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Are We Entering A New Era of Human Consciousness -- Or Will We Remain In The Same Negative Paradigm? The Choice is Ours

September 8th, 2012

By Vincent L. Guarisco

I guess life really is a vast ocean filled to the brim with challenges, lessons and "opportunity" that each of us -- with our trusty moral and ethical compass in hand -- are forever child navigators trying to find safe passage through the many reefs laid before us.

I don't mean to stand on a soapbox or anything like that, and I do realize I am not "perfect" by any sense of the word -- for sure, I do make my share of mistakes (we all do) -- but, I can honestly say with full confidence, I always try to give it my best and learn from my experiences and move forward in a positive direction that not only enlightens myself, but inspires those around me. As a writer, an activist and a humanitarian at heart who's been widely published in the public domain, I fully understand the importance of being completely honest in what I share with others. Thus, I will always hold true to my beliefs. This includes reporting the unbridled truth no matter road that takes us on. My mother was such a rare gem. She used to tell me she had a special love for me because she knew in her heart that I am a loving and giving person. To me, this is the greatest compliment one can ever receive.

Unfortunately, in the real world -- we all know a lot of shallow minded people who are monetarily and/or materialistically self-absorbed who are not so nice, caring and giving. And unfortunately, many of them -- especially, those associated with The New World Order -- are in positions of high power across the globe that can mold public opinion, make wars, manipulate our economies at will and easily implement changes to our society that quite often adversely impact our lives and the planet for which we live upon, our home.

I am always blown-away at how some folks can be so darn greedy, selfish, hateful, vindictive and narrow-minded, and I am bewildered at how many of them keep themselves contained in the same negative paradigm for stimulating their incisive power trips. The only libido left to them is when money and wealth no longer gets their jollies. But, on the flip-side, I am equally enlightened at the large number of people who embrace and share the same values as I do. I am humbled by the ones (like me) who do not require much to achieve happiness and who value life in its purest naturalistic form and who value sharing their love and compassion in all facets of life, even with those less deserving to receive it. Gee, I guess life really is a vast ocean filled to the brim with challenges, lessons and "opportunity" that each of us -- with our trusty moral and ethical compass in hand -- are forever child navigators trying to find safe passage through the many reefs laid before us.

This is my humble way of saying we need to expand our peripherals of consciousness. I'm here to say it's past time we squeegee our third eye. And I say it's imperative we do it now if we are to navigate through the many horrific changes that may lie ahead. They say the Universe always opens up for those willing to believe the impossible and who remain adamant in creating reality as a mirror of our visions. Having said that and being a man with many visions, I want to share a personal story from my youth.

Back in the 70's, I had a prolific experience that I shall never forget. On this rare occasion, I experimented with some LSD. A good friend of mine named Chad (a few years older than I), a combat veteran whom had honorably served in the Army during the Vietnam War, introduced me to this psychedelic drug. He said he had some excellent "blotter hits" that he had just scored at a "Rainbow Gathering" -- an annual event held once a year from which he had just returned in his old converted school bus that he called his home on wheels. Having only smoked a little pot in my limited experience with drugs, I really did not know what to expect. After we each placed a four-way blotter hit under our tongue, we sat there for a spell, then he causally pulled out his guitar and started playing some awesome Van Morrison tunes on his acoustic 12-string. My, my, Chad could pluck some awesome chords on that old Gibson. To me, it was comparable to an orchestra of heavenly Angels caressing their Harps. He played some of his favorite songs such as "Into the Mystic," etc., and in-between these songs while softly playing harmonic chords, he spoke to me like a magical wizard.

It all seemed so surreal. As Chad spoke, he kind of took the form of Abbie Hoffman, who I thought had traveled down from the mountaintop to deliver an important message to me. Then, he proceeded to tell me this amazing story of how he believed our Government had uselessly started the Vietnam War. Indeed, this was the real deal. The voice of experience. It came from an honorable man who had seen the horrors of war first-hand. Chad was adamant when he sadly told me he was heartbroken because he was used as a pawn in a war that need not have been fought. He also perked-up when he confessed this carnage was purposely put into play so the money gluttons could destroy a nation's unity in purposely subverting the rebellious intentions of his fellow peace-loving youth (the baby-boomer generation).

He further explained that certain people in government wanted to squash this ever-growing 60's counter-culture movement that was quickly gathering steam. A unique generation filled with hopes of change. The largest youthful gathering of inquisitiveness (at any given time) in American history. An army of youth hell-bent on a mission to change the perimeters of authority, and who unequivocally questioned the very fabric of our society's priorities that just happen to be in direct opposition to the whims of those pushing a host of institutionalized conformity tactics that have have only intensified non-stop, to this very day.

Indeed, back then, Chad knew full well that the devils of his day had no tolerance for youthful souls thinking out of the proverbial box in formulating their own diversified opinions in defiance of strict establishment rules of that era. According to him, they considered this a big threat to the establishment as a whole. An inconvenient warning bell that loudly echoed in the ears of power-brokers whose only desire was to create a monopoly over a docile nation.

As he finished telling me this intriguing, mind-blowing story, I started coming-on strong to the acid trip, so he minimized the political talk and concentrated on playing his guitar to give me a smooth, mellow high -- so as not to disturb my pleasant trip. As I popped-my-cork and watched him play, I have to admit, the whole experience changed me forever. As the drug intensified, I could actually see musical notes emanating from his guitar like colorful waves of energy dancing in the breeze. For me, this turned-out to be a four-hour hallucinogenic adventure that when I finally did peak, I had an out-of-body experience and I floated up into the cosmos and visited some deceased relatives. As I started coming down, I remembering hearing Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" playing on the stereo and then my friend handed me a book to read. He told me it was a gift that I could keep as a reminder of the friendship and good times we had shared together. To this day, I still have the book: "Be Here Now." Yes, it's amazing how time flies. They say the 40's are the old age of youth and the 50's are the youth of old age. So, at 53, I guess I'm a youthful old fart.

In retrospect, I shared this personal story not to promote the use of drugs or anything like that. But just the opposite -- I embrace my sobriety and through many years of meditation, I have learned that I can achieve high levels of consciousness that are much more focused by using natural intellectual concepts. In truth, this is by far a much better experience and way more gratifying than using LSD or other drugs. Thus, I now know for sure that drugs are not needed for remote viewing, out of body experiences, etc...

Currently, I'm sure most of us have heard about the Mayan Calender ending on December 21, 2012. Undoubtedly, depending on the source of information that resonates with you, the various prophecies can either enlighten you, or cause you much grief if you desire entertaining your worst fears. However, let's first examine what the Mayan Elders have to say. First and foremost (and I agree), they tell us the new era is not something to be feared. They explain that this new cycle is a just new beginning. A rebirth that will elevate our level of consciousness, and they speak of rites of passage that I always knew in my heart was possible. They say we are all children of the sun and, together, we can achieve a "collective" consciousness that can unite the world as "one" powerful force for peace, love and harmony. They further explain that men of great wisdom will return for what they deem as the "Shift of the Ages." I find the whole concept remarkable and I do hope it's true.

However, whether you choose to believe in a Hollywood-style doomsday scenario, or if you consider this a great awakening to be embraced -- you can't deny there is something inherently changing in the world today. And the evidence seems to be swarming all around us. Regardless, many folks undoubtedly remain confused and will have a difficult time distinguishing between the two choices. Personally, I think most of the fear and confusion is attributed (by design) by a select few at the top of the food chain who have the power and resources to divide and conquer us for their own personal gain. For them, fear is a useful tool for scaring the populace into giving up their freedom for a false sense of security.

However, Trust in this: If the Mayans are correct and all the barriers that stand before us are removed, and If the men of great wisdom do make the world's people privy to the wondrous knowledge contained within the many ancient artifacts and texts, then perhaps we really do have a chance to unite and free the human family from bondage.

I mean really, what better time than now to receive this information? Especially, when we consider the coming planetary alignment, increased solar-flare activity, the possibility of incoming asteroids and comets, more intense volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, intensified weather changes, massive crop failures, world instability and other life-changing events which seem to be in motion on all continents across the globe.

So, it begs the question -- how intense will this get and what must we do to not only avert the danger, but survive and thrive in a better world worth living? I truly hope this epiphany of knowledge and wisdom they speak of will offer us a master key for our salvation. Otherwise, if we keep depending on our consolidated "five-headed Behemoth" that is the mainstream media and press, well, we will not learn much of anything -- except perhaps -- which person won the prize on "Dancing with the Stars." Let's be honest with ourselves -- let this be a hard lesson to all of us who cherish such things as peace, justice, freedom and quality of life in the pursuit of happiness -- this is what happens to a nation's people when we put the dissemination of news and information in the hands of the few. Thus, we have what we have: Today's media now holds the world hostage with their manipulative control tactics and, by today's standards, their past affinities of atrocity and arrogance hardly seems remarkable.

What we already know is quite alarming. It's sobering to say the least. I visit a web site daily called "The Extinction Protocol." They track a lot of useful information that you may find educational. They update a wide variety of topics.

And, as hard as it is being informed in knowing the denizens of government under the veil of National Security will hide everything under the sun and moon to stay in power and protect the pro-business institutions, trade pacts, and bailouts, etc., a quote by Victor Hugo comes to mind -- "Caution is the eldest child of wisdom." So, I guess we better be intuitive. And we better do some real soul searching.

However, in the midst of overwhelming hubris, two things hold true: "The truth can set us free" and "Love is the universal key" for wellness, happiness and spiritual salvation. So I guess the Beatles had it right when they sang -- "All You Need is Love." And this is not just some outdated Hippie slogan, love truly is the most powerful electromagnetic energy generated from our beating hearts. And, until only recently, it has been scientifically proven that this frequency is not just local to the body. It travels far outside of it (at great distances) and literally changes all molecules in it's path. Moreover, it's being proven that this same vibrational frequency can connect each of us to one another, to our earth and even to the universe from which we came. There's no denying, the magic of the "heart" is the most significant element in life's creation. And, as the ancient texts may reveal -- we are inter-connected in more ways than we ever thought possible.

In taking this to the next level, we must also remain open-minded about UFO's, the pyramids (including new ones recently found in Antarctica), Stonehenge and many other interesting sites including crop circles. It's amazing that all were created using the principles of sacred geometry. Perhaps the secrets of their origin and the knowledge they contain will be the most significant discoveries ever revealed in human history? Indeed.

In ending, I would add -- there are many virtuous tumblers within our unique matrix that make us who we are in this reality of consciousness. Moreover, I firmly believe that if and when we ever achieve full harmonic balance, a door within us will open that not only rewards the individual with an exceptional life experience, but is shared in an energy vortex by everyone in our collective existence. Thus, I further believe if we are successful in mastering our awesome inner power, we actually have the potential to become profound visionaries for hope and change. A reality where anything is possible and where hopes and dreams can become reality. Therefore, I say live the dream and make it extend into the cosmos...


Vince is a freelance writer from Arizona, a contributing writer for many web sites, and a lifetime founding member of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans. The 21st century, once so full of shining promise, now threatens to force countless millions of us at home and abroad into a dark abyss of languishing poverty and silent servitude; a lowly prodigy of painful struggle and suffering that could stream for generations to come. I'm wishing for a miracle, before it is too late, the masses will figure it out and will stand as one and roar. So, pass the word -- it's past time to take back what is ours -- the American Dream where the pursuit of happiness, the ability to live in a free and peaceful nation is a reality. We bought it, and we paid for it. It's time to take it back.

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