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Haiti's Cholera Epidemic Sparks Outrage

November 17th, 2010

by Stephen Lendman

In early November, thousands of Haitians rallied for President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's return and presidential hopeful Jean-Henry Ceant in the November 28 elections, one rigged by banning 14 political parties, including Fanmi Lavalas, by far the most popular.

Ceant founded Aimer Haiti (Love Haiti), "a movement uniting and integrating human-centered (principles) and committed to the pursuit of the ideals of unity, solidarity and fraternity to build a new Haiti on the basis of shared responsibility, social justice, peace and economic progress for all."

He's also a notaire (notary), businessman, community leader and philanthropist, the only candidate most Haitians support, whether or not he'll deliver on promises if elected. Aristide did, Preval for a while, then sold out the public that backed him. Given Washington's iron fist and no shyness using it, populist governments everywhere are at risk, especially in deeply impoverished countries like Haiti.

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Washington Backing Indonesian State Terror

November 17th, 2010

by Stephen Lendman

An earlier article said it was expected, accessed through the following link:

It discussed Indonesia's National Armed Forces (TNI), especially its thuggish Kopassus Special Forces Command, its red beret unit responsible for political killings, torture, rape, and massacres of hundreds of thousands of civilians in East Timor, Aceh, Papua, and elsewhere in the country.

TNI aid was restricted following a November 12, 1991 Santa Cruz cemetery massacre of over 270 demonstrators in Dili, East Timor. In July, it was restored, a July 22 East Timor Action Network (ETAN) press release "condemn(ing) the Obama administration's decision to resume engagement with Indonesia's notorious Kopassus special forces," ETAN's National Coordinator, John Miller, saying:

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November 17th, 2010

by Mary Pitt

When President Obama announced that he would be naming a commission to work out a plan for reduction of the national debt, some of us expectied that the people to be named would include such names as Paul Krugman and Jonathan Turley, a man with experise in matters funancial, and one with great knowledge of history and constitutionality. Instead, he named as co-chairs Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson which thoroughly dampened any hope for a real progressive solution that could possibly solve the problem. The rest of the panel was merely an afterthought to most of us. It was much like his announcement of all the Clinton/Bush retreads to work with him on the White House. Without a doubt, these people and their opinions lowered our expectations and hopes for a really progressive program of reform in the most necessary areas of government.

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“Yes We Can”?

November 17th, 2010

By Peter Gabel

It’s now been two weeks since the midterm elections, and I’m noticing that many folks I know are depressed—not consciously about the elections, which have receded somewhat from view, but about various things in their lives. One is exhausted from all the pressures in her life, raising children, caring for parents, working too hard or too aimlessly; another is undecided about what to do next in life, not sure how to chart a meaningful path. Everyone has his or her personal story.

But behind all the personal stories and giving unity to the feeling of despair are the elections—not because of the specific legislative consequences of the Republican victory but because of what it means for the state of whether “we can” or “we can’t,” or of whether “we” exist at all.

Elections evoke a great deal of passion even though their direct practical consequences for our lives are often minimal, even nonexistent. A huge struggle takes place culminating on election day, but what is the struggle really about? My own practical life—the details of my everyday physical existence—is almost completely unaffected by the outcome. I have the same work, the same family, the same friends, no matter what the outcome. So why all the brouhaha? Something huge appears to be at stake? But what?

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Is the American public about to toss Israel?

November 17th, 2010

Franklin Lamb

Ever so slowly over the past two decades, and gaining momentum since the April 2002 Israeli destruction of the West Bank town of Jenin, American attitudes toward Israel appear to be changing according to some public opinion analysts. The American Public Opinion and U.S. Foreign Policy polling unit, that works on behalf of the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations has argued that the American opinion shift accelerates with each perceived Israeli outrage such as the saturation bombing of much of south Lebanon and south Beirut during the July 2006 war, the massive civilian slaughter, more than one-third women and children, in Gaza during the winter of 2008/9, the May 2010 murders and carnage committed against the Mavi Marmara, including the assassination of 19 year old American Furkan Dogan, and the cumulative effect of a half century of Geneva Convention and international law violations by Israel against occupied Palestine and Lebanon.

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Class Warfare Jeopardizing American Workers' Security

November 17th, 2010

by Stephen Lendman

Warren Buffett once said:

"There's class warfare, all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning," Obama's deficit-cutting agenda the latest battle.

On May 4, Hugo Radice, Life Fellow of the University of Leeds School of Politics and International Studies, headlined an article, "Cutting Public Debt: Economic Science or Class War?" asking:

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Pak Army Sleight of Hand In Plain Sight In Kurram

November 17th, 2010

Peter Chamberlin

After amplifying distrust with the primary Taliban leadership (by grabbing-up most of the senior leadership), Gen. Kayani may be figuring-out that Sirajuddin Haqqani is the last ace up his sleeve. If the generals cannot hide their primary militant assets in Kurram, then there will be no offensive in N. Waziristan.

The closing of the border access points is a dark omen of things to come. Failure to force the Shia of Parachinar using fear alone, into accepting Taliban dominance will likely signal their imminent decimation by overwhelming military force. The only thing really restraining the generals from choosing the ultra-violent solution is the possibility that the free press (blogger community) will not let them get away with it. In order to pretend that Pakistan is a democracy and to deny that it is still a military dictatorship, the Army must continue to hide its protection of the Haqqani network and the Taliban itself. If the people of the world were to see that the Army rules by using its secret militant assets to terrorize its own people, then there would be a cut-off of the international funds that keeps the country afloat. Pakistan walks a tightrope in order to maintain the illusion of "democracy."

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"Winning" A Nuclear War

November 17th, 2010

By Timothy V. Gatto

We have a situation in the United States and NATO, along with the belligerent State of Israel, where the ruling elite believe that it is ultimately possible to win a nuclear war. Think about that “To win a nuclear war”. Anyone with half a brain should consider this, and ask themselves the question of how is it possible to win a nuclear war?

Maybe, and this is a very small maybe, if just one or two nuclear weapons could subdue Iran, well maybe the it would be possible to “win” a nuclear war. The facts just don’t support this however. One or two nuclear devices would not put a dent in the conventional capability of Iran. Iran is a nation that has the power to mobilize almost three million soldiers. Think about the fact that Afghanistan is beating the U.S. and NATO Forces with only 24,000 Taliban fighters. What makes the civilian and military leaders of NATO believe that we could take an Army, fighting for its homeland, which is millions strong?

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The Large Hadron Collider (LHC): Why Isn’t James Bond in this Picture?

November 16th, 2010

By Elizabeth Young

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the doomsday experiment, originally scheduled for November 11, makes more sense if the LHC was a double-O-7 plot with a Large High-Powered Diamond-Encrusted Collider (LHPDEC), built secretly by CERN for SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion). [1]

The evil genius and super villain, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, would have appeared at midnight November 10 on the world wide web and threatened to heat up the planet to say, ten trillion degrees with 3.5 trillion volts of electricity unless he gets the diamonds, gold or money.

What a shame that "Life” doesn’t imitate double-O-7 Art.

November 11, 2010 [1]

I am obsessed with stopping the CERN experiment (the electrocution of the Earth).

At the worst, it will electrocute the Earth and, at the very worst, it will electrocute the Earth and extinguish all of humanity in a trillionth of a second. While I wouldn’t have bet November 11 would have been the end of the world (it wasn’t), that’s not the point. The Earth got shocked with 3.5 trillion volts of electricity, and that wasn’t right. [2]

Strangelets, Black Holes and the GOD Particle by Dr. Tom Termotto

Dr. Tom Termotto is a noted BP Oil Spill activist who heads up the ongoing Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference.  In this and other capacities he worked directly and indirectly with all five Gulf State Governments concerning the mitigation of the spill, as well as the remediation of the Gulf of Mexico (GOM).  One of his companies made contact with the Russian Government, as well as President Vladimir Putin, from whom assurances were given regarding the use of the manned deep submergence vehicles MIR 1 and 2 in the GOM operation.

Strangelets, Black Holes and the GOD Particle presents a motive for the CERN scientists: “Their goal is to be God. And, especially to attain divine immortality.” He further commented that some at the very top of the pyramid really do want to live forever in the flesh without fear of ever dying. And that their inordinate fear of death arose from the way they chose to live their lives.

“Their first goal is to play God. And to "play" with everything in God's Creation.

In light of this understanding, it is clear that those who pursue these very mundane technological goals are either besides themselves with fright about the prospect of one day having to meet their Maker, or drunk with the delusion that they can somehow outplay, and live as long as, their Maker.”

This got me thinking. What if those who pull the levers of power at the very top of the pyramid aren’t using the LHC and the CERN scientists to find Higgs boson (a very, very tiny god), but are electrocuting (torture) the Earth as a way to attain immortality?

What a great idea for a screenplay:

Title: You only live Once; We Can Live Forever

Number of Pages: 5, Author: Elizabeth Young, Publisher/Date: 11/11/2010

Submitted to: The World Wide Web, Circa: Present, Location: Gulf of Mexico, Category: Thriller


James Bond, 007, is loaned out to Center for Research on Globalization. His mission is to find out why The Global Financial Elite (TGFE) haven’t announced the birth of the New World Order.

Bond discovers a metaphysical struggle with the Earth (Gaea) and that the unprecedented environmental damage and pollution was the goal and not the unintended consequence of our consumer society.

“The All Seeing Eye” – the Eye of Lucifer inside the capstone has not yet been placed upon the top of the pyramid on the $1 bill because TGFE hasn’t successfully overcome the earth.

The film will keep your brain on the edge of your seat, as this thought-provoking adventure will force you to re-examine everything you think is true. Viewer discretion is advised. The information presented herein has been known to cause Cognitive Dissonance. [3]

Long Synopsis (with some dialogue):

“You Only Live Once” is the first James Bond film to discard the entire Fleming plot line; the suave and debonair Agent 007 pursuing hot safe sex (using his gun) with a barrage of beautiful and seductive women, while at the same time he is in safe, hot pursuit (using his Beretta 418) of the rich and ingenious criminal masterminds, who makes sure he stays one step ahead, to pursue the hot perfect crime...safely another day.

“You Only Live Once” has the suave and debonair Agent 007 married to Moneyhoney and in hot pursuit of TGFE. No one dies until the end when a prominent energy expert apparently drowns in his bathtub. An entirely new thought-provoking 007 twist.

The film is centered around the New World Order Conspiracy popularized by the works of F. William Engdahl. F.W. writes about a global financial elite (TGFE) who rule the world from behind the scenes by controlling the political and financial organizations of almost every country in the world. [4]

F.W., on any day of the week, can be found writing prolifically at Michel Chossudovsky’s Center for Research on Globalization (

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In Mumia case, judges argue penalty and sidestep justice

November 15th, 2010

Mary Shaw

On November 9, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia heard arguments on whether Mumia Abu-Jamal, Pennsylvania's most famous death row inmate, should have his original death sentence reinstated or serve life in prison without parole. Abu-Jamal had been convicted and sentenced to death for the 1981 murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner.

Abu-Jamal's latest hearing was the result of a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court back in January, 2010, to throw out an earlier Third Circuit ruling that had rescinded his death sentence because of flawed jury instructions in his original trial. The issue involves how jurors were to weigh various mitigating factors that may have resulted in a sentence other than the death penalty.

The Supreme Court ordered the appellate court to reconsider its decision in light of a similar case in Ohio, in which the high court had reinstated the death sentence, saying that jurors do not need to agree unanimously on mitigating factors.

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