Global Blossoms from Arab Spring

May 30th, 2011

Rick Dickinson

Revolutions rippling across the Arab World have left earth's elites trembling in their gilded Crocs. They've seen just how easily populism can pierce their thin veneer of permanence, and they know what's in store: in the age old battle of oligarchs vs. oppressed, the underdogs have been growing new teeth.

Undercurrents of discontent can brew for lifetimes, like in Egypt or Tunisia, until social media ultimately brings it to a boil. Instant interconnection - knowing that huge numbers of fellow humans feel the same way at the same time - provides the empowerment needed to break the barrier of fear binding the hegemonic house of cards.

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IMF Rates Up Dictatorships Just Before Revolutions

March 3rd, 2011

By Michael Collins
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) made an embarrassing error just two days before the start of the Libyan people's revolution on February 17. This quote from an IMF country study appeared in a previous article: "The outlook for Libya’s economy remains favorable." IMF Feb 15 This advice was 180 degrees off target. The Libyan economy has ceased functioning as protests and popular demands imploded the Gaddafi regime. (Image)

Further investigation unearthed a specific pattern of positive IMF endorsements for each of the nations experiencing popular uprisings that are sweeping the region. When the IMF blesses a nation's progress for conforming to the economic policies underlying globalism, watch out! There is a popular rebellion in the wings.

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The Arab Revolt in Tunisia and Egypt

February 6th, 2011

Ziad Shaker elJishi

I get sick to my stomach listening to CNN or reading the New York Times but i do it every once and a while because i like to learn what the imperialist and pro-Zionist media outlets are saying. Yesterday was no exception as I listened to the mutterings of CNN as it collided heads trying to cover the million or so that constituted the Egyptian brave youths as they listened in to the latest trash talk uttered by Hosni Mubarak who they are working to dispose of.

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Tunisia on Fire: Self-Immolation to World Revolution

January 25th, 2011

by Nozomi Hayase

Recently a Facebook friend featured an unfamiliar flag as his profile picture; a red crescent held in a vivid red background. Then, alternative news headlines emerged about major turmoil in the country of Tunisia. Next thing I knew, my friend was participating in the civil unrest that broke out there. Through the window opened by social media, I began to feel the outrage and intensity experienced by many people on the other side of the world. A quote from the film V for Vendetta came to me; “Remember, remember the fifth of November; the gunpowder, treason, and plot!” The surreal reports and rapidly changing scenery reported by my friend somewhat blurred the line between reality and fiction.

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