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April 24th, 2013

by The Green Shadow Cabinet

Dr. Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, the 2012 Green Party presidential and vice-presidential nominees, marked the beginning of Earth Week by announcing a new Green Shadow Cabinet that will serve as an independent voice in U.S. politics, putting the needs of people and protection of the planet ahead of profits for big corporations. The Cabinet will operate in the tradition of shadow cabinets in other countries, such as the United Kingdom and France, responding to actions of the government in office, and demonstrating that another government is possible.

The Green Shadow Cabinet, which is viewable at www.GreenShadowCabinet.US, includes nearly 100 prominent scientists, community and labor leaders, physicians, cultural workers, veterans, and more, and will provide an ongoing opposition and alternative voice to the dysfunctional government in Washington D.C.. It is organized into six federal branches: Democracy, Economy, Ecology, Foreign Affairs, General Welfare, and Justice. Topics include the economy, environment and climate change, health and general welfare, democratization, rights of workers, wages and labor, community power, closing military bases, ending wars for resources and restoring the rule of law. Among the top priorities will be advocating for full employment through a Green New Deal and confronting climate change and the ecological crisis through a program of creating a carbon-free and nuclear free energy economy.

In honor of the launch of the Green Shadow Cabinet, members have issued public statements for Earth Week. These are available for republication at greenshadowcabinethttp://.us/statements

Jill Stein said, “We are announcing this alternative government on Earth Day to emphasize the importance of confronting the climate crisis and also to show how it is interrelated with the economy, energy and the quality of life for all people. We will be urging policies that have the support of the American people. We’ve brought together leading analysts, experts and spokespeople on all the critical issues faced by the country and will provide a place where concerned citizens and journalists can come for independent and popular perspectives on the issues of the day.”

Cheri Honkala added, “It is time for the people to have a voice. We plan to listen to and empower people who are confronting the crisis of homelessness, poverty, lack of health care and poor education. It is time to give the voiceless a voice in the direction of the country.”

The Green Shadow Cabinet will represent the views of super majorities of the American people that are ignored by the corporate duopoly. A 2013 Demos Poll found that 68% of Americans believe that the government should provide jobs to all who want them and 78% believe that wages should be high enough so no family is in poverty. According to a 2013 Yale report, 88% of Americans say the U.S. should make an effort to reduce global warming, even if it has economic costs. And, for more than a decade polls have not only shown majority support for single payer, Medicare for all but when Massachusetts voted in 2008 and 2010 on the issue, 67% voted for single payer.

Margaret Flowers, a physician who serves as Secretary of Health, states “We will advocate for health coverage from birth to death through a national improved Medicare for all. This will not only empower people but will be the best path for business and reduction of government deficits. In addition, we will push for public policy in all areas that affect our health such as education, food and water, the environment and more.

Richard Monje, a labor leader from Chicago who is serving as Secretary of Labor said “Full employment with a living wage would provide a foundation for the American economy and dignity for working Americans. The Green Shadow Cabinet will make this issue a top priority.” Exit polls from November 2012 found that while 59% rated the economy as their top concern only 15% pointed to the deficit. The top economic issue for voters was unemployment.

Richard Wolff, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, said that “when it comes to the economy, it is time for the United States to be investing in the economy to create good paying jobs and not to be pushing austerity with a mistaken focus on the deficit. In the longer run, we need to re make the economy to put in place worker self-directed enterprises that allow workers to build wealth and have greater control over their economic lives.”

“The top priority for the Department of Justice will be to restore the rule of law; that means prosecuting the widespread security fraud of the big banks and the environmental crimes of big business. We will also hold those responsible for torture and war crimes accountable and immediately release and provide compensation to the 86 people in Guantanamo Bay who have been cleared for release and not charged with any crime as a first step in closing what is becoming a death camp,” said Kevin Zeese who will be serving as Attorney General.


For more information, contact Green Shadow Cabinet White House Chief of Staff Ben Manski at Info@GreenShadowCabinet.US

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Photo Name Title Branch
Patch Adams Assistant Secretary of Health for Holistic Health General Welfare
Marsha Coleman Adebayo Government Transparency and Accountability, Director Democracy
Kris Alman Assistant Secretary of Health for Data Privacy General Welfare
Gar Alperovitz New Economy Advisor to the President Economy
Marc Armstrong Secretary of Commerce Economy
Ajamu Baraka Public Intervener for Human Rights Democracy
Roshan Bliss Assistant Secretary of Education for Higher Education Democracy
Leah Bolger Secretary of Defense Foreign Affairs
Steve Breyman Environmental Protection Agency, Administrator Ecology
Mary Bricker-Jenkins Aid to Families and Youth, Director General Welfare
Ellen Brown Secretary of the Treasury Economy
Richard Bruno Assistant Secretary of Health for Medical Education and Training General Welfare
Shahid Buttar Civil Rights Enforcement, Director of Justice
Lee Camp Commissioner for the Comedic Arts General Welfare
Olveen Carrasquillo Assistant Secretary of Health for Health Equity General Welfare
Claudia Chaufan Assistant Secretary of Health for System Design General Welfare
Steven Chrismer Secretary of Transportation General Welfare
David Cobb Commission on Corporations and Democracy, Chair Democracy
Khalilah Collins Public Intervenor for Social Justice General Welfare
Christopher Cox Political Ecology Advisor to the President Ecology
Michael Crenshaw People's Culture Bureau, Work Progress Administration General Welfare
Maureen Cruise Assistant Secretary of Health: Community Health and Wellbeing General Welfare
Ronnie Cummins Administrator, Food and Drug Administration General Welfare
Tim DeChristopher Emergency Climate Action Coordinator Ecology
King Downing President's Commission on Corrections Reform, Chair Justice
Mark Dunlea Secretary of Agriculture Ecology
Steve Early Workers Power Administration, Administrator Economy
Mike Ferner National Guard Bureau, Chief Democracy
Robert Fitrakis Federal Elections Commission, Chair Democracy
Margaret Flowers Secretary of Health General Welfare
George Friday Commission on Community Power, Chair Democracy
Bruce Gagnon Secretary of Space Ecology
Jack Gerson Assistant Secretary of Education for K-12 Democracy
Philip Harvey Full Employment Council, Chair Economy
Cheri Honkala Vice-President General Welfare
Hawkins Howie Full Employment Council, Vice Chair Economy
Kimberly King Secretary of Education Democracy
Bruce Levine Assistant Secretary of Health for Clinical Mental Health General Welfare
Vance "Head-Roc" Levy Poet Laureate General Welfare
Ethel Long-Scott Commission on Women's Power, Co-Chair Democracy
Sarah Manski Small Business Administration, Administrator Economy
Ben Manski White House Chief of Staff Democracy
George Paz Martin Peace Ambassador Foreign Affairs
Gloria Mattera Assistant Secretary of Health for Public Health Education General Welfare
Richard McIntyre U.S. Trade Representative Economy
David McReynolds Peace Advisor to the President Foreign Affairs
Gloria Meneses-Sandoval Secretary of Immigration Justice
Richard Monje Secretary of Labor Economy
Suren Moodliar Global Democracy Programs, Director Democracy
Jim Moran Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Administrator Justice
Carol Paris Assistant Secretary of Health for Mental Health Systems General Welfare
Sandy Perry Secretary of Housing Economy
Todd Price Assistant Secretary of Education for Education Technology Democracy
Jesselyn Radack National Security and Human Rights Advisor to the President Justice
Jack Rasmus Federal Reserve System, Chairman Economy
Michael Ratner Division of Civil, Social & Economic Rights, Director Justice
Ray Rogers International Labor Rights, Advisor Economy
Anna Rondon Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Indian Affairs General Welfare
Lewis Rosenbaum Public Media Administration, Administrator Democracy
Sweeney Sean Climate Change Advisor to the President Ecology
Daniel Shea Veteran's Affairs: Chemical Exposure General Welfare
Diljeet Singh Assistant Secretary of Health for Women's Health and Cancer General Welfare
Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap Bureau of Water Preservation, Director Ecology
Jill Stein President Ecology
Robert Stone Assistant Secretary of Health for Emergency and Palliative Care General Welfare
David Swanson Secretary of Peace Foreign Affairs
Clifford Thornton Drug Policy Agency, Administrator Justice
Brian Tokar Director of the Office of Technology Assessment Ecology
Bruce Trigg Assistant Secretary of Health for Drug Policy General Welfare
Walter Tsou Surgeon General General Welfare
Kabzuag Vaj Commission on Women's Power, Co-Chair Democracy
Harvey Wasserman Secretary of Energy Ecology
Rich Whitney Office of Management and Budget, Director Economy
Richard D. Wolff Council of Economic Advisors, Chair Economy
Ann Wright Secretary of State Foreign Affairs
Stephen Zarlenga Monetary Authority Board, Chair Economy
Kevin Zeese Attorney General Justice


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Radio (http://www.ClearingTheFOGRadio.org)
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