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The truth behind the Citigroup nationalization

November 27th, 2008

F. William Engdahl

On Friday November 21 the world came within a hair’s breadth of the most colossal financial collapse in world history according to bankers on the inside of events with whom we have contact. The trigger was the bank which only two years ago was America’s largest, Citigroup. The size of the US Government de facto nationalization of the $2 trillion banking institution is an indication of shocks yet to come in other major US and perhaps European banks thought to be ‘too big to fail.’

The clumsy way in which US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, himself not a banker but a Wall Street ‘investment banker’, whose experience has been in the quite different world of buying and selling stocks or bonds or underwriting and selling same, has handled the unfolding crisis has been worse than incompetent. It has made a grave situation into a globally alarming one.

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Hey, Prez-Elect Obama: Say 'Thanks' to Alan Greenspan!

November 27th, 2008

by William Hughes

“The secret for success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” - Benjamin Disraeli

In ancient Greece, some of its celebrated playwrights, such as Aeschylus, used a device called the “Deus ex Machina,” in order to resolved a badly tangled plot. Usually, it represented some kind of divinity, whose intervention into the lives of the characters portrayed generally proved fortuitous. In the 2008 presidential election, the winner, Democratic Sen. Bararck Obama, was ready for his opportunity, but he also had help--big time--from above! There was a point in this bitterly fought campaign, where the GOP’s John McCain was able to forcefully dominate the race by making “national security” the pivotal issue. All of that, however, abruptly changed when the massive tsunami, known as the Wall Street-Financial Meltdown, hit home. (1) Billions of dollars in wealth disappeared over night. Bottom line: The Prez-Elect can mostly thank Alan “Bubbles” Greenspan, ex-czar for 18 years of “The Fed” for that meltdown and for his victory on Nov. 4, 2008. (2)

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Brutish Empire Calls for A New Hjalmar Schacht

November 27th, 2008

by John Hoefle

Schacht was the empire's man on the scene, as head of the
Reichsbank and then, Minister of Economics under Hitler

We have repeatedly warned that the Anglo-Dutch Liberal empire is using the death of the global financial system to eliminate the nation-state system and impose a global, fascist, corporatist dictatorship upon the world. One does not need inside information to see this; one merely need examine the policies being pushed by the international banking crowd and take them to their natural conclusion. The push for fascism is, to use H.G. Wells' term, an "open conspiracy."

However, it is always useful to receive confirmation of their intent from inside the enemy camp: According to reliable sources, there is an active discussion within the halls of HSBC's London headquarters of the need for a new Hjalmar Schacht.

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Obama: Our “Seamless” President Elect

November 26th, 2008

Sarah Meyer

With Bush, we had sentimental creepiness & neo-con lies; with Obama we have rhetorical hypocrisy. With many appointments now made, we can see that Obama is indeed trying to please the “48% that didn’t vote for me.” To complete his team, he might as well nominate Cheney as head of Homeland Security and Sarah Palin (with bear rugs) as Secretary of Agriculture. To placate the disgruntled anti-war movement, he could then ask “progressive” power-happy HuffPo Arianna Huffington [ “I only text three people – my two teenage children and Barack Obama.”] to be his press secretary.

Following are some comments from The Disappointed and Angry. These articles represent the 53% of the US public that voted for Obama, hope and "CHANGE."

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Israel's Slow-Motion Genocide in Occupied Palestine

November 26th, 2008

Stephen Lendman

Imagine life under these conditions:

Living in limbo under a foreign occupier. Having no self-determination, no right of return, and no power over your daily life. Being in constant fear, economically strangled, and collectively punished.

Having your free movement denied by enclosed population centers, closed borders, regular curfews, roadblocks, checkpoints, electric fences, and separation walls. Having your homes regularly demolished and land systematically stolen to build settlements for encroachers in violation of international law prohibiting an occupier from settling its population on conquered land.

Having your right to essential services denied - to emergency health care, education, employment, and enough food and clean water. Being forced into extreme poverty, having your crops destroyed, and being victimized by punitive taxes. Having no right for redress in the occupier's courts under laws only protecting the occupier.

Being regularly targeted by incursions and attacks on the ground and from the air. Being willfully harassed, ethnically cleansed, arrested, incarcerated, tortured, and slaughtered on any pretext, including for your right of self-defense. Having no rights on your own land in your own country for over six decades and counting. Vilified for being Muslims and called terrorists, Jihadists, crazed Arabs, and fundamentalist extremists. Victimized by a slow-motion genocide to destroy you.

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You ain’t seen nothing yet

November 26th, 2008

Mike Whitney

“The problems we face today cannot be solved by the minds that created them” ~Albert Einstein

Obama hasn’t even been sworn in yet, and already the Wall Street cheerleaders are celebrating his first great triumph. According the pundits, the stock market staged a surprise 494 point rally last Friday because -- get this -- it was announced that Timothy Geithner would be appointed Obama’s Treasury Secretary.

Timothy who?

What nonsense. The sudden turn-around in stocks had a lot more to do with short-covering than anything else, but don’t let that get in the way of a good story. Even so, the last minute surge on the NYSE couldn’t stop another week-long bloodbath that ended with the Dow and S&P 500 tumbling another 5 percent. That’s not to say that Geithner is not bright and talented guy. He is; and so is his White House counterpart, Lawrence Summers. But the media hype is way overdone.

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Two-time Refugee and a Tent in Occupied East Jerusalem

November 26th, 2008

eileen fleming

Photo by me of Um Kamal/Mrs. Khurd taken one day before
she became a widow.

[Occupied East Jerusalem] Less than a five minute walk from my room at the Ambassador Hotel, Fawziya Khurd and international supporters began living in a tent, because the Israeli police enforced a court order to throw her and her spouse, Mohammed out of their home, which they had been living in since 1956. The day before my last visit, Mrs. Khurd/Um Khammal [mother of Kammal] became a widow when Mohammad expired secondary to the stress of home eviction by Israel.

At 3:30 AM on November 9, 2008, Reverend Richard Toll was awakened in his hotel room in the neighborhood when the Israeli Occupying Forces/IOF broke down the door of the home of the Al Khurd family. Rev. Toll told me [during the final day of Sabeel's 7th Annual Conference: The Nakba: Memory, Reality and Beyond] that he was jarred awake by a woman's pain filled scream that was indescribable.

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Victory for Venezuela’s Socialists in Crucial Elections

November 25th, 2008

James Petras

The pro-Chavez United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) won 72% of the governorships in the November 23, 2008 elections and 58% of the popular vote, dumbfounding the predictions of most of the pro-capitalist pollsters and the vast majority of the mass media who favored the opposition.

PSUV candidates defeated incumbent opposition governors in three states (Guaro, Sucre, Aragua) and lost two states (Miranda and Tachira). The opposition retained the governorship in a tourist center (Nueva Esparta) and won in Tachira, a state bordering Colombia, Carabobo and the oil state of Zulia, as well as scoring an upset victory in the populous state of Miranda and taking the mayoralty district of the capital, Caracas. The socialist victory was especially significant because the voter turnout of 65% exceeded all previous non-presidential elections. The prediction by the propaganda pollsters that a high turnout would favor the opposition also reflected wishful thinking.

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Israeli army storm Hebron college and arrests eight students

November 25th, 2008


On 30 October 2008, at 10:15am, the Israeli army stormed the faculty of the Palestine Technical College in Arroub refugee camp, Hebron and arrested students from some of the classrooms. The students were blindfolded, shackled, and then repeatedly beaten, slapped, and punched all over the body. They were then taken to Gush Etzion military detention center. At 9:00pm two of the boys were released, however, eight of them are still in detention in Ofer Prison. None of the boys are older than 16.

Hatem is a teacher at the Palestine Technical College. He was the only teacher present in the playground area at that time. One of the soldiers shouted at him, "Where are the boys that threw stones?" This was in response to an allegation that stones had been thrown at an Israeli civilian car by a person who came from the refugee camp and who had been wearing a black jacket.

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Vanished - How the BBC disappears the news

November 25th, 2008

by William Bowles

This from GazaFriends on the kidnapping of 15 Palestinian fishermen and 3 foreign nationals in international waters by the Israeli navy:

20 November, 2008 — "Darlene Wallach is in a new prison in Ramle, a men's prison, but she's in a section reserved for illegal immigrants.

"She wanted to pass on this information, "We were fishing about 7 miles off the shores of Gaza. The Israeli soldiers came on board the three boats via four Zodiacs. The frogmen came up and over each boat. They used a taser on Vik while he was still on the boat, then tried to push him backwards onto a sharp piece of wood. He jumped into the sea to avoid being hurt more than he already was and was in the water for quite a while.

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