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Hawkish Russophobe Zbigniew Brzezinski Passes

May 28th, 2017
Stephen Lendman He served as geopolitical counselor to Lyndon Johnson, later as Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor. At Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, he was Robert E. Osgood Professor of American Foreign… more »

Russian Special Forces in Syria

May 28th, 2017
Stephen Lendman They’ve been active since Russia began combating terrorism in the country in September 2015 - greatly aiding Syrian and allied ground forces turn the tide of battle in many areas. They’re mainly involved in directing Russian aircraft to… more »

Trump in Rome

May 28th, 2017
Stephen Lendman On Wednesday, he arrived following his Riyadh and Israel visits. He and the pontiff are more alike than dissimilar, despite Vatican pretense. Papal history isn’t pretty. Pontiffs notoriously meddle where they don’t belong. Liberation… more »

Does the Washington Post Have Fake News?

May 25th, 2017
Eric Zuesse There are two kinds of fake news: One is a report of something that actually didn’t happen, which for a newspaper to do can reasonably be called lying, inasmuch as a newspaper is expected to report only things that happen, and any violation… more »

Trump’s Draconian Budget

May 23rd, 2017
Stephen Lendman Supported by congressional hardliners, his agenda is all about benefitting Wall Street, war-profiteers and other corporate predators more than ever - at the expense of America’s most vulnerable. His FY 2018 budget proposes enormous… more »

Long Sought US Regime Change in Venezuela

May 23rd, 2017
Stephen Lendman Venezuela’s sovereign independence, Bolivarian fairness, and world’s largest oil reserves make it a prime US target for regime change - wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing democratic governance. In mid-February, before taking… more »

President Emmanuel Macron: Reversing Five Decades of Working-Class Power

May 23rd, 2017
James Petras Introduction Whatever has been written about President Emmanuel Macron by the yellow or the respectable press has been mere trivia or total falsehood. Media lies have a purpose that goes beyond Macron’s election. Throughout Europe and North… more »

Trump in Israel

May 23rd, 2017
Stephen Lendman He arrived at midday, there to pay homage to Zionist extremism. America and Israel partner in regional state terrorism, their axis constituting the greatest threat to world peace. Israel is in lockdown, thousands of police and other… more »

Disastrous Marketplace Medicine

May 19th, 2017
Stephen Lendman Commodifying healthcare is a rationing scheme, the deplorable way America’s system works, the world’s most expensive by far - affording anything patients want based on the ability to pay, not human need, testimony to an I don’t care… more »

If China Can Fund infrastructure with Its Own Credit, So Can We

May 19th, 2017
Ellen Brown May 15th-19th has been designated “National Infrastructure Week” by the US Chambers of Commerce, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and over 150 affiliates. Their message: “It’s time to rebuild.” Ever since ASCE began issuing… more »

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