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The war on Iran is already underway

August 12th, 2012

Kourosh Ziabari

Economic sanctions, psychological warfare, media propaganda, threats and assassinations; what other sort of evidence one may need to believe that the United States, Israel and their European allies have already started their much liked war against Iran and that this unjustifiable war is taking its toll on the innocent, ordinary Iranian citizens?

They say that they have a problem with Iran's nuclear program; that Iran's nuclear activities aren't transparent; that they fear Iran may one day develop nuclear weapons; that Iran may some day drop atomic bombs on Israel and that Iran poses a threat to global peace and security.

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Israel's Neoliberal Hammer Strikes

August 12th, 2012

by Stephen Lendman

In America and across Europe, austerity is official policy. It's also true in Israel.

Among developed countries, America, Britain, and Israel are the most socially unjust. Street protests rail against public policy. Favored corporations and rich elites alone benefit. Most Jews suffer, Israeli Arabs most of all.

Worse ahead is planned. Growing needs and public anger are ignored. On July 30, Israel's cabinet approved sweeping budget cuts and tax hikes on top of earlier ones imposed. More are planned next year. Ordinary Israelis feel it most. Neoliberal policies demand it.

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Romney Blows It, Picks Paul "Dr. Death" Ryan

August 11th, 2012

Michael Collins

AP tells us that Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan is the pick for the Republican Vice President slot. AP August 10 (Image)

We know one thing for sure about Mitt Romney. He is not a big game player, you know those stars who always do their best in playoff or championship games. Faced with the most important choice of his sputtering campaign, Romney blew it. He chose a boring, rightist Congressman from the Milwaukee suburbs. Paul Ryan may look good to Romney but his supporters preferred another by far, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

Ryan compensates for his boring demeanor with a truly mean spirited political program that threatens to deny medical care for many seniors if his budget is enacted. He swaps out government payments for vouchers in a system that will make medical care unaffordable to seniors. That should sell well among those seniors who prefer a premature, unnecessary death caused by a lack of medical care.

Nice work Mitt!

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Unconscionable Media Warmongering

August 11th, 2012

by Stephen Lendman

Washington needs media support to wage wars and plan new ones. Broadcast and print scoundrels oblige.

Paid liars infest Western media. Managed news misinformation creates enemies. Fear is stoked. War is cheerled, glorified, and sanitized to suppress truths too grim to report.

Reasons for war aren't explained. Fake ones are invented. Public opinion is manipulated to support what should be condemned.

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Crimes Against Humanity

August 10th, 2012

by Stephen Lendman

Israel commits daily crimes against humanity. Intermittently, crimes or war are committed.

For decades, Palestinians have been ruthlessly persecuted and denied justice.

Dozens of incidents occur daily. Media scoundrels suppress or ignore them.

On July 30, Israel placed 10 International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activists in administrative detention uncharged. ISM resists Israeli repression nonviolently.

Activists are frequently arrested, detained, mistreated, then deported. Israel considers supporting right over wrong illegal.

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Conduct unbecoming a Presidential candidate

August 10th, 2012

Stuart Littlewood

As the “political prostitution season” hots up, are Americans in the mood for another Israel-first Commander-in-Chief?

Who is this Dan Senor, the organiser of Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s embarrassing jaunt to Israel?

According to The Tablet Senor not only interned at AIPAC but while in Jerusalem volunteered as an intern for Benny Begin, son of the terrorist Menachem Begin, chief of the Irgun, who in 1946 ordered the bombing of the British HQ at the King David Hotel murdering 91.

So the would-be US president appointed Senor as his "special adviser" on foreign policy. Romney, being a Mormon, is easy meat for the Zionist vultures. Mormons have a special relationship with Israel, a fantasy I don’t profess to understand or even care about. But it means that Americans would not be getting a president with impartial judgement on security matters and foreign affairs, and the western world would have a leader it couldn’t entirely trust.

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Turkey Pays the Price for Supporting Regime Change in Syria

August 10th, 2012

It is well known that the situation in Syria would not have reached this point if it was not for Turkey’s political and military support of the Syrian opposition.

By: Hüsnü Mahalli alakhbar english
August 9, 2012 Creative Commons
(Turkey: Running its Own Gauntlet)
Turkey has burnt all its bridges with its neighbors – Iran, Iraq, and Syria – in a bid to ride the wave of the Arab Spring. Now, Ankara fears that Kurdish separatists will come to power if Assad’s regime collapses in Syria.

Istanbul - From the onset of events in Syria, Ankara has displayed relative caution in its relationship with Tehran. But now that the government of Recep Tayyib Erdogan has joined a “Sunni front” with Arab gulf countries, Ankara is being more direct with its Shia neighbor.

Chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces Hassan Firouzabadi recently blamed Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia for the bloodshed in Syria.

The Turkish government instantly jumped to respond to Firouzabadi’s accusations, and at the same time to remarks made earlier by senior Iranian envoy and chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili while on a visit to Damascus.

First came a declaration from Erdogan, followed by a more explicit position from his foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu. The latter accused Iran of complicity in Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s slaughter of the Syrian people.

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Mitt Romney's gaffes abroad show that his numbers just don't add up

August 9th, 2012

By Mamoon Alabbasi

US presidential candidate Mitt Romney ended a three-country world tour of Britain, Israel and Poland without appearing to have learned much from his overseas trip. Even in his attempts to water-down the impact of some of his gaffes, following an influx of negative press, he seems to have stuck to the flawed logic behind them, especially when it comes to the economy.

It all started with what he thought was a simple remark regarding Britain's hosting of the 2012 Olympic Games, when he said of the event- almost on the eve of its opening ceremony - that "there are a few things that were disconcerting [1]." The event has been 15 years in the planning with an expected cost of £9 billion (almost $14 billion). The timing couldn't have been more distasteful, prompting one commentator to note that the Republican challenger "is perhaps the only politician who could start a trip that was supposed to be a charm offensive by being utterly devoid of charm and mildly offensive [2]."

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Full-Scale War in Syria

August 9th, 2012

by Stephen Lendman

Former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov calls it "full-scale civil war." It's full-scale but not civil.

Syria's been invaded. Civil war implies two internal warring sides. That's very much not the case. Primakov said:

"Mercenaries and volunteers from other states are fighting (Assad) jointly with" violent internal forces. Most Syria opponents are nonviolent. They want peaceful conflict resolution. Washington has other ideas.

"President Obama has given a direct order to the CIA to support the Syrian opposition."

"That is flagrant interference in internal affairs of a sovereign state, which does not endanger the United States or anyone else."

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Obama's War on Humanity

August 8th, 2012

by Stephen Lendman

Obama targets humanity at home and abroad. Illinoisans paying attention knew long ago. He served as senator for the state's 13th district.

He sold out straightaway. Real estate interests had their man. Gentrification demolitions rewarded them. Poor folks were driven out. Most were Black.

Banking, finance, insurance, and real estate interests comprised his political base then and now. Needs of constituents he represented were ignored. Community uplift rhetoric disguised harming people who needed help.

Critics called his record kick back cronyism. Convicted felons and big monied interests funded him. Every dollar invested returned multiples.

Pay-to-play was always Chicago's way. City and state politics are notoriously corrupt. Obama played the game down and dirty.

He earned his bona fides. He was well suited for bigger and better things in Washington. He was singled out and took full advantage. Nationally he betrayed the poor and disadvantaged the way he did in Illinois. Globally it's much worse.

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