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Fascism's Willing Co-Conspirators

May 9th, 2014
by Stephen Lendman Western media scoundrels mock legitimacy. They march in lockstep with lawless US policy. They misinform readers and viewers. They spurn truth and full disclosure. They proliferate Big Lies. They violate core journalistic ethics doing… more »

Kiev Plans False Flag Against Russia

May 9th, 2014
by Stephen Lendman Intense Russia bashing persists daily. It's official US policy. Resolving Ukraine's crisis diplomatically is systematically prevented. Media scoundrels march in lockstep with what demands condemnation. Stoking conflict is prioritized.… more »

Hot War with Russia - The Saker

May 8th, 2014
Michael Collins What's the likelihood of a shooting war with Russia over Ukraine? What are the military realities that the U.S. and it's NATO collaborators see when they consider a real war in behalf of their proxy government in Ukraine? Leading edge… more »

The Kiev Putsch: Rebel Workers Take Power in the East

May 8th, 2014
James Petras Introduction Not since the US and EU took over Eastern Europe, including the Baltic countries, East Germany, Poland and the Balkans and converted them into military outposts of NATO and economic vassals, have the Western powers moved so… more »

Turnabout is Fair Play - Cuba and Ukraine

May 1st, 2014
Russia's response to United States and European Union efforts in Ukraine represents a more restrained, lower stakes version of the response by the U.S. to the installation of nuclear missiles in Cuba by the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)… more »

More Lawless US Sanctions on Russia

April 29th, 2014
by Stephen Lendman On April 28, a duplicitous White House press secretary statement said in part: "The United States has taken further action today in response to Russia's continued illegal intervention in Ukraine and provocative acts that undermine… more »

Kerry's Conundrum - Time for Truth on Ukraine

April 26th, 2014
No amount of propaganda will hide the truth… John Kerry, April 24, 2014 Secretary of State Kerry may have a point about the truth. Despite the best efforts of the administration and corporate media, the lies about the attack on Libya have been exposed.… more »

Ukraine Troops Switch Sides During Attack

April 16th, 2014
Michael Collins Ukrainian paratroopers stopped their attack on demonstrators in the Eastern Ukraine cities of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. Military units are balking at attacking civilians and their militias in other cities targeted for attack by Ukraine's… more »

We're All Ukrainians Now

April 15th, 2014
by Stephen Lendman On February 22, 2014, Ukrainian freedom died. Western-supported fascist putschists seized power. They ousted Ukraine's democratically elected government. Mob rule replaced it. Illegitimate xenophobic, ultranationalist, neo-Nazi,… more »

Triumph of the Ill - Ukraine Coup Leaders Turn on People

April 13th, 2014
from Michael Collins Ukrainian security forces are entering the city of Slavyansk in the eastern Ukraine according to reports from both RT and the Associated Press. Protesters in that city seized several municipal buildings including police headquarters… more »

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