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To Our Dear Readers


The People's Voice is under attack! Let me explain. This web site has been in existence for over six years, criticizing injustice and pointing out news and information not covered in the corporate media. We have hundreds of articles about depleted uranium, the environment, the Patriot act, Guantanamo Bay, 9-11, and of course the machinations of the Bush administration. If it's an important issue which affects the quality of life, our freedoms, and our environment, it will probably be on thepeoplesvoice.org.

The site is about making this a better world, and it's about pointing out injustice. If you visit the Mission page the site discusses a few of the injustices that have been perpetrated against the American people and humanity. Israel and the actions of the American government as they pertain to Israel are not mentioned in the mission page but perhaps that will be amended in the future.

On The People's Voice, people are speaking out against their oppressors and they are speaking out about injustice. Sometimes people say things that can be misconstrued as they speak about the injustices which are being carried out against defenseless civilians by Israel.

We began to receive more submissions about Israel soon after 9-11 and the Iraq war. It became evident that Israel and another organization called AIPAC, which represents Israeli interests within the United States, were manipulating the American government and people into fighting a war that benefited mostly Israel, international bankers, and the corporate military industrial complex. During the reign of the Bush regime we have also witnessed the consolidation of hundreds of media outlets in America down to only five media outlets that now control 95% of the information the American people are exposed to. Four outlets are owned by people of a certain ethnic heritage, and the fifth outlet exceeds the other four in their zealousness to support Israel no matter how horrific the atrocity.

It has always been our position to point out injustice wherever we see it. We don't play favorites with any government or group of people, so naturally we criticize Israel for their actions. But an interesting thing happens when criticizing Israel and their supporters, which doesn't occur when criticizing any other group of people. When we point out that Israel dropped 500 pound bombs on Lebanese neighborhoods and they dropped small American made guided bombs on ambulances, and occasionally Israeli soldiers shoot school children in the head, we inevitably end up being labeled by the Zionists. Because Israel is mostly made up of one ethnic group, to single them out with any criticism is often misconstrued as racism, when it isn't racism at all, but a simple statement of fact that there are many Jews in Israel who promote the extreme policies of the Israeli government. It is also important for everybody to understand that not all Zionists are Jews. One can be a Zionist and not be Jewish. So the word Zionist is not always a pseudonym for Jew.

We have no racist intentions. Racism is all about ignorance and would divert us from our purpose. We want to stop this war madness and regain the sanity in government and in our world. To do this we need to help lift the veil of ignorance from as many people as possible, and provide them with news and critical opinion so lacking in the media now.

To make sure that the site stays on course we censor most of the submissions about Israel. For example: We don't post submissions that claim the gas chambers used by the Nazis in the concentration camps might not have existed. We will not post submissions that claim the Holocaust didn't happen. We will not post any submission that attacks an entire race of people. We will not post submissions that openly insult members of another race with words like dirty, filthy, nasty and so on. Like I said, The People's Voice is not about rubbing salt in the wound and antagonizing people. We are about pointing out injustice and expanding people's understanding of the issues.

We have articles by all kinds of writers, of all races, including two Jewish writers. Everybody is encouraged to speak out against injustice. We are all unified in that goal. Although the site covers a wide range of topics, there are a large number of people who want to discuss Israel's actions. One can only conclude that when people are being slaughtered they are greatly inspired to speak against their repressors. I personally think that peace is easily possible if Israel would stop killing so many innocent Palestinian civilians and give back some of the land they have stolen.

The smear tactic

Somehow my associate (rj) had discovered that this individual was writing letters to Google attempting to get us removed from the Google News service. See for yourselves:

Morons can publish anything and Google calls it "news".

Yet another anonymous incoherent anti-Semitic rant. This one is so utterly disjointed and rambling that it makes most similar articles appear to be written by Rhodes Scholars.

It would be really funny if it wasn't for the fact that Google News indexes this article and presents it to the world as legitimately as the Times of London.

This despite repeated emails to Google News that this site ("The People's Voice") is a haven for anti-Semitic lunatics. [...]

This joke of a "news" site can print whatever it wants, but to be given implicit legitimacy by the largest news gathering site on the planet is simply irresponsible. Posted by Elder of Zion

Apparently this hateful person wants to silence all of the writers who contribute their articles to the site and cut the site off from a portion of the public because he doesn't like certain articles about Israel and Zionism or what some of our articles say about the hate contained in the Talmud and Judaism.

In my six years of editing The People's Voice nobody has ever tried to do anything like this. Most people are glad we are on the net providing an uncensored source of news and a forum of informative articles.

Explaining their spiderweb logo, this hateful person says this:

Now that we are "outed" you will be seeing a lot more from us, as we continue in our never-ending plan to ensnare evil goyim in our web.

Commenting on another of Mark Glenn's articles that we posted ("The Men in Black"), one of Elder's commentators said this:

It's hard to know who to pull for in this business. The NK who are hostile to Israel and openly condone its destruction (but who are at least Jewish), or a nutroot anti-Semite who sees Jewish conspiracies behind every bush.

Please take note of his parentheses: "(but who are at least Jewish)". Clearly, this is racist and tribalistic nonsense.

We, the goyim, are their targets. Incredibly, these people are accusing us of, well, many things, as you will have seen, but mainly of hate, because they know this will do the trick when reporting us to Google. Predictably, Google fell for this, hook, line & sinker. They promptly sent us a warning, a thinly veiled threat, that arrogantly was conveyed to us in their favorite idiom, burocratese:

"We hope this helps you understand our position. (See below)

Encounter with a 'hate site'

My associate rj, actually logged on to this blog and tried to reason with the editor and his cohort. Here is a copy of the exchange which begins with a question from rj:

Why are you so eager to put a muzzle on people who say things that you don't like to hear? Is the world of media to be the playpen of the pro Israel activists and their friends? Is this what you would want? We certainly don't. -We want a free and open media world where everyone can speak his/her mind. Are you familiar with the concept of 'democracy'? Would you know what it means? I am not sure that you do. The People's Voice is NOT anti-Semitic; it is however anti Israel. You have conflated the one with the other. Complaining to Google -this is typical of the authoritarian and tribalistic attitude of the Zionists! Just mind your own business and leave The People's Voice alone!

Here is the response from somebody associated with elderofziyon.blogspot.com:

SnoopyTheGoon: "Is the world of media to be the playpen of the pro Israel activists and their friends?" Yes. Now fuck off, dear rj.

Then the owner of the blog made this statement-

Elder of Ziyon: Sorry, rj, but if you cannot see that the article I quoted was anti-Semitic, you are blind. If you support it, you are a bigot as well. And as I said, I have no problem with you having a hate website, and I have no intention of muzzling it. But to call that "news" and to give it legitimacy is something I am quite within my rights to shine a spotlight on."

I personally found this statement to be a hypocritical contradictory lie. This person first says he has "no intention of muzzling" the site and in the same sentence states his right to attempt to silence us.

As I scrolled down the page containing the exchange between rj and the people on this site I noticed that the site is filled with statements denoting race, the 'Arabs' this, the 'Arabs' that. Here is a small example:

"This letter implies how difficult it is for Arabs to even have a clue about real world history, as the Arabic literature on secular topics is very sparse. This is a tragedy that is usually overlooked - a billion people who only can read one language are imprisoned by the non-existence of any ideas that are not politically-correct for the Arab world."

What if they had said:

"This letter implies how difficult it is for some Jewish people to even have a clue about real world history, as the Jewish literature on secular topics is very sparse. This is a tragedy that is usually overlooked - a billion people who only can read one language are imprisoned by the non-existence of any ideas that are not politically-correct for the Jewish world."

If one wants to read racism and hate into criticizing the actions of a particular ethnic group it is always possible to do. If one searches for something wrong long enough they will always find it. Where does this kind of thinking take us? Aren't we at risk of compromising our freedom of speech? Before we throw the tattered remains of our freedom of speech into the trash can along with our constitution it is most important to determine who or what is truly being criticized. Is the race being criticized or is it the actions of some members of the race that are being criticized.

Elder of Ziyon is chock-full of supremacist talk. These people qualify as racists because they are brimming with disdain, scorn and contempt for the goyim - 'cattle'. They have the right to say whatever they want -we have mentioned their statements here to show you the kind of racist attitude that they have.

Now, here is the result of all their constant complaining to Google, which I recently received. (Remember, they not only wrote numerous complaint letters to Google, but invited other people to do so with a link !!)

We received numerous reports about hate content on your site, and after reviewing these reports, decided to remove one of your stories from Google News. We do not allow articles and sources expressly promoting hate speech viewpoints in Google News (although referencing hate speech for commentary and analysis is acceptable). While we have not removed your site from Google News at the present time, should your site continue to publish hate content, we may remove your site from our index in the future. Here is an example of an article our users were complaining about: http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/cgi-bin/blogs/voices.php/2006/11/07/p11987 We hope this helps you understand our position. Regards, The Google Team

(The link in Google's warning refers to Mark Glenn's "Judaism is Nobody's Friend")

Strangely, Google has Elder of Ziyon on its list. Considering the amount of hate speech involving the Palestinians, the Moslems and goyim in general on Elder's web site, it would be surprising if Google, after warning and threatening us, proceeded to ditch The People's Voice, but continued listing Elder of Ziyon. It remains to be seen what Google will do.

Where we stand on freedom of speech

So, apparently we are not to know who our accusers are, and have now been more or less slated for oblivion unless we are "mindful" of what we write? Well, we ARE mindful of what we write, but vis-à-vis TRUTH, first and foremost, and our readers, but NOT Google. We will never even consider Google when we write and publish and will not even try to "understand [their] position". It is also apparent that freedom of speech has been suspended as it relates to the Zionists and some of the Jewish people. But it is our position that no group of people has any exclusive rights or immunity to criticism and when such people engage in death squad terrorism and mass murder they should be subject to a 'spot light' of public attention, and deserve to be criticized roundly for their actions. It also is our considered opinion that ideologies AND RELIGIONS should be valid objects of criticism. To call such criticism racist is simply a distraction tactic designed to silence all who would dare to cross the Zionists and disagree with their murderous behavior. The People's Voice will continue to criticize religions. We will continue to point out what Israel and the Zionists are doing to the Palestinian people just as we will continue to point out what the Bush regime is doing to the Iraqi people. So, dear readers, this is the situation. We wanted you to be informed about what's been going on recently.

The editor.



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