March 5th, 2011

by Mary Pitt

This is an invitation for all of you Washington D.C. officials who are serving as representatives of "the people" in the revered halls of our National Capital. It appears from the Congressional schedule that you intend to have ample time to spend "at home" in your respective states and districts, and so we invite you to engage in a strange adventure which may be a new and exciting experience for most of you.

We would ask you to have your well-paid office staffs do some research to prepare yourself for one of your vacations, er, fact-finding missions "at home." Tell them to research the poorest neighborhoods in your district and design a "walking tour map" that can be accomplished in a specific number of days. Then you will want to assign whatever number makes you comfortable to accompany you on this real-life adventure. Instruct them that you want to go to the places that you normally drive by without looking, you know -- the areas in which you would not be comfortable walking alone at night.

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Arab People Win Freedom

March 5th, 2011

Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D.

“When a people return to Allah, surely, Allah’s help come rushing to them.”

Across the Arab world, tragic scenes unravel inspiring human struggle for freedom – police shooting on peaceful protesters at random, massive deaths, degradation of human life, disruption of social and economic activities, and cries of “Allah –o- Akbar - God is Great” and “La Illa ILLulaha - there is no god but God.” Unthinkable and unexpected as it was to the Arab neo-colonial ruling elite, mostly uneducated, devoid of reason and intellectual foresight and being unable to THINK right, to know and understand the concerns of the masses- the typical sinking behavior to blame others, not being able to see the authoritarian self in the mirror as the crux of the problems. The people’s revolutionary movements generate great deal of sensation and dramatic effects on the Western TV screens. Sometime the Western entertaining news media called it “unrest” or “uprising” but in reality the people’s movement for freedom from the yoke of imperialism.

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Waging War on Working Americans

March 5th, 2011

by Stephen Lendman

Outside the beltway, ground zero is Wisconsin, but worker rights are threatened across America, including by the Obama administration's spurning them since taking office in January 2009. While giving at least $12.4 trillion to Wall Street crooks and hundreds of billions more to other corporate favorites, he stiff-armed budget-strapped states and local governments, especially in the current fiscal year, leaving them on their own sink or swim.

He also did little for distressed households. Promising millions of new jobs, he created few, leaving real unemployment over 22% more than three years after economic crisis began.

Moreover, he provided little popular aid overall, and facilitated Wall Street's home foreclosure racket, involving fabricated documents, forgery, perjury, lost paperwork, and "rocket docket" eviction speed throughs lasting 20 seconds on average. He also froze federal worker wages and plans sweeping austerity for working households, while showering business and America's aristocracy with generous tax breaks and other handouts.

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After 20 years, nearly everyone still wants GM food to be labeled

March 5th, 2011

By Rady Ananda

At this MSNBC poll, over 40,000 people have voted strongly in favor of labeling genetically modified foods: 96% of all respondents.

But, a review of several polls going back to 1994 reveals that the numbers have always been high -- the vast majority of people have always wanted GM labels. That biotech foods have remained unlabeled for nearly 20 years in the US reveals a deliberate and willful refusal by regulatory agencies to serve the will of the people, instead opting to abet industry profits through public deception.

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