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04:18:13 pm, Categories: Videos, 608 words  

Women stripped and tortured by police



Gurlea ordered Hope to stand by his cruiser. Hope tried to speak to Gurlea, but he told her to remain silent. Hope, once again attempted to explain that she desperately wanted her deceased sister's license returned. Gurlea angrily responded by telling Hope, "shut up about your dead sister." Hope then pointed her finger at Gurlea's shirt pocket, where he had put her sister's license, and said, "She was here, she was someone". Without provocation, Gurlea exploded in rage, seized Hope and slammed her face down onto the hood of his police cruiser cracking one of her teeth. He held her pinned against the cruiser with his pelvic area while mashing her face against the hood of the car and said, "Are you going to stop?" Before Hope could speak, Gurlea twisted her arm high up behind her back, nearly breaking it, which caused her excruciating pain. He then picked the 120-pound woman up off the ground and slammed her face-first into the dirt road, smashing her nose, causing numerous bruises and abrasions. Gurlea leapt into the air and landed on top of Hope's back with his body weight, pounding the air out of her lungs and stomach. With his knee in her back, Gurlea once again asked, "Are you going to stop?"

Blood ran profusely from Hope’s nose and flowed down over her mouth and chin and dripped onto the dirt road. Hope laid face down in the road completely unable to move and unable to breathe. She was suffocating under Deputy Gurlea's weight. He was killing her, inducing coma and death. Hope's cousin Trinette saw the look on Hope's face, and she screamed at Gurlea, "She can't breathe, let her go, you're hurting her!" Only then did Gurlea climb off of Hope. She had only taken a few shallow breaths of air when Gurlea yanked her up on her feet. The blood from Hope’s nose ran down her face and neck. Gurlea pulled her arms behind her back, put handcuffs on her, shoved her in the back of his patrol car and called for backup.

After they had removed all of Hope's clothes the women deputies were given a signal by one of the male deputies to leave the cell.

The cop on the left that held Hope's left arm twisted behind her back sometimes pushed on her right shoulder forcing her upper chest and neck down against the edge of the platform. With her free right hand she desperately tried to push back against of the edge of the platform to stop it from digging into her and bruising her, but the big cop just pushed down on her harder.

At first it seemed that she was trying to keep her legs together and resist the molestation. At other times she was not resisting as much as she was simply being brutally tortured. A blur spot was always placed over the hands of the cop on the right to prevent us from seeing exactly what he was doing to her legs and body, but we can hear her primal, animalistic screams of pain. While the cop on the right cruelly tortured Hope, the cop on the left never stopped twisting her arm behind her back and pushing her against the edge of the platform. When Hope's body contorted in agony from the things the cop on the right did to her, the cop on the left leaned into her harder pushing her down, making her feel more pain. The State Torture of Hope Steffey



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