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America's Media: Dancing Around the Budget Debate Charade

July 31st, 2011
by Stephen Lendman Previous articles explained an Obama-led bipartisan conspiracy to destroy America's social contract, returning the nation to 19th harshness harshness. But you'd never know it from major media reports, op-eds and editorials, ducking… more »

Heading Toward Economic Ruin

July 31st, 2011
by Stephen Lendman Bad policies assure bad results. Destructive ones assure calamities. Well before Obama took office, bipartisan initiatives plotted a course for disaster. Bush accelerated it. Obama much more, so today America hangs on the precipice of… more »

The War on You

July 31st, 2011
By Michael Collins Let the word go forth from Washington! The corporate rulers occupying our nation's capital have declared war on just about every citizen. Have no doubt: those in the upper ranges of the top 1% of wealth in this country (aka The Money… more »

Political Washington Fiddles While Rome Burns

July 31st, 2011
by Stephen Lendman With an approaching August 2 deadline, Paul Craig Roberts assessed the state of things accurately like he always does, saying in his new article headlined, "Disastrous Outcomes From An Orchestrated Crisis:" "Americans need desperately… more »

Organized Political Terrorism: The Norwegian Massacre, the State , the Media and Israel

July 31st, 2011
James Petras “So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionist,s against all cultural Marxists/Multiculturalists”. Anders Behring Breivik’s Manifesto “. . . two more cells exist in my organization”. . . Ander… more »

Abdul Fatah Younis Killing: War Death or Assassination?

July 31st, 2011
by Stephen Lendman On July 28, New York Times writer David Kirkpatrick headlined, "Death of Rebel Leader Stirs Fears of Tribal Conflict," saying: The killing of Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC) military commander, Gen. Abdul Fatah Younis… more »

Tea Party Horror Show

July 30th, 2011
What sort of person would deliberately ignore the obvious fundamental reality of any budget? By Numerian It’s hard to say if the Tea Party has an acknowledged leader, but someone who professes to be just that has chosen a very opportune moment to trash… more »

How the October 2008 Financial Collapse Triggered Automatic Female Lust

July 30th, 2011
By John Waters In the last 90 days three women, who resembled the women in the following pictures, came onto me as if I was Brad Pitt. The oldest woman in the picture is 35. I am a medium height almost medium build man, who is almost 68 years of age.… more »

Daily NATO War Crimes in Libya

July 30th, 2011
by Stephen Lendman Among them is waging war on truth, Western managed news calling lawless imperial wars liberating ones. No wonder John Pilger says journalism is the first casualty of war, adding: "Not only that: it has become a weapon of war, a… more »

Debt Ceiling Roulette

July 30th, 2011
by Stephen Lendman In this game, the house always wins. Bipartisan complicity stacked the deck against millions of working households, needing to know that political Washington is scamming them. The end result is the banana republicanization of America.… more »

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