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An Israeli in Gaza: An Interview with Jeff Halper

December 11th, 2008

Frank Barat

Frank Barat: You recently took part in the Free Gaza movement (1) and successfully reached Gaza by boat with others activists, journalists and human rights workers from around the globe. How did you get involved in such an initiative and why was it important for you to take part?

Jeff Halper: As an Israeli and the head of an Israeli peace organization (ICAHD – The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions), I was asked by the Free Gaza Movement organizers to take part in their action to Break the Siege of Gaza by sailing two boats from Cyprus to Gaza City port. I agreed because this was a non-violent political action; breaking the siege and by implication highlighting Israel’s responsibility for it (which it tries to shrug) fit into ICAHD’s mission, to end the Israeli Occupation completely. Had this been defined as a humanitarian mission I would not have participated, since the so-called “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza is not the result of some natural calamity, but of a deliberate policy of Israel – plus the US, Europe and Japan, it must be said, and aided by Egypt – to break the will of the Palestinians to resist and to replace the democratically elected government of Hamas by a collaborationist regime more amenable to Israeli control.

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lsrael’s Hitler to Join the Knesset

December 11th, 2008

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Jerusalem

His name is Moshe Feiglin, but he may very well be called Israel’s Adolph Hitler. On Monday, 8 December, the day the Likud held its primaries, Feiglin won a respectable position on the Likud’s Knesset list for the upcoming Israeli elections, slated to take place on 10 February. This means, almost certainly, that Feiglin will become a Knesset member as all opinion polls indicate that the jingoistic party will win the elections and form Israel’s next government.

Calling Feiglin a “Hitler” is not an exaggeration at all. The man stands for and advocates all the fascist ideas and ideals that made Hitler the Nazism evil. In fact, whatever differences there may be between people like Feiglin and the hated Nazi hierarchy have more to do with form rather than substance, e.g. Hitler and ilk believed in the superiority of the Master Aryan Race while Feiglin and tens of thousands of supporters believe in the superiority of the Chosen People over goyem.. And while Hitler would call German territorial expansionism “lebensraum,” Feiglin uses a lesser sophisticated term in reference to Israel’s territorial aggrandizement: Eretz Yisrael ha’Shlema (the Greater Land of Israel) which includes, in addition to mandatory Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and large parts of Syria, Iraq and Egypt.

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Harper runs a wrecking crew, not a government

December 11th, 2008

Frances Russell

The fear, loathing and demagoguery unleashed on Parliament Hill last week could create a dangerous constitutional precedent and cripple a necessary evolution in Canadian parliamentary democracy.

The nationwide hysteria whipped up by that fear, loathing and demagoguery may be dampened by the prorogation of Parliament until the end of January.

But at what price? An Ipsos Reid poll found that it left 75 per cent of Canadians "truly scared" for the future of their country. And a political scientist warns it gives future prime ministers the right to escape defeat on non-confidence motions simply by shutting down Parliament and locking its doors.

"Parliamentary democracy as it has been practised in Canada has been compromised," University of Toronto political scientist Nelson Wiseman says. "The precedent established means that under no conditions will the Governor General ever deny a prorogation to sitting prime ministers, no matter what the circumstances."

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Why Israel would not dare attack Iran?

December 11th, 2008

Kourosh Ziabari

Nowadays, Iran and its people are being threatened widely for a near, possible attack by the Israeli forces if Tehran continue pursuing its nuclear program. Additionally, the amount of media pressure against the country is increasing simultaneous to the rhetoric of Israeli officials, backed by US statesmen.

Some western governments acclaim that they would support Israel for a possible bombardment of Iranian nuclear facilities because of the threatening nature of these installations.

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The Power Elite Playbook, Establishing Precedents, Part 19 By Deanna Spingola

December 11th, 2008

Deanna Spingola

The exploitation of the Philippine Islands’ vast mineral reserves, so strongly encouraged by President McKinley, gave one particular American Expeditionary soldier, First Lieutenant John William Haussermann (1867-1965, discharged September 1, 1899), an Ohio-born attorney from Leavenworth, Kansas, a (literally) golden opportunity. Since Philippine law didn’t recognize the American entity known as a “corporation,” the U.S. Congress passed a law on July 1, 1902 which enabled Haussermann, then city attorney for Manila, to organize a corporation on June 1903, which became known as the Benguet Consolidated Mining Company by 1906. In 1927, Benguet bought out its competitor, Balatoc Mining, giving it 80% of the Philippine gold industry. Philippine gold made Haussermann “the Gold King” and his associates a massive fortune which would later be selectively shared with influential political puppets like General Douglas MacArthur, who comfortably identified with the Philippine oligarchy.

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December 10th, 2008

ICOS / The Senlis Council


The Taliban now holds a permanent presence in 72% of Afghanistan, up from 54% a year ago. Taliban forces have advanced from their southern heartlands, where they are now the de facto governing power in a number of towns and villages, to Afghanistan’s western and north-western provinces, as well as provinces north of Kabul. Within a year, the Taliban's permanent presence in the country has increased by a startling 18%.

Three out of the four main highways into Kabul are now compromised by Taliban activity. The capital city has plummeted to minimum levels of control, with the Taliban and other criminal elements infiltrating the city at will.

Through its research platform in Afghanistan, ICOS determined the Taliban’s presence across the country using a combination of publicly recorded attacks and local perceptions of Taliban presence. One or more insurgent attacks per week in a province constitutes a “permanent Taliban presence” according to ICOS (see full methodology below)

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December 10th, 2008

Karakwine & MNN Staff


Pedophilia is a violent sexual attack on children. Pedophilia is a covert criminal activity used globally by the elites. The clerical collar and the nun’s robes have been the perfect cover. It has long been a product of the strategies used by the elite to control and dominate the rest of the population. A small minority of human beings [2 to 3%] has no compunction about destroying and killing people to make it to the top of the European-style hierarchy. Governments, judiciary, the police and the Catholic and other Christian churches colluded in this well thought out system of debauchery. It did not happen randomly. Our children were snatched and put in residential schools, debased and many were killed.

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The Persecution of Syed Fahad Hashmi

December 10th, 2008

Stephen Lendman

It's a familiar story. A Muslim American is accused of terrorism for supporting Al Queda and conspiracy to provide support for a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). The prosecution asks for the maximum sentence. Once again, an innocent man is arrested, charged, indicted and convicted with no substantiating evidence except for what prosecutors say they have. All of it is bogus and much classified and withheld from the defense. Witnesses are enlisted to cooperate and proceedings orchestrated to intimidate juries to convict. Justice again is denied. Those accused bear the mark of cain for being Muslim in America at the wrong time - especially if they're devout, activist, and for some prominent and engaged in charitable work.

The mainstream portrays Hashmi as a "jihadist" and believer in "radical Islamic ideas" because of his association with the now defunct (since 2004) London-based Al Muhajiroun (The Immigrants) and a related still active New York-based Islamic Thinkers Society.

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Whose Interests Will Shape Barack Obama’s “Change”? Radical Change Needs Pressure from Below

December 10th, 2008

Ismael Hossein-zadeh

Abstract. Barack Obama was elected by the majorities of both the grassroots and the ruling elites. His mandate thus comes both from below, or the left, and above, or the right. Both sides are anxiously echoing his winning slogan of “change.” The question, therefore, is no longer simply change (as the market meltdown has made change an urgent universal demand), but what kind of change? Whose mandates or interests will guide the course of the urgently needed change? The answer, in a nutshell, seems to be dependent on the outcome of the balance of power, or the outcome of the ongoing (though largely submerged) class struggle.

To say that President Obama will face daunting challenges is stating the obvious. What is less obvious, however, is that these challenges also represent opportunities for change in favor of peace and economic security for all.

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Obama Conspiracy

December 10th, 2008

Mickey Z.

Mr. G.B. Shaw sez: “I often quote myself; it adds spice to my conversation.” With that concept in mind, I’ll remind you of something I said in a recent interview, re: St. Barack. Obama’s ascendancy, I posited, “is an excellent illustration of how the system handles dissent. A black face, a soothing voice and a vague message of change - all designed to keep the rabble pacified without changing anything at all.”

This, I submit, could be deemed the ultimate conspiracy theory.

The power elite, especially in the United States, share remarkably common interests and background. Corporate America is concerned solely with profits…period. Therefore, America’s foreign and domestic policy is logically geared towards that financial end—without any real accountability.

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