Milquetoast Bernie Sanders, Senator From Lockheed-Martin and left Gatekeeper for the Democratic Party

August 3rd, 2015
By United Front Against Austerity/Tax Wall Street As Bernie Sanders gains traction against Hillary in the Democratic primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire, his utility to the Democratic elite is becoming more evident. Much… more »

US Spending Bill Bonanza for Wall Street

December 15th, 2014
by Stephen Lendman Kleptocracy defines America. Corrupt politicians and corporate crooks conspire. Against ordinary people. Covertly and overtly. Violating the letter and spirit of good governance. Looting the nation's wealth. Handing it to monied… more »

Corporate Welfare and the Minimum Wage

October 8th, 2014
By Joslyn Stevens The arguments against raising the minimum wage are bullshit. The majority of Americans including conservatives support an increase yet congress continues to drag its feet on doing right by the people they claim to serve. The… more »

A Few Choice Words from Immortal Technique to Mainstream Media’s War Profiteering Pundits: “Shut the Fuck Up You Mindless Drone!”

October 23rd, 2013
via chycho In light of the latest revelations from The Public Accountability Initiative that “the media continues to present former military and government officials as venerated experts without informing the public of their industry ties – the personal… more »

Yellen's Fed Assures Business As Usual

October 12th, 2013
by Stephen Lendman On Wednesday, Obama nominated Janet Yellen as Fed chair. She's currently vice chairwoman. Senate confirmation is certain. It's rubber-stamp. She'll succeed Ben Bernanke. On January 31, his second four-year term ends. In its hundred… more »

Government Shutdown and Appointment of Janet Yellen Guarantees Flow of Funds to Wall Street: They are reducing “two-thirds of this country to subsistence level”, Chris Hedges

October 10th, 2013
via chycho It’s no secret that the only reason the markets have been roaring – since bottoming out in March 2009, the DOW is up approximately 125% and The S&P 500 approximately 120% - is because of unlimited quantitative easing to the tune of $85… more »

The 2005 Bankruptcy Bill: Knowing a Financial Crisis Was Imminent, Banks Lobbied Government to Pass Laws to Preserve Their Wealth

August 27th, 2013
by chycho Our government representatives would like us to believe that the subprime mortgage crisis (2, 3, 4, 5) could not have been predicted. The truth is, the collapse was expected and authorities were well aware that crimes were being committed. I.… more »

Obama's Way: Waging Financial War on Humanity

July 27th, 2013
by Stephen Lendman Class war rages in America. Institutionalized inequality defines it. Obama continues what began decades ago. He exceeds the worst of his predecessors. He supports capital's divine right. He transferred unprecedented wealth amounts… more »

Why Stocks Have Risen: Stimulus, Stimulus, and Indefinite-Stimulus, i.e., Transfer of Wealth from Main Street to Wall Street

May 24th, 2013
by chycho Since bottoming out at an intra-day low of 6,467 on March 6, 2009, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) has risen to 15,295 as of May 23, 2013 - a gain of approximately 130% in just over 4 years. The S&P 500 has shown similar results,… more »

Assault on Wall Street - A Review

May 21st, 2013
Michael Collins Assault on Wall Street glorifies the revenge killing of Wall Street big wigs by a seemingly decent man who lost everything, including his wife, due to the manipulation and fraud of those he gunned down. Combat veteran and armored car… more »

Collapse At Hand

June 6th, 2012
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Ever since the beginning of the financial crisis and quantitative easing, the question has been before us: How can the Federal Reserve maintain zero interest rates for banks and negative real interest rates for savers and bond… more »

Argentina: Why President Fernandez Wins and Obama Loses

October 30th, 2011
James Petras Introduction On October 23rd of this year, President Cristina Fernandez won re-election receiving 54% of the vote, 37 percentage points higher than her nearest opponent. The President’s coalition also swept the Congressional, Senatorial,… more »

Rude Awakening

August 6th, 2011
by Stephen Lendman In 2008, a protracted global depression began, criminally manufactured by Wall Street and Washington scoundrels, complicit with major European partners. Why? To permit greater financial and other corporate consolidation, more power,… more »

Controversial ag spending bill defunds local food systems, promotes meat monopoly

June 22nd, 2011
By Rady Ananda Plutocrats aimed another weapon at the nation’s poor and at small and midsized farmers, this time thru the 2012 agriculture appropriations bill, H.R. 2112, which the House passed on June 16. The 82-page bill returns some federal spending… more »

Obama Embraces The Money Party

June 13th, 2011
Michael Collins It's time for Plan B. The White House is about to be sold to the same people who bought it in 2008. The front page of today's New York Times says it all. President Obama is on the hunt for campaign cash and the Wall Street crowd… more »

Will the NY Attorney General Bring Doomsday Charges Against Wall Street? If So, How Long Will He Survive?

May 20th, 2011
Michael Collins Gretchen Morgenson of the New York Times just published one of the few feel good stories in months following the 2008 financial crisis. She describes a possible day of reckoning for the perpetrators of the 2008 crisis and much of the… more »

The Link Between War and Big Finance

April 7th, 2011
Veterans For Peace Endorses the April 15th Rally and Protest in Union Square Park By Kevin Zeese Veterans For Peace has joined in endorsing “Sounds of Resistance,” a concert and protest against Wall Street banks that draws the connections between… more »

What They Didn't Tell You - The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

February 2nd, 2011
By Numerian posted by Michael Collins What America really needs is a Commission of Truth, that would outline how Selfishness became triumphant, how it has devastated our country, and what we as a community and as a nation must do about this What’s it… more »

Leaked Cable: Hike food prices to boost GM crop approval in Europe

December 14th, 2010
By Rady Ananda In a January 2008 meeting, US and Spain trade officials strategized how to increase acceptance of genetically modified foods in Europe, including inflating food prices on the commodities market, according to a leaked US diplomatic cable… more »

Why do we hate the banks so?

October 27th, 2010
By Numerian posted by Michael Collins "The deadbeat accusation against defaulters says Americans should have known how much debt they were taking on and what the risks were for themselves if disaster should happen to them. The problem with this argument… more »

Triumph of the Money Party!!! Warren's role downgraded, reports to Geithner

September 16th, 2010
Michael Collins The White House snatched back one of the few bones it's thrown to the people outraged at the looting of the United States Treasury by failed financial concerns - the big banks and Wall Street. The promised appointment Elizabeth Warren as… more »

The Dow at 1000? Regime Change for the Stock Market

July 22nd, 2010
By Numerian Wall Street cannot see that a regime change has come to the markets, one in which corporations will be increasingly on the defensive, hounded by governments everywhere looking to raise tax revenue, and assaulted by a permanent buyers strike… more »

Pecunia Emptor

May 19th, 2010
By Numerian That profit can come about by borrowing money from the Fed at 0% (they are the only ones in the nation with access to this favorable rate at the central bank), and then investing it at 3.5% in Treasuries. This little scam, in which the Fed… more »

"Criminal and Civil Charges" possible for NY Fed

April 29th, 2010
By Michael Collins Prosecuting those who caused the financial crisis would lead to the next logical step: confiscating all the ill gotten gains and returning them to the people. The market went down and the people lost a bundle. The market is now back… more »

Economic Warfare? Europe versus Wall Street

March 10th, 2010
Michael Collins (March 10) Wall Streets is headed toward international pariah status thanks to two recent actions by the European Union (EU). On Tuesday, the EU announced that it was banning Wall Street banks from the lucrative government bond business… more »

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