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January 31st, 2010
BY GILAD ATZMON The UK Jewish Chronicle is apparently stupid enough to unveil the ferocity of Zionist lobbying within the British Government and its corridors of power. The Jewish weekly is happy to outline the relentless measures that are being taken… more »

Hitting bottom at the top - White House forgets to lead on Haiti

January 30th, 2010
Michael Collins People are dying in Haiti because they can’t get out, Dr. Green said. Shala Dewan, New York Times, January 29 Many of us wanted to think that the dreadful behavior during the Bush administration was some sort of aberration. We had a… more »

JPMorgan vs. Goldman Sachs: Why the Market Was Down 7 Days in a Row

January 30th, 2010
Ellen Brown We are witnessing an epic battle between two banking giants, JPMorgan Chase (Paul Volcker) and Goldman Sachs (Rubin/Geithner). The bodies left strewn on the battleground could include your pension fund and 401K. The late Libertarian… more »

Mel Gibson on "The Edge of Darkness"

January 30th, 2010
Michael Collins Edge of Darkness is worth seeing for Gibson's performance and the eerily realistic and supremely vile basis of the plot. Unfortunately, the film narrative is like the old “Highway Patrol” series with Broderick Crawford, linear and… more »

Prudence, civic duty, public reasoning rest human future - Marquand

January 29th, 2010
Edited excerpt, notes for Today's Insight News by Carolyn Bennett "By rights, this should be a social-democratic moment. The economic crisis of the last two years has shown beyond doubt that the neoliberal economic paradigm, which has dominated academic… more »

Depopulation by Government Edict

January 29th, 2010
by Deanna Spingola In 1922, Margaret Sanger wrote The Pivot of Civilization with an introduction by eugenicist H. G. Wells. The Rockefeller Foundation “enthusiastically supported the concept of ‘eugenics,’ which encourages the… more »

Brief on PRC Parliamentary Delegation to Gaza

January 29th, 2010
The Palestinian Return Centre The biggest European Parliamentary Delegation comprised of 55 MEPs and MPs from across Europe visited Gaza between 14 and 18 January 2010. The visit was prepared by the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza and The… more »

Meat, Milk and Motors: The New China Syndrome

January 29th, 2010
By Robert Singer China’s environmental degradation has become the world’s problem. August 21, 2009 theatres around the nation screened the documentary I.O.U.S.A. and a live discussion with America’s most notable financial leaders and policy experts,… more »

Obama's Outreach to Americans: Empty Rhetoric, Business As Usual

January 29th, 2010
by Stephen Lendman The response to Obama's first State of the Union address was predictable. Democrats loved it. Republicans were skeptical to critical, while the media tried to have it both ways. The New York Times called his tone "colloquial, even… more »

The US Supreme Court: Vanguard of Friendly American Fascism? Famous Fascists From History Speak to the Issue

January 29th, 2010
By Gary G. Kohls, MD The US Supreme Court has finally, without any sign of shame, revealed to everybody its true anti-democracy/pro-corporate colors in their recent ruling. The granting of unlimited funding of elections to wealthy, highly political… more »

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