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So why are they so awesomely beautiful?

May 28th, 2011

Raymond Ponzini

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American men and all men want to find a beautiful woman to share their life with. The majority of men know very little about Colombian woman or their country. Although there has been an ongoing revolution in Colombia for the past 65 years, its safer to live in than many American cities. Colombia is a relatively small country with a population of 45 million people, as compared to America’s 308 million.

One will question everything about the Hollywood media standard of beauty after seeing the women of Colombia. Of course There are beautiful American women, and beautiful women throughout South America and the world. The Colombian woman is unique. When comparing The characteristics that quantify physical beauty, its plane to see that the Colombian women has more of 'it' in every area. And many Colombian women retain their amazing appearance well into their late forties and fifties.

Colombian women are genetically blessed with excellent bone structure and proportionate figures. They have well distributed areas of fat and muscle on their legs and backsides, or 'colas', as Colombians say. Their figures are accentuated by slim flat mid sections and beautifully curved full hips.

Colombians prefer proportionate toned women rather than muscular bodybuilders with little body fat. Generally Colombian women don't exercise very intensely, if they exercise at all. Many are naturally beautiful without doing anything. There are Colombian women with blond, brown, red, and auburn hair, and a large percentage with thick straight black hair. Most have dark eyes that vary from black to honey colored. With their beautiful skin tones of brown, light reddish brown, light brown, olive, and white, they are breathtaking in appearance and some would argue, unrivaled.

So why are they so awesomely beautiful?

Colombians have a genetic heritage dating back some 500 years. They are predominantly descended from the Mayan Indians and the Spanish who had survived an arduous journey across the Atlantic, and a trek through the Amazon jungle. Today fifty percent of Colombians are mestizo, which is a mixture of white, Spanish, and Indian ancestry. 25 percent are white, 20 percent are mulattoes, 4 percent are black, and 1 percent are Indians.

Another factor driving the amazing genetics of the southern hemisphere and Colombia is the equatorial sun. The energy of the sun in that region of the earth effects physical and psychological development and greatly enhances the quality of the food. Typically the Colombian diet consists of a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish, with very little canned food and fast food. In general Colombians have not been exposed to as many toxins as those living in the northern hemisphere.

Americans drink water polluted with unhealthy levels of chemicals and contaminants. The chemicals most frequently discovered in high volumes were trihalomethanes, which consist of four different cleaning byproducts, one of which is chloroform. Many trihalomethanes are believed to be carcinogenic. The national average for the number of chemicals found in cities' water exceeding health guidelines is four. North Las Vegas has a total of 26 contaminants including an extremely high level of uranium, compared with a national average of eight. Because of the Fukishima nuclear catastrophe radiation has been detected In the Drinking Water of 13 US Cities.

Mercury pollution is typically present in the drinking water of highly industrialized civilizations. It is also used by America as a preservative in Vaccines called Thimerosal. Mercury is extremely toxic and deteriorates the kidneys and nervous system, impairs hearing, speech, vision and gait, causes involuntary muscle movements, corrodes skin and mucous membranes, and causes chewing and swallowing to become difficult. Mercury comes from industrial processes, agricultural processes, household, commercial and medical products, sewage discharge, sediment, batteries and is used extensively in the chemical industry.

In addition fluoride is intentionally added to municipal water supplies in America. Fluoride is a cancer causing neurotoxin first used in Russian gulags and then later in Nazi concentration camps. It dulls the mind and makes people suggestible and easy to control. Fluoride causes the severe disruption and decomposition of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones. It damages the teeth causing fluorosis: chalky white spots on the teeth.

Among a myriad of industrial chemicals Americans have been exposed to all of their lives is BPA, a chemical widely used in plastic drinking bottles, the resins that line cans, infant formula, and other consumer products. It has been shown to disrupt the hormonal system, potentially leading to reproductive defects as well as brain damage, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes.

Colombians have enjoyed clean water and food under the equatorial sun for many generations whereas the American food supply has been corrupted with cancer causing GMO's, Glyphosfates, aluminum oxides from chemtrailing, Mercury from industrial processes, and Fukishima Radiation. California, which produces the majority of organic food in America is taking the brunt of the Fukishima Radiation blown in from the Pacific.

In high tech modern industrialized America, there are numerous forms of radiation and electromagnetic disturbances present from our many appliances, microwave ovens, wireless modems, wifi, cell phones, and cell towers.

It can be argued that a lifetime of exposure to the chemicals, pollutants, and radiation impairs physical and psychological development, causing men to become impotent and women to become menopausal in their early thirties and forties. Americans now have much lower fertility and sperm counts, as compared with fifty years ago, and many can't have children. In South American cultures sex is looked upon as a necessity like food or water and sex is one of the joys and pleasures of life. In America, it can argued that because of the toxic environment women have low libidos and little desire or need for men and sex, thus making it difficult for healthy men to find receptive women.

America is also a very puritanical religious culture where sex and sexuality is generally frowned on making marriage and procreation more difficult. The culture is also extremely materialistic. The media promotes values based on monetary worth thus making it difficult for the majority of men to measure up financially.

For the men of the world and particularly American males, Colombian women are irresistibly beautiful. Men don’t fully appreciate the differences between Colombian women and other women and are somewhat culturally naive. Although men desire these wonderful beautiful women, they are often unprepared for what Colombian women will expect from them.

Colombian women tend to believe that if any foreign man really wants to be with them he will learn to speak the Spanish language. Although there is revolution and poverty in Colombia most Colombian women don’t want to leave their Amazonian country under the sun. If one truly wants to share their life with one of these exotic women it may be necessary to live in Colombia close to them.

No man wants to feel inadequate, but consider the Colombian men. They come in all shades from black to white, and are the physical counterparts of their amazing women. They don’t like Americans or any foreigners stealing their women. So men in general, have some big shoes to fill if they want to be with Colombian woman, considered by many to be the most beautiful women in the world.

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by Raymond Ponzini

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