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The Saudi-Israeli Alliance

August 21st, 2017

Eric Zuesse,

Two of the U.S. government’s supposed allies are supposedly not allies of each other but enemies of each other, but, away from the glare of the ‘news’media, they actually work together with each other to control, by means of their secret actual alliance with one-another, a substantial, if not the major, part of U.S. foreign policies — especially regarding Iran, Russia, Syria, Israel, Palestinians, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Turkey, but much else besides. These two secret allies of each other, who largely determine U.S. foreign policies, are the Saud family, and the government of Israel.

Saudi Arabia is a fundamentalist-Sunni dictatorship in which the royal Saud family actually own the country including its oil company, which is the world’s largest, and in which country the nation’s center of its Shia population is bombed to smithereens if and when that ruling family’s appointed king gets the whim to do so, which he recently did — but the U.S. press didn’t even report it, because ‘Saudi Arabia is an ally of the United States.’

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Provoking North Korea

August 19th, 2017

Stephen Lendman

America has been hostile toward North Korea since the Korean peninsula was divided post-WW II, artificially creating two nations from one.

An uneasy armistice persists post Truman’s Korean War, North Korea victimized by US viciousness from then to now.

America’s rage for war, its hostility toward sovereign independent countries it doesn’t control, and its diabolical aim to colonize planet earth, pillage its resources and exploit its people threatens possible nuclear confrontation on the Korean peninsula and elsewhere.

The DPRK threatens no other country. It never preemptively attacked one throughout its history. On Thursday, Defense Secretary Mattis provocatively threatened “strong military consequences if (North Korea) initiates hostilities” - knowing it would only respond if attacked, its legitimate right under international law.

Secretary of State Tillerson said pressure will continue against the DPRK “to end its illegal nuclear and ballistic missile program” - no more “illegal” than America’s programs, Israel’s and other nations with these capabilities.

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US Wants North Korea Defenseless and Isolated

August 18th, 2017

Stephen Lendman ( (Home - Stephen Lendman)

It’s unclear if the Trump administration intends war on North Korea or not - madness if initiated.

It’s very clear Washington wants the DPRK stripped of its best way to prevent hostilities - by having a formidable defense. That’s what its nuclear and ballistic missile programs are all about, not as weapons for attacking any nation.

North Korea wants regional peace, not war. It wants its sovereign independence respected. It opposes other countries interfering in its internal affairs. It has international law on its side on this issue.

Pyongyang genuinely fears possible US aggression. It was mercilessly attacked earlier, raping the country, killing millions.

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Russiagate’ — The Most Trustworthy Current Information

August 18th, 2017

Eric Zuesse

This summary is up-to-date as of August 6th, but it will start with a leak from a phone-conversation on August 1st, in which Seymour Hersh reveals “what I know” about the Russiagate matter, the matter that dominates today’s U.S. international news. Hersh, of course, is the investigative journalist who broke the My Lai massacre, was among the first reporters to disclose Obama’s support of Al Qaeda in Syria, and broke many other controversial news-reports exposing government-lies — none of which Hersh-articles has been disproven, despite the controversiality of his disclosures. And his record for sheer honesty is vastly better than that of any of his many detractors, and it’s a record that stands out especially because such sincerity is the rarest commodity in journalism regarding international relations (which has been Hersh’s specialty throughout his long career).

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Blood Profiteering

August 17th, 2017

Stephen Lendman ( (Home - Stephen Lendman)

Blood is a river of life, providing nutrients to every cell in our bodies while carrying away waste products.

Its composed of cells and plasma, the latter its liquid component, comprising most bodily blood volume. It contains other substances vital to life.

Other than physicians, especially hematologists and surgeons, few people think about blood unless they bleed, have blood tests, need transfusions or discover they have a blood disorder.

Otherwise, the river of life is ignored. Not to pharmaceutical companies and other blood profiteers. For them, blood is a commodity to be sold for profit.

It’s big business, netting billion dollars in profits annually. In America, facilities mostly in poor communities pay donors for their blood, a practice European countries forbid.

For impoverished Americans, it’s a source of income, along with a health risk for repeated donations, even when not in the best of health.

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Discounting North Korea’s ICBM Capability

August 16th, 2017

Stephen Lendman ( (Home - Stephen Lendman)

Based on its ballistic missile tests so far, including its most recent ones last month, Russia believes the DPRK hasn’t yet achieved ICBM capability.

Noted ballistic missile/rocket expert Theodore Postol partly agrees, along with German rocket experts Markus Schiller and Robert Schmucker.

In an analysis for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, they called Pyongyang’s Hwasong-14 ballistic missile, tested twice in July “a ‘sub-level’ ICBM that will not be able to deliver nuclear warheads to the continental United States.”

“Our analysis shows that the current variant of the Hwasong-14 may not even be capable of delivering a first-generation nuclear warhead to Anchorage, Alaska, although such a possibility cannot be categorically ruled out.”

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Neocon Pence Calls Democratic Venezuela a Hemispheric and US Threat

August 16th, 2017

Stephen Lendman ( (Home - Stephen Lendman)

In Colombia visiting narco-terrorist/Nobel Peace Prize winning President Juan Manuel Santos, Pence threatened Venezuela, saying:

“President Trump has made it very clear that we will not stand by while Venezuela collapses into dictatorship.”

“A failed state in Venezuela threatens the security and prosperity of our entire hemisphere and the people of the United States of America.”

Washington intends doing whatever it takes to change things, he blustered - wanting the country’s model democracy replaced by fascist tyranny imperial America controls, he failed to explain.

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Israel to Build Underground Wall Along Border with Gaza

August 15th, 2017

Stephen Lendman ( (Home - Stephen Lendman)

Israel wants walls, not peace. calls its walls “an integral part of the Zionist project to remove Palestinians from Palestine” - continuing decades of ethnic cleansing.

The organization calls for dismantling what’s been built, halting future construction, returning confiscated lands to their rightful owners, and fully compensating them for damages and lost income.

Israel is the only nation without declared borders, the only one surrounding itself with walls - built to steal land and enforce repression, not for security as claimed.

Palestinian communities are encircled, isolated from each other. Landowners and residents in areas between the wall and so-called Green Line (the Seam Zone) need permits to access their homes and farmland.

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CIA Director Pompeo Fear-Mongering

August 15th, 2017

Stephen Lendman ( (Home - Stephen Lendman)

The CIA represents America’s dark side, an agency incompatible with peace, equity and justice - neocon Pompeo the latest in a long line of rogue directors.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, he hyped a nonexistent North Korea threat, a nation that hasn’t preemptively attacked another country throughout its entire post-WW II history.

It threatens none now, not its neighbors or America - despite fear-mongering claims otherwise by Trump, other administration officials, congressional members, media scoundrels and Pompeo, part of his mandate as CIA head, along with directing all its other dirty tricks, aimed at advancing America’s imperium at the expense of world peace and stability.

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WaPo’s War on Venezuela

August 15th, 2017

Stephen Lendman ( (Home - Stephen Lendman)

The neocon Washington Post is a CIA house organ, putting out its message, supporting its ruthless practices, including decades of toppling independent leaders, replacing them with US-controlled puppets.

Venezuela is in the eye of the storm, CIA-orchestrated street violence ongoing for months, along with US political and economic war, creating enormous hardships for ordinary people.

WaPo falsely and maliciously called democratic governance under Maduro “repressive and irrational.”

It lied about its democratically elected Constituent Assembly - tasked with revising or rewriting Venezuela’s constitution, aiming to restore order and preserve Bolivarian social democracy - WaPo disgracefully calling it “Maduro’s latest power grab.”

It labeled democracy in action “a phony election to install a new, rubber-stamp legislature, accompanied by a crackdown on domestic opponents.”

It cited the so-called Lima Declaration, signed by most regional countries plus Canada, all subservient to Washington, hostile to Venezuelan social democracy, an affront to its people, stepping up unacceptable pressure on the country.

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