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Sure Obama caved again on Palestine but will he benefit?

September 8th, 2012

Franklin Lamb

As a former law professor President Obama knows something about international law and US constitutional law which he taught at the University of Chicago. But he besmirched his academic bona fides, violated Democratic Party rules and hurt his campaign on 12/5/12 by ordering the Democratic Party to summarily change earlier a twice debated and unanimously adopted plank of the Democratic Platform on the subject of the status of Jerusalem.

The reason this observer even took the time to read the 26,56l word, 37 page 2012 Democratic Party Platform which guides every Democratic candidate for both Houses of Congress and the party’s Presidential candidate, and to a lesser degree, thousands of Democratic Party candidates across the USA is, well, nostalgia.

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The 9/11 No-plane Question of Questions

September 7th, 2012

By Robert Singer

Compare the two pictures below. The picture on the left is Flight 175 that doesn’t decelerate or produce any plane wreckage as it disappears in a puff of smoke inside the South Tower. The picture on the right, taken by a news helicopter, shows a Boeing 767 coming out the opposite side of the impact zone of the North Tower.

Whether or not you believe that planes were used on 9/11, you should be asking two questions:

  1. Why would anyone bother to fake crashing planes into the WTC towers, requiring them to fake all the crash videos as well when it would be much easier for them to crash real planes into the Towers using the military’s Global Hawk remote control technology?” [1]
  2. Why would anyone make the video of Flight 175 available to CNN or why would the engineers in charge of the computer generated imagery (CGI) video fakery fail to see the nose-out blunder on the North Tower?

Before I answer the questions we need to consider the Theory of Controlled Demolition.

There is absolutely no proof, evidence, hypothesis or theory that will prove that a controlled demolition using thermite, Super-Thermite” or nano-thermite, was responsible for the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11. [8]

Even a child can see the picture on the left and in the center have nothing in common with the picture on the right (controlled demolition).

Hiroshima North Tower Controlled Demolition of a Hotel

Hiroshima and the North Tower represent a highly unconventional destructive release of energy, with temperatures much hotter than the sun. And BTW, both Hiroshima and the North Tower are EXPLOSIONS, controlled demolition is Implosion.

Steven Jones, who is the “expert” for the 9/11 Truth movement, is a professor of physics with no expertise whatsoever in controlled demolitions. Dr. Jones was asked to leave the university when he embarrassed the physics department at Brigham Young by writing that demolitions of WTC 1, 2 and 7 are the same; however,

WTC 7 was a bottom-up a gravity-assisted collapse with a small debris field, while WTC 1 and 2 were primarily top-down, virtually unassisted by gravity and showered debris in a wide radius as their frames essentially "peeled" outward. FEMA: WTC Study, Ch. 5 (05/02)

Jones’ research, never peer reviewed, does not prove the building collapsed from controlled demolition. Click here and read footnote 9, a thorough debunking of any theory of controlled demolition of the Twin Towers on 9/11.

The Answer to the 9/11 No-plane Question of Questions

The use of Computer-Generated Video Graphics (CGI No-plane fakery) ensured that no one would discover whatreallyhappened on 9/11, let me explain.

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Iran’s Strategic Diplomatic Victory over the Washington-Israeli Axis: Its Larger Political Consequences

September 7th, 2012

By James Petras


Iran chaired, hosted and led the recently rejuvenated Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) meeting in Teheran, attended by delegates from 120 countries, including 31 heads of state and 29 foreign secretaries of state. Even the United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, notorious mouthpiece of Washington, felt obligated to address, a forum attended by two-thirds of the member countries of the UN, despite State Department and Israeli objections. Any objective evaluation of the meeting, its venue, the attendance, resolutions and political impact leads to one paramount conclusion: the NAM meeting was a strategic diplomatic victory for Iran and a major defeat for the US, Israel and the European Union. The entire US-Israeli-EU diplomatic and propaganda effort to isolate and stigmatize Iran, especially over the past decade, was shredded.

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Destabilizing Venezuela Pre-Election

September 7th, 2012

by Stephen Lendman

On October 7, Venezuelans get to choose between Bolivarianism under Chavez and Henrique Capriles Radonski's corporatism they rejected resoundingly in 1998.

Polls show they'll do it again. IVAD late August results show Chavez ahead 55% to 34%. Only 10% of Venezuelans are undecided.

Eight major July polls showed Chavez leading by 15 - 27%. Subsequent ones weeks later revealed his support remains strong. Few doubt October's outcome. At issue is only by how much. On December 16, regional elections follow.

In late August, Chavez warned that opposition forces plan to declare victory before electoral results are announced. They'll say they won, reject National Electoral Council (CNE) totals, and claim fraud.

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The Republicrat political circus: Distractions, lies, war and austerity

September 7th, 2012

By Larry Pinkney

“What better way to enslave a man than to give him a vote and tell him he is free. — Albert Camus

The Democrats and the Republicans (i.e. the Republicrats) are once again ratcheting up to a fever pitch, in this phony, four year cycle, yet another corporate-stream media feeding frenzy, known as ‘elections’ in the United States. This pathetic state of affairs continues to be the bane of everyday ordinary people in this nation and the ultimate mockery of democracy in the 21st century.

Like little caged, tamed hamsters, the masses of everyday Black, White, Brown, Red, and Yellow women and men are being herded onto the political plantations/reservations of the Democrat and Republican parties. Once again, distractions and outright lies take center stage even as the reality and horror of perpetual war and economic austerity plagues, consumes and destroys the people of this nation and Mother Earth.

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Is Palestine a lost cause?

September 7th, 2012

Alan Hart

A long version of the headline question would be something like this: Given that in the 46th year of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank Jewish settlers are continuing to consolidate their hold on the territory’s land and water resources by stealing more and more of both, thus demonstrating not only Zionism’s contempt for international law but, also, that the only peace Israel’s leaders are interested in is one that requires a complete Palestinian surrender to Zionism’s will, is there any real prospect, in any foreseeable future, of justice for the Palestinians?

It is probably still the case that, in the name of Arafat-like pragmatism, a majority of the oppressed Palestinians would regard the establishment of a state of their own on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip with East Jerusalem its capital as an acceptable minimum amount of justice.

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What’s Romney Really Up To? Softball Nationalism

September 7th, 2012

Ian Fletcher

In my 2010 book Free Trade Doesn’t Work, I speculated that the following might occur:

Both political parties are feeling the heat of an intensifying global economic challenge to the U.S. and are looking for ways to take the pressure off their voters.

Withdrawing from free trade (to an as yet undefined extent) is emerging as the consensus Democratic response, even if the party’s leadership doesn’t yet realize how deep are the forces driving this or how far it is likely to go.

The emerging Republican response seems to be keeping free trade while opposing immigration—which does not enlarge America’s shrinking economic pie, but does cut it into fewer slices per voter and is therefore politically salable.

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Organic Food Debunker was Tobacco Institute Researcher in 1976

September 6th, 2012

By Michael Collins

A widely publicized study claiming that there is no demonstrated difference in nutritional value between organically and conventionally grown foods just appeared in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Broad mainstream media coverage produced headlines like Stanford Scientists Cast Doubt on Advantages of Organic Meat and Produce. The media failed to mention one point that may be of major interest.

The study relied on a statistical technique called meta-analysis. Over 200 plus scientific journal articles were combined as the data set for the study. The article co-author with recognized expertise in meta-analysis, Ingram Olkin, applied for a grant from Council of Tobacco Research (CTR) in 1976.

CTR was part of the infamous Tobacco Institute, an industry group of cigarette manufacturers. Ingram was on the faculty of Stanford University at the time. The authors of the current study diminishing the value of organic foods are also from Stanford University, with Olkin listed as a professor emeritus.

Olkin applied to the CTR to conduct a project on the statistical methods used in the Framingham Heart Study, the landmark project linking cigarette smoking with increased risk of heart disease. From publicly available tobacco industry documents, we find this from cigarette manufacturer lawyers:

"I met with Dr. Olkin and Dr. Marvin Kastenbaum [Tobacco Institute Statistics Director] on December 17, 1975, .at which time we discussed Dr. Olkin's interest in multivariate analysis statistical models. Dr. Olkin is well qualified and is very articulate. I learned, in visiting with Dr. Olkin, that he would like to examine the theoretical structure of the "multivariate logistic risk function."

The Tobacco Documents describe Katzenbaum as knowledgeable of "the tobacco industry's participation in the public disinformation regarding the health hazards of tobacco use …"

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Mitt and Mormonism: Does It Matter?

September 6th, 2012

by Stephen Lendman

Romney is America's first non-Christian presidential nominee. He's a Mormon (aka Latter Day Saints Church member - LDS). Does it matter? More on that below.

Before he entered politics, he spent years as a Massachusetts Mormon leader. He began in the mid-1970s. From 1986 - 1994, he was president of the Boston Stake. It's similar to a Catholic diocese. Before that he was a Belmont and Cambridge bishop. His duties involved organizational work and counseling.

Later he taught Sunday school and oversaw church programs for teenagers. He overstepped by lecturing women on their sex lives and roles as homemakers. A 1994 Boston Phoenix cited an anonymous woman. As bishop, Romney discouraged her from having an abortion vital for health reasons.

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Fars News Agency Interviews Lendman

September 6th, 2012

Stephen Lendman

Stephen Lendman

Iranian journalist Kourosh Ziabari conducted the interview. Topics included Tehran's successful NAM summit, Iranian/US/Israeli relations, Syria, potential war against both countries, and related issues.

Fars (FNA) calls itself "Iran's leading independent news agency." Its reports shame what appears in Western media.

Questions and answers are below. Some final comments follow.

US Radio Host: Iran's International Profile Raised through Hosting NAM Summit

TEHRAN (FNA)- American writer and radio host Stephen Lendman believes that the successful arrangement and hosting of the 16th heads-of-state Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran was diplomatically a triumph for the Islamic Republic, which disappointed Israel and the United States and helped Iran improve its political profile on the international scene.

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