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Iraqis Seek Help from Russia Against ISIS

October 6th, 2015

Michael Collins

"In a devastating blow to US influence in the country it occupied in 2003, Iraq's government has called for Russian assistance against ISIS. Meanwhile, Iraqis in the streets are celebrating Vladimir Putin." Wall Street Journal in Russia Today

Can you imagine ... the government and citizens of a country that the rulers of the United States totally devastated turning to Russia for help against ISIS?

This raises a few questions.

Is the Obama administration pulling its punches in the fight against ISIS?

Has the administration exaggerated the effectiveness of the much-publicized campaign against ISIS?

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Iraq's Ghost Army

December 4th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

Reports show tens of billions of dollars in post-war Iraqi aid wasted. A likely $100 billion or more.

Down a black hole. Misused. Stolen. Washington turning a blind eye. Not a single Iraqi official held accountable. Or US one.

Including for establishing a ghost army. Around 50,000 strong. More on this below.

US imperial strategy works this way. Target an easy-to-defeat sovereign independent country. Most often a resource rich one.

Claim it threatens US security. When no threat whatever exists. Fear-monger ad nauseam.

Get media scoundrels to repeat Big Lies. Bury hard truths. Manipulate public opinion.

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Looming US Ground Wars in Iraq and Syria

November 16th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

Current US direct and proxy wars aren't enough. Obama has more death and destruction in mind.

Confronting Russia recklessly on Ukraine. Risking East/West confrontation.

Possible nuclear war. Lunatics running things in Washington make the unthinkable possible.

Obama's Iraq and Syria wars rage. US special forces and CIA operatives directly involved.

On Thursday, Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey considered sending US ground forces to Iraq. Accompanying Iraqi troops, he said.

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Reactions to Obama's Naked Aggression Against Syria

September 25th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

On Tuesday, Obama attacked another country lawlessly. Syria poses no threat to America.

Obama bombed multiple sites. He did so with no legal authority. He committed lawless aggression.

He's done it repeatedly throughout his tenure. It's the highest of high crimes against peace.

He violated international, constitutional and US statute laws. The 1996 US War Crimes Act calls them "grave breaches."

Obama's wars are Nuremberg-level crimes. They demand accountability. Expect none forthcoming.

His so-called coalition allies include a rogue's gallery of despotic regimes. He said he's "proud" to be allied with them.

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Who Owns the Nukes if Wall Street Owns the Government? Maybe it’s Time to Take Back the Government

September 8th, 2014

By Nicholas C. Arguimbau

Paul Craig Roberts is not a fool. Nor is he a card-carrying Communist. His conservative credentials at least once were impeccable - a senior researcher at the Hoover Institute, Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal, one of the economists responsible for President Reagan’s supply-side economics, and Reagan’s Assistant Treasury Secretary for economic policy, working for development of the tax policies that were central to everything that followed in the US

That is why he cannot be dismissed lightly when he says the United States and Russia are already at war over the Ukraine, and the US is planning nuclear war, based upon a transparent pretense. He is not alone. Now there are almost daily expressions of concern that the US is positioning itself to take the first strike in a nuclear war with Russia; see, e.g. Stern,"Threats Against Russia Increase Danger Of Nuclear War ,"

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Waging Genocidal War on Humanity

August 12th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

Doing so constitutes longstanding US and Israeli policy. The indisputable record speaks for itself.

Besides its genocidal native population genocide, every US post-WW II war was waged lawlessly.

So were all Israeli wars throughout its existence except for the 1973 Yom Kippur conflict.

Both nations prioritize violence and instability. They deplore peace. It's a non-starter.

Civilians are considered legitimate targets. Mass murder, destruction and genocide follow. The disturbing pattern repeats unaccountably.

Both countries partner in horrendous crimes against humanity. The world community yawns and does nothing to stop them.

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Iraq and Global Humanity: How to Make Peace and Stop Bloodshed?

June 25th, 2014

Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja

The global mankind is witnessing again live horror stories, daily bloodshed and misinformation re-enacting compulsion of evil and temptation of political domination by the few warlords to revisit Iraq’s decade-old sufferings of the common people and the ripple effects of the US-Britain aggression against Iraq. Piety and wickedness cannot be combined in one leadership character. Undoubtedly, global mankind is conscientious of how few warmongers had exercised individualistic absolutism to invade Iraq in 2003 under false pretext of Weapons of Mass Destruction-WMD. The aim was a regime change to occupy and control the precious oil resources of Iraq. When the ISIS fighters are reportedly approaching the strategic oil sites and Baghdad, the US leadership arranged to evacuate 5,000 oil contractors stationed in Iraq after the Bush-led occupation of Iraq. All the new oil executives (probably including the Bush family) in Iraq were given legal immunity from prosecution by an executive order of George Bush. Analyzing the moral and psychological factors operating below the threshold of political consciousness, American leadership failed miserably to separate rationality of implied political power from wisdom.

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Iraq, America and The Lobby Can American Jews unplug the Israel lobby?

June 16th, 2014

By Gilad Atzmon

It is amusing to witness the energy and effort mainstream news outlets are investing in diverting attention from the fact that the current mess in Iraq is the direct outcome of Jewish political domination of the West for the last two decades.

When America and Britain launched the criminal second Gulf War, it was the Zionist Neocons, a bunch of politically influential Jews who urged the ‘liberation’ of the Iraqi people. Members of the same breed of tribal exponents have rallied for intervention in Iran, Libya and most recently in Syria.

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Fasten your seat belts - Iran saving democracy in Iraq

June 15th, 2014

Michael Collins

Iran may rescue Iraq from a major threat posed by a Sunni Muslim extremist group formerly aligned with Al Qaeda.

A few days ago, ISIL, a Sunni Muslim group, attacked and captured Iraq's third largest city, Mosul, population 1.8 million, located in Northern Iraq near Iran's border. ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The group was formally expelled from Al-Qaeda in February due its extremism and the fact that it was attacking Al Qaeda forces in Syria, where both groups were attacking Syria and its government. (Image: Fabian Bromann)

Seven thousand or so ISIL fighters attacked Mosul on June 6. By June 8 ISIL took the city, a claim that was not disputed by anyone. Iraqi Army troops vastly outnumber ISIL. Trained by United States military and contractors, Iraqi forces turned and fled Mosul, leaving it undefended. Then ISIL proceeded to attack and take Tikrit, a city of 260,000 just over 100 miles north of Bagdad.

When Tikrit fell, ISIL (also known as ISIS) threatened to march on Baghdad. That's when Iran made its presence known. By June 10, Iran Revolutionary Guard (IRG) units along with the elite Quds Force confronted ISIL in Tikrit. Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani, announced, "We will combat violence, extremism and terrorism in the region and the world."

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America to Watch Entanglement in Iraq’s Bloody Saga

June 14th, 2014

Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja

“We are waging war on terrorism even as we embody terrorism. No wonder we seem sometimes to be at war with ourselves, and have been for most of the 21st century….. No American under 12 Has Lived in a Country at Peace…whatever the U.S. government knows, or thinks it knows, is not widely shared with most of its citizens….. The American Enemies List Is Decided Anonymously and Secretly.” (William Boardman, “ Is America a Country at war with an Illusion.” Information Clearing House: 8/19/2013).

Late Dr. Ali Shariati (the persuasive intellectual force of Iran’s Islamic revolution), once noted: “when people live in darkness, they lose sense of direction.” The 21st century knowledge-based information age tells a lot about how some of the global politicians and sadistic leaders tend to ignore the lessons of history. The darkness is returning to Baghdad. In March 2003, America waged a bloody war against Iraq under a false pretext of having ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction.’ All impartial accounts of the decade long war point out to the American-led savagery to have murdered approximately 3 million innocent people in Iraq and destroyed countless human habitats and hub of one of the well known ancient human civilizations.

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