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Post Peak Sanity, Oil & Freedom; Pre Peak Thirst, Hunger, War and Ponzi Fascism aka 'Organic' Back Yard Urban Tomatoes vs. New York Beekeeping

April 22nd, 2013

by Tracy Turner

Brett Redmayne-Titley OEN-banned OathKeepers Article Ruth Hull OEN-banned Chris Dorner (Implied) 6th Amendment Right Article

Robert Singer OEN-banned Articles Nom de Plures Revealed

Tracy Turner OEN-banned PlumeGate Fukushima Article Tracy Turner Peak Everything Article (Peak Insanity, Fascism, Thirst & Hunger)

Going Green In New York Includes Rooftop Bees and 'Healthful' Potted Herb Plants From Quaratine 37 sold by "Green" Walmart, Lowes or Home Depot - Smelled their 'Green' Pesticide Aisles?

Kids, come outside to Arkansas, Mommy's going to show you how insanely cruel Tyson factory farm grows antibiotic chickens... ...then on to Florida to show you airplanes burning high-octane aviation gas (and tractors with a centrifical-spray-rig) soaking oranges with Acephate. Said tractors are diesel-gluttons, spraying Orthene on Citrus crops that roll to supermarkets near our rurban home in trains and trucks belching diesel smog. Oil companies are evil - pontificated 900 times daily in lefty rags, 4-5 billion of us will starve in 2-3 weeks if the supply stops. Think of oil as heroin or methadone for suburb people. You are evil, you keep using bigger and bigger hits and buying more dime bags... Your wife gets high on the two SUV's in the driveway and pops out another oil-eater (GMO Similac eats oil, baby eats oil) to show her gratitude. Stop oil, and Mom, Dad and baby have no more GMO's to eat.

Visiting the web page shows on a clock, how many barrels of oil used today since you first loaded to the page. Going to the worldometers.info/ page page, one of the primary statistics is births today. Each birth represents a person who requires oil-produced food, oil produced clean water, oil-produced clothing fiber and an oil-produced shelter with oil, coal and Uranium produced energy.

KISS - The Red White and Blue-leg of the X is oil availability in future time. Armchair web pundits, etc. get lost in what "day" or "year" the myth of peak oil happens - propaganda, the kind of Cointel argument FBI did to Black Panthers. From day one until day zero, (not one drop of oil left in the ground that is pumpable), the leg is always pointed down, less supply. The Gray-leg of the X is world supply of eaters, starting on the day and year the oil industry was invented, the gray is human population rising. Essentially, we used oil like someone throwing truckloads of carrots in a rabbit field. What will happen when the carrots stop? Not to say it does not exist, but prior to 9 April 2013, have never seen "peak oil" explained like this entire article... Peak Everything articles make more sense, overpopulation articles make more sense than what day was peak oil...

There are too many arguments about Peak Oil/Peak Everything peak this or that, cheap, abundant that or this. The next economic boom is desired by those neurotically blind to US Roman Empire and piles of rubble. Have you ever watched a vacuum truck vacuum up liquid exposives out of a chemical pond at a bomb factory? When the driver throws the house in, it disrupts the oxygen depriver floating on the pond and blue flames shoot out of a foul, nasty chemical. White military jeeps with two MP's per jeep lead and follow the vacuum truck to the Casmalia Toxic Waste Dump, ready to shot anyone in the head who approaches the truck. One person makes a fortune selling bombs to the military; they do not pay for the melanomas, tumors, leukemia, etc., of the four MP's, the vacuum truck driver, the downwinders near Casmalia, etc. The "Profit" or "boom" is always at someone elses expense... aka Republican Psycho Sociopathic ideology.

In 2006, twelve (12) of you split a Turkey with trimmings (said dinner represents what the planet is capable of producing in one lifetime). The shrinking meal represents less oil, less farmland that is not ruined, less clean water, higher costs. The extra persons and total number of eaters at the table represents overpopulation. The Earth and its resources do not “grow” with the population; tech “answers” do not grow a bigger Earth with more resources anymore than one Turkey feeds a table of 200 persons. “Peak” anything is a myth created by bean counters, unless you are talking “peak radioactive Cesium/Strontium poisoning” or “peak wore on terror fascism”. The analogy is clumsy, describing feast/famine very complex with a single muffin.

Imagine every 10 years your family has another dozen dinner guests for (world overpopulation) Thanksgiving; but the Turkey, pot of mashed potatoes and two pies are smaller. Worse, the water coming out of the tap for drinking is rusty (99% of US wells currently are contaminated with Simazine weed killer). More people wolf down less bird while drinking polluted tap water – your child sprayed raid all over the table before dinner. Now imagine 10.5 or 14.2 billion persons with less oil for farmed food and water wells filled with Nuclear Power Plant waste and pesticides; you have a clue that a boom is indeed coming, but it is so not oil gluts and dollars (which cannot be eaten nor drank).

The oil and dollars analysts of the future seem to never wonder, can 10.5 or 14.2 or more humans survive without literally choking to death on their own ‘fresh’ drinking pollution water? What happens to humans when all fish worldwide have cancer tumors, and all crops worldwide are GMO-monopoly-owned and triple-rinsed in pesticides four times per month? Do dollars and oil still count when the average nuclear reactor is running at 1.8 times initial capacity and is 110-years old? Words like peak, oil and dollar may not mean much when concrete casks of parked nuke crack open from being 80-plus years old…

Most people have never heard of “Peak Everything” but all are fully indoctrinated by a TV/MSM/'Pseudo-Alternative Media' Heavily Censored--Blacklisted-Take-Downed-UnGoogleable-Disappeared Internet on licking the last drop of nectar (money) out of the last dying flower (exploited resources profit). Genderally, girls and women get the Peak Everything decline concept the slowest; watching soap operas is the antithesis of grasping peak decline, peak despair and peak planet die-off.

Environmental Racism, some aka It As Environmental Class Warfare - Not In
Beverly Hills or the Hamptons

The analogy is crude, but the one-medium turkey, one-pot of potatoes, two-medium pumpkin pies are * static *, they never get * any larger *, because the Earth does not get any larger. Yes, you can find numerous * investment Ponzi schemes * to invest in a * larger planet with less people * future… But you, me and all the others (or their children, grandchildren, etc.) are headed for a forty five (45) person meal with one table, one turkey, one pot of potatoes and two pies ( growing population and a finite-sized planet) with finite/dwindling resources. When do 200 people show up to eat one turkey, what year? It is later than you think… What do you bake a Turkey with, after the Keystone XL pipe goes dry?

Those who subscribe to the humanist movement or various religions as the salvation of all that is good in humans typically miss the most inhumane aspects of our jailors ; US Gov Big Brother is not fully human but unlike most humans, does not ever forget the past. Peak Big Brotherism should continue unabated for another century, Peak social justice came and went from 1965-1975; CointelPro and Project Chaos were simply renamed the Peak Digital Age. What year will Big Brotherism Peak, the fascist intrusive spying on ordinary persons?

The talk was advertised with the following text: Making Sense of the Financial Crisis in the Era of Peak Oil - mp3 77M

Q and A - mp3 63M

“Peak Oil and the collapse of global Ponzi finance are a “perfect storm” of converging phenomena that threaten to sink our age of prosperity through wealth destruction, social discontent, and global conflict.” Think of Bush’s two wars and a Katrina in New Orleans “economic boom”. Now multiply by Syria, North Korea, Iran and the Ports of Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles built atop volcanic earthquake faults. Now add in a Katrina and a Sandy hurricane and a drought that kills the annual US Corn crop. No problem, just Ponzi up the inherent costs, including the ongoing opium sales ‘war’ in Afghanistan. Even the books on our wars are cooked Ponzi books; the cost of Hexavalent Chromium in US Air Force metal-plating compounds and cancers near Air Force bases is not listed under liabilities. The US Government copies industry – Assets: Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Bombers. Liability: Numbers of Air Force Chrome 6 Cancers in and around Air Base equals Zero. Air Force, Civilian and local community members die from Chrome 6 but it is not a “cost”. Count dollars, beans and Peak oil; do not count cancer dead, BP spills dead or Peak Pollution costs. The kid with asthma inhaling B1 Spirit jet exhaust daily at school is not listed on the Air Force’s books. Asthma children and burning jet fuel are not “liability”; but the manufacture of the plane is a “boom”, a “national asset”.

The current slow, downward spiral in economics, sales, jobs, return on investments and the like are what will “pay” for global warming crop damage, global warming deforestations, global warming land desertification, soaring food, water, energy and goods of all kinds prices; the flip side of the very same coin is buying wars over food, water, coal, uranium and oil.

How do you fund wars with bust, ocean-acidification economies? You cannot tax Atlantic fishermen to fund an oil-war without fish in the Atlantic. With a government spying on US domestic speech, text and email, how long will the current “boom” of “smart” phones and pads last? Earth 'on course for eco-crunch', how does one quantify in yen, dollars or pesos a dead ocean? One multinationals boom is another oceans 'permanent' (by lifespan standards) demise

Canada, Clean Green & Idyllic? The oil 'economic boom' has, does and will continue to make Lake Athabasca Cancer Central 'Park'. Why do Republican and Most Democrat's Fail To Subtract the Eco-Systems Damage?

Those who proselytize “new tech” and “less is more” as a our great redeemer fail to measure, contemplate or factualize that which is already irredeemably dead, polluted, McMansionized, McRanched and McDairied. Nature loss 'to hurt global poor'; global elitists could not care less.

One of the great problems with econo-peaks/econo-bust philosophies, is how much would you spend on a glass of water on a 122 degree Fahrenheit day during a 220-year long drought?

North American Drought: Reconstructions, Causes, and Consequences Edward R. Cook*, Richard Seager, Mark A. Cane

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades, NY 10964 USA

David W. Stahle Dept. of Geosciences, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701 USA – quotes below:

“Severe drought is the greatest recurring natural disaster to strike North America. A remarkable network of centuries-long annual tree-ring chronologies has now allowed for the reconstruction of past drought over North America covering the past 1,000 or more years in most regions.

These reconstructions reveal the occurrence of past “mega droughts” of unprecedented severity and duration, ones that have never been experienced by modern societies in North America”.

The author Mike Davis in his groundbreaking Ecology of Fear: Los Angeles and the Imagination of Disaster novel, mentions two mega droughts like those mentioned above. One mega drought in the American River area of California lasted 180 years, the other lasted 220 years. The notion that America was colonized in an era of “Peak Water” might be expressed in Mike Davis book, or not. But regardless, Mike Davis is the Godfather of Radical Urban Theory and it is a small stretch to theorize that North America possibly was colonized in an era of predominantly tame weather, tame on Earthquakes, tame on twisters, floods, Tsunami, hurricanes and droughts, etc.

Even if the stars aligned perfectly for a US boom economy, what is going to keep a super-virii, super-bacteria or super-weed from infesting the Monsanto Monocropping for “wealth” Corn scheme? Corn biofuel (speaking of 'green biofuel'*), corn syrup, corn meal and an economy based on monocrops of experimental gene splices? Mexican maize has a 20,000-year proven safety/economic record; Roundup-ready GMO corn has a proven-record of how long? Peak GMO Monocropping will, with little doubt, end with an “accidental” GMO weed, fungi, virii, rust, mildew, GMO corn borer, etc., or even all pests combined. Buy stock in the GMO pests, not the GMO corn if you wish to pick the winning side.

American ingenuity is filled with holes, and “more tech” is what got us to “peak unsustainable human population”. The idea that high tech can or will “sustain” 7,104,164,971+ people is killing us. The few people with any real power are consumed with wealth building and/or war – high tech, ultra-polluting war.

1816 England and North America – Freezing Summer with no corn crop, numerous people starved. 2013, People refuse to acknowledge the obvious: with 7 billion humans, more, not less, catastrophes exacerbated or outright caused by humans will occur. What would happen to New England in 2014 to 2026 if it had a 12 year mini-ice age freezing water pipes? Rural Urban Theory (Mike Davis' Science) claims all disasters to humans are man made. New England was settled during a gentle period, only one summer of freezing to death and starving. Randomly, events happen and the 'sacred' money to ameliorate said disasters has usually been Ponzied into AIG or Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein's own, personal home vault. The next wars and Ponzi bailouts should easily coincide with a hurricane, worst California earthquake in Caucasian history and a Hummer sized meteorite (sent by the Russians) landing in New York at 21,000 miles per hour.

Nafeez Ahmed: Food Crisis & Peak Oil (Audio)

Introduction - mp3 7.2M

Lecture - mp3 63M

Q & A - mp3 34M

Contemplating Canadian Tar sands and dollars (or Euros, yen, pesos, etc.) and the cost of food without contemplating water is very near laughable. The US is about 500-years overdue for a mega drought…

The keystone pipeline is completed; Lake Athabasca is filled to the brim with dead fish and carcinogens… How much are an ear of corn, a chicken, a cheeseburger and a tank of gas in an America starting a 200+ year rain and water drought?

Too much emphasis is placed on if Peak Oil globally has occurred yet, is now or will soon occur. Peak-easy-to-mine-and-harvest resources came and went a long time ago. The proof is in what things cost, magnified by the duopolists magnifying the costs. Peak Earth Resources is past us; there are not “new, more plentiful” resources ahead to fuel an “economic boom”. Those who claim so are either Ponzi-ists or mired in Ponzi-delusions. What is ahead of us is “Peak Population”, peak eaters, peak users of food, fiber, medicine, etc.

Peak spirituality is a thing of the past; peak mental health of the individual, peak humans filled with some humanity, peak spiritual beings are over.

Ahead of us is peak war, peak greed, peak hoarding, peak spying, peak totalitarianism, peak invasion to steal resources and perhaps the most insidious peak of all, peak overpopulation.

Burning the Future

Download/listen to Radio Ecoshock 130109 here:


Or if you prefer the CD quality version (56 MB) here:






Peak Bottom:

Read about China Trading Current Petroleum Smog Scourge for Future desdemonadespair.net/

Chernobyls and Fukushimas.

Sea Life Die Off in Ireland
. One Shellfish Die Off In Iran (Depleted Uranium Munitions Soil Eroded Out To Sea) Killed Millions and Millions of Shell Fish. That Iran Die off photo has been blacklisted by all of the big American 'search portals'. Is not a gagged, blindfolded 'search portal' a misnomer?

Market Equilibrium, what happens when McDonalds has to spend one marketing dollar to earn one dollar; or when it costs $100 in material and labor to produce a barrel of inferior oil with a value of $90? What happens * after * several hurricanes, droughts, wars, gun-hoarding scenarios when you burn 650 calories to earn enough money to buy a 300 calorie hamburger? Envision a 220-year long drought in Texas, and a completed pipe to Lake Athabasca in Canada. The pipe and Lake Athabasca are completely contaminated with carcinogens… Texans are thirsty, there is no water for their farms but “cheap” tar-sands crude is readily available. Perhaps at that time icebergs drifting into the Gulf will be commonplace, as will be Miami houses underwater…

Janet Phelan on Charles Castle's death by Kleptocracy

Peak Despair; This link is just TV writer drivel, but the subject must be asked, when do Americans give up on politics, media, corporate fascism? How many Charles Castle deaths will occur before Americans throw in the towel in some way or rebel with fiery fury? Do Americans quietly go to concentration camps, or do they become anarchists with gasoline bombs (reminiscent of 1984 Red Dawn Movie)?

Californians built everywhere that was flat and easy, first. Roads going to and from valley-floor houses were cheaper to build. The Johnny come lately houses are on steep cut and fill-hillsides in brush-fire zones, not cheap and not easy – it is just all that is left. The houses either burn down, or millions are spent on firemen to “save” the chaparral burn zone houses from burn. Developers push the new tracts further into fire zones. This is what humans are doing population-wise. More and more humans are populating an over fished, over-mined, deforested and over-pumped-out-of-oil planet.

Around 1970, there were 3.5 billion people on Earth, 2013 there are 7.1 billion. Assuming there is enough food (suitable farmland, water and * oil * for farm tractors, shipping trucks, etc.) in a mere 22.5 years (in 2036) there will be 14.2 billion people on the planet, or more. The concept of there being an abundance of food, water, fiber for clothing, lumber for housing for 14.2 billion people is not credible.

All the easy so-called cheap, easy resources, farmland, forests and fisheries have been depleted; but the mounting toll of “credit” pollution and degradation will continue demanding new cancers, new species extinctions for centuries – peak pollution.

The “Peak Apologists” have an answer for everything… There is not too much space debris; we need much more space debris… The plenty-of-oil apologists never mention 10-14 billion mouths to feed via oil-addiction farms, oil addiction shipping food to markets, etc.

Even if the Myth that Peak Oil has not already come and gone were true – Peak Clean Air, Peak Clean Water, Peak uncut forests and Peak fisheries were 12,000-30,000 years ago – Peak Worst Pollutions of All Time is just ahead. How big can the population become, without starving, going bankrupt and choking on Peak Planetary Poisons? America has lived on an ecological credit card for 425 years; the Bank of Earth Ecosystems has shut off the “boom cycles” which were never “boom wealth cycles”… Nature loss 'dwarfs bank crisis'

198 million square miles of dead planet is “Peak Dead Earth”, the anticipated “Next Big Boom” of bean counter types?

In 2025, adding the overall cumulative pollution of 10.5 billion persons to the previous pollution of our current 2013 - 7.1 billion spells out 10.5 billion living in a raw, foul, untreated open sewer. Peak Economic Booms with “cheap” oil spills and “cheap” oil tanker collisions go with Peak Marketing Sales Propaganda and Peak Mental Insanity. Those who cannot “buy their dreams” often commit Peak Homicides, Peak Suicides or Peak Rapes to give them a sense of power and control. You, too can watch 165 hours of television, shop online 27 hours per month and obtain Peak Neurosis or Peak Psychosis. Your newfound mental illness might make you a Peak Shopper with credit card debt, while you immerse yourself in clothes and cars to give you breeding rights with those who have Peak fertility. The over washed in propaganda-sauce mind breeding with a similar, overly brainwashed mind to create the next loyal pollution consumer.

In looking to describe every President in the US in the last 250, one only need look across the pond to the statist http://www.sott.net/article/260648-The-Wicked-Witch-is-Dead-Margaret-Thatchers-toxic-legacy-public-division-and-unfettered-corporate-greed Margaret Thatcher. The UK-NATO/OTAN-US-Israeli (dysfuctional) notions of Statolatry-Totalitarianism, Fascism, Roman Empire, Jingoism, Political Religion & Statism are the bedrock of mass species destruction (including the collective we, us, humans). What will master eat, drink and do for comfort, product, infrastructure and economic-boom-ponzi-scheme when all of the slaves are dead?

The plethora of NOW articles, that a conspiracy is going to kill us all down to 50,000 Earth inhabitants is as ludicrous Tom Sawyer Hardy Boys Nancy Drew as the notion that the (predominantly) Zionist Leftwing CIA Gatekeeper Media will save us all by building “billions and trillions of new, plentiful dollars” with the next great Ponzi Scheme. Try growing corn by pumping a trillion dollars into the empty tanks of a New Holland farm tractor (3-4 miles per gallon!). Give your grandchildren a nice, tall glass of billions of dollars the next time they are thirsty. Pour them tall glasses of yellow-brown natural gas frack juice on a scorching hot day.

The conspiracy to pare the human race down to 50,000 people (or far less, possibly zero) is well, well underway, not NWO but merely sheer human ignorance and greed. But most articles misname it – calling it G8, G20 and Bilderberger is close to the truth. Laissez-faire capitalism, Crony Capitalism and Fiduciary Duty to Stockholders is close to the truth. Hollywood Jews (aka Main/Lame Stream Media, advertising as PsyOps, TV as PsyOps) selling the age old notion of social climbing to upper Stratocrat ‘status’ (statist, statolatry) while collecting slave-class/servant class “worshippers” who “pray” to “the god”. The Statolatry-Totalitarianism, Fascism, Roman Empire, Jingoism, Political Religion & Statism.

Whenever there is a problem among humans, everyone wants someone to blame, a culprit. Blame Hollywood for selling not only useless, disposable plastic crap, but for selling Stratocratism, Statolatry and the flip side of the same coin, slave-class Botelluscrats. The Stratocratism, Statolatry do their “civic duty” and use tax dollars for “green space”, then turn it into country club golf courses. While the Stratocrat’s golf and discuss Ponzi, the Botelluscrats inundate the greens and fairway with ammonium nitrate and Imidicloprid to make sure all fish and bees worldwide, die. Then they go home to do babies with their Statolatry wife while the “illegal” aliens inundate their contrived “greentopia” with amonium nitrate and Imidicloprid to kill fish and bees worldwide. Mr. and Mrs. Statolatry pat themselves on the back for their “greeness” as they get into a Mercedes 6.9 SUV (alone) to “appear like” a soccer-Statolatrist on the freeway on the way to Ponzi/Uranium mining. This quarter dividends will be paid and the toxic legacy will never be remediated. Govermnent, K-Street, your back yard and Mercedes 6.9 are the culprit.

Couples are the problem, the women want him to be rich, powerful, statist “for their babies”. As if babies have any interest in Mercedes 6.9 SUV’s, they learn that from Moms. Dad’s only interest primarily is getting laid and Dad’s “Bird of Paradise” fathers are a his and hers gas-guzzler and his Stratolatrist-success in life is the total square footage or acreage being inundated with ammonium nitrate and Imidicloprid by “illegal” slave-ians. 6-12 illegal “slave-ians poisoning many, many acres of home and golf-course means the babies “are secure”; the bloviated need to make neurotic, self-absorbed Mom ready to “receive” will soon have babies’ babies eating jellyfish and sea algae rather than steak and potatoes…

J.D. Salinger's Holden Caulfield: “If you had a million years to do it in, you couldn't rub out even half the "Fuck you" signs in the world. It's impossible.”

Selling Jingoism, Ponzi and Statolatry-Totalitarianism in the media is done with bait and switch false advertising.

Arguing over whether we are oil upsloping, at Peak Police State or sliding down the back of peak Statism-Fascism-Totalitarianism is moot point. The only population control happening globally is war, corporations and depleted Uranium munitions - Roman Empirism. The oil clock (food) is going backwards and the Hollywood worship of sex (replicating more eaters) is headed toward 10-15 billion "illegal breedians" and the news headlines read North Korea's Kim Jong Un to Attack UK's Prime-Minister Cameron with Korean Massage Parlor Workers, Could Spread To Obama! Most of what Mom's in America know is from television, soap operas, movies and commercials - mass brainwashing. Kids, go outside in the ozone hole Sunshine and play on the CCD Imidiclopridgreenspace and the lawn the 'Illegal Alien' Botelluscrats Gardeners just mowed (and edged the lawn with Glyphosate. The 'Illegal Alien' Botelluscrats Gardeners also killed all of the evil lawn Dandelions with DOW/Kstreet/EPA Agent Orange. Mommies babies are warm, secure and getting genetically altered; whether they are Brangelina's babies or soldier-class babies in military housing. Gotta love TV and the MSM... While Mom cooks the GMO's and Antibiotic-raised meat, unbeknownst to her she is re-pregnated with a baby whose babies will probably starve when the oil is gone...

Mom turns the fire down very low on the antibiotic meat, goes outside and plops her (unknown to her) pregnant bottom down into the Glyphosate, Ammonium nitrate and Agent Orange Greenspace. Babies are getting so big, we need more... More SUV, in case one breaks down, more greenspace so the kids are healthy, Mrs Obama said it is important to be Walmart Green. Maybe the kids and I will dig out some lawn and grow some Agent Orange/Glyphosate/Imidicloprid-contaminated-soil tomatoes...

Mommy look at the little green terrorist clown on the Walmart tomato plants grown in Brazil... In terrorism, small is better... Will the Quarantine-37 tomato plants in a flat come from Brazil and have Brazilian Caterpillar eggs and give Mom or babies a fatal sting? Never fear, Department of Homeland Security gun-toting dweebs have been inspecting for tomato plants for eggs for years and years...

Photo: Terra Vermelha Simply brushing your hand against the spiny barbs of
these hard-to-spot creatures can result in massive internal hemorrhaging,
renal failure, and hemolysis. In other words, touching it sucks -- but touching
several at once (as is common) equals certain death.
There is a shortage of slavian 'Illegal Alien' Botelluscrats Nursery Workers via Obama deportations, hence Quarantine 37, Walmart/Lowes/Home Depot off-shoring slavian 'Illegal Alien' Botelluscrats Nursery Workers... Do not blame Hollywood, Obama, Michelle, K Street or Walmart; it is all the 'Illegal Alien' Botelluscrat's fault. The Pope did it. The NWO did it.

Saying Television caused it makes one an Anti Semitic, and Hollywood Jews are Statolatrists, not Botelluscrats. Blame, like excrement, must always travel down. Privatize it; the government will fix it. It is up to you to do what industry and government fail to do, just sit on a caterpillar in a giant chain store nursery, fully prepped in your prepper pants with your prepper first aid kit and a prepper gun to shot the little green clowns that evade DHS... Or stick to the quintuple-dips of barrels of oil tomatoes at Walmart in produce. There's a new batch of illegal aliens in town and most are to tiny to hit with an over/under gun.

Do not be depressed. There is always someone with worse problems than you, countries with worse problems than the US...

Definition of ogoogle bar | Synonyms: Digital Gatekeeper, Net Nanny, Web Gagger & Internet Portal Dam-Keeper

  • 1 - an official Google Censor who examines books, films, news, etc. that are about to be published and suppresses any parts that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or as a threat to the kleptocracy: the report was unapproved by the military censors, the movie has been given a DMCA (Digital Millennium Control Act – disappeared) rating by Google film censors
  • Google / Oligarchic analysis and aspects of the Stratocrats super ego which is said to prevent certain ideas and memories from emerging into public consciousness [from a translation of German Zensur censorship, coined by Freud]
  • 2 - (in ancient Rome, modern Empire) potentates who held censuses and supervised public morals.
    [with object]
  • examine (a book, film, etc.) officially and suppressed unacceptable, revolutionary, reformist parts of it: the report had been censored, “in the national interest”, the letters she received were censored, the web pages were ogooglebarred, the ogooglebar blacklisted, and taken down websites no longer showed search engine results worldwide

Antonyms: Digital Freedom of Association, Free Speech Online, 1st Amendment, First Amendment & Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religious Expression on Line, Democracy, Free Open Society

Censorial – “ogoogle bar”, which was defined as something “which cannot be found on the internet with the search of a search engine.”

Online Censorship In 2013 Is Becoming the New Norm, With Nobody Sending Registered Return Receipt Complaints To Google and Congress

We are all brainwashed that Americans work hard, work smarter than others with same-size and weight of brains to ours; but we are magical, undisposable people. We might have $99.2 trillion in unpaid deficit, but we can always go to the magical Jews for loan counselling. Netanyahu to Obama: We will launch two nuclear cruise missiles from our new submarine into Camp Humphreys and USAG Daegu in South Korea. Obama, you can then wait for the wind at your backs and then Nuclear bomb North Korea into an Iraqi-Afghan style stone age with your oldest, most dilapidated nukes you wish to use up. As the fallout lands on China, they will wish to negotitate immediate truce. Terms are China forgives you all previous debt and advances you $297.6 Trillion for the undisposable people to have 45 million new Walmart part time jobs... As we use up the old, stale nukes, the industry can build new, more efficient nukes to replace them - the ploy to call it clean, green nuclear was brilliant... Clean, green nuclear bomb jobs, I love it! Mazel tov!

Everybody wins, China can keep their population down by you dropping nukes on Korea, China growing by getting their Ponzi front money back via stocking Walmart shelves with cheap, Chinese-made Vioxx, OxyContin, Vicodin, Xanax, Adderall, Xarelto, Coumadin, Fentanyl Patches, Pradaxa, Coumadin, Levaquin, Carboplatin, Zestril, Cisplatin, Zocor, Cymbalta, Cylert, Concerta and Cipro. Obama, you help them lower their population, they help you lower your population. We use the same bad drugs in Israel; pretty soon, no more pension, medical and social security checks will be needed. Keep up the rumors of FEMA Camps... "who told you the camps are rumors"? Obama interrupted tersely. ...it makes people use more Fentanyl patches... TV, AM Talk Radio, XM, Newspapers and Internet News all censor bad drug news. NWO, Illuminati and Evil Corporations are fine; but pollution, crony politics and inverse birth control with drugs that kill senior citizens...** "Shhh..." Obama cooed in a whisper.

Netanyahu, looking curiously at long, white, man-made clouds then at Obama, "Do you really spray aerosolized aluminum Chemtrails in the sky to combat Global Warming"?

"Net, Aluminum vapor inhaled over a lifetime causes Alzheimers Disease, we would be crazy to do that"...



"You first"!

"No, you first"!

"I forgot what I said"?

"Me, too, what did you forget"?

"Dunno, what did you forget"?

"You first"!




Most men and an even larger number of women learn about the world from lies, propaganda, advertising and infotainment designed to create the desire to spend, breed more consumers, spend, breed more consumers. How is that working out for your kids and grandkids and (some of you will live to see) your great grand kids. Sincerely hope they like green sea algae and jelly fish, not sure if the first is edible. The Japanese love jellies, maybe your grandkids will too...

* Incontrovertible Evidence That All Politicians, Bureaucrats and their Sycophants are heavily, heavily inbred (in reference to Green Biofuel link above)

100,000 - 200,000+ Americans die from PHARMA annually, so we should ban guns and make more drugs...


Post Peak Sanity, Oil & Freedom; Pre Peak Thirst, Hunger, War and Ponzi Fascism aka 'Organic' Back Yard Urrban Tomatoes vs. New York Beekeeping by Tracy Turner - Environmentalist, Horticulturist, Analyst ~ Pasadena, Californa

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