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Does Netanyahu Intend Full-Scale War on Palestine?

October 13th, 2015
by Stephen Lendman He met with his full security team for the first time since waging naked aggression on Gaza in summer 2014. Does he intend to ravage Palestine entirely - invading with thousands of troops, using tanks, artillery, and multiple daily… more »
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Netanyahu and AIPAC Vow to Undermine Iran Nuclear Agreement

July 16th, 2015
by Stephen Lendman AIPAC is an unregistered foreign agent. It operates illegally and destructively. It deplores peace. It supports wars of aggression and occupation harshness. Netanyahu is an unindicted war criminal - a hate-mongering racist heading… more »

Netanyahu's Statement Following His Latest Bandit Act

June 30th, 2015
by Stephen Lendman A separate article discussed Israeli commandos lawlessly interdicting the Swedish Marianne Ship to Gaza humanitarian mission in international waters - a blatant act of high-seas piracy, never justifiable for any reason despite Israeli… more »
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Netanyahu's Latest Demagoguery

June 22nd, 2015
by Stephen Lendman He's a world-class thug heading Israel's most extremist government ever - a ruthless apartheid regime on steroids holding millions of Palestinians hostage under brutal military occupation. His agenda is hugely repressive. He's… more »
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Netanyahu: Serial Liar, Unindicted War Criminal

June 16th, 2015
by Stephen Lendman A previous article explained he heads an Israeli regime comprised of hate-mongering racists, over-the-top fascists and religious fundamentalist zealots. It's Israel's most extremist regime in its history. It exceeds the viciousness of… more »
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The futility of counting on Netanyahu for peace

June 3rd, 2015
By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine It is really hard to give renewed European efforts to revive the moribund peace process between Israel and the Palestinians the benefit of the doubt. But, even if we did, these efforts would hardly be proven more… more »
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Netanyahu Bluster: Serial Lying Conceals Ugly Truths

June 2nd, 2015
by Stephen Lendman Israel is a repressive, aggressive, lawless, racist police state - ruled by degenerate hate-mongers waging war on Occupied Palestinians and its 20% Arab population. Netanyahu is an unindicted war criminal - guilty of wars of… more »
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Netanyahu: Hate-Mongering Racist, Mass Murderer, Serial Liar

May 25th, 2015
by Stephen Lendman Netanyahu heads Israel's most extremist government in history. He deplores peace and stability. Permanent war on Palestine is official policy. So is treating Arabs the way Hitler treated Jews. Nothing Netanyahu says is credible. He… more »
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Netanyahu Appoints Hardline Peace Negotiator

May 21st, 2015
by Stephen Lendman Silvan Shalom So-called Israeli/Palestinian peace talks are farcical when held - the greatest hoax in modern times, dead on arrival every time. Netanyahu deplores peace. He opposes Palestinian self-determination. So does his new chief… more »
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Netanyahu Forms New Racist, Fascist Government

May 8th, 2015
by Stephen Lendman Weeks after Israeli's March 17 elections, Netanyahu and four other extremist political parties formed a new coalition government - barely with 61 of 120 Knesset seats. Bar-Ilan University Professor Eytan Gilboa calls it "a big… more »
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