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05:43:12 am, Categories: Videos, 428 words  

Innocent Women Stripped, Assaulted, and Violated by Police In neocon America

You voted for Bush and now you live in a bankrupt police state. Your children are tazered and your women strip-searched and brutalized. This is your freedom Americans, this is your democracy. The State Torture of Hope Steffey

Below is a letter written to the police in Ohio, which exemplifies the kind of attitude that every American will have to adopt if they are ever to turn back the fascism and regain their country and freedom:

To: Timothy A. Swanson, Stark
County Sheriff
| strkshrf@raex.com

Postal address:
4500 Atlantic Blvd., N.E., Canton, Ohio 44705
(330) 430-3800

Mr. Swanson,

I just watched a video of your officers conducting a brutal strip search of an innocent woman who had sought help from your department. Instead, she was subjected to a brutal and completely unjustified strip search and physical abuse bordering on rape if not including it. There is evidence of numerous violations of the US Constitution as well as blatant and documented violations of numerous other statutory prohibitions and limitations.


I am sickened and outraged by what I saw. I consider this reprehensible and immoral behavior to be no better than that of thugs in the worst police states and banana republics. I am determined to share this video with as many people as I can get to view it via email and highly trafficked blogs ---many of which reach millions of people. I am quite sure that they will be as outraged by the conduct of "your" officers as am I.

As I understand the facts in evidence, the woman who was brutally and criminally assaulted by your officers was entirely innocent of any wrong doing. At no time were your officers threatened or compromised. This outrage need not have occurred. There is absolutely no justification for this behavior under law. Even suspects are protected against arrest in the absence of "Probable Cause" (read the Constitution); therefore, the criminal, felonious assault by your officers upon someone who was not even suspected of having committed a crime is simply unconscionable and, prima facie, without any moral or legal justification whatsoever. For this --there is no defense, no rationalization.

If I lived in your county, I would demand your resignation and that of the offending "officers" who should, in any case, resign. Anyone perpetrating this kind of atrocity brings shame upon the uniform and upon the profession of law enforcement.

Might I remind --your job is to serve and protect, upholding the law --not breaking it or, otherwise, making a mockery of it.

Lenn Hart



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