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Israeli Police State Lawlessness

November 30th, 2013
by Stephen Lendman Multiple daily incidents reflect Israel's true face. Israel is no democracy. It's a ruthless, racist police state. On November 26, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) headlined "In 2 Crimes of Extra-judicial Execution and… more »

Massive Fraud, Intimidation and Vote Buying in Honduras

November 30th, 2013
by Stephen Lendman On Sunday, November 24, Hondurans voted. Eight candidates contested for president. Only two mattered. LIBRE party (Liberty and Refoundation) candidate Xiomara Castro challenged ruling National party's Juan Orlando Hernandez. A… more »

Hunger in America

November 30th, 2013
by Stephen Lendman It's hard giving thanks when you're hungry. It's harder living in the world's richest country. It's harder still knowing government officials don't care. It's hardest of all wondering how you'll get by. More below on growing hunger… more »

The 66-year Anniversary of the Partition of Palestine; Providence, Miracle or What Really Happened

November 29th, 2013
By Katherine Smith, PhD Sixty-six years ago, on November 29, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 181, which partitioned the land of Palestine into two States: the “birth certificate” for Israel, and the “death certificate” for… more »

Obamacare Restricts Choice of Hospitals and Doctors

November 29th, 2013
by Stephen Lendman Previous articles explained Obamacare deception. It's a healthcare rationing scheme. It's a scam to enrich insurers and other major providers. Last August, the Wall Street Journal headlined "Many Health Insurers to Limit Choices of… more »

Duty to Warn More Evidence Disputing the Official Theory that Oswald was the “Lone Assassin” of JFK

November 29th, 2013
By Gary G. Kohls, MD It has been a frustrating couple of weeks, watching, listening and otherwise searching in vain for any balanced media coverage within the many JFK retrospectives that have been offered up on TV, radio and newspapers about the 50th… more »

Thanksgiving: A National Day of Mourning

November 28th, 2013
By Robert Singer Thanksgiving commemorates the successful harvest and the time Pilgrims gathered to give thanks. The Pilgrims shared a feast with their Native American neighbors, who had made possible their survival in the New England wilderness.… more »

Iran-US Nuclear Deal Signals A Gorbachev Moment For Rouhani

November 28th, 2013
By: Sufyan bin Uzayr So Iran and the United States reached a deal about the nuclear stuff recently. Thus far, I have read many opinions and analyses about this historic event: Israel calls it a mistake of gigantic proportions, US and Iran are claiming… more »

Ukraine Dodged a Bullet

November 28th, 2013
by Stephen Lendman At least so far. On November 21, Ukraine abandoned an expected EU alliance. It did so in the interest of "national security," it said. It intends renewing "active dialogue" with Moscow. EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton lied… more »

Coup d'Etat Rule in Egypt

November 28th, 2013
by Stephen Lendman On July 3, Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) ousted President Mohamed Morsi. Coup d'etat rule replaced him. Appointed civilian puppets represent it. In February or March 2014, parliamentary elections are planned. In… more »

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