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R U Sandy or R U Hooked

January 27th, 2013

By Melanie Lamport

Gun Control takes center stage following another in a series of horrific mass shooting. The latest one at the Sandy Hook Elementary School left 20 children dead in Newtown Connecticut.

The corporate controlled media and President Barack Obama have launched a full-scale attack on the 2nd amendment in response to the latest episode of a lone-nut gunman going on a rampage-killing spree. [1]

Obama breaks downObama breaks down while thanking supporters
Obama is emotional at his final campaign event in IowaObama is emotional at his final campaign event in Iowa
Look Ma, no tears..."Beautiful little kids" (wipes tear and pauses)

President Obama, wiping a non-existent tear, wants an administration wide task force to help him curb gun violence, BUT only in America. Obama continues to order the child-killing drone massacres overseas. And in one of those coincidences that don’t happen very often, yesterday (January 13, 2013), a prominent American blogger and computer prodigy Aaron Swartz, who spoke against the targeted killing operations carried out by US assassination drones, was found dead in New York City.

The mass shootings in Tucson, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Sikh Temple, and the Aurora Theater, are so full of anomalies, inconsistencies and unanswered questions that you have to wonder if it was an Alien Entertainment production about the most unrealistic assassination that humans on Earth would believe. Operation Rampage Killing

Sandy Hooked

Where are the bodies or photos of bodies or crime scene photos? What about a surveillance video or still images from the scene or a timeline that makes some sense? [2]

Look at this screen-shot showing a blog post from the YouCaring.com charity website for Dec. 10 (now removed).

You can find more images with the Google time-stamp archived at Photos: Sandy Hook smoking guns emerge or click here if the article was “removed” to protect National Security.
The United Way victim’s fundraising website page was created and titled specifically for the Sandy Hook shootings. All the dates are either around a month or a couple days prior to the actual shooting in the once-tranquil suburban Newtown on December 14, 2012.

My question is why CNN (one of the six companies that control the media) would let Anderson Cooper or Ben Swann question whether “the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place -- at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation's news media have described."  Fox News broadcast journalist Ben Swann, is calling for the release of the outside video to the school where Lanza entered the building.

These rampage-killings are either full scale Department of Homeland Security planned drills with "crisis actors," staged MK-Ultra “false-flag” events, or the latest episode of Assassination TV for aliens living on the planet Mars. Operation Rampage Killing

James Tracy, a tenured professor from Florida Atlantic University, is suggesting the deaths at Sandy Hook may have resulted from a training exercise. Tracy says that "crisis actors" may have been employed in a conspiracy to shape public opinion in favor of gun control. [NO these mass shootings are not about taking away your AK-47 hunting rifle]

Tracy probably got the idea from the “leaked” Pottawattamie County, Iowa Emergency Management Agency document, Operation Closed Campus Exercise Plan (ExPlan).

Click here or here to download your own copy of the ExPlan before the Internet police remove it for security reasons.

And to make the story even more (un) believable, we have former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, herself a victim of another lone assassin known by three names gunman, Jared Lee Loughner, leading the debate on who should be allowed to go hunting.

BTW, was Loughner insane when he went on a suicide mission, or was he sane when he told a judge he would rather spend 140 years in prison than take the chance a jury would find him not guilty, by reason of insanity?

Loughner allegedly killed a prominent federal judge and a 9-year old girl who just happened to be at Gabbys’ meet and greet that day. The Judge according to a report published in the non-conspiracy European Union Times just happened to make a critical ruling against the Obama administration’s plan to begin the confiscation of their citizen’s private retirement and banking accounts. The 9-year old girl, Christina-Taylor Green or Christine Taylor, take your pick, just happened to be the only person NOT pronounced dead at the scene. [3]

The Social Security Administration keeps track of deceased people by their birthday in a Social Security Death Master file (SSDMF). As of November 2011, the SSDMF does not have any record of a Christina-Taylor Green or a Christine Taylor listed in the September 11, 2001 death index. [3]

Why am I surprised that Gabby is leading the Americans for Responsible Solutions in this fight over the 2nd amendment?

People who are shot in the head (point-blank) with a 9mm bullet from a powerful, high velocity pistol don’t live long enough to lead anyone, anywhere. “Getting a bullet in your brain means that life for you will be over faster than a fatal wound anywhere else on your body. Your brain stops functioning almost immediately and in just a fraction of a second, you’re gone.” [4]

NPR initially reported that Gabrielle Giffords was shot dead, but miraculously, she lived. A highly experimental brain trauma procedure called “suspended animation” was performed on Giffords based on the research by Dr. Peter Rhee. Four days after the shooting, Salon released an article titled, Doctor: Giffords breathing on her own after attack, claiming, “Doctors now think that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords may have been shot in the front of the head, not the back.”  A miraculous operation by two Doctors who aren't sure which way the bullet entered her skull, UNLIKELY.

[From What Happens When You Get Shot In The Head?]

A 9mm firearm sends a bullet through your brain faster than the speed at which your tissues tear before it smashes into one of eight cranial bones engineered to keep your brain safe. Bullets travelling at thousands of feet per second will exit your body before your tissues have a chance to rip. Forget about ever processing information, indexing information, solving problems [or leading anyone anywhere]; they are gone when the bullet shoves its way through your prefrontal cortex and takes out your hippocampus. [End from What Happens When You Get Shot In The Head?] [5]

Island and Hurricane Sandy

Something doesn’t make sense, and I am not talking about a Hurricane named Sandy, an Island named Sandy that went missing in the South Pacific, a Connecticut elementary school named Sandy [Hook] or a YouTube exposing Robbie Parker smiling before going on camera named Sandy Hook Shooting HOAX and LIES playing the part of a grieving parent.

Do you really believe all that free bandwidth [6] exists in the world so that you can watch Robbie get into his acting mode before he gives his “B” performance as a grieving parent? Click here to watch the video. Do you hear him saying [around the sixth second] “.... do you want me to read the cards?"

Or what about the Associated Press/Newsday and the New York Daily News articles with conflicting accounts on whatreallyhappend at Sandy Hook. [7]

December 15 AP reports: "Only the rifle was used on the victims." A statement supported by Dr. H. Wayne Carver II, Connecticut State’s chief medical examiner. Carver’s examination found that of the “seven autopsies he personally performed on Sandy Hook victims,” all of them had "three to 11 wounds apiece." Carver says that the gunman was able to reload so quickly because he used a “military-style rifle rigged with two "taped magazines."  [8]

However, later the New York Daily News reports that of the “three guns Adam Lanza is supposed to have brought to the school, “the rifle was left in the trunk.”

I am not interested in whether the deaths resulted from hundreds of rounds of .233 caliber bullets which were fired with deadly accuracy, in minutes by a "scrawny" 20-year-old with "a rifle” … that was still in the trunk of his car in the parking lot.

I want to know why the Wayne Carver and Robbie Parker videos haven’t been removed for “National Security or Privacy Reasons?” Leaving them on the Web serves only one purpose: to lead many to believe that this was some sort of black ops type false flag initiated and carried out with the long-term goal of disarming the American people. Put another way, I am suggesting that the public reaction/controversy over the 2nd Amendment was not only anticipated but was the cornerstone and goal of the plan from the beginning.

Look, if the plan were to disarm American citizens by carrying out massacres like Sandy Hook, then why do they need so many of these Jokers?

What’s going on here? Do you really believe Adam Lanza or James Holmes woke up one morning believing they were in a Batman movie, painted their hair red, and then went on a rampage killing of innocent children?

What am I saying here? Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine and Tucson were never about gun control or mental health; they were about instilling fear, anxiety, apprehension and foster feelings of resentment and rage in order to create negative energy.

Fear that another lone gunman will wake up one day and kill a bunch of innocent kids. Sandy Hook and the other mass shootings are about the negative energy that was the inevitable outcome of the debate over gun control.

Coming soon, why would anyone want to create fear and negative energy.

Want more proof? Obama quoted the following biblical passage in his speech at the Sandy Hook Interfaith Prayer Vigil in Newtown:

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." ~ 2 Corinthians 4:18

Melanie Lamport is a retired Kindergarten and First Grade teacher living in Southern California. Ms. Lamport graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in Elementary Education.  She received her Master’s Degree in Curriculum Studies from DePaul University.


[1] According to a) a non-"conspiracy" critique and theory of the U.S. power structure and the media by G. William Domhoff, a Ph.D. Research Professor and best selling author, and b) the Research Staff of National Vanguard Books. Six Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media, Who Rules America? Who Controls The U.S. Media

[2] Sandy Hook School Massacre Timeline at Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)

[3] Yes there are exactly 11 children born on 9/11, now deceased, whose parents voluntarily applied for a number at birth. And yes, I know that Hospitals make it easy to get your newborn a number when you complete his or her name papers at birth. But, who knows, maybe the Greens didn’t need to claim Christina as a deduction on their income taxes. LOL

Links that confirm Christina was not pronounced dead at the scene. CNN Wire Staff (January 8, 2011). "Police 'actively pursuing' second person in Tucson shooting".  ·Belmaker, Genevieve Long; Belmaker, Gidon (January 8, 2011). "Gabrielle Giffords Survives Surgery, Doctors 'Optimistic'". The Epoch Times.

[4] What Happens When You Get Shot In The Head?]

[5] Yes it would be a miracle if Gabby survived a 9mm bullet (point-blank) to the brain, unless … let’s say, she was shot with a 9mm caliber Special Effects Small Arms Marking Systems (SESAMS) during a planned simulated drill. Retired Canadian detective and editor of Conspiracy Café blog, George Freund, pointed out in his article, Giffords Author Killed in Crash, that the military has designed a particular 9mm bullet that can minimize damage.

[6] The 1%ers financed and then wrote off the 1 trillion dollars it took to fund the transcontinental and transoceanic fiber-optic networks, infrastructure, as well as wireless research and development that make all that free bandwidth possible. The Great Telecom Meltdown

[7] This Associated Press/Newsday article [now removed but archived at


[8] Sandy Hook Massacre: Official Story Spins Out of Control (Dec. 18, 2012)

Most of the initial mainstream media reports have since been rewritten to fit 'new' facts proclaimed by 'law enforcement officials'. Here's an example from Business Insider. The following excerpts are the opening paragraphs from the 'same' article, one earlier original version, followed by the later revised version: The massacre [...] was reportedly perpetrated with a .233 caliber rifle, a Glock pistol and a Sig Sauer pistol.

The Bushmaster rifle was found in the trunk of the shooter's car. The Sig Sauer and Glock pistols were the only weapons used in the shooting, according to CBS. Now the question is what kind of magazine would allow a shooter to fire "100" rounds in such a short period. Indeed, I was wondering the same thing. How could two pistols do so much damage? The report was updated as follows: The massacre in Connecticut that's taken the lives of at least 26 people was reportedly perpetrated with a .223 caliber rifle, a Glock pistol and a Sig Sauer pistol, according to NBC:

The shooter was using one Sig Sauer and one Glock pistol, according to CNN. Later details emerged that the primary weapon was the Bushmaster "assault-style" rifle.

Altogether, though, it doesn't matter what type of weapon the shooter used. The bottom line is that it was likely a magazine fed, semi-automatic, with enough rounds to shoot "100 shots" in a matter of minutes, as quoted in USA Today

[9] Colorado Theater Massacre Suspect Remains Jailed

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