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Insult to Injury in Egypt

December 1st, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

Egypt's military dictatorship holds absolute power. Has no legitimacy whatever.

Rules by decree. Controls the media. Ignores fundamental international laws, norms and standards. Its own constitutional law.

Prohibits dissent. Tolerates no opposition. Killed at least 3,000 Muslim Brotherhood members. Imprisoned tens of thousands more. Brutally tortures many. Wages war on millions of working class Egyptians. Especially youths. Justifiably angry over increasing unemployment, poverty, police state rule, corruption, and injustice.

Junta rule controls the courts. Mubarak's acquittal of mass murder charges shows Egyptian-style justice. Along with his security chief, Habib el-Adly, and six top police officials.

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Egyptian-Style Justice

November 30th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

On Saturday, Egyptian Judge Mahmud Kamel al-Rashidi acquitted Hosni Mubarak and seven top security commanders of murdering hundreds of 2011 Taahrir Square protesters.

Sowing chaos. Creating a security vacuum. During 18 revolutionary days. In clashes with police. From January 25 - February 11, 2011.

Despite clear evidence proving guilt. Because of what he called a technicality. A lack of jurisdiction. Mubarak's lengthy public service. His "constitutional legitimacy."

"To rule for or against him after he has become old will be left to history and the Judge of Judges, the Righteous and the Justice (God), who will question him about his rule."

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Gazans fleeing to Europe via tunnels, traffickers and boats

September 18th, 2014

Gilad Atzmon

'It’s better to die at sea than to die of despair and frustration in Gaza,’ says resident of Strip.

Haaretz reports this morning that “Thousands of Palestinians have left the Gaza Strip for Europe using tunnels, traffickers and boats.” The following is a devastating glimpse into the continuous ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Europe is silent about it, the Western media is also silent about it. I guess that discussing this unfolding tragedy in the open would lead to a diplomatic clash with Israel and an open conflict with its Jewish lobby.

“The Palestinian Embassy in Greece reported yesterday that the ship that sank off the coast of Malta was carrying more than 450 passengers, most of them Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, and that it was rammed intentionally by another ship run by rival smugglers.“

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Irresponsible Syria Bashing

May 24th, 2014

by Stephen Lendman

Syria's June 3 presidential election approaches. It's historic. It's the Syrian Arab Republic's first ever free, fair, open presidential process.

Twenty-four aspirants registered to compete. Parliamentarians Hassan al-Nouri and Maher Hajjar were approved. So was Assad.

He's overwhelmingly popular. He's expected to win easily. Syrians want no one else leading them. He's especially trusted now. He's defeating foreign invaders.

He's doing it responsibly. He's fighting for Syrian freedom. For its independent sovereign rights. He's up to the challenge. He's winning. He's defeating Obama's dirty game. He deserves universal support.

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The assault in Christians in Egypt and Syria

August 18th, 2013

Michael Collins
Coptic Church, Egypt - ABC

The attacks are systematic and pervasive in both countries where Christians account for five to ten percent of the population. Al Qaeda and extremist fellow travelers are behind the violence. In the Syrian conflict, the United States supports the rebel cause, which has openly declared Al Qaeda fighters. In Egypt, armed supporters of the ousted government of the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi carry out the attacks.

Where is the focused condemnation from the White House of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood; the threats to cut off aid to the Syrian rebels for their deliberate attacks on Christians?

Why aren't right-wing Republicans up in arms over this?

President Obama was cheered by his party and the opposition for cancelling a meeting with Vladimir Putin, one man, yet we see no outrage or cancellation of meetings with rebels.

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EDITORIAL: Life and Death Issues Confronting Mankind At This Moment

August 17th, 2013

by Jeff Steinberg

The fight for Glass-Steagall and the growing danger of world war emanating from the Middle East are the life and death issues confronting mankind at this moment. These battles are in midstream and remain unsettled. There have been significant developments over the past hours and days that are important to understand.

The fight for Glass-Steagall was center-stage on Wednesday and Thursday at the national convention of the NCSL in Atlanta. After hardcore hooligan tactics by Wall Street lobbyists drove Delaware State Senator Cloutier to withdraw the Glass-Steagall resolution she had presented, the LaRouchePAC team escalated the fight dramatically. On Wednesday morning, as delegates and lobbyists were boarding the buses taking them from their hotels to the convention site, they were all greeted by the LPAC team, distributing the statement on "Glass-Steagall or America is Doomed." [2] The Wall Street lobbyists were caught totally off guard and scrambled to attempt to get the police to remove us. They failed. As the result, the focus of the entire convention shifted to the Glass-Steagall fight. At receptions on Wednesday night, our organizers got detailed reports on the Wall Street thuggery and generated added support for Glass-Steagall.

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Is Obama losing it?

August 8th, 2013

Michael Collins

President Barack Obama's recent behavior is cause for concern. He never lived up to his progressive image but at least he wasn't Bush, we were told. That sterling quality may have persuaded the Nobel Prize judges in 2009 but it's meaningless now. Obama is staking out his own form of petulant, erratic, and paranoid behavior that stands on it's own as the basis for his failure to rise to the occasion of multiple crises. (Image)


Obama's petulance was shown just this week when he cancelled a bilateral meeting with Russia's President Vladimir Putin. The topic was world peace. The cancellation represents an insult to Putin and Russia since Obama will be in St. Petersburg, Russia for the G-20 economic summit, which Putin is attending. Why the petulance?

Obama is miffed that Russia gave whistleblower Edward Snowden temporary asylum, thus refusing Obama's demands that Snowden be shipped back to the United States to stand trial on charges of espionage. Think about it. A U.S. court grants a Russian whistleblower asylum and, after the decision, President Putin demands that Obama overrule the court, handcuff the whistleblower, and send him back to Russia. The howls of protest would be deafening. But, Obama had no problem making this request of Putin.

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Egypt Under Empire, Part 3: From Nasser to Mubarak

August 1st, 2013

By: Andrew Gavin Marshall

Egyptians Prepare In Tahrir Square For The First Anniverary Of The Revolution

Between 1952 and 2011, Egypt was ruled by three military dictators: Nasser, Sadat, and Mubarak. Nasser placated labour unrest and imposed many social programs that benefited the population. Sadat subsequently began to break down the ‘social contract’ with Egyptian society, and when Mubarak came to power in 1981, the following three decades witnessed the imposition of a neoliberal order, complete with crony-capitalists, corrupted bureaucracies and a repressive police force. Three decades of increased poverty, polarized wealth and power, and increased labour unrest all laid the groundwork for the 2011 popular uprising.

As Nasser came to power in Egypt in 1952, he successfully crushed labour militancy in the country, and even executed two labour leaders as a symbol of the new regime’s lack of tolerance for radical labour actions. Nasser engaged in a power struggle for a brief period, before assuming complete power in 1954, at which point independent political organizations were banned and he “ushered in a populist-corporatist pact between labour and the state,” in which “the state controls the bulk of the economic, political, and social domains, leaving little space for society to develop itself and for interest groups to surface, compete, and act autonomously.”[1]

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Washington Ousted Egypt's Morsi

July 11th, 2013

by Stephen Lendman

Previous articles discussed it. So did The New York Times. More on that below.

Washington manipulates most regional events. It's dirty hands orchestrate them. Geopolitical ones matter most. In 2011, Obama officials choreographed Mubarak's ouster. They deposed Morsi in similar fashion.

Michel Chossudovsky said Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) "tows the line. (I)t takes orders from Washington, DC."

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Middle East Continues to Boil

July 11th, 2013

by Stephen Lendman

A previous article called it the curse of oil and gas. Independent countries are targeted. Washington's war on Syria rages.

It's been ongoing for 28 months and counting. It continues because America, key NATO allies, Israel, and rogue Arab states pour arms into Syria. They do so lawlessly. They're responsible for tens of thousands of deaths.

Dozens more die daily. Conflict persists. Obama bears full responsibility. Imported death squads serve US interests. Media scoundrels don't explain.

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