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A good cup of coffee to go with your police shootouts and burning cabins, but was it really Dorner who was killed?

February 28th, 2013
by Ruth Hull The morning of 2/12, a big African-American man in Big Bear stole a purple Nissan SUV, owned by Jay of Jay's Tree Trimming Service. (Lt Foy, Fish and Wildlife thought this car belonged to two maids.)  Around 12:45, while following two… more »

Washington Whitewashes Israeli Murder

February 28th, 2013
by Stephen Lendman Why not. It whitewashes its own. Washington is a rogue terror state. So is Israel. It denigrates non-Jews. It's waged war on Palestine for decades. It's guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. Its rap sheet makes serial killers look… more »

Understanding Israeli Settlements

February 28th, 2013
by Stephen Lendman They violate international law. They prioritize land theft. They prevent peace. On January 31, the UN International Fact-Finding Mission on Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory condemned them for good reason. They… more »

Hollywood-Style History

February 28th, 2013
by Stephen Lendman Hollywood's complicity with Washington is longstanding. Movie moguls are duplicitous. The only thing they like like better than good films are good deals. Washington's requests are prioritized. Scripts feature pro-Western propaganda.… more »

Sequestration Sorrows for the Extremist Republicans

February 28th, 2013
Michael Collins May you have incompetent, offensive enemies. President Obama and the congressional Democrats have the luck of the Irish, truly. They've already won the Battle of the Fiscal Cliff due to the good judgment of the people. That judgement… more »

News Services Fake Dorner Manifesto, Quick-Shooting Police Mistake Little Women for a Big Man

February 27th, 2013
by Ruth Hull   Chris Dorner Warning to all women. If you are young or old, and especially if you are unarmed, watch out for the police as they may mistake you for a fully armed big muscular male former police officer and shoot you. Ask Maggie Carranza… more »

Obama's Asia Pivot

February 27th, 2013
by Stephen Lendman In late 2011, Obama prioritized reasserting America's Pacific presence. His Asia pivot was announced. It involves advancing America's military footprint. Doing so aggressively is planned. China's growing economic might and military… more »

The Khojalu “Genocide” Fabrication by Baku

February 26th, 2013
By The Keghart Editorial Board Azerbaijan is waging a propaganda war to spread misinformation. Original Kosovo victim photos falsified as Khojalu "genocide". Left- photo edited by Azerbaijan, Right- Original photo from Kosovo People following the… more »

Israeli Murder by Torture

February 25th, 2013
by Stephen Lendman Torture is official Israeli policy. It's longstanding. All Palestinians are fair game. Wanting to live free leaves them vulnerable. More on what demands condemnation below. Thirty-year old Arafat Jaradat is Israel's latest victim. PA… more »

Obama's Clean, Green Fukushima Plumegate Machine

February 24th, 2013
image source By Tracy Turner What do Ann Coulter and Barack Obama have in common? Pay attention to the following video link where Ann Coulter uses the phrase, "the minimum amount of radiation, * you should be exposed to *." Ann Coulter's assertion that… more »

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