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War Pigs can fly, just ask Baghdad Johnny

Vincent L. Guarisco

"war pimp John McCain. He recently made
a pitiful attempt to sow "wings" on Bush's
"pig-of-a-war" in Iraq."

At last! These days, I kinda feel the need to put a little vicks under my "pessimistic nose" in order to tolerate the eerie media stench (an old morgue trick). You feel that way too? Well, don't fret, the power brokers ensure us that once we get past the initial stench and foul taste, it's all a downhill treat as their bullshit optimism enters our gullible gullet. But does the crap really go down that easily when considering over three thousand, two hundred flag draped corpses from Iraq have returned in the dead of night at Dover Air force base? Hmmm, hold-off on that salt and pepper, amigos. I think the general public has finally felt the full acid reflex in this; we seem to have lost our appetite for all this war business...about freaking time!

Regardless of having said that, certain war pig "squealing" is reaching new decibels every day! And no one drives the sound bites soaring higher into the prevailing winds than my own home-state senator and war pimp John McCain. He recently made a pitiful attempt to sow "wings" on Bush's "pig-of-a-war" in Iraq. Jezzzus, what a not-so-slick tarred-and-feathered fool! Sorry Johnny, even with all your FOX fanfare, a perfumed pig dressed in a cheap elephant suit is still simply a pig -- and cannot fly, not even on the streets of Baghdad. Better war-pimping next time, Baghdad Johnny.

Why am I not surprised by big John's recent theatrics in Iraq? Well, as I noted above, Baghdad Johnny is from my home state of Arizona, and we know him very well by the many letters we have diligently written to him -- all of which he gleefully ignores while rubber-stamping another piece of Bush-sponsored neocon legislation into law. Point blank, we in Arizona have been very disgusted with him for very long time, and are not at all surprised by the pompous ass media spectacle he made of himself in Iraq.

McCain's foolish quest to gain cheap political leverage on the brutal streets of Baghdad is truly monumental in it's own right! You got to see the "real" johnny boy in full form! His 100-soldier "walk-about" through the safe (sic) streets of Baghdad with black hawk helicopters buzzing overhead while boasting a flak-jacket on his puffy cock-of-the-walk chest has proven to be a true defining moment in his career. Uh huh, and no amount of future political maneuvering or wishful presidential posturing will save his failed prospects for 2008. Bottom line, we will not soon forget the day "Baghdad Johnny" defied the war-pig law of physics, and fell
from the campaign sky like a rock..

However, since I seem to be on a rare metaphor roll, let me add -- as McCain rightfully falls from grace, I am reminded of Ozzie Osborne's old "War Pig" song. Ah yes, I can already hear the daunting harmonics playing like a battle boar symphony reminding us of how crude old swine like John McCain and the rest of the war pimps can be. All are true cowards without honor, posing as leaders, needlessly sending our young men and women to their early graves for their war profiteering masters.

And so it is, that the new lies of war blend with the same old recycled lies of war, only this time around we get flack-jack Johnnies telling us that shit's getting better over there, every day. Such an ugly taste it leaves in our mouths, to have an old Vietnam war hero shamefully pimp himself out like that! Shame on him!


April 12, 2007 Vincent L Guarisco is a freelance writer from Bullhead City, Arizona, a contributing writer for many web sites, and a lifetime founding member of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans. Replies welcomed at: vincespainting1@hotmail.com © 2006 Vincent L Guarisco



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