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Sarah Meyer

Meltwater on the surface of the sea ice Navy Board, Bylot Island,
Nunavut, Canada Summer 2007 (Photo Louise Murray)

Index Research

Research Paper No.1.

PREFACE: The End of the Road?

“We can transform a necessity into virtue. We can pursue new and improved ways to produce, consume and discard. We can promote environmentally friendly industries that spur development and job creation even as they reduce emissions. We can usher in a new era of global partnership, one that helps lift all boats on the rising tide of climate-friendly development.” ~~UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon~~

A personal homage: Riding across the Great Divide when I was 7 and spitting on both sides, as was custom; the smell of pine trees by Montana’s Two Medicine River; seals, porpoises, jellyfish, sea urchins; the sound of the wind and ocean in a force 12 gale; blue dragonflies by a river with my son; moisture coming up through the grass in early morning; butterflies resting on my cheek both by the ocean and again by a river near a war zone; green northern lights above our ship’s deck blanketed by deep snow; swimming in natural mineral water; 'wine-dark' seas; full moons and spring tides; standing under a waterfall – these are some moments of joy resting forever in my memories. I have always lived beside or very near water: water informs my life.

Isadora running to the sea © sarah meyer
This research is about water on our planet Earth, now. I try to show the effects of fire, floods and drought on those living in impossible cicrcumstances. So far, the media poodles give us information in drips alongside its more important advertisements; it is thus difficult to understand the overall enormity - the pattern - of our planet’s crisis. I feel the research has something interesting for everyone rather than a chosen few.

“Because there are people out there who are ready to look where I’m pointing. Maybe you’re one of those people.” ~~Tim Bennett~~

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former Vice President of the United States Al Gore. The summary of the IPCC report was recently released in Valencia, Spain. This summary report precedes the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali from 3 – 14 December 2007.

Many in the western part of our planet were loping along with happy consumer illusions until the Bush-Cheney so-called “War on Terror” response to 9/11. Now, according to Sohbet Karbuz, "the U.S. military is the single largest consumer of energy in the world.” The US is chasing and making genocidal wars for oil, while severe fires, floods and drought are, like the US constitution, ignored. The U.S. contempt for planet Earth will also be genocidal. Perhaps it will be The Final Holocaust.

Michael Klare, in Preparing for Life After Oil, points out that the U.S. Energy Department now talks of “liquids” rather than just oil. Water is not yet among the the US ‘unconventional’ needs. Soon - it is happening already - water, like oil, will be spoken of as a “commodity”.

Water can be envisioned as the reason for the NEXT resource war. There is already tension between some American states; already different American states are having ‘water wars’. One person has been murdered because of a water dispute.

Is water to be defined as a public good and should it be managed by national governments, or is it merchandise, to be run as a private sector investment? Alejo Álvez at the Latin America Press discusses this issue.

Meanwhile, legislation representing the federal government’s power grab over water is quietly moving forward.

Why is Blackwater sniffing “out intelligence about natural disasters”? Will there be martial law in the United States to control another environmental disaster?

Are global warming, polar bears, brush fires and drought now thought crimes?

Why are people so resistant to knowing about the planet they live on, Sally Erikson asks. Human beings are part of the living chain; are not exempt from extinction.

Is Cormac McCarthy’s The Road becoming a reality? I fear so. His bone-dry view is much more realistic than 'Rapture', favoured by the Christian Destruction Lobby and Mad Hatter Bush.



a. Reports and Articles
b. Negative Government Responses
c. Playing Hanky Panky With Climate Change

a. The Arctic & Antarctic; Tibet
b. The Convention of the Sea
c. Polar Ownership

a. General
b. Water Toxicity
c. Profit in Water
d. Water Storage
e. Storms and Floods [Arctic/Farne Islands, Australia, Bahamas / Cuba, Bangladesh, China, Costa Rica, Ghana, Haiti, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Guinea, Philappines, South Africa, Togo, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States (Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York), Viet Nam]
f. Hydroelectric Dams

a. Forests
b. Palm Oil
c. Fires [Australia, United States]
d. Carbon
e. Biofuels – Ethanol
f. Droughts and / or Pollution
a. General
b. WHERE? Armenia, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada / US Great Lakes, China, Chile, India, Iraq, Jamaica, Mexico, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, United States (Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Sierra Nevada, Texas, Tennessee

a. Martial Law?
b. Extinction



Editor's Note: For the rest of this extensive, great blog, please click HERE.

© 2007 Sarah Meyer




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