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Occupy Monsanto Genetic Crimes Unit invades Congress and Natural Products Expo


02:46:58 pm

By Rady Ananda
Food Freedom

North America’s largest trade show for natural products learned a dramatic lesson in hypocrisy last week when Occupy Monsanto members of the “Genetic Crimes Unit” showed up in biohazard suits, to highlight the hidden GMOs in most “natural” products.

Occupy Monsanto will target Congress tomorrow, March 16, again wearing bio-hazmat suits “to highlight how chemical company Monsanto is contaminating our political process,” the group has announced.

“The GCU opposes Monsanto’s bid to increase spraying of food with toxic weed killers like 2,4 D (the main ingredient in Agent Orange), genetic contamination of the organic food supply, and other risks associated with genetically modified food (GMOs).”

GCU spokesman David Bronner told OC, “We are approaching this as a necessary civil defense against the unknown long-term effects of eating GMO foods currently under investigation by the GCU.”

GMO crops and the pesticides used to raise them have been linked to several health hazards in humans and other animals, wreaking havoc on the ecosphere. (List of hazards here.)

The group will gather at Capitol South Metro station at noon on March 16 and later circulate on Capitol Hill sidewalks with the following banner:

The global actions on March 16 and 17 are part of a larger international call to ‘Occupy Monsanto’ taking place all over the planet including Spain, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and dozens of cities throughout the US.

The group is also gearing up for a Sept. 17 Day of Action against GM foods, and Monsanto in particular.

As it plans to do with Members of Congress tomorrow, Op-Monsanto's Genetic Crimes Unit surveyed expo attendees asking what they ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If any of it contains genetically modified organisms, the surveyors offered to tag individual GMO victims with bracelets.

The Organic Consumers Assn. is calling on New Hope Natural Media, host of the Natural Products Expos, to revise its lax exhibitor standards to ban GMOs.


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