon, and offers the world solid evidence of Russia’s and/or Ukrainian separatists’ involvement if he has any, he is going to look very bad, and that he therefore needs to act quickly to "curb the risk that relations with Russia might escalate from 'Cold War II' into an armed confrontation." I can only add: It might already be too late for him and the Times and the rest of the U.S. propaganda-establishment to quit deceiving the gullible U.S. public, but the risks from continued lying are even higher, nothing less than a nuclear war. So: they must.)

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Permalink War Is Coming

Paul Craig Roberts

The extraordinary propaganda being conducted against Russia by the US and UK governments and Ministries of Propaganda, a.k.a., the “Western media,” have the purpose of driving the world to war that no one can win. European governments need to rouse themselves from insouciance, because Europe will be the first to be vaporized due to the US missile bases that Europe hosts to guarantee its “security.”

As reported by Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge, the Russian response to the extra-legal ruling of a corrupt court in the Netherlands, which had no jurisdiction over the case on which it ruled, awarding $50 billion dollars from the Russian government to shareholders of Yukos, a corrupt entity that was looting Russia and evading taxes, is telling. Asked what Russia would do about the ruling, an advisor to President Putin replied, “There is a war coming in Europe.” Do you really think this ruling matters?”

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Permalink Is Obama’s U.S. Presidency Now Crashing and Burning, in Ukraine? Kiev’s Government He Installed in February Seems Now Collapsing

By Eric Zuesse

A news report that includes an alleged leaked document from the head of the Ukrainian Security Service, V.O. Nalyvaichenko, to the President of Ukraine, P.A. Poroshenko, seems to indicate that the ethnic-cleansing operation by the Obama-coup-installed Ukrainian government is now collapsing, and that Obama’s forces in Ukraine (that Government’s soldiers) are fleeing for their lives. Headlining, “Catastrophic Desertions and Losses in the Ukrainian Army – Official Ukrainian Reports, July 19, 2014,” the alleged document includes this alleged report to Ukrainian President Petro A. Poroshenko:

“In the period from July 14th to 19th, 2014 we witnessed a catastrophic increase (of 3473 people, or 47%) in the number of deserters in the units of the Army and the National Guard – in comparison with last week’s numbers (1847 people, 25%).
 Apart from that, during the stated period the number of missing in action had increased as well (1344 people, 47%, last week – 344 people, 10%). This phenomenon is connected to increased activity of the enemy in the Donetsk and the Lugansk regions as well as to the increase in the numbers of casualties in the ranks of the above-mentioned structures. 
This fact [negatively] influences the combat-worthiness of the personnel and makes continuation of the ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation, their euphemism for the ethnic-cleansing operation] impossible. … I estimate that 2/3 of the active combat military units currently participating in the ATO will simply cease to exist in as little as 4 to 5 days.”

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Students and teachers at the North Lake College in Irving, Texas scrambled for cover in 2012 after police began shooting training rounds outside the school. Incredibly, even though police claimed to have sent “two warning e-mails,” faculty members say they were never informed.


Permalink US condemns 'offensive’ Israeli attack on Kerry

US State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf on Wednesday hit out against a torrent of abuse from "respected voices in Israel talking about the secretary of state, claiming that he supports Hamas, which is offensive and absurd."

Permalink US official: Washington gives Israel munitions stockpile for Gaza offensive

United States has allowed Israel to use an American-owned munitions stockpile amid the ongoing assault on the Gaza Strip. Stockpile, consists of missiles, armored vehicles and artillery ammunition, was given last week. The emergency arms depot located at a classified site inside Israel.

Permalink Bank of America ordered to pay $1.27 billion for 'Hustle' fraud

Bank of America is fined $1.3 billion for selling bad loans to giant mortgage firms Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac amid fallout from America's financial crisis. Penalty imposed by Judge Jed S. Rakoff Federal District Court in Manhattan in New York; known for having strong views on financial fraud.

Permalink Bolivia declares Israel a terrorist state

President Evo Morales: Bolivia on Wednesday renounced a visa exemption agreement with Israel in protest over its offensive in Gaza, and declared it a terrorist state. The treaty has allowed Israelis to travel freely to Bolivia without a visa since 1972.

Permalink Israel has completely destroyed 5,000 Gaza homes, damaged 26,000

United Nations said on Tuesday that 215,000 Gazans had fled their homes amid the Israeli assault All borders in and out of Gaza, however, are completely shut, forcing the majority to take shelter in UN-designated shelters. Last week, Israel shelled four UN shelters, killing 20 and injuring dozens.

Permalink Russia Concerned by Reports of Kiev Using Ballistic Missiles in Eastern Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: Moscow is concerned by reports that Ukraine’s government troops have used ballistic missiles against independence supporters in the country’s east. Have a range of 50 miles, warheads of up to 1,000 pounds.

Permalink Debt delinquency soars in US

About one third of adults in the US—some 77 million people—have debt in collections, meaning it is six months past due or more, average amount owed in collections is $5,178, figure ranges from $25 to over $125,000. In Nevada, nearly half, of residents who had credit files, reported having debt in collections.

Permalink Russia bans Polish fruit and vegetable in apparent retaliation for sanctions

Russia announced a ban on most fruit and vegetable imports from Poland Wednesday, said it may extend the restrictions to rest of the European Union, its first apparent retaliation to new Western sanctions imposed over Ukraine a day earlier, said the ban was for sanitary reasons.

Permalink Congressional Report: Ebola Bio Kits Deployed to National Guard Units In All 50 States

Department of Defense has deployed biological diagnostic systems to National Guard support teams in all 50 states. amid growing fears the Ebola hemorrhagic fever virus might spread outside of West Africa. The portable systems are designed for “low probability, high consequence” scenarios.

Permalink Letter: Former VP of Monsanto is now Deputy Commissioner of FDA — conflict of interest?

Michael Taylor, former vice president and attorney for the biggest GMO company, Monsanto, is now the deputy commissioner at the FDA. Many other former Monsanto executives are now in the FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Permalink Israel Grants ‘Oil Rights’ to Rupert Murdoch and Jacob Rothschild!-Vtdeo

Israel Grants Oil Rights Inside Illegally Occupied Golan Heights Syria: To Rupert Murdoch And Jacob Rothschild.

Permalink What's not a target for Israel?

A complete disregard of international humanitarian law and the direct targeting of civilian homes, schools, hospitals, and civilians have characterised Israel's military offensive on Gaza. Israeli officials claim "self defence,"contend civilian deaths justified because Hamas allegedly uses Palestinians in as human shields

Permalink Bollworms develop resistance to Bt cotton, destroy GM crop fields in Pakistan

Biotech giant Monsanto promises farmers that, if they buy genetically modified (GM) seeds, their crops will exhibit herbicide-, insect- and drought-tolerant characteristics. All over the world, plants and insects are becoming immune to potent herbicides and pesticides."

Permalink Video: If you voted for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you, says president of NY Board of Rabbis

There was a pro-Israel rally of 10,000 people in New York yesterday, a half block from the United Nations, and Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner, the president of the NY Board of Rabbis, suggested that Palestinians who voted for Hamas are combatants who deserve to be targeted by Israel.

Permalink Gaza conflict: 'Israeli market strike kills 15'

At least 15 people have been killed and 160 wounded in an Israeli strike that hit a market near Gaza City, during a four-hour truce called by the Israeli military. The explosion hit a busy fruit and vegetable market in Shejaiya, east of Gaza City, where hundreds of Palestinians were shopping.

Permalink US, EU impose more sanctions on Russia

The United States and the European Union (EU) have targeted Russia’s key financial, defense, and energy sectors with sanctions, known as Phase 3, had been imposed on Moscow, affecting “key sectors of the Russian economy.

Permalink Ukraine forces retake Avdiivka town in Donetsk

Ukraine's army says it has recaptured the town of Avdiivka on the outskirts of Donetsk as it continues to battle pro-Russia forces in the country's eastern regions, government forces reported that they have intercepted a convoy of vehicles allegedly carrying supplies from Russia.

Permalink UNRWA slams Israel for attacking UN-run school in Gaza

Senior United Nations officials have strongly denounced Israel for a deadly attack on a UN-run school housing thousands of refugees in the northern part of the besieged Gaza Strip. Israeli forces shelled the UN-run school in Jabalia refugee camp on Wednesday. Initial reports 19 Palestinians killed 90 injured.

Permalink Hamas fighters kill dozens of Israeli soldiers

Al-Qassam Brigades, which is the military wing of Hamas, says Palestinian resistance fighters have killed dozens of Israeli soldiers over the past 24 hours. 20 Israeli soldiers were trapped at a house where 12 barrels of improvised explosive devices had been planted. Heaviest loss of life for Israeli military in years.

Permalink Anti-Semitic attacks soar across Europe amid Israel’s operation in Gaza

Jewish communities around the world are getting to grips with a recent upswing in anti-Semitic incidents after the latest Israeli-Hamas conflict. These have included physical assaults, firebombing of synagogues and calls for violence against Israelis.

Permalink Plane sinks in melting asphalt at Moscow airport-Video

A passenger aircraft got stuck at Domodedovo airport for over 4 hours after its landing gear sank in melting asphalt of one of the taxiways due to a strong heat wave that hit Moscow, temperatures peaked at 35 degrees Celsius 95 Fahrenheit.

Permalink Israel shells another UN school in Gaza, kills 20-Video

Israel has shelled another UN-run school north of the besieged Gaza Strip, killing at least 20 Palestinians, scores of people injuried. This is the second time in less than a week that the Israeli army is targeting a UN-run school. Was used as a shelter by Palestinian families.

Permalink Israel in urgent need of more US money for war on Gaza: Harry Reid

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid; Democratic Party member says Israel urgently needs more financial aid from the United States for its offensive against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Warned that the Obama administration’s $225 million request to aid Israel during its current war may not be enough.

Permalink Ukraine plans to introduce temporary 1.5% military law - Yatseniuk

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk: "There will be another temporary tax, a 1.5% military duty, which will be an addition to the personal income tax. It will only be until the end of this year. This 1.5% will go directly to the Armed Forces," Ukrainian Finance Ministry estimates will help accumulate 2.9 billion.


Permalink Britain’s largest supermarket chain Tesco boycotts products from occupied West Bank

Britain’s biggest supermarket chain, Tesco, will will no longer sell products originating from the Israeli-occupied West Bank starting September 2014, Britain’s largest trade union, Unite, voted unanimously to boycott Israeli companies.

Permalink Worldwide Water Shortage by 2040?

Continuing fallout from droughts in the Western U.S. and Brazil - both are incredibly important areas to the global food supply, corporate hoarding of fresh water is on the rise. Nestle’s former CEO stated that water supplies should be privatized; the right to fresh, clean water is not an essential human right.

Permalink Broke? Need a ‘Job’? The Gov’t Will Pay You $7k a Month to Foster Illegal Immigrants

Foster families will be paid $40 per day for each migrant they take in from Catholic Charities. The payments are funded by the federal government, foster family is allowed to keep and care for up to six individuals at any given time,$7,400 a month more than most Americans earn at their jobs.

Permalink Gaza braces for new onslaught as Israel vows to expand war

Brushing aside calls from the United Nations and Washington for an immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire, the Israeli government vowed late Monday to escalate and prolong the three-week-old slaughter in the Gaza Strip.

Permalink Record-low US primary voting shows mass alienation from two-party system

A report issued last week tabulating the results of the first 25 statewide primary elections held in the United States this year found that voter turnout was the lowest in history, at least since the primary system became the norm after the Second World War. Only 14.8 percent of eligible citizens voted.

Permalink Thousands in Israel protest against Gaza bombardment

The protests against war numbers far outweigh those of various right-wing groups favoring the bombardment. Saturday, between 5,000 and 10,000 gathered in downtown Tel Aviv, Israel’s main financial hub. The protesters chanted, “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies,” “Enough killing.

Permalink Chile, Peru recall envoys from Israel-Video

"In the face of intensifying Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip, the government of Chile — in coordination with other administrations in the region — has resolved to recall the Chilean ambassador in Tel Aviv, Jorge Montero, to Santiago for consultations," the Chilean Foreign Ministry.

Permalink Palestine fighters infiltrate into Israel: Video

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has released a video showing its fighters killing several Israeli soldiers in an attack against an Israeli watchtower near the war-torn Gaza Strip.

Permalink Kiev forces fire ballistic missiles into E. Ukraine – CNN-Video

In the past two days Kiev’s forces have launched several short-range ballistic missiles into areas in east Ukraine controlled by self-defense forces, move “marks a major escalation.” Short-range ballistic missiles can carry warheads of up to 1,000 pounds (450 kg) and are capable of killing dozens of people at a time.

Permalink Baby born after mother killed in Israeli war on Gaza

Premature baby girl survived Israeli onslaught, born in emergency Caesarean operation after her mother was killed in Israeli airstrike. The 23-year old mother, Shayma al-Sheikh Qanan, was eight months pregnant; Israeli tank shell hit her home in central Gaza Strip town of Deir al-Balah, reducing it to rubble.

Permalink Jewish Groups Get 94% of Homeland Security Grants

The Department of Homeland Security allocated to Jewish institutions $12 million, or 94 percent, of $13 million in funds for securing nonprofits. The $13 million disbursed last week brings to $151 million the amount disbursed since the program started in 2005, most of it to Jewish institutions.

Permalink US lawmakers: Standing with Israel “will be our cause”

Republican, Democrat lawmakers gathered at event hosted by National Leadership Assembly for Israel, expressed their opposition to any criticism of Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians.“We're here today to stand with Israel,” John Boehner (R-Ohio)“As long as I'm Speaker of the House, this will be our cause.”

Permalink Israel steps up attacks on Gaza hospitals

Israel intensified its attacks on hospitals in the Gaza Strip amid shortage of medical supplies in the besieged enclave.‘Doctors without Borders’ (MSF) strongly condemned Israel’s attacks on Gaza’s Shifa hospital.“Targeting hospitals unacceptable, violation of International Humanitarian Law.

Permalink 8 children killed as missiles hit Gaza playground, hospital-Video

Hopes for an imminent end to the Gaza conflict are fading, with renewed violence bringing new casualties. Israel and Hamas blame each other after eight children were killed and 46 others injured by a missile that landed in a Gaza refugee camp playground.

Permalink All of the Countries which the U.S. “Regime Changed” – Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya – Have Descended into Brutal Chaos

Since 2001, the U.S. has undertaken regime change in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. All 3 countries are now in chaos and extremists are more in control than ever. Fundamentalist Islamist forces have flourished as a direct consequence of war on terror.

Permalink St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport evacuated over bomb threat-photos

Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg, Russia, was evacuated after a call of a bomb threat, the airport’s press service told RT. A similar call was received by Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport, however no evacuation was carried out.

Permalink Over 30 civilians killed during two days of shelling in Gorlovka, E. Ukraine (VIDEO)

Two days of shelling in Gorlovka, in the Donetsk region of Eastern Ukraine, have resulted in 31 civilians being killed there, local authorities say. Ukrainian troops and anti-government forces are blaming each other for the bloodshed, three children killed.

Permalink Gaza’s only power plant shut down by Israeli shelling-Video

Over a million people in Gaza could be without electricity after Israeli tank shells hit the fuel depot of the enclave’s only power station, causing it to shut down. Its director, Mohammed al-Sharif, said, "The power plant is finished.”

Permalink City To Run Out Of Drinking Water In 100 Days

Sao Paulo risks having its biggest reservoir run out of drinking water within 100 days unless it starts rationing, Brazilian federal prosecutors warned. Water utility Sabesp and Sao Paulo Governor Geraldo Alckmin have 10 days to come up with measures to deal with the crisis.


The International Arbitration Court in the Netherlands has ended a decade long case brought by shareholders in the defunct Yukos oil company, and ordered Russia to pay about $50 billion in damages, also been ordered to pay about $65 million in legal costs.


Permalink Russia Sends Stern Warning to Saudi Arabia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed concerns over Saudi Arabia providing Syrian rebels with high tech weaponry, warned it would not allow Syrian rebels to be given anti-aircraft missiles and anti-tank missiles. Saudi Arabia recently purchased weapons from Pakistan.

Permalink “Gaza is a graveyard,” sing joyful Israeli youths-Video

This video shows an Israeli mob actually singing in celebration of children’s deaths in the style of a soccer fans’ song: “In Gaza there’s no studying, tomorrow there’s no school in Gaza, No children are left there, Olé, olé, olé-olé-olé.”

Permalink CBS Host: Palestinians Force Israel to Kill Kids

CBS Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer: Palestinians in the grip of a terrorist group that has embarked on a strategy to get its own children killed to build sympathy for its cause; quote by Golda Meir, "We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children," "but we can never forgive them for forcing us to kill their children."

Permalink Flee Or Die Israel Takes Away 44% of Gaza Land … Herds Gazans Into Remaining Area

The Israeli military, is driving people out of the three-kilometer (1.8 mile) buffer zone it says it needs to protect against Hamas rockets and tunnels. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the buffer zone eats up about 44 percent of Gaza’s territory.

Permalink Netanyahu: Israelis Must Be 'Ready For A Prolonged Campaign' In Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier said Monday that Israel must be ready for a "prolonged" military operation in the Gaza Strip and will "act aggressively and responsibly" until the mission is completed.

Past News


Permalink Scientists Discover Proof That Humanity Is Getting Dumber, Smaller And Weaker

Scientists have found that our bodies and our minds have both deteriorated significantly compared to our ancestors. In fact, just this week a very prominent professor at Cambridge University said that “our most highly trained athletes pale in comparison to these ancestors of ours”. The biggest reason for this, of course, is the degradation of the human genome. Groundbreaking research by Dr. John Sanford of Cornell University and others has shown that our genes contain tens of thousands of mistakes (mutations), and with each passing generation even more errors are added and passed on. So it should be no surprise that our ancestors were bigger, stronger, faster and smarter. The truth is that they had better genes.


Permalink Are you ready for nuclear war?

Pay close attention to Steven Starr’s article, “The Lethality of Nuclear Weapons.” Washington thinks nuclear war can be won and is planning for a first strike on Russia, and perhaps China, in order to prevent any challenge to Washington’s world hegemony. The plan is far advanced, and the implementation of the plan is underway. As I have reported previously, US strategic doctrine was changed and the role of nuclear missiles was elevated from a retaliatory role to an offensive first strike role. US anti-ballistic missile (ABM) bases have been established in Poland on Russia’s frontier, and other bases are planned. When completed Russia will be ringed with US missile bases. ‘US threatens China not to drop dollar’ | ‘West sees China economy as threat’


Permalink ANC says no to R1000 billion in fear for too many whites'

The ANC government has received a request from the U.S. was rejected to be part of a U.S. disaster management plan which South Africa $ 10 billion a year (about R100 billion) for ten years would receive. According to the plan would be temporary housing for millions of Americans in South Africa built if the Yellowstone super volcano in the country sooner or later would come to a head. Countries that the U.S. will participate noodlenigingsplan, Brazil, Argentina and Australia. A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Sipho Matwetwe, South Africa will not "part of the plan because there is a risk that millions of white Americans in an emergency situation to the country can be sent and we can national culture and identity threat". ►ALERT: Pentagon Moves Nuclear Missiles From Yellowstone Blast Zone


Permalink Canadian 10th Grader Discovers Radioactive Imported Seafood Long After Government Stopped Testing

Scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute were turned down after requesting minimal federal support by five agencies. There are no federal agencies conducting comprehensive, on-the-ground analyses of how much Fukushima radiation has made its way into the air and oceans of the U.S... the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) stopped testing imported foods in that manner the year after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.


Permalink David Stockman: 'The United States is broke — fiscally, morally, intellectually'

The Dow Jones and Standard & Poor’s 500 indexes reached record highs on Thursday, having completely erased the losses since the stock market’s last peak, in 2007. But instead of cheering, we should be very afraid. Over the last 13 years, the stock market has twice crashed and touched off a recession: American households lost $5 trillion in the 2000 dot-com bust and more than $7 trillion in the 2007 housing crash. Sooner or later — within a few years, I predict — this latest Wall Street bubble, inflated by an egregious flood of phony money from the Federal Reserve rather than real economic gains, will explode, too.



Permalink Square Off at Penn Station in Baltimore: Gaza/Israeli Supporters

Bill Hughes

Earlier this week the “Johns Hopkins Students for Justice for Palestine,” announced plans for a second rally showing “solidarity” with Gaza. It was slated to begin at Penn Station, in Baltimore, on Wednesday, July 30, at 5:30 pm. Later in the week, however, a “Stand with Israel” group revealed that it would stage a “counter-protest” at that very same site.

As a result, both groups squared off with their respective flags flying on north Charles Street opposite Amtrak’s Penn Station. The Hopkins students were joined by their allies in the local peace and justice community. There was a lot of shouting and name-callings coming from both sides, but thanks to a strong police presence, each side kept a safe distance from the other.

When the students/allies, as scheduled, left to complete their march to a popular coffee house/book store located north of Penn Station, the “Stand with Israel” contingent, wisely chose not to follow. The Israeli supporters numbered about 500 and the Gaza contingent came in around 300 or so. For the latest casualty numbers from Occupied Gaza, see: http://nypost.com/2014/07/30/israeli-tank-strikes-un-school-killing-15-un/ Speaking on camera are three of the demonstrators.

Permalink Children killed in missile attack on Gaza refugee camp


At least seven children have been killed after more rockets were showered on a Palestinian refugee camp. The Israel Defence Forces pointed the finger at Hamas, saying it bombed its own territory. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Palestinians must brace themselves for a prolonged operation.

Permalink Dozens killed in latest Kiev army shelling in E. Ukraine's Gorlovka


Kiev's army is contuining their crackdown of anti-govt forces in the East of Ukraine. Urban areas are being caught in its deadly fire. There are reports from the city of Gorlovka where the latest shelling has killed at least 13 civilians with some media suggesting the death toll could be higher.

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  • Internet For The Wealthy On The Way Unless We Stop It

    In what the New York Times describes as “a net neutrality turnaround” the Obama administration’s new FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is proposing rules that will create an Internet for the wealthy. The new plan to create a pay to play Internet came to light in the Wall Street Journal. Under the plan wealthy corporations will be able to purchase faster service, while those that cannot do so will have slower service. Rather than an open Internet for all the US will be moving to a class-based Internet. Now Wheeler is set to propose what the industry has wanted, an end to net neutrality, that will allow them to charge us more for service and create financial barriers that will prevent new services from challenging their domination of the Internet. As a result, more money will be funneled from working Americans to wealthy telecom giants. If you want an open Internet, We can stop this – but we must act now.

  • The People Can Defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership

    Time to end the failed experiment with rigged corporate trade and put in place fair trade for the people and planet before profits. Corporate trade negatively affects labor, environment, internet freedom, healthcare, food sovereignty, immigrant’s rights, and banking regulations. Rodrigo Contreras, Chile's lead TPP negotiator quit to warn people of how big financial institutions will dominate their governments and “will become a threat for our countries: It will restrict our development options in health and education, in biological and cultural diversity, and in the design of public policies and the transformation of our economies. Mass protest against rigged corporate trade agreements can end the experiment in trade that puts profits ahead of the people and planet. To get involved in the campaign to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership visit: http://www.flushthetpp.org

  • The Politics of Empire: The US, Israel and the Middle East by James Petras

    This book provides a unique conception of US empire building, linking overseas expansion with 1) the growth of a police state and declining living standards; 2) advanced technologically driven global spying on adversaries and allies with declining economic competitiveness and military defeats; 3) large scale, long term commitments of economic and military resources to wars in the Middle East to the detriment of major corporate interests, but for the benefit of a pariah state, Israel; and 4) the power of a foreign state (Israel) over US policy via its domestic pro-Zionist power configuration. The interplay of these four specific features of US empire building has no past or present precedent among imperial states. Because of Israeli-Zionist influence on US imperial policy, the main targets and objectives of imperial wars are located in the Middle East. The objectives of Israeli and Zionist- influenced US policy in the Middle East is to enhance Israeli regional power and the dispossession of the Palestinian people. The trillion dollar cost of US wars for Israel, however, has alienated the vast majority of US society and driven a wedge between the political elite backing new wars for Israel, and the public prioritizing of domestic economic welfare..

  • Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity by Stephen Lendman

    Stephen Lendman strikes at the heart of collusion between Wall Street and government to protect the super rich and the powerful while driving ordinary Americans into a Third World ditch with: Unaffordable health care, unrepayable student debt, bankrupt cities, money printing madness, trillion dollar tax havens, IMF financial terrorism, the austerity hoax, banksters’ market-rigging thievery and more. And the domestic police, media and legislative repression that is set up to keep it all in place. One morning, the people of Cypress awoke to find their bank accounts pilfered because of a declared "National economic emergency", Think it can't happen here? Congress, that bastion of lobbyists largesse, recently quietly passed legislation that will make that very kind of national robbery an easier theft to pull off. Read ‘Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity’, or be a victim of the next bankers heist.

  • Green is the New Red: An Insider's Account of a Social Movement Under Siege by Will Potter

    By reading this book you will learn exactly how and why the meme of "eco-terrorism" was schemed up and sold to the public by the government even though it twists the customary definition of terrorism well beyond reason. It's a tightly woven, 250-page narrative (not including its comprehensive bibliography, index and acknowledgements) that, along with analyzing the legislation and court cases, offers an inside look at some of the more daring actions carried out by environmental and animal rights activists. Potter also describes his own experience with the Green Scare, when in 2002 FBI agents sought to intimidate him for distributing leaflets in a Chicago suburb, near the home of an executive with March Inc., an insurance company for Huntington Life Sciences, the animal testing lab. FBI agents visited his home in Chicago and told him they'd put him on a "domestic terrorist list" if he didn't provide information about the people who were leafleting with him. Potter refused to provide the FBI agents with any information, but the encounter spooked him. And yet, it also opened his eyes to the close relationship between the state apparatus and corporations.
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