2012 is not the End of the World, it’s 2023!

March 10th, 2012

Nostradamus did not predict the End-of-the-World in 2012
By Robert Singer
Unless you are living under a rock you have heard about Nostradamas, the man who, 500 years ago, made an estimated 6,338 predictions/prophecies. Followers claim he predicted everything from Hitler to 9/11, the death of Princess Diana, along with the assassination of just about every important person in history.

The problem with believing this Nostradama nonsense is that all the “prophecies” require you interpret his metaphors and cryptic verses, add some numerology, and come up with a major event that fits the quatrain. Nostradamus' style is so ambiguous you can make them fit almost any circumstance.

No one is really sure if Nostradamus was trying to predict the future when he wrote the quatrains, published in Les Propheties (The Prophecies) in 1555.

In the place very near not far from Venus,
The two greatest ones of Asia and of Africa,
From the Rhine and Hister they will be said to have come,
Cries, tears at Malta and the Ligurian side.

This is one of the more popular quatrains; it is said to describe Hitler (Hister) at a meeting with Mussolini in which they made plans for Italy to formally enter the Second World War.

The problem, of course, is that Hister was the term used in the time of Nostradamus to describe the Danube river. The quatrain does seem to describe a war that has some relation to Germany, but there is no way of connecting this to Hitler or the Second World War. Click here to read the Top 10 Prophecies of Nostradamus Debunked.

Nostradamus: the World will not End in 2012

What surprises me is that people believe Nostradamus predicted the End-of-the-World in 2012:

When twenty years of the Moon's reign have passed
another will take up his reign for seven thousend years.
When the exhausted Sun takes up his cycle
then my prophecy and threats will be accomplished.

Century I. Quatrain 48, like most of his prophecies, doesn’t even have a date. Click here to read a thorough debunking that the world will end in 2012.

Nostradamus: the World will End 4 months before 2023

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2012 Sitting On The 'Dark Rift'

February 26th, 2012

Raymond Ponzini

On 'Coast To Coast', George Knapp, interviewed Brent Miller who offers a comprehensive description of what could take place by December 21, 2012. Brent Miller is a scientist and the holder of over thirty U.S. patents. He is the founder of the 'Horizon Project', a group of leading scientists, researchers, physicists, astrophysicists, linguistic experts, and geologists from around the world who have been studying the coming 2012 event. Brent and his colleagues have dire warnings for humanity concerning earth's alignment with the 'dark rift'.

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Why is the world rushing headlong into Environmental Armageddon?

October 19th, 2010

Link: http://environmentalarmageddon.wordpress.com/2010/10/17/why-is-the-world-awash-in-environmental-armageddon/

By Dr. Tom Termotto

Is there any doubt that planet Earth has been undergoing an environmental armageddon for decades? We are not just referring to the spate of oil spills all over the world such as the BP Gulf Oil Spill, or the many other toxic deluges which go unreported unlike the Hungary Toxic Sludge Disaster, or the ongoing destruction of the world’s rainforests like those being systematically wiped out in the Amazon Basin. We are also alluding to the “unseen” worldwide chemical apocalypse, the global proliferation of ellectro-pollution (EMR), the major uptick in manmade geopathic stress events on both the micro and macro levels, as well as the relentless contamination of living environments throughout the planet with radioactivity.

There are many other forms of ecological apocalypse taking place which, when viewed in the aggregate, are taking an immense toll on human, animal and plant life. Many of these ongoing assaults against the biosphere have unforeseen and collective ramifications which are extremely far-reaching and of great consequence to the viability of the planet. We ignore them at our peril, and will continue to suffer from a plague of alphabet soup diseases, multi-infection syndromes and infectious disease epidemics which have exploded on the healthcare landscape during the 21st century.

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