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Is there a Story behind the Story of the Rise in Police Shootings?

March 16th, 2014

By Robert Singer

On the left is the blue Toyota Tacoma the two Hispanic women were driving which the police thought looked like a six foot tall African American driving a brown Nissan. On the right is a photo of a police shooting in Times Square.

I think by now it should be obvious to everyone that the police are shooting innocent people and getting away with it. The officers, whose names are rarely disclosed, are put on paid leave while the cities pay out millions of dollars in wrongful death lawsuits.

The US Department of Justice is looking into allegations of systematic harassment and profiling of minorities and low-income residents.

A report by the Police Commission Inspector General in July of 2012 was in response to an increase in the number of times “officers were discharging their weapons” at civilians. The report contradicted Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck’s assertion that the police were under attack by the public. The report was clear that there was no link between the jump in officer-involved shootings and assaults on officers; however, the commission did not offer any possible explanations for the increase in officer-involved shootings. I, of course, have an answer for the following two police shooting questions:

1. Why is the number of unjustified shootings of innocent civilians on the rise?
2. Why aren't the police using excessive force and shooting guilty criminals rather than innocent civilians?

I will be publishing the answers soon. In the interim, I am on the alert for more news on police killings of innocent citizens.

UNFILTERED NEWS from the Reality Zone compiled by G. Edward Griffin endeavors to give us the truth that the mainstream media is “filtering.” Ed’s factual weekly summaries are an antidote to “newspeak”.

In the February 19th edition of UNFILTERED NEWS from the Reality Zone compiled by G. Edward Griffin the following headline, summary and link got my attention:

Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputies raided the home of an 80 year-old man on an anonymous drug tip.

Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputies raided the home of an 80 year-old man on an anonymous drug tip [that the senior citizen was housing a methamphetamine lab on his residence]. They shot him to death and then changed their story about the shooting. The original report was that the man came toward police pointing a pistol at them, but investigators said that the man was in bed when he was killed. No methamphetamine or other unauthorized drugs were found. Reason Posted 2014 Feb 19

The video from ReasonTV, posted 30 days ago, already has 262,612 views and 1,313 comments.

Is the shooting of the 80-year-old man in Little Rock News?

The ReasonTV video is about the shooting of Eugene Mallory and the reaction of his “widow,” Tanya that took place in June of 2013.

Click here to watch the video and then read the edited transcript below with my comments in brackets ([]) and you will understand why I believe the shooting in Little Rock, California is another hoax.

[Edited Transcript N= Narrator, T= Tonya, P= Narrator speaking for the Police, H= Detective Patrick Hobbs]

N: In the early morning hours of June 27, 2013 a team of Los Angeles Sherriff’s deputies detectives pulled up the property of 80 year old Eugene Mallory, a retired engineer with a security clearance, a man with no criminal record, a respected and politically active member of the small desert community of Little Rock, California. Eugene Mallory, a man who loved conversation, would chat with friends and even strangers for hours telling all these great stories.

N: Mallory was a gentle giant married to Tonya Pate, a woman 30 years his junior.

N: He lived a low-key quiet life, but all that changed the morning the Sheriffs Department crashed through their front gate and raided the property.

T: The officers that pushed their way into the front gate … they looked like military cops cause they were just like, they had helmets, he had a batter ram metal and a big, big huge guns and they just kept asking me do you know of something illegal here. [But later on we hear Tonya is asleep when they pushed their way into the front gate.]

T: I kept telling her there is nothing illegal here and at one point she says, “yes there is,” and I said what? But then she would not answer me, and I am like I said there is nothing here and I looked at Garret and Garret looked at me, and I said what is going on? [Who is Garret?]

N: What the officers were looking for was the most villainized drug of our era, meth.

T: We never had no meth, we don’t do meth, it’s just unbelievable to me that they would even say that or even think that.

P: The LA Sherrif’s Department obtained a search warrant …

N: At the time of the raid Tonya was asleep in one of the three trailers on the property. Her son Adrian lived in another trailer where Tonya’s niece and her boyfriend were also visiting. [Tonya was asleep in one of the three trailers but her account of the conversation with a female police officer doesn’t sound like someone who just woke up and doesn’t know where her husband is. Then there are the three trailers. We know for sure Tonya wasn’t sleeping with Eugene. Where are all of these people sleeping? Eugene is in one house. Tonya is in one of the trailers. Two trailers left for … a handyman, Matt, Garret, her son, her niece and boyfriend? Maybe the handyman has a key to the gate and likes to tinker early in the morning?]

N: A handyman who often helped her on the property was tinkering with a car. [Early in the AM, tinkering?]

N: Slowly each one emerged responding to the announcements made by the police. And one by one they were each detained. [Eugene didn’t emerge allegedly because he is hard-of-hearing.]

N: But Eugene was nowhere to be seen. [And no one went looking for the hard-of-hearing Eugene.]

T: Eugene was hard-of-hearing he would not hear me if I was in the kitchen. You had to be right like this ... for Gene to hear you.

N: Armed officers entered the house [actually the third trailer] and what happened next is where things get murky.

P: Deputies performed a knock and notice on the kitchen door and gained entry into the small and cluttered residence. Eugene Mallory exited his bedroom with a .22 caliber handgun extended out and held up with both hands. (gunshots)

T: Matt [Who is Matt?] was gesturing but I uh, I heard 5 to 6 he goes shots, and I was like ehh it’s ok its ok, I go everything is ok , no no, I didn’t get it, I didn’t get it you know and then he did it again, real slow and I just remembered hitting me like a brick and then oh then my god something has happened to Gene.

N: Eugene Mallory died within an hour with 6 gun shot wounds, all fired by a single deputy, who told the coroner that Mallory had walked toward him “with a .22 caliber handgun extended out held up with both hands. Deputies fired 6 times and he dropped to the bedroom floor.“

N: The problem is, when the investigating coroner arrived on the scene, he didn’t find Eugene Mallory on the bedroom floor. He found him on the bed.

T: I came back to that bloody bedroom, you know there was blood just running down the back of the bed and the covers were just saturated and the thick, thick, blood the mask they help you put on to help you breath was just full of it, and um I was just sick.

P: It appeared the decedent collapsed near the bedroom entryway and was moved by paramedics to the bed prior to my arrival.

N: But later that story changed. The officer who shot Mallory admitted during an internal investigation that Mallory was not charging at him but was in bed at the time of the shooting. [Which would make sense since he was hard-of-hearing and didn’t know the police had entered the property. But now we are suppose to believe one rogue cop on the scene went looking for someone who didn’t show up for the onsite “announcement” and found an 80-year old asleep in his bed and shot him 6 times?]

N: Before listening to the audio recording the officer believed that he told Mallory to drop the gun prior to the shooting (bullets firing). [Where did this recording come from and why is it being released to the public?]

N: The recording revealed however that his commands to drop the gun occurred immediately after the shooting (bullets firing). Eugene Mallory never fired a single bullet.

N: The deputy who shot him says he removed the gun from Mallory’s his hand and set it on a bedside table before anyone outside the department could enter the room. [Now you should really be suspicious. “The deputy who shot him says he removed the gun from Mallory’s hand and set it on a bedside table before anyone outside the department could enter the room.” Like the Police or the deputy would actually admit to shooting an 80-year-old in his bed, UNLIKELY.]

N: The police found no evidence of methamphetamine production on the property.

N: What they did find were 2 juvenile marijuana plants grown by Tonya’s son, Adrian, who holds a California medical marijuana license.

T: How is that a justification for coming in and killing a man? Nothing that was done illegally here and now to justify that through that or whatever they are trying to justify it through makes it even more wrong.

N: How could a detective obtain a warrant authorizing a raid on an 80-year-old man’s property in search of meth, only to leave with a couple of marijuana plants. An anonymous informant tipped off a Detective Patrick Hobbs about the property. Hobbs, a self-proclaimed substance control expert, surveyed the property for 4 days.

H: I drove to the location and drove around the entire property ... and once I was downwind from the location I could smell a strong odor of chemicals. I formed the expert opinion that the location is being used as a clandestine methamphetamine lab site. [What? Hobbs, an expert in substance control, mistakes this squalid rural location for a clandestine meth lab.]

Carl Iannaflo (Little Rock Town Council): The community in general likes the police to a degree but we keep a sharp eye on them because they do things that are outrageous.

N: The LA Sherriff’s Department has been plagued by scandal in recent years from its prisoner abuse problems to its hiring of violent and dangerous personnel.

David Cleveland (Littlerock Town Council): People have found again and again that agencies which are supposed to be serving the people are actually acting in ways that are oppressive to the people.

N: The US department of Justice is actively investigating an Antelope Valley unit regarding allegations of systematic harassment and profiling of minorities and low-income residents. Tonya has filed a wrongful death suit against them.

N: Tonya Pate, in October 2013, filed a legal complain alleging the wrongful death of her husband and multiple civil rights violations and is awaiting response from The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

[Here we see Tonya weeping about her loss because she doesn’t believe the $50 million will make up for losing her 80-year-old gentle giant.]

N: The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department declined multiple requests to participate in the making of this video, citing the pending litigation.

N: Sheriff Lee Baca resigned his post in early January amidst multiple scandals connected to the department.


A cursory examination concludes that this is just another incident of an unprovoked police shooting similar to the one last year when the police fired 100 rounds at two newspaper delivery women in Torrance. However, upon closer examination I am not so sure. The saga of the 80-year-old man who was shot to death by police based on an anonymous drug tip looks more like the Sandy Hook Mass Shooting hoax rather than the shooting of the two Hispanic women driving a blue Toyota Tacoma who the police thought looked like a 6-foot tall African American driving a brown Nissan. [1]

The following is consistent, albeit not proof, of a hoax.

Checking the Find A Grave website for Eugene Robert Mallory
or Eugene Mallory, born in 1933 and died in 2014 and buried in The United States

Grave Search Results: Sorry, there are no records in the Find A Grave database matching your query.

Using my Intellius account to Find Anyone, I searched for Tonya Fae Pate

Tonya Fae Pate is Age: 48 and is associated with the following Addresses
43944 San Francisco AVE Little Rock, CA 93543
9018 E S Ave E #T6 Little Rock, CA 93543
9554 E Ave S #Q, Palmdale, CA 93543
2Palmdale, Palmdale, CA 93550
PO Box 322, Little Rock, CA 93543
611628 Juniper Hills RD, Little Rock, CA 93543
743483 30th ST W #2, Lancaster, CA 93536
89554 E E Ave, Lancaster, CA 93535
96607 N Figueroa ST, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Tonya Fae Pate Relatives are Antonio Lopez, J Pate

Tonya Fae Pate is also Known As Tonya Lopez

Phone numbers associated with Tonya Fae Pate are (661) 944-6032, (805) 944-5119, (805) 944-3061

Using my Intellius account to Find Anyone, I searched for Eugene Robert Mallory

Eugene Robert Mallory is age: 80 (Born May 27, 1933) and is associated with the following Addresses
36644 117th Street East, Little Rock CA 93543
2524 W Ivesbrook ST #APT 101, Lancaster, CA 93534
344210 Stanridge AVE, Lancaster, CA 93535
4PO Box 155, Little Rock, CA 93543
5California Oa, Little Rock, CA 93543
644740 Sarah LN, Lancaster, CA 93535
7Pob 801, Little Rock, CA 93543
8Pob 117, Little Rock, CA 93543

Phone numbers associated with Eugene Robert Mallory are (805 and 661) 944-3349, (661) 886-0976 mobile

Email: eugenemallory@worldnet.att.net

Eugene Robert Mallory Relatives are Marlene Mallory (Age: 75), Deanna Mallory, Adam Mallory (Age: 27), Tamara Mallory (Age: 49), Edward Mallory (Age: 50), Sarah Mallory, Jesse Mallory, Ryan Mallory

Did you see any connection of Tanya to the Gentle Giant?

The YouTube video about the shooting of an 80-year-old man from ReasonTV with 262,612 views and 1313 comments, you would have to admit, is creating a lot of Negative Energy.

Why would ReasonTV and the The Global Financial Elite that control the media want to create Negative Energy?
Answer: They Lived” at Sandy Hook

More articles about Negative Energy.
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Robert Singer writes about Secrets, Sentient Creatures and The Federal Reserve at The Peoples Voice and The Market Oracle (rds2301@gmail.com)


[1] Later the officers confessed that the shooting started because they mistook a newspaper hitting the driveways for gunshots from a high powered rifle.

The Police Reaction to the Shootings

On the shooting of the 80-year-old man in Little Rock CA, the Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore had this to say: “Age does not preclude somebody from being aggressive toward deputies, The lesson here is don’t pull a gun on a deputy."

Later, however, he was forced to change his statement when he was informed that the officer shot the man while he was asleep in his bed and then tried to cover up his crime. Whitman then reiterated that: “Age does not preclude somebody from being aggressive toward deputies and if the police are looking for methamphetamine and they find marijuana, legal or not, it doesn’t change the situation. The lesson here is, you still might be killed."

On the shooting of Margie Carranza and Emma Hernandez, Police Chief Charlie Beck, speaking on behalf of the LAPD, was sympathetic. However Beck’s sympathies lie, not with the two Hispanic women [presumable because the City of LA handed over $4.2 million without a lawsuit], but with the eight officers involved in trying to protect themselves from the renegade ex-officer Christopher Dorner who, according to the police, to date have not provided any proof that Dorner killed anyone in early February 2013.


Beck's investigation concludes that the Torrance shooting, while “a tragic cascade of circumstance” did not meet the “very high standard for the application of deadly force.” Chief Beck must now decide on discipline.

"Discipline could be anywhere from extensive retraining up to termination," according to Beck. "All officers involved have been assigned to non-field duty since this event occurred."

Beck took an entire three days to decide that the officers would get their guns back and continue to be paid full salary while they are retrained. http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/05/justice/california-dorner-shooting-review/

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