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Thought Crime in America: High School Teacher Muzzled and Suspended For Saying 9-11 Was an Inside job

By: Greg Szymansky

The screws are being tightened down hard on free thought, free will, and free speech in today's fascist America. Even substitute high school teachers are being treated like common thought criminals.

It's bad enough that teachers are grossly underpaid wage slaves. But now the "slaves" of America's floundering public education system are even being told by their "masters" what they can say, do, and think.

Thomas Mustric is a substitute teacher in the public school system of Columbus, Ohio. He found out the hard way that saying "9/11 was an inside job by the government" while he was on school grounds is absolutely prohibited in the Bush Crime Family's fascist police-state version of the formerly freedom-loving USA.

Mustric was put on administrative leave last week, after a 9/11 comment that he made in the lunchroom landed him in hot water with the high school's Gestapo-like authorities.

The incident blew up, resulting in Mustric's suspension from his livelihood, merely because he'd made that casual comment to another teacher in the high school lunchroom. That teacher deemed his views to be a "threat" to the student body, and decided to "rat" on Mustric by reporting his comment to the administration.

A school board hearing on Mustric's statements was scheduled for Monday, but a finding which could lead to his firing was delayed pending further investigation. The story broke on Columbus' local television affiliate of NBC, but the story was not posted on the station's website.

In an interview with school officials, an official statement on the matter was released, which said in part:

"He had told her (the teacher in the lunchroom) that 9/11 was planned and orchestrated by the U.S. government. If these ideas are delusions, I believe Mr. Mustric should not be allowed to teach in schools where students would gullibly believe his statements."

Mustric was unavailable for comment after numerous phone calls from the Arctic Beacon went unanswered. However, Mustric released an e-mail to cross-country activist Amy Sasser, saying:

"Thank you for your kind activism in support of free speech. There is no way that a private conversation where the questioner did not like the answers to her questions can be likened to someone screaming 'fire' in a crowded theater."

"I expect that the Columbus Board of Education's pre-hearing decision will find that all of her allegations, which caused me to lose seven days of work, were unfounded. I am shocked to the very core of my being that the social stud ies teacher not to show up at the hearing, and that I have not been given a copy of her complaint prior to the hearing, as of this writing. Something is very wrong when the discovery (a copy of the Complaint) is being released so slowly that it's not going to be available for me to read prior to the hearing, during hearing, or after hearing - although it was promised, but when?"

Sasser, who travels the country trying to rally America before it's too late, told the Arctic Beacon that this is just another clear sign of the lock-down on free speech in America. She added these words of encouragement and support for Mustric:

"We know 9/11 was an inside job. Keep the faith, Mr. Mustric! You're another hero in our eyes. Bravo!"

The story also caused a flurry of comments on the internet both pro and con. Here's a sampling:

"If he had stated his views directly to the students at that high school, then I could see the wacky wheels of the gestapo rolling into action. But when he merely mentioned his views to another teacher in private?"

"I hope this guy sues for three million and wins."

"Wow - two different incidents in two days with students and faculty in trouble for not bowing down to the kooky official story. Crikey!"

"Another censorship by mass media. Amazon and B&N recently censored the book 'America Deceived' by E.A. Blayre, III, for his 9/11 views as well as for mentioning Operation Northwoods, USS Liberty, and the Lavon Affair. Here's the only link left for this banned book that's now selling underground: http://www.iuniverse.com/bookstore/book_detail.asp?&isbn=0-595-38523-0"

"Wow... what a precedent! And to think that we are preapring an info-blitz targeted at teachers, educators and guardians here on the Front Range. Hmmm... we'll have to see what reaction we get out here in the Rocky Mtn. region in the fall."

"Congratulations America! You have finally qualified as a fascist dictatorship. Misery Accomplished!"

"I very highly doubt that his opinion was expressed during a casual, rational conversation. Although it certainly sounds as though this teacher's rights were violated, this is not a topic I'd openly discuss with co-workers. In fact, I think it is sensible not to discuss your political beliefs and opinions at the workplace. People have prejudices and the wise learn to exercise caution in professional situations." [But see "The Moral Of The Story" below.]

"If a teacher spouted on about crop circles, or that the Holocaust never happened, would that be acceptable. Remember that 9/11 'truth movement' stuff is an offensive hoax against most people. It is an insult and unacceptable for people who teach children. However, the question of whether it is a private and never mentioned secret of his personal life is an issue. If I were to believe in crop circles or 9/11 denial and I kept it to myself and never mentioned it to the kids, would that constitute a grounds for suspension or dismissal. A tough question."

"Freedom of Speech destroyed... you can check that one off the list, Führer Bush. How many more before people start fighting back?"


May 20, 2006 This article's URL is: http://www.arcticbeacon.com/18-May-2006.html Also be sure to check out the "Orwellian America" poster on our home page: http://www.arcticbeacon.com



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